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Friday, February 21, 2020

PF to fulfill manifesto promises-Kabimba

General News PF to fulfill manifesto promises-Kabimba

PF Secretary General, Wynter Kabimba
PF Secretary General, Wynter Kabimba

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party which has sailed through to victory in the just ended tripartite elections says it is committed to fulfilling the promises of its manifesto.

General Secretary Wynter Kabimba told Journalists that the PF will abide by its manifesto and see to it that it is implemented to the latter.

ZANIS reports that Mr Kabimba who is also expressed joy at the party’s victory said everything that the PF has outlined in the manifesto still stands and will implemented.

‘’Everything we have put in our manifesto still stands and we are going to abide by our manifesto, see to it that our manifesto is implemented to the latter,’’ he said.

He said this shortly, before the inauguration of President Michael Chilufya Sata which took place at the High Court grounds in Lusaka yesterday.

On the just ended election, Mr Kabimba who described the PF’s victory as sweet said lessons to be drawn from the September 20 election is that money is not what wins an election but that the message that the party has for the people and how appealing the message is.

He said if money were a means to win an election, the opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) would have won with a resounding victory.

‘’ Victory is sweet especially when you defeat a ruling party. The lesson drawn from this is that money is not what wins an election.

What wins an election is the message that you have for the people and how appealing your message is to the people,’’ Mr Kabimba said.

He further pledged the party’s commitment to ensuring that the plight of women and youths are addressed.


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  1. Yaya,powerful SG wesu keep it up you are doing very fine twatotela.William Banda and others the likes of Mumbi,Chifine,Lifwekelo,Chimba,Siulapwa,Chimumbwa you will just reap whatever you plant.Busomboshi bwenu congulates,twakula kumana bane ,we can forgive but we can’t forget..

  2. Now ZANIS is reporting correctly. African Politics. The reporters at ZNBC, TIMES & Daily Mail should tellus who the mole were who were stiffling opposition news coverage.

  3. Victory is sweet and money does not buy it! Its true S.G. but it shud not make us forget the crimes committed by the previous regime.Let them account for their deeds & explain their riches.

  4. Waiting to hear from Lifwekelo, Munshya wa Munshya, Dr Ngoma, the Pastors, Dora Siliya and her bum, those Uni of Zed Dons, erm the list is endless. What is ZNBC, The Daily Mail and Times saying now?

    Where is Maestro He He He, has Mr Jere said anything yet? Where are the chiefs who endorsed RB? Please we don`t them and I think it`s time they realised they are more important and hope they stay out of politics.

  5. We need to define what is meant by winning elections in Zambia. Mr Sata won the presidential elections but PF did not win parliamentary elections. The MMD won parliamentary elections. Political pundits need to put on their thinking caps and work out how the president is going to implement what he promised. We may have to learn from the way the Republican party in the USA is working/not working with president Obama. It requires a real democratic president to maintain his cool when the legislature appears obstructive. Politics may have just started in the beloved Zambia.

  6. PF did not have a good message. the pipo wanted change, period. MMD had a
    better message: Infrastructure Devpt but they made too many silly mistakes and pipo were fed up
    PF better sharpen, focus and come up with a consistent, predictable message…otherwise markets, will tumble, and you will be out in 2016.
    Än MMD UPND Pact will make life difficult for you in Parlament and u better come up with a plan! 90 days message may soon come to haunt you.

    Good lucky!

  7. Thats all the zambians are interested in mr. kabimba – fulfilment of what you have promised we as a united nation can do together! Its time we took zambia forward and its about time people began seeing that their leaders, whom they WILLINGLY CHOSE and therefore are DULY ELECTED are trying to work for them. we are not literary expecting more money in our pockets but we want to see you making FRANTIC EFFORTS to make the lives of zambians better, in any way possible.
    We wish you all the best and we implore you earnestly to LISTEN TO US WHEN WE TELL YOU THIS WE WANT AND THIS WE DON’T.

  8. Well that is good. I have read the PF manifesto and it is a feasible document. If the PF govt will follow it, then that is good.

  9. In zambia winning the presidency is synonimous with winning an elections. Do you think the likes of mutati & co. will seat in parliament as backbenchers for 5years? Expect defections.

  10. Message..what message! This is the problem we have in Africa. So what if the opposition form a pact? Just to make it difficult? For what?

    Arise and get over this bitterness. We need you guys in opposition but if some PF are doing is right, then support it. But of course not supprting wasting hundreds of billion a a constitution which you know is not going anywhere.

    Try crying it might help. I`m loving this!

  11. @ #7message..what message;- Are you saying that the UPND is willing to risk their popularity on a pact with the fallen and corrupt MMD?I dont think so.Don’t drag UPND into MMD corrupt ways.If you should know,UPND is willing to work with the party in government in order to contribute towards the development of our nation.Infact,its all patriotic Zambians.The opposition shouldn’t just oppose for the sake of making “names”.The president wants to unite everybody including you.We are all Zambians so please don’t divide or bring confusion in our beloved country.

  12. I cannot remember a single pertinent issue from the so called PF manifesto.There was unsubstantiated rhetoric that unfortunately resonated with the majority of the below average standing.Sata’s street language entertained and identified itself with this lot.There is no correlation of election polls for Sata to the substance in his deliberations.Quite simply, none existed.This result tells a different story.It is fatique of MMD being in power for 20yrs. Nevertheless the RB administation carried a strong message and tangible development both finished and work in progress.There were policy mistakes on employment quarters in chinese investments that could have been differently given more time.The economy is strong and expanding with a health Balance of Trade surplus of just under $3 billion.

  13. ah its like l was just dreaming or watching an evil action movie, the way the corrupt pipo ran our institutions and intimidated and insulted innocent pipo!!! yaba!!!!  mwe Lesa Twatotela dora evil does not prevail, look at u now? as if not enough your ex hubby has crowned it all by exposing u naked!!!!!!! hey!!! think b4 u do stupid things

  14. Unlike UNIP handover to FTJ’s MMD in 1991, RB’s MMD has not shreded records, the treasury is not empty,therefore PF is not starting from the scratch. Their work has been made so much easier. We expect nothing less than doubling the Balance of Trade Surplus to around $6 billion mark by next election assuming heart still holds. No witch hurting, no retribution, no summary or mob justice.Get down to work and let police do their work uninterrupted,unintidated or otherwise. Inundating the high court with senseless and unwinnable injunctions should be left behind.Sata remember to think before displaying your rotten teeth.The implication will no longer bea local problem of Wusakile, Chawama or Matero, is ar wider than that.Protect William Banda as everyone else,let police invstigate suspicions.

  15. Well, its time to walk the talk.The young peoples hopes are very high based on what you said. So the message is “Do What You Said You Will Do” (DWYSYWD), or else the backlash will be catastrophic to the new Govt. The 90 days for instance…Good luck.



  18. I think PF didn’t in all honesty articulate issues as Kabimba seems to imply. It’s just that pipo were fed up with the corrupt MMD, they wanted change coupled with Mr Sata’s heaven-on-on earth promises like more money in your pockets and the 90 day theory, and it’s that change that has ushered in the PF. Good luck to the new administration.

  19. MMD dont even know what to do as an opposition political party in parliament because they have never been one. PF presido has been in government before so he knows the business of government now that he has power to decide and act you wait and see you MMD. by the time you learn to be a credible opposition all your members would have died because of depression,indebtness and other illegal activities you involved in. RB has retired, No vice president what a PARY!! You see what selfishness does to people. RB has left a destroyed MMD,are they going to the convention to fill the vacancy or do it the undemocratic way of appointing someone?

  20. #20, #21 Dear Man Of The Moment. Lesson No. 1. Point of correction. Please note very carefully, Mr. Sata is now the President of ALL Zambians, and not just PF. So get used to that fast before you do yourself some health damage. Let by-gones be by-gones. It’s a new ball game altogether now. I expect my new President to do what he said he would do.

  21. I agree with #7 it was only the wind of change not the message they had so dont cheat yourselves now some people are in fear and joining in to afraid being beaten up by PF supporters who seem to think they have won independence from colonial masters,,,, sorry that happened a long time ago

  22. # 9 Mr. capitalist
    When did you read the PF manifesto…. after Sata’s inauguration ceremony? I have been inclined to ask because you have been an ardent and passionate critic of anything PF, and for you to turn round today and say that the PF manifesto is a feasible document, can simply be described as inconceivable

  23. #25 Brabus what has #20,#21 said wrong ? Shut up men. Sorry guys I work night shift in a nursing home as a carer bye for now.

  24. # 28
    How many terms did rupiah do before the Zambian people resoundly reject him? Not even Half a term… Reason … Zambians saw that he did not have a heart for the nation. His was a mission to fly around like a headless chicken and corruptly obtaining and committing Zambians to irresponsible and irrational international financial borrowing.
    PF has a program for the development of the entire country and it will be done

  25. #6 Last time I looked, PF had 60 out of 150 seats and the rest were shared between MMD and UPND. Granted, PF do not have a working majority, which means they have to rely on the support of one of the other two parties. It is probably a good thing that they do not control both plot 1 and parliament. They have to work hard to get legislation through the house. MMD had it too easy. That is why they passed all those dodgy laws.

  26. #29 Italian Bunga Bunga. You have gone off tangent, my friend. Clearly you are tired and could use some sleep as you say. Once you are done resting, re-read the background, i.e. #19, #20 and #21 and #25.

  27. PF manifesto is just a wish list of stuff. Whether they have the capability to come up with a smart implementation plan and implement it is another thing. I doubt if they have what it takes. They will soon get disoriented with so much pressure.

  28. Interesing to hear various views on the so called commitment by Mr Kabimba to fulfil every thing to the letter contained in the PF manifesto. Let PF state their manifesto to the Zambian public apart from the 90 days Sata promised western province to bring developement. These are serious statements and western province is waiting among domestic issues domonstrated by PF control of Lusaka and Ndola councils whose improvement so far is seen to be registered. Speaking from outside may be easy and public sypanthy on your side but Zambians are looking for tangible results NOW.

  29. Thanks for working with the people of zambia to dismantle the thieves, our expectations are very high, please don’t disapoint us. As for you # 33 Yambezhi , bika bola panshi mune and watch our PF in action, if their winning was a miracle to you, then you are yet to see more miracles my friend as the man of action takes the helm. There is nothing magical about building good roads and getting water from our abundant water resources God has given our nation into the homes of zambians. The major problem we have seen is corruption in awarding contracts and the reckless misappropriation of public funds.

  30. the so called S G for the PF does not have shame to refere to his shallow manifesto.i is as shallow as his thinking thats why hes been losing most and not all the cases hes taken to the courts of law.Before he talks about revisiting the republican constitution,let him with his rabid mad pigmaster Gay Scotch throw the the useless party manifesto and bring in a new one,not that one which gives powers to Grade four failures carders to run the government institutions.Felix Mutati and other MMD MPs can not be compared with the trush in the PF so #10,its not possible for pricinpled MPs to defect to the PF.UPND and The fallen GIANT the MMD should form a parliament alliance offer check and balances.

  31. OURS is a democracy. ALL ZAMBIAN toady and future generations should be happy that PF is not A MAJORITY. pARTY. PF has to listen to all ZAMBIANS in order to succed. This is good for our demlocarcy. MMD had the majority and thought MMD was ZAMBIA. So could not LISTEN hence they downfall. Umwana ushunfwa amenene umwefu kwiskoshi (MMD).

  32. Reuters has the headline ‘Short Honeymooon likely for Zambia’s Sata’. Google it and interesting analysis by Southern African economists and the following quote puts the 90-day promise into persepective given that Presdient Sata will have no choice but to tinker with the current budget, ‘In my opinion it will be much more realistic if the government sets its 90-day goal on Jan. 1, when the new budget cycle starts. There is no choice but to follow the current budget,” Kanyama said.

  33. @ Ruth -40 – interesting indeed but the 90 days President Sata has been referring to starts immediately and can not wait for Business As Usual (BAU) – this is an emergency and as such will require Supplementary Budget to implement the PF Plan. This is no time to theorize but to do and be pragmatic. Lets support the Government of the day

  34. #41, indeed, it is time of action but should be within appropriate context. The PF will need that supplementary budget but how long will the process take….with 70 MPs in the house (inclusive of those appointed) against 88 for the opposition? It will take a mimimum 14 days, plus 5 lost already, for negotiations to be complete, and then call the August house, approve the Sup Budget etc or will President Sata use presidential order ragardless? What signal will this send?

  35. The PF government, with due respect, should urgently attend to the needs of the nation but with caution. Theories are always approapirate in life; without them, its like driving a car at night without headlights. Pragmatism for the sake of it can be suicidal in the long run, heaping challenges to the generation coming after. we should sort out the mess but without losing our focus for the future.

  36. Mr Kabimba please stick to your manifesto as per promise. Don’t allow political prostitutes to misled you. You are now in charge no more excuses do the job and always the right way.

  37. It is the best time to make some plans for the long run and it’s time to be happy. I have learn this put up and if I could I want to counsel you some fascinating issues or advice. Maybe you can write next articles referring to this article. I want to read even more things about it!

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