I will visit all the nine provinces of Zambia-Rupiah

President Banda

President Rupiah Banda has said that he will visit all the nine provinces of Zambia contrary to assertions by some opposition political parties that he is afraid to visit provinces such as Western and Luapula during his campaigns.

The President made the remarks shortly before departure for Luapula at Chipata Airport this morning. President Banda explained that he will proceed to North Western and Western provinces where some opposition parties claims that he might not go.

The president said he will continue preaching his message of peace in all the provinces he will visit as the country needs to continue being peaceful and united.

He said his party is a peaceful party which want the country and its people to continue enjoying peace.

And President Banda has said that perceptions that Luapula province is opposition. Patriotic Front (PF)’s stronghold will be surprised during this year’s elections.

Mr. Banda said Luapula province like other provinces of Zambia are important and that government has performed well in that province.

“Claims by some opposition political parties that Luapula Province is a PF stronghold is likely to change as the MMD has a strategy to win the votes from that province and others,” he said.

President Banda noted that the strategy which the MMD has invented will help the party this year fair well though he could not disclose the strategy.

And President Rupiah Banda today arrived in Mansa to start a two day campaign tour of the province. The President who arrived at the airport aboard a Zambia air force plane touched down exactly at 11.45 hours to a thunderous welcome by thousands of Mansa residents.

Addressing thousands who welcomed him this morning the president said the MMD is running a positive and issue based campaign throughout the country.

The president said violence has no place in a true democracy and should be denounced by all well meaning Zambians.

The president said there has been a lot of development in all sectors in the few three years he has been in office which are there for all to see.

He wondered why some people are calling for change of when there is already increased change in terms of development across the country. He noted that at Mansa airport for example, government is constructing a terminal worth over K4 billion.

While addressing the huge crowd, the president pointed at the terminal construction works, saying that is the kind of change that the people need.

” People of Zambia, you ( should ) look for the change that will take them ahead not the change that will take them backwards, ” he said .

He mentioned that the MMD is the only party that has a national character as can be witnessed by it being the only party that has managed to field parliamentary candidates in all the one hundred and fifty constituencies in the country.

He added that the MMD also has the highest number of councillors that have gone through unopposed.

President Banda said the country is undergoing development in all sectors as can be evidenced by the number of schools, hospitals, and Clinics completed and being constructed.

The President said Luapula province has not been left out in the development agenda, citing the construction of Samfya District Hospital which is near completion.

The President also introduced six parliamentary candidates for the MMD.

And speaking earlier when he welcomed 270 PF members from Bahati constituency who defected to the MMD, Mr. Banda said the MMD is the party for all the Zambians.

The 270 PF defectors were led by PF Bahati Constituency publicity secretary Mwaba Shapi and Youth Chairman Albert Chilufya to join the ruling MMD.



  1. SO WHAT IWE SUGAR ZIIIIIIIIII…??????????Game over ,bushe nangu nabamipela RED CARD kubwekela mu cibansa…..ba FIFA referee twebeniko,,teku Bengazi kuno bane follow the rules.Anyway ni ziiiiiii….NI DONCHI KUBEBA,,,,donchi kumweba…UNIP verse 4 wapya munzi…..MAKA CABE ,PA BWATOOOOOO.

  2. What defections……..? NI DONCHI KUBEBA….DONCHI KUBEBA…..Baharti ni wapya munzi we are there don’t waste time MMD you can’t win ni pabwato we have very strong people spear heading the winning team…DONCHI……..

  3. Ofcourse you gonna travel all nine provinces with the limitless government resources at your disposal Mr. Shrek.

  4. Chibolya, you are very right. It suprises me that HH turned down an invitation from to work with the MMD because he would easily have been the next President in 2016, God willing as He willed over LPM and RB.
    As for 2011 Voter and Eddie Leeds, they are muppets who should be ignored. By now it should be clear to all and sundry that RB is winning these elections clean and square.

  5. Rupiah, you have no choice but to go round soliciting for votes from people you have neglected and massacred for the three years you have been president.
    Go on, you
    shameless old man who has been busy raping young Thandiwe

  6. Nyama Soya is missing international trips because of elections.Anyway,let him make his final local trips because this year its SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII……….Donchiiiiiiiiiiiiii………….Kubebaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Why the last minute panic that inclides selling houses in schools that are ment for teachers when in fact with all your so called development you should be confident ? Pabwatoooooooooooooooo, time for change.

  8. Look at all those pot-belled army top brass with fat Buffoon RB, if I was president I would give them free gym membership with minimum 3 days attendance per week and limit men’s waist size to 42.

  9. It is fallacy to keep thinking that HH has no numbers. The majority young people feel much safer to be with HH than being with the two men in the evening of their lives..the young generation is not safe if we keep on recycling!

  10. This monkey has no brains and he’s full of amafi. Why travel to all provinces now when it’s election time? Someone need to do something to this I.D.I.O.T. If i had a chance i will clear this mofo @ point blank without fear. We need to work togather and eliminate this mofo and his MMD suckers from power. ZAMBIA NEED TO WAKE UP LIKE THE ARABS IN NORTH AFRICA.

  11. The last thing  people in Mansa needs is an Airport, the people are impoverished and unemployed, how do you expect them to afford air tickets? Wasting money on something local people don’t need, create jobs not cosmetic developments. Typical RB and MMD wastage of hard earned resources.   

  12. These guys have sure not missed too many meals. Good thing they are not all travelling at the same time, or else the plane would need more runway. LOL.

  13. RB should be kicked out of State House next month, he likes it or not he should be out. The British and US governments will help to get rid of this dectator wanna be.

  14. Uli wa bufyi show us the peole RB addressed in Luapula. He was not welcome there especially in Nchelenge.
    Stop cheating yourselves there was no thunderous welcome for him that is why you are not showing the pictures. uno mwaka rb kuya.

  15. YZANIS, Zanis, zanis, you are dirty liars!  I have been to Mansa and never saw an Airport! Zanis, were is the airport in Mansa? Are you taking about the airstrip? Anyway, Zambia is still a bush were everything qualifies for an airport. Sorry guys but you must improve, your country is so behind that even jangle dwellers will be disappointed.  Please vote 4 my fellow Zimbo, maybe we can help u improve

  16. Sugar dad doesn’t mind whether he addresses people in the provinces where he is unpopular or not…he still gets his allowance just for wandering around the country side instead of sleeping in Lusaka!!

    • Iyo twaitemwa kanabesa! Yama just out of curiosity, what is your current locality based on the small flag next to your name?

  17. CHANGE is usually resisited. That’s the reason why many supporters of RBish govt keep on hallucinating that mmd will retain power whether we voters like it or not. Why the denial; are they going to rig? We shall see, this year tuli nabo tight. We have a strategy to safeguard our votes even at the most remote polling station. VIVA PF….VIVA ZAMBIAN VOTERS….. VIVA PABWATO, MWAMUKOLO, PA WATO, ON THE BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. LT why don’t you report on RBish in Luapula where DONCHI KUBEBA was chanted.  MMD supporters why not visit YOUTUBE and type in DONCHI KUBEBA…. ENYOY…

  19. The waistline of the men in uniform tells a story – they are unfit and should be retired in the public ( security) interest.

  20. “And President Rupiah Banda today arrived in Mansa to start a two day campaign tour of the province. The President who arrived at the airport aboard a Zambia air force plane touched down exactly at 11.45 hours to a thunderous welcome by thousands of Mansa residents.”

    so even in campaigns RB and MMD are still using government resources, by constituation RB you are not at all suppose to use government resources in your campaign tours. Level the playing field sir. otherwise this just shows that you dont respect our constituation,hence calls to fire you come september 2oth

  21. If this stinking monkey toilet has run out of destinations to tour, it can try Tripoli in Libya not Kwahae because we are still in moaning over our children who were butchered at his behest. I call upon Linyungandambo to gather in large numbers on the day he arrives to teach him a lesson.

  22. Looking at our service chiefs, one cannot but wonder whether these idle chaps are afflicted by post malnutrition of fimo fimo. It is shameful that soldiers can end up being so fat. Imagine we went to war today, how would these chaps be able to plan and execute a successful war for us? They are worse than Miyanda who only comes out to fight when the election is already upon him. Imagine Khadafy waiting for rebels until they were knocking on his door, he would be dead not in hiding by now.

  23. @27, @30  I’m going to initiate a Nationwide Campaign called “Send an Army Chief to the Gym and Save Textile for 3 new army cadet’s uniforms” 

  24. 20 years with same party but no meaningful progress is as bad as no multipartism.Thats why 9/20 its Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…Donchi……..

  25. Even Kaunda in 1991 he was told the same ati you are winning,, Please who can advice this RB??? when zambians say its time for change they mean it. Ask KK , he know it better,, they gave him hope till the last Day but not even his ministers voted him.. Pabwaaaatoooo. MMD was the first one to use the Philos of Donchi kubeba but KK never knew it. DONCHI KUBEBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Am sick and tired of this sata guy.the man has outlived his political usage.for me he is dictator in the making.he knows everything and he is perfect.wonder why he did form a political party in the 80s …he was eating with Kaunda while millions of zambians faced tough lives..in the 90s he was busy eating with Chiluba not a single day did he fight corruption,massive job losses in the mines…on the third term for FTJ he was the mastermind.surely you zambians easily forget.Sata is a snake that cannot be trusted just look at how he changes statements.if he thinks these elections r going to be rigged y take part and at the same time say he will win meaning he will be part of the rigged elections.I will never understand what kind of person snake Sata is

  27. Zambia is changing rapidly but for those still stuck in 1970 because they are illegals overseas who can’t visit home stuff on you .Your source of news is post shinda pepa which specialize in lies and fabricating the truth.

  28. @34 Iwe bakubuudo how can someone be illegal since 1970, don’t you know that they are people here just as well who  can’t afford a £700 air ticket to Zed as they have families to feed and mortgages to pay off ..just too many rude 90s born kids online nowadays!!

  29. #10 jay jay,have some appreciation for fat people they might actually save your life.Think about it….when you’re chased by wild predators they go first.

  30. This is solid proof, look at the man between Kanitundila and the service thief he is shaking hands with, it’s true God resurrected Penza from the dead. This is a benchmark gigantic fit of biblical proportions. “Mucaha wateni mane ni kalulu ka mango ya kuuzwa fa lilama, ki Penza!”

  31. This is the last you will visit some of these provinces because you will go to Jail after September 20th because of the various scandals you’ve engaged yourself in.

  32. RB is campaigning and looking for votes from zambians basing on supperficial developmental projects which are comming in too late.We need a God fearing presido who can stand in the very fire and dennounce avery facet of evil. Until then, we are in deep trouble. We need to humble ourselves and pray. God bless zambia and her people.

  33. What message of peace when MMD cadres are in the fore front removing other political party posters and replacing them with theirs. I saw them yesterday evening removing SATA’s posters. Now I thought to my self supposing PF cadres saw them what would have happened. If they calsh ZNBC will say PF is violent. When it is evident that it is MMD cadres they say cardes from unknown or various political parties. zambians must be warned not tovot vote for MMD and RB in particular. The man is the worst dictator with his thugs led by WILLIAM BANDA. Vote for MMD AT YOUR ON PERIL AND EXPENSE OF DEMOCRACY. If MMD wins we are surely going back to one party state becuase SATA, the only man who is capable of unseating MMD will no longer be there. This is chance we have as Zambians to be saved by SATA

  34. So what will happen if RB wins the elections,
    1. Sata will say they rigged.
    2. PF supporters will be depressed
    3. HH will gain more value.
    4. Other will retire from active politics…

    UPND and MMD supporters are very factual and don’t usually insult= But what is wrong with PF supports, they are always insulting, predicting the future and shouting… Does it mean that there are more fulls in Lusaka and Copperbelt the strong hold of PF

  35. I am on the ground campaigning on the Copperbelt and here is an update.
    The Donchi kubeba strategy has turned against UNIPist PF. PF supporters (former is more correct) are whispering “donchi kubeba ba PF that we have turned against them”. People have stopped buying the 90 days nonsense, 2011 will be agony for a certain party.

    • Ba Chanda Chimba The Thug, what a losing mentality! Are you meant to be winning hearts for your beloved party or you are hell-bent on shooting yourselves in the foot? Would you say what you have just posted to Katie Good to your sister or even mother?

      My friend, civilised societies are what they are because of the way they treat their women and children. Show some respect.

  36. I wonder were the enthusiasm is coming from Tu pf ,he hu lafs last lafs the loudest,mukalila pa21 olo 22.believe it or not!

  37. A piece of advise for RB, before heading to Western Province, some form of apology for the massacres you committed there would help. In addition, re-opening Radio Lyambai would also send some good will message to the people, they may tolerate listening to you.

    But if you want to be cheated by your usual Party cadres, they will surely hire youths for you and you will

  38. Better 48,
    It is interesting to hear you say HH will gain more value after losing the electiosn this year as long as Sata also loses. It is so sad that some UPND supporters are only in opposiion to the PF and Sata, another opposition Party. Now listen, if the MMD wins the elections through hook or crook, despite the issus raised about the UPG, electoral malpractices such as changing number plates on GRZ vehicles to abuse them in campaigns, abuse of the media, the hate campaign they have perpetrated through bogus newspapers, they will not get the seat smoothly, Zambians are fed up.
    Tiens Kahenya called you spolier Party with no chance, yu seem to confirm that!!

  39. Katie Good, I trust you will continue with your gracious conduct. We have people here like Chanda Chimba the Thug, whose thought processes are south of a 10 year old and no manners at all. I would certainly ignore him and his ilk. These people are busy helping to bury their own PF instead of persuading the still many undecided voters. A shame really.


  41. Arnachy shall never be entertained in Zambia irrespective of who you are. Those yourng men were incited to cause arnachy, but who suffered at the end of the day?

  42. #57 what anachy after denied you your right over 12 times to assemble as per constitution? Let your RB come to Western Province at his risk & as usual a waste of tax payers money & no one misses him, other wise its all Dont Kubeba even in the most remotest parts of the province. This is not only compounded by that cold blood killings of the dark Friday the 14th, but also the death of that legend Paul Duffy he used to run unnecessary battles with. As soon as his body is lower in the sands of Western Province, MMD is equally burried with his remains as per his prediction thru a symbassy vote to him as his honor.

  43. Oh yes Mr President we are waiting for you to come and give us fake promises which even your predecessors haven’t accomplished…..all we want is good change from peace loving candidate…GOD help us.

  44. 21 days to go! May the best man and party win. Let people campaign honourably.I cant wait for election day.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

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