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Zambia’s 2011 Elections Results [Update 2]






The results below  from ECZ website ( are not clear as to which constituencies they are coming from and what is still pending. We are waiting for more details from their website, which has been in update mode since 17:30 hrs,  before we can update all the details in the blanks


  1. Honestly certain things can be done better pa zed this is ridiculous.why is the chart not showing the breakdown?? Why put it there if you can demonstrate it well? Zambia is living a little in a different era from the rest of the world in so many ways.why put the spreadsheet there if you are not ready to fill in the figures? Even serious matters looks like kids are in charge.where are the degrees from Unza used on?

    • This is Zambia, everything is mediocre, including leadership at all levels they never take things seriously. in return its Zambians (Tax payers) who suffer.. I just wish God would just send an Angel to take over this country.

  2. 1. #2,#6 Spot on!. The figures are totally meaningless unless you can indicate the constituencies covered. We will audit the figures thoroughly…we will not take your figures at face value.
    2. Update this in real time, otherwise it becomes useless

  3. PF supporters must be very very vigilant, it’s getting crucial and the MMD will stop at nothing to try their dirty tricks to steal votes. What is the ECZ saying about the MMD trucks impounded in Chipata and the Kanyama incident also allegedly involving the MMD? I am not PF by the way, all we want is fair and clean play.

  4. may be God has spared his life this time.if he wins who am i to say NO for every leader is God chosen though iyiii ioneka ya mankwala ask father walya.

  5. Mwamba , mate click on each province and you will see figures where counting is complete .
    So far the figures are from Copperbelt .

  6. I wont even bother getting excited because in the next couple of hours that graph will CHANGE completely. VIVA VOTE RIGGING VIVA!!!!!:)>-

    • I will be naive to celebrate Sata’s success in these elections. It is clear that RB has over the period become very unpopular, but he is using the power of the incumbent to remain in power. So much for democracy and free elections,

  7. Peopl

    The election results will be shown on this page as they are released. To find out more about the 2011 elections results and process, read our Election Results information.Date Type Location  20/09/11 14:46 Local government election CHISAMBA – CHIKONKOMENE MoreThese results are following release of 133 out of 150 constituencies.
    CANDIDATE’S NAME PARTY RECEIVEDSATA, Micheal C PF 786,854BANDA, Rupiah B MMD 645,521HICHILEMA, Hakainde UPND 332,382MILUPI, Charles L ADD 9,799KAUNDA, Tilyenji C UNIP 6,603CHIPIMO, Elias C NAREP 6,093NAWAKWI, Edith Z FDD 4,519MAGANDE, Ngandu P NMP 3,990MIYANDA, Godfrey K HERITAGE 2,836MUTESA, Fredrick ZED 1,428

  8. RBish start packing your bags… The MAJORITY of people don’t want you and this is the proof…..DONCHI KUBEBA…

  9. Just go to official website of ECZ for latest results. Don’t have to look beyond. They have collated the latest and most of the constituencies are listed.

  10. Official verified ECZ results show that 133 constituencies out of a total of150 have been officially declared:
    Sata: 786,854; RB: 645,521; HH: 332,821. There’re only 17 constituences remaining to be declared. Make your own judgement but it’s clear MC Sata is the new republican President of Zambia.

  11. :d There come my sweet blue line. We believe in he who laughs last laughs the best! haahaahaaaa. U will wake up at a rude shock! Naya muku bomba!

  12. #29, ECZ site also puts voter turnout at 35 %, when we know it should be higher……ECZ grossly incompetent as far as their site is concerned. Even the navigation is in an absolute mess, there is always a result of some Chisamba ward on front of each page you go to. b…llocks!

  13. I now expect RB to congratulate  the cobra, going by the ECZ result with 133 out of 150 constituencies even rigging won’t  match with the registered voter. 

    Please the elections were fair I did not want Sata but congratulations PF.

  14. how come there are 133 constituencies posted and yet they have only anounced less than 25?
    it is not possible for sata to get 104,000 votes in Lusaka…something fishy here bwana open your eyes

  15. It makes sense though. In 2008 total votes cast were 1,791,806.

    This time for 133 constituencies the total is 1,833,109

    For 17 constituencies maximum of 130,000 votes in total will come as most of them are in low voter turnout western and northwestern and high turnout Northern Constituencies.

    Total votes cast for 2011 presidential elections shall be around 2 million.

    It seems Mr. Sata has carried the day.

  16. I have a bad feeling deja vu………the end of Sata era?
    Njoka’s demise? so sorry…..another titanic….painful.
    Nevertheless ba makaka how can 9 of you split votes… selfish… greedy *****

  17. RB has done such a bad job, I mean like giving jobs to people who were retired for years and even those who did not go to school are representing Zambia in missions abroad. What a shame. PLEASE DO NOT RIG THE ELECTIONS THE COUNTRY NEEDS TO BE PUT IN ORDER.

  18. Excellent Reporting tool guys, well done!!!, It actually reminds me of my work.. May the best and fairest of them all WIN!.. Right now, I am more concerned about peace than candidates, even though Sata winning would be awesome.. May God bless you my Zambia!!!! Always @ Heart

  19. just a matter of time we are still cooking results the rural vote coming and we in MMD will have the last laugh….Ha….Haaaaaaaaaa

  20. Going by the numbers coming from live updates by QFM its evident enough to see that Sata is by far leading followed by RB and HH respectively. However its sad that some electral officials at Nakatindi hall have been fired after being accused of tempering with PF parliamentry and presidential votes which caused chaos. And Dan kalale was taken to rescue by police after he was spotted influencing results at Nakatindi hall.

  21. 17 constituencies will not make up more than 150,000 (MAX.) votes and the voting pattern will be the same as has been so far as the constituencies are mainly in Northern and southern and just 3-4 in north western/central and western constituencies.

  22. based on the above results, only three parties will contest the next elections…. all the rest collapse into the top three! save on printing and concentrate development message!

  23. The fat lady has sang. Michael Chilufya Sata is 5th Zambian President. You can rig, weep or even just scratch your b a l l s . Aint nothing gonna change this b i t c h e s. So wake up and smell my behind.

  24. So far RB is behind by 141,333 votes,now lets wait and see how things will be unfolding in the remaining constituents

  25. but of the 17 constituencies, 8 are in PF stronholds… RB has to pull 150 000 from 9 constituencies of which 7 are in HH stronghold…….so effectively only 2 RB stronghold constituencies have not been announced….gentelmen…tell RB to call MCS and congratualate him.

  26. These numbers are not correct. Yo need to go to ECZ Website. So far ECZ has not even passed the final tally from 40 constituents

  27. I will have more respect for RB if he is losing so easy to cobra , in Africa the ruling  party never give up like this. But it’s to silent an someone tell me what’s up back home is it peaceful ? Come on Zambia show the world we love each other, stay cool you are doing fine so far.

  28. Something fishy….I saw these same figures on the ECZ website ealier, but they have now been removed….and no new figures are available right now on this website!….LT WHATS UP?

  29. This is the latest on Z.wd.

    if true, we shall be careful what we refer to. It is shameful though to resort to such an act.

    The Electoral commission of Zambia website has been hacked and taken over by some unknown ‘engineers’.
    The unknown ‘engineers’ but believed to be from the PF are posting fake presidential results on the website
    The ECZ has confirmed the ‘take over’ and is expected to issue a statement to denounce the results being displayed.
    The fake results are similar to the ones publicized by PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba at a press briefing Wednesday evening where he said Michael Sata will win by 56 per cent.

  30. Results from hackers as seen above are really good for PF, the TRUE results will be depressing. I suspect they should be pouring in in a matter of hours, if ECZ manage to take control of their website. lol

  31. 53 # The End —- I am not sure why Lusaka Times would do this. I ask anyone to get the correct data from ECZ. Someone must be getting results from some ghost. 

  32. The hackers modified 2008 results, with a lower total voter count, they forgot that the total figure this year is 5.1 million. So even their figures are a mess, they have realised and were trying to recook them but it appears its too late.




  34. September 21, 2011 at 8:13 pm
    Is this VOA story correct? It states that the results are from 133 of 150 constituencies. If it is then Sata has won
    Partial results from Zambia’s presidential election show main challenger Michael Sata holding a lead over incumbent Rupiah Banda.

    The Electoral Commission of Zambia said Wednesday that with ballot counting still in progress, Sata of the Patriotic Front party had captured about 42 percent of the vote. Banda of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy was second with 35 percent.

    Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND party was third with 18 percent.

    The commission said the count stemmed from results in 133 out of Zambia’s 150 constituencies.

    Pre-election surveys suggested a close race

  35. Only the western people seem to be real zambians. The rest of the provinces are full of tribalists. Just chek the results for yourself and you will see.

    • I fully agree. Most voting appears to have been along tribal lines, except in the Eastern province where the 3 leading contenders more or less equally split the vote. HH has been true to his word of a TONGA-only party: he won by pretty much a landslide in Southern Province. Similar for Sata in Bemba dominated areas, and RB in Eastern Province.

  36. There seems to be the Battle of Hacking between The Post and Government Media. Yesterday the Post was down. Today someone has created a site redirecting traffic to incorrect data. LT you must be ashamed to be duped or miss-lead readers. The total do not add up from layout in the charts.

  37. VOA  ( Voice of America ) has been conned. How can that be when ECZ has just passed the verification count 35 constituents. Today CNN had to correct itself from embarrassment of reporting elections of Zambia. Someone is desperately trying to make an early call for the winner.

  38. some f2hours ago, znbc announced 23 constituencies, but how come voa is announcing 133, it means znbc announced 110 constituencies within a short time. lsktimes wacthout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. can someone help me understand these confusing results? It says results from 133 constituencies but again it says a total 7 constituencies remaining (EP =1, SP=1 & WP=5), its not adding up to 150….

  40. These results are fake. They do not tally. If there are above 5,1 million registered voters, there is no way 133 constituencies can only have 1,6 million votes ( check the tally of these results). This would mean the remaining 17 constituencies have more than 3 million votes. If there are 133 constituencies released so far, from which provinces have they come from. There are a number of provinces with almost 1 million registered voters each and i dont understand how 3 million+ votes can come from just seventeen constituencies. Dont just read something and conclude that the publisher is normal.

  41. The ECZ has just held a press conference and stated that these results are fake. The only have results for 44 constituencies

    Like i said until the fat lady sings, the game is on….

  42. Pipo! one can believe Kabimba and VOA at some point because in one of the briefings AKUFUNA said ECZ has the results from the polling stations but he is waiting for constituencies totaling centres to total thats when ECZ will also announce………….. now CARITUS conducted PVT, therefore, it could be true ECZ is playing hide and seek….. VJ wawa…..

  43. Mambilima has cofirmed that the results are fake and they have since shut down the results page. she gave presidential results from 33 constituencies and sata has 46.5 %, RB 33 % didnt get the figures for HH. Her next briefing tomorrow.

  44. #79 Brian – Good observation. This time around they wont rig it. Basically, its like telling people to vote and take no notice of the results

  45. Oh yes,my prayer is that no plans of the wicked shal work against,PF leader Micheal Sata 2 win this election.
    God almight shal fight for Sata.In Jesus Name Amen.

  46. EDITOR, the ECZ results page has been shut down so you wont get any updates until tomorrow when Mambilima makes a briefing in the morning.

  47. Once upon a time SATA was leading and the Mwanawasa group for the first stopped announcing results as they came in! That was not good! It appears this is a repeat.

  48. Spoilers HH and company. We told you that you could be in PF and take the position of Minister without potifolio but you were trying to go up when you are still U5 bamwisho. Look how we could have beaten RB but …

  49. Iwe ba Times of Zambia+ECZ=MMD
    If you dare to rig elections this time you shall see bcoz already you have been given instructions not annouce results RB wants to rig. Be assured we have more than 120 const results which are favoring pf..

  50. Zambia must be among the most backward countries in the world. Most election results have already been announced at the polling stations and the ECZ can’t do simple mathematics. If we can’t conduct something as elementary and straight forward as an election, how can we hope to develop credible and efficient institutions of governance. We are a country full of Homo Habilis and Neanderthals. We have not even evolved to the level of Homo Sapiens.

  51. Thanks LT fir your data in red characters.

    It appears the hacking story us real and hackers are now confused.

    Keep us updated especially using ECZ results from Mulungushi.
    Matt 6:33

  52. The development of our nation will be delayed even further because of the brain-drain. We’ll keep on entrusting dunderheads with high positions until such a time when all in diaspora will return back home. Even people above 70 want to be presidents. All developed countries in the word have young presidents, look at Sakozi, obama, Cameron just to mention a few. How old are these? Compare these to our luggage zed…..

  53. To be truthfull I was shocked to have seen those results because they came too soon compared to speed at which results were being verified and released at Mulungushi and even faster than presiding officers were officially announcing. Qfm has been giving live updates from people at counting centers. So how could it be? Politics aside I now know the ECZ did not publish those results but atleast we now know why. Do you realise that whoever is hacking that site is putting our counrty at a serious risk and they must be found and jailed. When u are away you get seriously concerned about the security of your family. Lets wait and see who wins after all he will be a president for all zambians once sworn in. I pray that peace prevails.

  54. Jesus is not going to fight for king cobra, because he is not fit to be president, he is rude, ellitelate, babalic and all sorts of evil things are found in him please i pray he loses if it means mmd to rig thses elections let them do so for the sake of zambians.

  55. the results published have the most populated places and if you look at the margin the opposition had been leading you dont expect rupiah to flip the tables.zambians be vigirant..and those european union liers just come in the country enjoying themsleves failing to tell the world exactly what is prevailing.i aplaud kenneth kaunda for showing the true art of peace the president who left the seat without violence when his time was due.

  56. i told u, we are working! the blue line has cot up n over passing the yellow one. we have jummed the net works so that we just supprise u n on saturday we swear in RB!

  57. It was very unprofessional of ECZ to hire amateurs to design their will be responsible for the confusion you have created.

  58. The sad part about african politics is that even when people have spoken clearly you want to force your will on them. there is no part of zambia which is not covered by mobile phone networks. any serious political party just needs to place it’s agents in every polling station and ask them to sms the final result period. now the mmd want to scare people from knowing the results of election shame. viva pf !

  59. am wondering as to why the ECZ opened up a website and decide to close it at the end when the opposition seems to be carrying the day,something as much as i hate riots but am foreseeing a heavy one this time.advisers,pliz advice accordingly.chikabonde reason.

  60. Throw Chinese out, throw Indians out- next what throw Lebanese out , throw Europeans out, throw Americans out. Keep Zambia for yourself sir, only you will eat three times a day rest of us will starve. He will be most unintelligent President Zambia will ever have. He does not seem top know the world. Does he ever follow Global politics and Economics. Does he even understand?
    I pity my fellow Zambians.We are such good people, we do not deserve him. Mark my words, this day this date.

  61. Tuziba ma plans yanu. Now just wait for God will work out His salvation for Zambia. Peace without justice and good governance is not peace at all. How could call it peaceful if you could bring pre-1991 tactics? Viva Umozi Kumawa. Ba Nzelu!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. The Movement Of Mentally Disturbed Party has been caught on the left foot this time around. I pity RB, am sure he cant imagine himself handing over to King Cobra because of the fear of being made to pay for all his misdeeds. ECZ are also scared of their own skeletons such as the UPG scandles.
    So we are not surprised about the delaying tactics. Hope their delaying tactics would not result in any blood shed as we already hearing rumours of riots from Kitwe

  63. Are we now about to experience a power to the people since the ballot has failed to usher in the democracy you want. Are we capable of staying without food for 30days while you are camped at freedom square like your brothers in Egypt and Libya who have removed systems that were ruling them with “iron fists”? take stock of this. Indeed we need change. We are tired of MMD thugs.

  64. Why is it difficult to relinquish power when you were just got from the farm. Go back to the land Bwana and enjoy your three-year loot

  65. Reading all these comments makes sad. So called intelligent people being so led around by the nose by the media and stupid politicians and no sign of intelligent analysis. Squawking an squealing and rumour mongering – is that all you are capable of

  66. :-? Patience is a Virtue. Only Fools and *****s are going to fight for people who don’t even recognize them whether they sleep hungry or not when they are in power. So Zambia tekanyeni bane. Dont Fight and Dont kubeba who feeds you.**==

  67. Hey avoid being so inflammatory – you guys have no idea what can happen if excited hooligan take over the streets! Elections have a winner and a loser, no need to insult winners or losers for that matter. After 20 years of MMD, no big deal to change, except for the recycling of people, and unfortunately ideas too e.g. political violence. I do not mind so much who wins – but I care who brings chaos in Zambia. I have only one country to call home!!! So mind your language not to excite people you cannot control once they get onto the street or start killing each other. Else we will all be big loser.

  68. King Sata made it! this is time for democracy to take its toll to dictators. the people of Zambia had spoken! Congaturation to de New leader of Zambia. Guyz lets support our young democracy in africa!

  69. When re gonna stop recycling politicians. The same pipo who put oir country in this , they change parties n silogans n make us believe they re different. Unbelievable. Where is the x geration? Ts time start a new Zambia. I remember were once the real Africa. Plz sound the bell. Kwachaa ngwee. Remember. Time to start from ground up.

  70. Finally Congratulations .Your Excellency Michael Chilufya thing that could have ever happened sir….the country is behind you….Please go flat out and sort out the fundamental problems of this country…number one ;the constituition…

  71. change has come just like jesus came to rescue sinners on that cross now sata is here to save us from greedy and corrupt leaders,congrats michael chilufya sata.pipo wake put fresh panties on sata is here

  72. yes sweet victory . king cobra kindly deal with the likes of chanda chimba,william banda, elvis nkandu and siulapwa we dont want that zanama stuff any more.

  73. Zambia is now in the the fifth republic. More good things are coming. Viva Zambia the Hub of Democracy in Africa. We are the leaders on the continent.
    No revenge to Chamba chimba, William Banda or any of the losing team members.Please we are all Zambians it was and is part of democracy. People are wacthing all over the world how the new govt handles the opponents. Lets be like Mandela. Forgive and forget.

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