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PF Government will introduce Airline-Transport Minister

Headlines PF Government will introduce Airline-Transport Minister

Two Zambezi Airlines planes on the tarmac at Lusaka International Airport

The PF government says it will work on re-introducing a national airline.

Newly appointed Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga says Zambia is a very rich country which is supposed to have its own national airline.

And government has promised to revamp the Railway sector in order to improve the country’s economic development.

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga says the PF government appreciates the role that the railway industry plays in contributing in improvement of the country’s economy.

Mr. Mukanga noted that this is why he will work hard and ensure that all the railway lines are revamped throughout the country.

ZANIS reports Mr. Mukanga disclosing this in an interview in Lusaka shortly after being sworn in as new Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister.

Mr. Mukanga explained that Zambia’s road network has continued to deteriorate because there is too much pressure been put on them.

He said that if only other heavy goods can be transported through the railway line, the country’s roads were going to be in good condition.

He added that but due to lack of a vibrant railway sector, everything is been transported by the road hence the roads cannot live up to their life spun.

Mr. Mukanga has also pledged to remove all the corruption that has rocked the transport sector.

He charged that the transport sector is one of the sectors that have continued to record high number of corruption hence the need to change the picture by putting in place effective measures of curbing the vice.



  1. Misplaced priorities, why not build on MMD’s vision of making Lusaka International Airport as the main center Hub of connections in Central and southern Africa. The Jobs and revenue that would add to the economy is far more significant than revive some silly nostalgic idea of a national airline. Look at what Singapore have done and learn from them. Even South Africa is trying hard to sell off their loss making South African Airways which people rate highly in Africa. This is no 1960s wake up and move on. Building world class infrastructure is Key and airlines will come. The national airline will just be staffed with PF Kaponyas ..we have see that movie before please

    Socialism again? Please spare us that nonsense.

    • Be realistic and honest when you post your comments; there was nothing visionary about the previous gov’t. They were only interested in triggering projects so as they would hand themselves contracts without following tender procedure. How do you explain a private Turkish construction firm being awarded a contract to refurbish KK Inter Airport just after RB’s Turkish visit.

    • Iwe uli chipuba fye, sometimes it is very important not to comment if you are too dull to understand certain issues.  What is so special about MMD failed policies that the new govt should follow? How can honestly follow what failures were doing? Ba bootlicker, you can even lick shit huh!

    • Mudala uli ichipuba i always wonder if you hve brains inn ypur silly head to hell with your MMD you failled stupid…

  2. Dull MMD Ass Picker, what do you know about Airlines, if poor countries run their own National Airlines what about Zambia? Do not comment on things you not understand. What socialism in your house.

  3. MMD Chief Bootlicker I can say you are indeed a bootlicker and your level of articulating issues is one that needs help. Singapore Airlines is owned by a government holding which is Temsek Holdings. If I was you I would say yes introduce an Airline but let government not only be the only shareholder. Let the Government own shares, let the private holdings also have an interest including the public like Kenya Airways. I think you should offer solutions and not just talk. It is a welcome idea but I say let Zambian public have an interest, that way the airline will be profitable, and can be independent from politics. Let them also revamp the rail way project, I say give Kavindele a deadline to start work on the north west rail 1 year limit, failure to which the tender will be readvertised.

  4. I think there is Ethiopian Ailines which even the foolish Bootlicker has probably used at one time or the other.

    #1 Bootlicker I am still waiting for an answer as to why the Police charged William Tekere Banda when he got arrestedby citizens. You did a ruuner yesterday. I am still waiting.

    This comment is awaiting moderation.

  5. I am usually quite skepital of Bootlicker’s posts, but I am afraid that in this case, he does have a valid point. At this point, the priority is really not to have a national airline, we have opened ourselves up to the likes of SAA, Ethiopian Airlines, BA and now Emirates is planning regular flights from Zambia. This would be a priority if we can claim that air tickets are highly priced and beyond the reach of Zambians but this is not really the case, to the best of my knowledge. I think that there is need to revamp the railway sector and I commend the minister for that but again, it is all about priorities. A national airline is not one at this time.

    • So when those airlines charge where do the money go and who are the employees of those airlines, I thought people are complaining about jobs etc

    • We actually need botha a National Airline and Railway System. Maintenance of Roads and constructing new ones is very expensive averaging about 3 billion a Kilometer. Think of how much Zambia could save if the railway was in good condition. Like We also need a national carrier but the government should not exactly have the majority stake. It should be done with private sector involvement.

  6. # 1 are you serious? What efforts exactly did MMD govt make in revamping KK International Airport? If that is what you call arevamped airport then you really scare me. In any case introducing a National aireline will act as catalyst to increasing traffic through KK international as the national airline will not be able to fly major international routes, so it will act a feeder to the more established airlines which could begin to transit through Lusaka. It would be great if you could be less critical just because you are Pro MMD and be more open minded!

  7. Provided the private sector bears the risk i’m fine with it as running an airline is not profitable; Airlines have very high expenditures as the cost of jet fuel and regional airport taxes are hideous high in the region. The best the Gov’t should do is encourage the local private sector via relaxed tax policies into the industry and stay the hell clear from running any company. GRZ should have no business in running any firm, privatise the Times and Daily Mail.

    • I wish echo on the comments made by # 8,its a very costly for the government to run a national airline because of global economic imbalance in fuel pricing,which may largely affect list developing countries like Zambia.Find well meaning investors to invest in this programme from countries like south korea,uae or Angola to run this business.Please avoid us Chinese because we have not come to help Africa,but to chock it to its last breath.

  8. I’ve been moaning about the Railway system for years and I’m so happy that it has been quickly taken into consideration. Can’t really comment on the airlines cause I don’t know much about what’s going on there but if they’re able to do it successfully, what do we have to lose? These ideas are good.

  9. my father was doctor at chainama. one day i asked him if his patients ever recover fully. he said some of them do. MMD chief bootlicker, which side do u fall? The ministers should also talk about charging all heavy good trucks using our roads. Most of them just pass through and our neighbouring countries are charging these fee

  10. The point you people are missing is, you don`t have to have the government having 100% shares. Bootfimofimo, the trouble is you are so corrupt you think the PF government will be run the way you were running things.

    I liked your comment where you said you were so confident MMD will carry the day. You were on Monday flying back home to see people you had not seen for a while. Oh dear! The man is in opposition now, shooting down everything our government is doing. He doesn`t even want corrupt acts to be investigated because it`s expensive. I feel sorry for him.

  11. We need to start from somewhere. MMD made people think using public transport ninshi umuntu nachula. We need a complete overhaul.

    Watch this government work Bootfimofimo.

  12. Creation of a national airline should come as a natural process of business rather than a decision made by a politician. If business volume increases then there might be justification for such a move. Again, if more Zambian’s started to work and hopefully earn more money the justification might be there. Right now, a lot of work needs to be done on the current infrastructure. Let us not get carried away with the euphoria of having a new government.   

  13. VERY rich country??? hope that is a misquote. Agreed with fellow bloggers – it is not a priority

  14. National airline again!!No ways,the govt should focus on making KK and Nkumbula airports state of the art world class airports!!Currently our international airports look like an airstrip which is ridiculous.Bootlicker is spot on!!

  15. #13 that is very good points. If it makes business sense to have a national airline fine. If it does not then they should just make it the industry more attractive for investment. I am an aircraft engineer working as an internert engineer due to a screwed up mmd government.

  16. Atleast M’membe will be repaid for the vigorous campain he did for the pf. Re introduction of zambian airways. nyc

  17. The railways need a revamp, Kitwe-Livingstone, Kapiri-Dar-es-Salaam – Tazara. All these copper trucks destroying our roads,. We need all that copper on the rails

  18. A company called Fly Zambia has already been formed to operate as a National Carrier. This was formed way before the PF came into Govt. The launch just hit a snag due elections as it scheduled to be launched somewhere in Aug/Sept. The launch has since been rescheduled to sometime next. The objective to operate the airline as a national carrier. This is being initiated by a consortium of South African businessmen. Be reminded that a new international airport has already been earmarked and the PF Govt will just have to implement the construction, as I want to believe an agreement has already been signed with a Turkish company for the ultra modern airport.

  19. And Kavindele finish that railway from North-western so that all the copper from Lumwana can be put on the railway.

  20. The developments we are being told now were once stated by the original MMD govt, infact there is nothing new from new ideas & thinking. Remember PF government is targeting on issues the previous govts failed to implement, granted. For example, KK international air port plans are in motion already to give it an uplift of world standard. Check area around air port is all sealed & work has began by Chinese unless new govt stopped them. In this case, a new small efficient national air line to be run on commercial is viable. The worry is so many pronnouncements being made as if Zambians ‘ve forgotten what were told before by some of these same people. Railways, roads we ‘ve told before, just deliver services its your responsibility to nation and not matitudes of statements from everyone.

  21. People, has anybody criticising the airline introduction bothered to interrogate the sale of Zambia Airways assets?? Did the figures really indicate an insolvent entity? If we understand the airline business in a separate sense that we look at mini bus and taxi business we will begin to understand why, even in turbulent times, successful airlines like Ethiopian Airlines (biggest in Africa, by the way – with a state of the art airport to boot) are left unharmed by political whims. Our Penza and company advanced personal hatred above national feeling to kill our airline. Lets go back to the drawing board and bring about a real entity of pride. God bless.

  22. now i can see where the haste in renaming airports comes from. its all looking lik a mmembe driven agenda. zambian airways is back, lets shower them with tax payers money again…….

  23. The guys running Zambezi airlines were mostly part of the defunct Zambia Airways (1994 liquidation – lest you confuse this with Zambian Airways). It would be great to involve them from the onset as you work on reviving the national airline. Principals in there even mooted the survival plan that Penza and his friends threw out without even reading it.

  24. “Preparations for the launch of Fly Zambia Airline Limited have reached an advanced staged, company President Joel Chilufya has said.
    The Airline will be managed by a group of investors from South Africa and Zambia in a partnership arrangement in which they have invested US$21 million (about K105 billion) to set up a new national airline.
    Mr Chilufya said in response to a press query that the launch of the airline was still in progress and all the necessary procedures are being carried out. “The project is still in progress and all the necessary procedures are being carried out to launch the airline,” Mr Chilufya said.
    The company is in consultation with the Government on the possibility of adopting the logo which was previously used by the defunct Zambia Airways.

  25. Ok Some responses

    #1 I know a lot on how to run a business than you do and so do Zambians. Airlines are not cheap to run , ask Mmembe and Nchito. You have to compete with top class Airlines now like Emirates. Is that a 90 day priority, I don’t think so.

    #4 I don’t know you have to ask the police. I work for the embassy and not the police, am sure they have a spokesperson. Besides I don’t fly questionable airlines like Kenya or Ethiopian

    #7 Plans were on the table to upgrade all Zambian airports and I hope the PF follow through with that. Zambia’s central location is an asset. Single transit Airport rakes in $2billion dollars anually. We can do the same for our location.

    This national Airline is just Mmembe and Nchito agenda. Getting to Zambia by air is not a problem now.

  26. Good morning

    These are very good priorities which must be supported by all progressive Zambians with the prosperity of the country at heart. I am particularly gratified about having our own airline and revamping our transport systems.

    #1 Mr. Bootlicker, I often appriciate your contributions and weigh your arguments but I’m dissapointed by your negative attitude of late, especially when you degrade your fellow countrymen and label them as “Kaponyas”. I’m convinced that you are a very intelligent Zambian and I pray that you put aside the spirit of bitterness and embrace the spirit of unity. Our new government can only achieve the best results if it has the full support, commitment and passion of ALL Zambians.

    If you’re not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem.

  27. #11 You don’t know that. You are now just trying to justify a useless decision. Why not buy equity in Zambezi Airways instead? As people have said they are doing fine. And if you want to spur competition , why not buy equity in some other small airline than announce creation of one you would call a national airline and my dear a national airline will have to be funded by our taxes as the South Africans are doing. Is that what Zambians need?

    Do ordinary Zambians need the Airline that badly? And How many jobs can you create? Get real guys. Lets fix our roads , technology , schools, railway system, lets make Zambia be a country were global firms can move their headquarters in to Africa. Its about jobs creation

    • It is amazing how you contradict yourself. You metion “lets make Zambia be a country were global firms can move their headquarters in to Africa”, in order for them to do so they need reliable transport to and from their countries and not Charter planes. Take China for instance, most Chinese use Ethiopian Airlines, Zimbabwe Airlines and SA Airlines to come to Zambia. That is one profitable route right there. If we can get our place back to UK and Europe our flight will be cheaper than the over priced-British Airways, We need a route to the Americas, etc. Zambia Airways is the way to go.

  28. may all the progressive projects and ideas left by the mmd contnue coz they’re all for the benefit of zambians.

    May all the good new ideas succeed for the sake of all zambians.

  29. #26 Nina Chale my friend I have put my suggestion in my last post. Is it you who was suggesting that they tag William Banda with electronics gadgets on a William Banda thread yesterday? And is that free of bitterness? Inst that vindictiveness, when the law in Zambia does not even call for that for people on bail?

    • Yes it is me, sir. I have no personal issues with William Banda but the headlines of him inciting violence in my country does not leave me with any kind words for him. Perhaps my suggestion was misplaced, let’s leave it up to the law to deal with him. Nevertheless, even if we cannot agree on partisan matters, I still hope we can move on and see eye to eye on developmental issues?

  30. @22&24 Kalok. You are correct in part, but bring to memory what agenda was being pushed to liguidate Zambia Airways. Penza, Chiluba tried to set up an airline but flopped hence zambian airline, now Zambezi air line. Remember Dunlop pushed off Zambia by Penza to let his Zambia consolidated Tyre services grab all mining businesses. Such is the selfishness we are to be on guard with some of our current cabinet ministers. I still contend a small efficient national airline is viable. If Malawi, Zimbabwe can afford it, is Zambia beyond sanity?

  31. S.t.u.pid [email protected] 1 & 25 , if you are failures don’t think all people would not manage a profitable Airline, The New Zambian Government is working with Emirates for your Information to Revamp the national carrier.
    Phase 1: Emirates will Partner with Zambezi with Immediate effect as a directive from SATA Government. This is a move to Empower Local companies.
    Phase 2: Introduce a national carrier with 49 / 51% Share between Government and Private sector. It will be a profit making Airline. Why Undermine Zambians? This Government will do things differently.
    MMD you failed and just closed Zambia Airways for Nonsense. Your Government was Dull and Corrupt.
    Check online How many Jobs Emirates has Advertised for their Zambian Office you Fool.

  32. Oh boy, OMG, the Emirate deal was announced before elections , what are you talking about? I guess you built the Ndola stadium in one week and renamed it. How cheap. Am out of here , looks like the debate has been debased by Kaponyas, sorry Nina Chale, I had to say that , couldn’t help it.

    By the way am a leopard and am MMD. Can a leopard change its spots? Naaaa..so always MMD through and through and we will be back sooner than you think.

    • I will always be MMD Too, let those who think we are confused and stupid think so. God has given then an opportunity to sow the case

  33. KK International will be the Hub for Sub Sahara and Southern African Countries. Enough with Carriers like Kenya, Ethiopian, and South African who contributed nothing to Zambian Citizens. Not even sponsorship of Youth Sports. Let other Players come in and make Air travel cheaper.
    Emirates in partnership with Zambezi will bring good Competition. They will also market Zambia as a Holiday destination world wide in all destinations Emirates Fly. Just not that this is an Airline that won Airline of the Year…

    So MMD stay away and give King Cobra a chance.

  34. “Zambia is a very rich country” That is the premise politicians should start working on. Why should we have 70% poverty levels ? when the whole world knows we are rich. MMD were working on the premise Zambia is poor and hence hard to near impossible to raise living standards for all. They had a ready excuse for failure.
    On the national air line and railways, the private sector alone will not initiate these projects without first GRZ showing a commitment. MMD left everything to the private sector and would often use the western countries as an example, ignorant to the fact that those governments iniciated all major projects and sold them on later. 

  35. What do you know about the EMIRATES deal? MMD guys were so corrupt that emirates almost pulled out? Do you know why they first announced in Harare?? Just keep quite you fool you know nothing? The deal had nothing to Do with MMD.
    It is Zambian Community living and working in the UAE that initiated it. We can give you Names??

    Don’t get Credit you don’t deserve Ask ZDA team and Your Dickson Jere. They will tell you. MMD is out that’s it? Good you have gone as you would have messed everything as you did with Turkish Airlines.

  36. Zambezi Air Line, Munzi wapya. Hope there were no dubious transaction in you services. If major shareholders are these finished MMD politicians nishi capwa!

  37. Why not build Grain Storage Silo’s instead? Lets deal with real issues first. Sort out RSZ first, upgrade renamed airports and build waterways/canals for water transportation(Its cheapest mode of transportation. Lets get serious Please.

  38. I’m sure a PPP would work for an airline a local airline is import most international carriers only go to lusaka , we need a national carrier to work on the local routes + revamped the airport isn’t that expensive considering how much we get from mining

    but the most important network is the rail network that priority number 1 then roads , then airtravel

  39. The two words ‘loyal’ and ‘opposition’ are very close to having complete opposite meaning. But believe me thats the new concept hatched at the POST

  40. Roads are not of class. we are tired of single routes shared. Look at Ndola-Kitwe road. How many repairs have been to that part of the dual carriages. The GNR shoud be made dual as from its springfold L/stone to Nakonde so should be the GER too. Railway system needs to improve on a lot of things and one cardinal suport is their failure to communicate effectively. As on another Airline, I am sceptical. We need to improve the little that is there and not create a competitor to Zambezi. Roan Air remember it?????

  41. Whats the latest on Zambian Airways…the cash issue? Are they in the frame for a come back as a “national” airline?

    Whatever national airline is formed, GRZ should have nothing to do with its funding and running…the ridiculous scenes of jolly riding employees out-numbering paying passengers on the defunct Zambia Airways still haunt us!

  42. I think the focus should be on revamping KK International, other Zambian airports and a national air line at a later stage when government has enough resources. Funding this I think can be done by selling off a minority or majority, depending on the deal, share of the Zambia National Airports Corporation Limited (NACL) just as the UK did in the 80s with BAA which runs Heathrow and other major UK airports. I go through Zambian airports at least once a year and they’re in a shocking state and currently not in a state to attract major air lines.

  43. Furthermore, Lusaka City central should follow London’s model of making it a major business district as they have done with Canary Wharf, making it the hub of Europe businesswise. Zambia is a landlocked country, a disadvantage as far as sea ports are concerned but an opportunity economically. Lusaka could be Central-Southern Africa’s (or Africa as a whole) business hub. The government could form a company and together with proper equity partners (or by incentivising credible investors to do so) build world class/European standard (not Chinese like buildings) office buildings within Lusaka City centre that would attract global businesses. I certainly hope the new government is thinking along those lines.

  44. He forgot to rename Mfuwe international airport, all the other 3 were renamed. i hereby suggest ‘Grey Zulu internationa Airport’ or atleast ‘Butusi internationa airport’

  45. here we go again throwing good money after bad .there a saying of airlines “if you want to make a small fortune running an airline,start with a big fortune”.There is no economic sense govt getting involved in business,its been proven there is no success.these ministers have no idea about running a business.False pride should be eradicated.”zambia is a very rich country”.?70% of the population is below poverty level.please ministers priority.

  46. There are seriously some dull arguments above. Short memories. I can assure you all that Zambian Airways will be revamped soon. It will be jointly owned by GRZ and The Post newspaper. This is a token of appreciation to Mmembe for campaigning for PF for a period of 3years. There’s alot of sense in what #has said but unfortunately not so many people are that intelligent in Zambia to appreciate reasonable ideas. token of appreciation to Mmembe for campaigning for PF for a period of 3years. There’s alot of sense in what #has said but unfortunately not so many people are that intelligent in Zambia to appreciate reasonable ideas.

  47. Looking at a broader picture perhaps would help. Besides the direct profits to be realized from having a national airline it is also important to consider the other benefits. The tourism industry would recieve a huge boost from having a successful airline. Its time to “BRAND” zambia as a world class travel destination. Part of doing this is having our colors and national identity fly high world over(advertise) and providing the confidence to our visitors that in zambia their comforts will be met. To provide a unique zambian experience would include a travel experience that is zambian in theme. Especially with local and regional travel. Besides how are our exports transported to their markets? Cargo flights are also a revenue venture we can exploite.Lets think long term investment.

  48. Come next February Emirates are going to fly direct to Lusaka. No more addis ababa, nairobi, johannesburg.. Lets make this look good..

  49. Looking at a broader picture perhaps would help. Besides the direct profits to be realized from having a national airline it is also important to consider the other benefits. The tourism industry would recieve a huge boost from having a successful airline. Its time to “BRAND” zambia as a world class travel destination. Part of doing this is having our colors and national identity fly high world over(advertise) and providing the confidence to our visitors that in zambia their comforts will be met. To provide a unique zambian experience would include a travel experience that is zambian in theme. Especially with local and regional travel. Besides how are our exports transported to their markets? Cargo flights are also a revenue venture we can exploite.Lets think long term investment.

  50. Now we have got MMD cadres opposing anything and everything.

    MMD Bootfimofimo I see a lot anger and frustration in you. Everything that our government is doing you are going to oppose. I don`t blame you though. After being kicked out by people you took for mugs for a period of time, one is bound to feel that way.

    Get enough tissues as there is going to be more to come. Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke! We need an airline.

  51. Kalok #22, 24, Your input makes a lot of sense. I am not quite sure why Zambia Airways (1994) was liquidated and I also share your view that those that were associated with the case need to be consulted and engaged in the concept of a new national airline in order to avoid the same fate.

    Zambians, no matter what party, should unite and work together for our national prosperity. Our biggest drawback (as can be seen on this forum quite often) is our constant infighting and our inability to acknowledge that if we do not come together to develop our country, no one will do it for us. After all we all want to see our country shine, don’t we?

  52. Friends… Thank you SATA. Thank you PF. Go Go, but Donchi Kubeba :-) I cry when I realise how much MMD destroyed our country. Indeed Movement for Mass Destruction (MMD) of good institutions. They killed Zambia Airways, Killed Zamtel, Killed Finance Bank, and finally where going to kill Zambians thru poverty. 

    • When Zambia Airways was been liquidated I thought Sata and Guy Scott where in Govt holding Ministerial positions, I may be wrong but u may correct. When exactly did the MMD become so bad? Was it 10 yrs after Sata left or what? I thought it was worse at the time of Chiluba, as pipo make it seem. Name those who were in that govt…LET US BE FAIR. WHY NOT SAY…PIPO LETS START ON A CLEAN SLATE!!!!

  53. I thought Hon. Mukanga was Copperbelt Minister? So who is CB Minister then? And who is Mukanga’s deputy?

    • Willie Nsanda and his deputy were nominated MPs, but sata over nominated by 2 MPs, so he decided to drop Willie and his deputy, hence the coming in from Mukanga as new minister. someone else has been appointed to take over in CB.

  54. Sata is president and PF are in power. Watch our country make inroads in everything and cry MMD supporters! You hated progress well it’s here now so better get used to it losers!

  55. Zambia Airways took many years to build, born after the break up of Central African Airlines in 1967. A number of Airlines across the Globe went under or took got hard bashed during the gulf war in 1989/90. This happen to be the time when MMD was also formed, so by the time they got into power a number of African Airlines were struggling with Aviation fuel sky high, Ethopian Airways was not spared either. QZ was not in a worse off situation or position when compared KQ, SA, BP or Air Zimbabwe, In fact QZ had a better Asset Base than most of these Airline, it also had a fantastic route net-working connecting Lusaka to International and Intercontinental sectors. Every 30 minutes there was a QZ plane landing @ KK International Airport. The difference is how the MMD Government dealt with issue

  56. How the MMD dealt with the issue of transformation, where Kenyan Government opted for a Strategic Partner to take on the stake in the Airline, Zambian Government went for voluntary liquidation which was quite a shame. It takes years to build but only a second to destroy. When Air Botswana bought their first ATRs’ they got former Zambia Airways Pilots as Training Captains, because Zambia Airways was one of the first Airlines on the continent to receive delivery of ATRs from the manufacturers in France. The Technical and Flight Operations staff were highly trained. When young Zambia Airways Pilots were in Los Angeles for training and to take delivery of the DC8 on behalf of Gov, locals in LA thought they were nuts they could not believe such young Africans could command such modern planes

  57. When MMD came into power you could sense resentment and animosity towards QZ staff, what they did not bear in mind is that the Airline belonged to the Public and not the staff. The consequence of their action has taken the Nation many years back. Since the demise of Zambia Airways, Zambia as a Country has not been able to utilise the slot left by QZ at London Heathrow now running to 17 years, but the British through BA have made full use of the recipricol right even increasing frequence for direct operations into Lusaka. When BA was downsizing on unprofitable routes London Lusaka remained, which clearly demonstrates that this route is lucrative.

  58. #1 Have you ever tried to book a flight to Livingstone? You would think L/stone belongs to South Africa. Did you check how much profit Kenya airways made on the domestic and international flights using the Zambian route? They made a lot of money. Looking at the bigger picture the airline sector will provide employment for the Zambian people and stimulate other industries related to it. In the beginning the Zambian can work with other established airlines for international flights. Most African airlines do that to lessen the cost of international flights.

  59. No its not a priority. Look at local interconnector Road network first. Give us a reliable local transport system we can all use to and from work so we can stop driving arround and conserve on national fuel bill.Fast rail or Bus network Please. Only a few guys fly mainly GRZ employees who go to useless meetings abroad. No we dont need a National Airline its totally unnecessary.

  60. #1 I do agree with you that  the main center Hub of connections in Central and southern Africa idea by MMD should be seriously followed up. However, I also think a Zambian national airline can be established at the same time.  

  61. So it does not have to be a National Airline per se, but a Flag Carrier as in the example of KQ. Government can have minority stake in the new Airline for checks and balance. Flag carrier is essential for boosting and promoting Tourism and can work closely with ZNTB and Ministry of Transport. At the moment Zambia relies on foreign airlines, travel agents and tour operators to market in-bound tourism from Intercontinental sectors. When QZ was alive it had sales agents strategically positioned across the globe selling Zambia as a destination on commission, these are some of the structures which were instantly destroyed and were earning Zambia much needed forex.

  62. I support you 100% Minister. We need our own national airline and we also need to revamp our railway system which was thrown in the bin by the MMD. Next we need to replace the current small mini-buses that are all over Zambia with ROSA buses! 

  63. #68 It is a great vision that can be implemented in the long run. The govt will work on the roads and railway…but Zambia needs to copy what Kenya has done to promote the tourism industry in their country and their airline sector plays a prominent role.

  64. #1 Iwe chief-bootlicker, if you are learned( ngamwalisambilila as you claim) stop such nonsense of degrading your fellow Zambians, calling them as Kaponya’s because people who have been to school like you think you are, Dont use such anti-social behavioural language you are using every day on this blog. Just contribute wisely and people will give you respect, coz respect is earned buddy. Thank you.

  65. The government should engage experts in assessing and exploring the positive attributes airline will bring to the country and how it will be costively managed.Otherwise having a Zambian airline again, its awesome idea.

  66. That is why nothing gets done in Zambia, politicians talk a lot. Why tell us what you know you must do. If you know what you are supposed to do in your office, just go ahead and do it. Talk less and act more. Time for campaigning is past, we need to see you work. We are tired of hearing what you guys intend to do. We want a working government not a dreaming government.

  67. Mr yamfwa mukanga thank you very much for your good thinking of trying to revamp the rail industry so that we can save the road network.TAZARA is one company bwana minister you should look at.This company is very vital and it will help to boost the economy of Zambia.Tazara needs proper managers who have interest of doing business at heart.As it is today peoples goods by Tazara Trains takes sometimes one month to reach Kapiri.To serve the road network let the new govenment make it a policy that all heavy goods more than 30tons should move by rail and no compromise and whoever found wanting heavy penulties should be slapped.I also wonder why we can not have a national airline.If Kenya can do why can we awe its shameful always depending on our friends.we can do it people of Zambia!

  68. A National Airline?? What a blunder. Please we do not need another drain on our resources. A National Airline will soon become one of those Zambian companies that will need “re-capitalization”. Why not just help Zambezi Airlines grow instead of committing us to another white elephant? A National Airline is a bad idea.

    Also what happened to the plans of developing Lusaka International Airport (Now KK International) so it can be a regional hub in central and Southern Africa??? Those plans were very plausible and we should build on that as it’ll create a lot of jobs and revenue for the nation. MMD had the right plans, do not steer away from them.

  69. Iwe Air Zambia, were do you think we will be working if the small buses are replaced with ROSA, and what happens to the owners. Please think, i dont think you PF,looks like you UNIP

  70. I still don’t understand the rationale of a national airline. Majority of Zambians are not going to even use it anyway. Why ask tax payers to pay for a facility most of them will probably never use. The worst part is this facility will require “re-capitalization” eventually which will lead to tax payers paying even more to this National Airline. This is a very bad idea. We have been through this before.

  71. Most bloggers are off the mark.We are not ready to run a national airline until we get our management systems right.Most of our problem companies the issue has not been the money but the poor management.Get your management right 1st then the success and the money will come.It is not the money that produces the idea but rather the idea that produces the money.

  72. Some countries have national airlines, buses and railway networks and they have had them for hundreds of years and they have not gone broke. Build two lane railway networks for efficient railway networks and stop using diesel trains they are ancient and costly. Just because a few countries can’t run them doesn’t mean we can’t and we can’t build an airport that is hub of Southern Africa without a national airline. Try and do the math and see how many people have died on the roads since UBZ finished to date and you will see we need UBZ back, not necessarily as UBZ, it can be a different name . The private sector is only interested in profits but national airline, buses and railways bring stability, and create jobs. Think you can, think you can’t, either way you are right.

  73. Ba Capitalist mwabuka from the grave yard we missed you. Hi Zambians are ready to learn from there mistakes. This is a good idea and it will boost our recognition are people. Who doesnt want to associate himself with success. Children are looking for such role models and revisiting our communication network is ideal and a step in the right direction

  74. It doesnt stop the private sector = Competition what is important is provide a proper services. We can help to Zambia to buy an AIRBUS A380 from EADS.


  76. #82 Zambia needs to get some expatriates who are CEO’s with outstanding records within the ministry. MBA CEO”s will be needed for  significant industries like Transport (Airline), Timber and Tourism. Margaret Thatcher got some MBA qualified CEO’s to balance the budget and bring efficiency within NHS when it was in debt. 

  77. all sides considered a national airline does not have to be owned 100% by govt. partnerships are the in thing these days eg kenya airways and klm of the dutch. secondly national airlines are more of national identity and prestige than any thing else. why do you think the uk treasure their british airways despite the losses.  

  78. Zambia needs to focus on further developing its infrastructure to turn the country into a hub. A national airline would have little utility and would be an extremely expensive affair.

    A single plane costs millions to purchase or lease, millions which could be better spent on further developing the infrastructure of the KK international airport and Livingstone international airport.

    I agree with the minister on the state of the railways industry and road network. On a national airline however I disagree. That money could be spent on turning the KK Int’l airport into a real gem or focusing on developing the infrastructure of potential tourist cities. I think the new ministers are getting ahead of themselves and declaring things without properly analysing the situation first.

  79. I agree with Mr. Capitalist the focus should be on giving existing Zambian airlines an unfair advantage by giving them preferential treatment. The focus should be on building capacity.

    I fear that the new government feels that Zambia has economically ‘arrived’ and can now afford to make these bad decisions. This is echoed in the minister’s words “Zambia is a rich country”. No its not. The country’s GDP has grown over recent years but is still a pitiful 19 billion dollars. Apple Inc alone makes that much in revenue in four months! The government must focus on continuing to drive foreign investment into Zambia and also empowering local entrepreneurs.

  80. to be honest i dont like chief bootliker,but he is very right,an airline is not an easy thing to run and cannot be a priority,Zambian airways problem was simple they were overtrading,nobody stole money,the lawyers simply didnt know how to run an airline.i wish i could xplain more.

  81. This is the best news so far today.Having flown different airlines in Europe i couldn’t help but dream on a Zambian Airline that carries our pride.So many have gone bust but there is nothing more than your own.How come Mugabe has managed?In fact this was one of the biggest failures of the previous govt.

  82. ethiopian airlines manage through cost saving measures and they are strict,you can not get even a can of drink out of the aircraft,something zambians cannot manage bcoz they re thieves by nature,you do steal from a tissue to a simple packets of crisps.its not just managable by as zambian.

  83. Kaunda has never been christian. Same as Sata. They belong to….. Christians please pray. God is not ruling in this country. Any true prophet out there would tell you what powers our rulers are now using. Disciples of hell are thriving spiritually in this country because Lucifer has given them a special annointing to be loved and respr

  84. I fly Swiss Air which is owned by the Germans in fact most of the airlines in the world are partly owned by foreign companies so those of you crying foul you might not need it but we do.

    • Do you know the story behind that Swiss Air it used to be the Swiss National Carrier but due to mg’t unable to modernise and went into bankruptcy in 2002. Lufthansa picked it for nothing, it lost its independence and slightly tarnished the Swiss Cross.

  85. #90,zimbabeans are not thieves that i can asure you,we should not even be excited about the national airline it will go under the same way all have gone under,you steal from tickets,stationary,catering,toiletries and you over employ.so can you manage.

    • Which planet are you from?Zimbabweans??//Please don’t start.the only people I know who don’t loot are the Japanese!

  86. Airline busines is also not just about passenger carriage. For instance Zambia Export Growers contribute significant foreign exhange to the nation, at the moment these Growers depend on road transport for passage of their products to European Markets. These products are routed via Johannesburg onwards to UK and other European destinations. The reason being British Airways Cargo which was offering ZEGA ample space for farm produce North Bound pulled out of operating in Zambia due to high fuel cost. When QZ was alive the subsidiary National Air Charters handled carriage of ZEGA products through dedicated space, they were assured of good arriving to all destinations in good time and fresh. KQ and other passenger Airlines operating into Lusaka have limited space for Cargo being pax planes

  87. You are all missing the point. This whole thing is a misplaced priority from the beggining simply because it is meant to appease Mmembe for his ground work. The whole project has nothing to do with business or flag carrying national pride blabla, nothing!, its all about I am happy let me not be seen to ignore ‘comrade mmembe’.

  88. This is the snag with depending on foreign carriers for even major exports, when they decide to pull out you are sunk. Air Cargo operation is also less risky compared to passenger operation National Air Charters was a profitable subsidiary of QZ. Over the years Zambia has opened up a lot in terms of International trade both at National level and individual, talk of cars and spares from Japan, goods/building materials from China, copper exports to China but which airlines benefit in carriage on Intercontinental segment? Most of this cargo traffic would earn Zambia vast sums of revenues both outbound and inbound. DAS Air Ugandans owned is one cargo airline that was servicing Zambia and had employed ex-QZ pilots, not sure if it is still coming to Zambia as it was banned from UK/EU on issues

  89. I am sure Zambia has open skies policies so the air space does not belong to one individual, what we need is just commitment to revive this industry with interested stakeholders and private sector. It could be Zambezi Airlines joining hands with an International Airline as a strategic partner. The defunct Zambia Express under the management of late George Lewis considered joining hands with a reputable International carrier. Otherwise we will continue glorifying foreign airlines as they reap profits from Zambia operations their share-holders.

  90. @93 Which planet are you from?Zimbabweans??//Please don’t start.the only people I know who don’t loot are the Japanese!You country Zimbabwe is the most mismanaged in Africa after Somali.

  91. Zambia, does not need a national airline at the moment. There are greater priorities that need to be dealt with as of now. If we need a national airline now, then we need to bring together Zambezi, ex Zambian airlines, fly zambia, to talk with govt and create a national airline. Interested parties must be prepared to put money upfront to buy our own aircraft and money to train new staff, not the people from the defunct Zambia airways, they are too steeped into complacency and indiscipline. Le’ts discuss seriously please.

  92. PF gov’t shouldn’t have merged Tourism ministry in my opinion as the money saved is paltry compared to when its a stand alone Ministry which is far more focused able to help the Zambian industry tap in the $billion foreign tourist market.

  93. The manner in which change and development is implemented is often times more important than development itself. Obviuosly extensive studies to determine viability would have to be conducted. It would be nice to have an airline operating as it’s own profit center. However in macro economic investment sometimes the benfits are reaped in other sectors of the economy. As stated other industries could benefit greatly from such a venture. If profitable the airline does not have to owned by government. However if government wishes to run the airline they could still do it with it being managed as a private entity free of direct government involvement. We can look at the Amtrak model or many other countires that delegate management to private sector. What we need is our own gateway to the world

  94. Here are some of the reasons why Zambia though centrally located is not favoured for setting up Headquarter base by most International Organisations; poor road network, few /irregular air transport, poor and very slow internet connectivity, constantly collapsing phone signals and very expensive to make international calls – I’m not even going to mention landlines here, very bad environmental conditions (dirty/garbage everywhere).
    International Organisations place communication network very highly on their priority list and so it is good for the Government to prioritise as well.

  95. Lets start by imagining ourselves hosting an event such as the Africa cup. -Think about it howmany people can our cities really host. Our hotels would probably be enough to only cater for the teams. Let alone the journalist, officials and thousands of funs that would want to attend. Do not even discuss the issues of stadiums. As a vision it is certainly nice that we want to make our country a hub of the region. However infrastructure wise we have a lot to do. One step at a time we will get there. “Rome was not built in a day”. Its time for our leaders to plan beyond the election cycles. Take bald steps that will yield permanent good. Perhaps not in our lifetime but for future generations. I agree with #100. We should jump ahead of the curb now and invest in mordern communication.

  96. I don’t think some bloggers even realize airline transport also goes with Agriculture export abroad. Zambia is missing out on exporting perishable items like roses, fruits etc to Europe because of the high fares of using other airlines. As some people have said on the blogs it can be half owned by another established national airline. The hub will need more investment than an airline as the infrastructure, hotels, communication, fuel prices and sanitation need to be improved around the Lusaka airport area.

  97. @102 Tips, You are right, more over most bloggers have missed the point, a quick win for Zambia is empowering our current Flag Carrier Zambezi, to partner with Emirates. Which is the case.

    As long-term strategy Zambezi and emirates have been told that National carrier will be launched with their Help. NOT Government owned, as Government will be a minority stakeholder. The move is all about empowering all you Zambians that are opposing the initiative.

    Please note that Airline is not only about passengers, it’s a lot more: Cargo, Agriculture, Tourism etc. honestly have you seen how Kenya airways has benefited from the Zambian skies, what do we get out of that??? Nothing? Please let us change our complacent attitudes and look at a bigger picture. We need a flag carrier.

  98. MMD mentality of Zambians cant do any thing on their own without outside help. There is plenty bussiness for a zambian airline other wise no planes will be landing in zambia. PF GRZ start that airline. even british airways was formed by the british government once upon a time, so were most of the current airlines, they were all government owned . MMD  wanted everything to be lead by the private sector because they were getting bribes, the lot of them. Right now the truckers association of south africa through the SA goverment were convincing MMD that a railway network is not worth it in zambia. MMD supporters Guess who was benefiting the most with zambia not having a rail net work ? certainly not zambians

  99. Just re-introduce Zambia Airways National airline. Zambians must be aashamed that they rely on Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Nambia and Zimbabwe airline and not forgetting South African airlines – What a bull of nonesense..! Zambia to develop needs her own airline and should STOP sponging on others

  100. Bring back Zambia Airways, ZR = Zambia Railways; UBZ (United Buses of Zambia) Eagle Travel. We need a naional transport network

  101. No. 105 you are spot on. The issue of garbage is not an issue though as development itself will eliminate it since the age for competitiveness among investors and local companies will increase. Good infrastructure grows the economy and dictates what needs to be done to sustain the growing economy.
    We do not need an Airline at the moment. It should evolve from the processes economic growth.

  102. It clear that PF has no direction. This is his first statement as Minister of Transport—— and is talking about establishing an airline—whose implications he does not understand. The first thing this guy should have stated is —- PF`s vision on transport sector and what strategies they are going to implement to achieve the transport sector vision. We are told PF has a manisfesto and yet the guy cant even quote a thing about how PF intends to transform the transport sector in Zambia. Welcome to the club. Its easy to address rallies —running hovernment is something else!We told you!

  103. the people who are not in support of the formation of an airlines are all just KAPONYAS, be realistic and let the government create employment for its citizens in the aviation industry

  104. if i was u i’d look at the logic in the argument first. An airport that is the centre of the continent will not only bring more jobs but will make the country more appealin as a destination n having that we could then have an airline that is not govt. Owned wholly coz as we learnt from past experience that would be disastrous

  105. Zambians – here we go again, we criticize without provding a rationale for our views. Tell the PIG (Party and Its government in the name of MCS, its totally different from UNIP or MMD that had some semblane of democracy in them) what you feel are right options.
    Sata can act but at times can be very bad and unfair to people. You don’t need that in a leader!

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