100 pushups , 100 days


This is a challenge that every body , male , female , young , old  can do.  It comprises of doing 100 push-ups every day for 100 consecutive days.  At first glance it may seem like a daunting task , but it is in-fact quite easy.

What you have to do is break down the 100 push-ups into 5 sets of 20.  Most people can do 20 at a go , if you cant , then you can do 10 sets of 10. For example

  • When you wake up in the morning do 20
  • Before lunch 20
  • early evening 20
  • before dinner 20
  • before you sleep 20
By following this you will be doing 100 push-ups everyday.


Push-ups  work the entire body .

  • your chest
  •  hands, forearms, biceps, triceps
  •  shoulders, traps, upper back, lower back
  •  abs
  •  glutes

It also gets your heart rate up which is good for you.

Other benefits are:
– you can perform them anywhere, anytime
– you don’t need any technical equipment
– it cost you nothing for gym membership or anything else
– Doing this regularly with keep you health and looking fit.

You can call push ups a core-strengthening exercise. They largely improve your balance by strengthening and shaping up most important muscle groups in your body – the core.

I believe push-ups are the most effective exercise for improving total body fitness. They include cardiovascular training, weight/body lifting and muscle stretching all in one exercise.

Enough talking. Now drop down and give me 20 !



  1. I do 30 at a go in the morning. I feel good and young these days. I started with 10 per day but up to 100 per is a good challenge. Ba Monko! VIVA push-ups!

  2. Shu guyz this really works i do 150 evy morning a set of 50,50,50 then a shower. thanks time for the work out guys plz do this and you will see the change,i cannot belive how my 6pak is showing.

  3. Hmm – Im not sor sure this is as easy as it sounds or even advisable. People who exercises regularly will confirm that your body needs to adjust incrementaly to the amount of exercise that you are able to do each day/week and that you continously increase the intensity. My point being:1. For one who has not been exercising regularly in the past it would be folly to attempt to do 100 push ups in a day even if spaced out. 2. If you are able to do 100 push-ups in a day already then their will be negligible benefits of continuing to do so for a 100 days. You are supposed to vary/increase the intensity for the body to reap health benefits. 3. To do 100 push-ups will likely be at the exclusion of other forms of exercise which is not good for the body as you neglect other muscles…

  4. Thanks KAPPA for putting up this, u are doing a good job! I run atleast four hrs a week, and I’m now adding the ‘100 push-ups’ every morning beginning tomorow morning. Starting a day with workout is just the best way to go, it keeps u alert the whole day. Keep them coming KAPPA.

  5. When you have successfully tone down the body mass of the likes of GBM, Lifuka, Peter Daka and Liato only then can we discuss this topic again. Between now and then, I will continue with my current exercise program i.e. power walks to my favourite bottle store.

  6. #8
    Starting slowly like I did is the way to go. Finishing 10 was a huge ask for me during the first 2-3 days but after 3 weeks I was already at 50. Running is the huddle I have to overcome now!

  7. Well mr good tipper,i tink its abot time me begun rockin it so me cyaan be ever ready fi mi gyaal nd fi right buddy shape,yo understand dat BATTY BWAAY.Mi wah guh remember dat o ways mi bredren,becouse afa all, i cyaan do 50 at one time.

  8. Please exercise mentally(intellectually), spiritually, socially and physically in order to achieve holistic balance of your being. Think and debate for 7hrs a week, share the world of God 7hrs a week, go to social gatherings and socialize for 7 hrs a week and physically exercise for 7hrs a week and make you sweat everytime you exrcise physically.

  9. I do 40 in the morning and 40 sit ups in the evening. Not bad for a 40 year old. My body is nicely toned now and madam is enjoying the benefits of a fit husband.

  10. Great stuff KAPA. Also nice to see so many people keen to keep their bodies fit instead of abusing alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and other drugs. I wonder if Zambian firms also take bodily exercise as serious as in developed countries?
    Here in Germany, most companies offer a physical training programme for their employees and demand that they abstain from drugs because they need people with full mental sharpness and physical performance at work.

  11. Guys this is simple!! i do 5 in the morning and do the remaining 95 in bed with my wife every night. try it today. it works!!!!!!!!

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