LAZ speaks out on UPG corruption allegations

LAZ president Musa Mwenye
LAZ president Musa Mwenye

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says any implication of Universal Print Group in unresolved investigations currently before the Anti Corruption Commission makes the company unfit to undertake the printing of ballot papers for this year’s polls.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka today, LAZ president Musa Mwenye called on the ACC Director General Godfrey Kayukwa to clear the air on the controversy surrounding the printing of the ballot papers by the UPG.

Mr. Mwenye has referred to a matter in which the ACC Director General Lt Colonel Kayukwa issued a statement on April 11th this year stating that there was an ongoing investigation against a Mr. Mpundu Mfula, a former employee of the Electoral Commission of Zambia and that a warn and caution statement had been recorded against him.

He has therefore implored the ACC Director General to inform the nation on whether UPG was mentioned in the warn and caution statement recorded against Mr. Mfula and whether or not UPG has been the subject of investigations since the 2006 general elections.

The LAZ president says answering the questions raised by stakeholders expeditiously on the UPG by the ACC will serve to prevent the anxiety over the printing group and will inspire confidence in the electoral process.

He says the engagement of a supplier who is facing allegations of corrupt, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices is in contravention of the Public Procurement Act number 12 of 2008 which also make it a criminal offence for any public officer to recklessly or dishonestly fail to exercise his duties under the said act.

Mr. Mwenye has also urged the ECZ to clearly state whether security clearance for the engagement of UPG was obtained for the printing of ballot papers for the forthcoming elections and when it was done.

The LAZ president has further taken a swipe against the Zambia Police Service for their failure to maintain law and order in the advent of the ongoing political violence between political party cadres.

He has therefore urged the Zambia Police command to go beyond mere rhetoric by ensuring that all perpetrators of electoral violence are brought to book regardless of their political affiliation.

On the operations of ZNBC, Mr. Mwenye has expressed regret that despite several protestations, the national broadcaster has continued to flout the ZNBC Act.

He has since disclosed that the Council of the Law Association of Zambia at its meeting of August 26, 2011 unanimously resolved to commence proceedings against ZNBC.

Mr. Mwenye says LAZ shall accordingly be commencing Public interest litigation to pronounce duties of ZNBC and whether or not the Director General of ZNBC and his management have been breaching the ZNBC Act.

He has also urged both the public and private media to abide by the electoral code of conduct and ensure that all political parties are given fair coverage during the election period.



  1. There is a clique of people who really don’t want these elections to take place next month.. Their motive: PF not ready!

  2. Has anyone noticed something about the vuvuzela and satan’s campaigns? No steam as they show some file pic of the serpent with cops on the front page for nearly a week! Don’t they know that most cops won’t even vote?

  3. Lomg overdue from LAZ. I agree with Musa that mere suspicion should have disqualified UPG from printing ballot papers, but ECZ corrupt elements were going to pay back the money obtained form UPG. this act will haunt Zambia for years to come and RB will live to regret since he has come out in the open to support UPG’s contract.

  4. How long did it take these guys to make that conclusion… you take that long to charge you clients legal fees? Don’t think so!!

  5. Read todays Post and see what RB is doing to the resources of this Country. 20 GRZ vehicles stolen and replaced with private number plates?, And you call RB an Angel?. This is absolute madness. Read the post and see for yourself, also call the PS incharge of works & supply, he will confirm. I urge Mr Mwenya to start court proceedings against the MMD National Secretary for stealing Government Vehicles and turn them into campaign tools.

    • The Government of RB is taking its pipo for granted. This is proper abuse… changing GRZ number plates to Private. Where is our ACC or the toothless Kabonde.

    • RB an angel? No, certainly not. But in the circumstance, the alternative(Satan) is worse. look at SA, a populist with no idea of leadership was voted into office. ever since the country has been sliding backwards – do we want that to happen to zed? Hell no!

  6. This is the position of the law association of zambia not Mwenye, but MMD Vuvuzelas are busy criticizing………….

    • Mwenye is providing legal guidance to all stakeholders, those that have sense will sit down and reflect on the going-ons. Those who are too foolish and try to bury their heads in the sand will only have themsleves to blame. This is beyond party politics!

  7. Brave good man. Keep up the good work Mr Mwenya only a fool cannot appreciate your good work (MMD cadres) coz even things they know its wrong they dont condemn but praise coz of been in power forgetting the same will make them suffer in future.

  8. I don’t really have a problem with UPG going ahead but like Mwenye puts it. If indeed there were investigations involving corruptions and these are against the Public procurement act then people need to fry and the contract shouldnt have been awarded. Do not forget previously alot of people were persued because of such things by the task force on corruption. Service chiefs have never enjoyed their retirement because of such. Let justice prevail. Are the stories that Lubinda gave about ficticious companies and monies being paid into Stanbic real or force.

  9. Why did ECZ give this contract to acorrupt firm? Is UPG the only company which can print ballot papers in RSA?

  10. #7 AMUNA ONZUNA – Stop applying selective amnesia here: those vehicles were not stolen. Ask for the truth and it will be told. But even then, how can you compare that with Sata selling state land in Lusaka and Luapula to Taiwanese and Afghanis, when he is not even in government. How can you compare that with HH under-selling our copper mining parastatals to earn millions of dollars and now he is even boasting to be the richest politician in Zambia. What point Am I making? My point is, none of these guys is clean, but may be some of them are cleaner than the others. Sata is definitely not the cleanest in this race to Plot 1.

    • HH did not sell the copper mines. This is the problem with hearsay. He was a consultant on privatisation. Purely business. What he got paid was his consultancy fee. If he was in a career that earned him good money which in turn he invested well and it made him rich thats his own wisdom. By the way he is not the richest accountant in Zambia as that is the profession he was in.

  11. I believe Wynter Kabimba was paid to destroy the PACT or is an MMD stouge. That’s why the opposition is not ready.

  12. Now I agree Fred Mmembe is a powerful chap. Two-thirds of lawyers call him “your worship” “my lord”. What this chap lazi president was reading was written by their lord mmembe. Fearing the unknown

  13. What is the problem some people have with facts? UPG is under investigation for corrupt practices, This is simply a fact

  14. musa have lost all the trust of the zambian people by being a partisan. people should also apply for an injuction restrenning musa from performing his function his duties as laz presidend because of abusing his position. the only organ that can ditermin or fing someone or organization guilt or not is the courts not laz. musa hated mwanawasa and hate RB he only wants make a name for himself at the expense of the pease of this country. just 2 days ago sata said their will be no elections on 20th sep this year on a public rally in livinstone on pretex that RB wants peole to fight so that he can declare a state of emergiency and suspend election. that was a clear statement or polite way of saying we want elections deferred. RB have reapeted at almost all rallies that nothing shall change the

  15. PF Source you are damn wrong – musa mwenye is a Zambian born of Malawian father. He can’t even speak Bisa or even bemba.

  16. # Musa: your professionalism just keeps motivating the many of us who simply want a better Zambia; like the one Kaunda handed over to us. Thank you for brining sanity to the table. Thats what we call professionalism. I wish engineers could design a bridge that could fail right in the middle of the river; but before it fails, call RB and his people for the opening ceremony. when the bridge collapses; maybe people would know the meaning of professionalism. The educated; Zambia will never forgive you for raping the resources just for 3 piece jackets nama pajero

    • The problem with people like number 23 is that they will support anything or anyone who speakS ill of the ruling government. How can he ignore everything that Banda has done in 3 years and accuse him of raping the resources. Wake to the reality that no government will put food on your table if your ass is fixed to the seat and ears tuned to people like Mwenye. Banda has created good investment climate, what are you doing to take advantage of this, instead of mourning all the time? VIVA MMD.

  17. Bravo Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and remain firm, President Musa Mwenye. Of course you expect a lot of venom from MMD vuvuzelas but it is important that you have provided a legal perspective.

    Now Vuvuzelas, instead of making noise about Musas origins or the lke, which are irrelevant and Musa as President only puts forward position of LAZ, let the relevant offices that LAZ has directed questions to, start answering them categorically. For ZNBC or rather Bwezani Broadcasting Corprporation, get ready to parade your shameful behaviour in court and know that posterity will charge you harshly f you plunge this country into chaos!!!

  18. Call a spade a spade; if thats what your profession requires. Today we, the professionals, have let this great country down for political expedience. Imagine if all accountants refused to massage the figures; all lawyers could uphold the law; all Judges give judgement to defend the law; all civil servants to follow the code of conduct; and the list can go on; Zambia could have developed. There are enough resources as can be seen by the campaign material from the sitting government. Wrong priority setting has killed Zambia. In the forefront are “professionals” being used for political prostitution; yet they sing that they are educated. This poor ethical behaviour by very well educated people is the main driver for poverty amidst abundance in Zambia. What a country!!!

  19. VIVA Mr. President not these funny rhetoric and cymbal lawyers like useless Hobday Kabwe, Christopher Mundia and a weakling Steven Lungu……… Bravo we are behind u… we have pride in ur leadership.

  20. #7, You just read an aticle in the post and you believe everything. I pity you so much.

    #17, has ACC DG confirmed to you that he is investigating UPG for corruption? Ps dont dream issues to break the heart fainted ones.

    If these ballot papers are printed to the satisfaction of all the observers at UPG offices, I have no qualms. To call for contract cancellation now is calling fo postponment of Elections. Every prob has two or more ways of solving…The issue of of UPG corruptng some ECZ officials for this or previous contract can be sorted later as long as observers confrm authenticity of

  21. Enough with this upg nonsense!it’s the same company that printed the same ballot papers we used in the previous 3elections!what has changed now eh!ba mambala if you re not ready for the elections you re free to boycott and the Zambian people will go ahead and vote!Patel Lubinda Na bululu wake membe made noise but failed to produce anything!twanaka naimwe ba kaboke!

  22. …printed ballot papers currently ongoing in RSA. Let us just help ECZ to ensure strict security adherence to these BP wherever they will be. All monitors, observers and security personnel must always acompany these BP. Wat Lubinda brot up against UPG is valid but a little too late again becoz of the processes involved….to make matters worse he started playing to the gallerly becoz of Mmembes presence before the ACC DG. That was not good. However, this issue must be investigated and if found true, UPG must never be used again and culprits must be jailed. Period.

  23. But who said LAZ has a final say on anything?We all know how crooked zambian lawyers are.Most of them are feeding from the hands of crooked Lebanese and indians(Mohan).If you want sue me ba mambala imwe.

  24. LAZ did you not read the press statement issued by ACC about UPG that no invetigations were being carried out with regard to the printing company in question? ACC said only Mfula was warned and cautioned but not related to UPG. From this staement by LAZ am afraid the institution is slowly becoming polarised. ACC can not even divulge information even on Mfula on professinal grounds since they are still investigating him. So LAZ read the press statement from ACC and also check the tender procedure that was carried out by ECZ. Even them released a statement why it went for UPG. Please read these two statements and then comment. You have taken so long and late coz when your comment as LAZ was needed you were busy sleeping as usual. I just hope this is LAZ’s council statement and not Musa’s.


  26. mr mwenya and your team you have allowed this issue not to be resolved because yopu have kept quite for so long .now that the printing is almost coming to its completion point ? what is your association advising the zambian people? national resources have alread been paid then what next. mambilima is in darban inspecting the printing of the ballot papers. can u tel the nation your position as LAZ.

  27. Musa Mwenye just concentrate on counting the costs of your loss as Pa Fyamba party after September 20. While RB was busy campaigning you are your silly party were busy pursuing nonsensical issues such as taking Chanda Chimbwi to court or offering free legal services to Namakando Mmembe. Welu welu, mwaona manje you’ve been caught pants down. Not ready for elections.

  28. Iwe zioneke or what ever you call yourself. Cant u really think for a moment and see sense in what true zambians are saying. The LAZ has studied this issue and feel that the ACC and ECZ should come out in the open if UPG were not investigated for corruption. The statement from ACC was written by Dickson Jere. Shame on you.

  29. This is one embarassing organisation. What guidance is this organisation providing to the nation after the ballot papers have been printed? Election postponment or what? LAZ can surely do better than this. Its about time professional bodies behaved as such otherwise its better to give no guidance at all. This is rediculous!

  30. By the way, elections will held shortly, but PF’s mouth piece (The Post), is still showing old stories, with no updates. Surely these guys are not ready for prime time. Wynter Kabimba is probably plotting another ridiculous court case. What a joke.

  31. Where was Musa Mwenye on the President’s nationality??? Did LAZ actually issue a position statement on that issue? You see, Musa Mwenye selects only those cases that are simple and no one needs his opinion on. We have already made up our mind on the printing of the votes and the election date, and we are all within the constitution. Musa is as bad a lawyer as Kabimba…Are they related? – Or is it just a coincidence??? …and they both work for Sata!! What sort of govt would Sata form kanshi, being surrounded by empty dunderheads!! It shocks me.

  32. Its all systems go for 20th Sept. I pity those who are not ready… it might be the mother of all defeats this year..

  33. PF has always been ready and it will win this years poll unless MMD rigs otherwise it just want justice to prevail mwebantu…

    what do you expect from he post,total ruuuuuuuuubsh.the past newspapers have lost their zeal
    they are even failing to update their website.i understand all the chaps in IT have migrated and most of the journalists are just waiting for september 20 to either join times of zambia,zambia daily mail or zanis.meanwhile bailifs are on the cellars waiting to pounce

  35. Mr Mwenye is already making accusations against UPG before Kayukwa answers his trigger question. Obviously he has already made up his mind…we can all see it, well if you are able to read between the lines.

  36. Musa Mwenye CANNOT BE TRUSTED on current matters that relate to elections because his long-time and sustained links with the PF is well established. Zambians endowed with balanced minds would rather work hard to seeand pray for the success of peaceful elections. Musa Mwenye is deliberately bent on fault finding. After the elections, the Nation should seriously investigate the integrity of this loud-mouthed CHEAP LAWYER. SHUT UP MWENYE, We are fed up with your legal freaks.

  37. Can we have sanity from ECZ please. Rupiah and Ireen Mambilima should not think we’re children to be taken for a ride. Maybe we need to start caning these i”diots from this year

  38. My comments:
    1. PF and its allies (Musa LAZ Mwenye, Mmembe etc) have made so much empty noise, told so many lies, and are so biased that one cannot take then seriously – let’s move to 20/9/11. 2. Instead of beating about the bush about private and public media, Musa LAZ Mwenye should be courageous enough to name the Post in the same he has named ZNBC – let’s move on to 20/8/11 3. These chaps are biased beyond redemption, who will listen to LAZ now? 4. ECZ, please bring forward the election date, say to next week Monday, and save us from UNIPist PF rubbish.

  39. Musa LAZ Mwenye, the bottom line is please tell us how the elections will be rigged by UPG, or else zip it, silly! Mr Sata has lost it all, thanks to the Post, so now LAZ has to come out to revive the strategy. Unfortunately, LAZ has lost credibility more than any other entity thanks to Musa LAZ Mwenye.

  40. LAZ, is this the best that you have in your ranks, the best that you can show case, is this all you can show for all those years in law school, I mean that empty looking chap in the picture?

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