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Mobile Hospital rolls into Shangombo to the thrill of residents


Mobile hospital coming to a town near you- Shangombo residents waiting outside the mobile clinic

Government through the Ministry of Health has continued to receive praise from the general public for bring quality health services closer to the people.
The initiative to purchase Mobile Hospitals has cheered many people in the country and the people of Shangombo District in Western Province are
no exception. Over 300 people who have received treatment in the last three days have expressed gratitude towards government for the good gesture.

Speaking on behalf of the many grateful residents, Nomai Nooyo a 36 year old man who regained his sight after surgery said in Shangombo today that he was very happy with the mobile hospital service because it will improve the well being of many people who cannot afford to travel in search of medical services.

“These hospitals are very important in areas like ours here because not everyone has money to access health service from here to Mongu not to even talking about going to Lusaka, that is why am very happy to see them in Shangombo today” he said.

Mr. Nooyo said remote areas like Shangombo have many people seeking modern health services hence mobile hospital could not have come at a better time than this.

AND Western Province Mobile Hospitals supervisor, Dr. Kazuma Seke said about 2811 people have received treatment from the mobile hospitals in three districts in the province so far.

Dr. Seke named the districts as Lukulu with 1500 patients, Senanga with 1011 patients and Shangombo in which services are still being offered
with 300 patients in three days.

Shangombo residents patiently waiting for Mobile Hospital services at in Shangombo District in Western Province

He said the service has received overwhelming attention from the general public as people are travelling long distances just to access the service.

Speaking earlier, Shangombo District Commissioner Masheke Kabayo praised government for taking keen interest in ensuring that health services are brought closer to the people.

Mr. Kabayo said the services will reduce the agony people from rural areas face in accessing professional and modern health services.

He said the Mobile Hospitals have since been welcomed by the community adding that this is as a result of government’s good policies.


  1. Campaign Hospitals have kicked in. Banda is not after all. He knew exactly how to dupe the stupi.d Zambians. Who speculated that these Mobile hospitals were for campaign purposes. Dupe the Zambians and get their votes then ditch them after that. 

  2. Tiye RB let those who dont want campaign be. Ours is state house. Others continue going to court where they have failed to win a single case.

  3. Isnt it ironic that 1500 pipo of shangombo had to wait for this week (when RB and his team are visiting) to be treated. Why is the hospital meant for lusaka province just packed?? After elections will the hospitals run??? I went to lusaka dist. Hospital to have an on the sport check: its far from complete(operational) lab still not ready, dental lab still not ready, laundry not ready etc etc. My verdict: premature opening!

  4. you who are in government, after you use a car GRZ car for 3years you buy them,, who is going to buy this mobile hospital after 3years? I feel pity when i see my brothers are been fooled like this. next time t will mobile schools

  5. Viva RB, you really know how to dupe and capitalise on the stupidity, docility and dullness of Zambian people. RB, I salute you, you are genius ! For the remaining days before elections,as per your plan, drive all those mobile hospitals to every corner of Zambia and everyone will appreciate, all the sick will get cured (how many of these mobile hospitals do you have, by the way?). I have told my fellow villagers here in Nabwalya Fyakunya,in chief Wayonawila’s area, to wait for your hospitals. They are so happy. Am also telling Obama to use mobile hospitals as campaign tool for him to get related next year. It’s such a brilliant idea. You should also have advised your colleague Gaddafi to use mobile hospitals to subdure rebels. You see, these Zambians are so dull, they will vote you !

  6. You should have given these mobile hospitals to the Red Cross Society for disaster management not using them for campaigns please! Mulekwatako insoni ba MMD.!

  7. But poverty nayo, aawe mwe, lisambi saana for real. Poor villagers are being duped like cockroaches. Lwenu guys, why sufferth when they themselves dont give a dem.

  8. Anyway those people are happy because of ireterate imagin the costs ivolved in moving those mobile hospitals. these people should have been happy if government had constructed permanent structure because there it is accessible all the time. Does it mean people in senanga, lukulu,shangombo etc have got a season in which they get sick? You mmd think!

  9. So they have to wait for mobile hospitals to arrive before falling ill!! Flying Doctor services visit the sick and if they are critical, they are evacuated to hospitals. A Mobile hospital cannot evacuate someone critically ill due to poor roads and slow speed they take to get to point B from point A.


  11. So their was wisdom in the madness of buying mobile hospitals. They are for deceiving rural voters! After elections those pathetic villagers will never see those things again.

  12. From afar that mobile hospital’s sky blue paintwork is similar to a MMD campaign vehicle, is just missing BUFFOON RB’s fat head….nice job MMD!!

  13. If the mobile fimo fimo change station before a patient gets treated that patient would have to wait for the unknown next time the fimo fimo passes through the village.Eish

  14. And RB thinks he will win based on deceit of poor and hungry people? God who knows the hearts of the down trodden will not aloow MMD and RB to continuen after 20th September 2011. Viva Sata viva PF. Sata is going to State House on 21st September 2011 believe it or not the ground is very ripe for CHANGE in favour of Sata and PF….

  15. We told most of these moronic retards that the hospitals would reach Shangombo and all remote parts of the country. They thought we were joking the way they joke all the time with their demented president of fwaka. There you, kambani tinmvele! The villagers are happy ba fee colour, insansa kuchinjana.

  16. These so called mobile hospitals are there for medical outreaches.This means that specialist services such as eye,women’s heath,surgical etc can be rolled out to the most remotest parts of Zambia.It is not a new concept.If well organised by the ministry of health,people in the remotest parts of the country can benefit from scarce skills offered by these specialists.The only problem is that there is a lot of politicised.The permanent secretary MOH should have been the one in the forefront.I have nothing against these outreaches but only the invovement of the Prsident in an election year.

  17. WAIT FOR THE RAINY SEASON WHEN THE ROADS ARE UNUSABLE. RBish is wasting tax payers cash. Dont vote for him this time round.. GIVE SATA A CHANCE EVEN ONE TERM… JUST ONE CHANCE…..DONCHI KUBEBA…

  18. I like Zambian illnesses. At least they wait until they hear the mobile hospital is in the area. Malaria ukupembela chi mobile hospital, mubepelefye.

    I am just missing the head of RB on that truck. What has happened?

  19. It is funny how people who believe in abracadabra 90 days more money in your pocket have the audacity and temerity to accuse villagers of being ‘duped’ when the villagers in question are ACTUALLY accessing health care from a mobile facility and can actually see a new hospital being built……. 
    Mmmh,I wonder whom I would rather believe, – Satan’s promises of delivering everything from the Barotseland agreement  to a new constitution in 90 days or RB who has kept the promise started by the late LPM and has delivered massive infrastructure development in the country??????

  20. @27 to understand the 90 day rule, firstly you have to understand what a government actually does forget Buffoon RB handing out sweets/ geysers type of gov’t, governments make policy, that policy drives change. When Obama says he will create XX thousand amount of jobs in construction he doesn’t mean that he will instruct his son or friend to form a construction co. then award him a big contract so he can employ XXX number of part-time labourers…what he actually means is  creating change via policy change which is doable in 90 days by injecting XX amount of money in the economy with the approval of Congress of course (Parliament).MMD has had 20 years what harm is there for somebody else just trying someone else for just 5 years.

  21. #28 MMD has had 20 years, 10 of which with Satan at the helm. As soon as Satan was no longer part of the equation the MMD govt started performing. What does that tell you? Now all the goons who were part of the plunder of the 90s such as Nkandu Luo and Guy Scott have re-grouped in pf to do what they do best – plunder the nation. Even when Satan talks about the mines, he forgets that he was part of the govt that sold them off for a song. RB was nowhere near the axis of power and yet now Satan paints himself as a patriot and some fool.s believe him but sorry mate not all of us are that gullible.

  22. #28 Even if somebody is ‘a man of action,’ (if you ignore his dodgy ticker), is it really possible to bring about a new constitution, Barotseland agreement, create more jobs, build houses and schools in 90 days? Are you really that gullible, naive or is it st.upid to seriously believe in that nonsense? Do you still believe in Father Xmas and the tooth fairy?

  23. Man of action with a magic wand, which if he sways about, results in in everything coming to be! some kind of ‘god’, I guess. This is pure idol worship.

    He promises to put loads and loads of money in their pockets. Now, see what he is doing with their minds. Popping eyes out of the excitement of imagining having loads and loads of dollars in their pockets.

  24. @39
    Remember how the MMD sniggered at UNIP’s 27 years in power back in 1991(or you were just born then), remember that MMD TV advert where ka Chiluba was fanatically envisioning his dream with his eyes closed whilst a motor vehicle was driven along a pot holed road then on to a newly tarred road called Prosperity. 
    UNIP was in power 27 years and literally built the back bone of Zambia, MMD has been in power 20 years that’s 7 years less(with hindsight bias on its side), what’s it got to show?? MMD may win but I can guarantee you  that Buffoon RB and his thugs will be among the richest men in Africa come 2016 at your expense and you will be even poorer than you are today even after the pay you for these blogging cores.

  25. #33 Maybe you are not such a f.ool after all, as you know that your Satan and his sinking canoe is going to be rejected for the FOURTH time by the Zambian people on the 20th of September 2011. Why anybody would think that the one party state under UNIP, with shortages of every single essential commodity and lack of political freedom is better than what the late LPM and our current dear leader, His Excellency Rupiah Bwezani Banda have brought about in Zambia today is beyond me.

  26. You know what,  trying to engage in an articulate debate with a bogue headed numb nut like you is a waste of bl**dy time given that your head is so far up your thieving leader’s fat backside that you’re unable to leave a rational comment here.

  27. What the HELL IS THIS? Iyeee…. Zambian politicians are really mad. So if patients have cellebrial malaria, can they perform a proper medical in these caravans? Who is looking after the patients in hospitals when all the doctors are driving around in camper vans? Which ***** thought of this madness? When a women in complicated labour presents herself at these caravan site, what facilities are there for her? FOOLS

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