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President Sata dissolves RDA

Headlines President Sata dissolves RDA

President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has with immediate effect dissolved the Road Development Agency-RDA.

And the President has directed the new Police command to immediately stop the Zambia Revenue Authority -ZRA- from paying K4billion kwacha to a fake company managing the scanners at Nakonde border post in the Northern Province.

Meanwhile, President Sata has announced reforms in the police service with all Division Commands to be run by personnel with the rank of Commissioner of Police.

The President was speaking Tuesday morning when he swore in New Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs Max Nkole and Deputy Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani.

Mr Nkole once served as Executive Chairman at the Task Force on Corruption before its abolishment.

And Ms Libongani was until her new appointment Central Province police commanding officer.

President Sata also disclosed that -ZRA- was on Tuesday expected to pay K4billion kwacha to a fake company which the President says belongs to someone who occupied his office.

Mr. Sata has directed the new Home Affairs Permanent Secretary and the new Police command to stop the payment and investigate how much has already been paid out to the bogus firm.

And president Sata has directed ZRA to find its own people to manage the scanners at Nakonde border.

In dissolving the RDA, the President said it is surprising that the road agency awarded some contracts without tenders and made payments with unknown source of funding.


    • What do you mean circus my dear? Someone who was occupying that office was getting paid behind the back door?! There is no circus but cleaning of house!

  1. Elyashi ilyo Bakateka. Balilya sana umupola bakolwe balemona kwati tulifipuba. Yes u r cleaning the nation

  2. The bogus company belongs to the one and only Ala Bee. There is a cell in Chimbokaila prison especially reserved for Ala Bee. Justice must prevail and people should take responsibility for their crimes and actions. No immunity hiya.

    As for RDA, what can I say that is not well known?

  3. Eh data iyi…… Now thats some one who knows GRZ in and out. Bakateka balikwata inteligence service close to CIA……

  4. It look the President still has gallons of suphuric acid to dissolve everything in sight…lol… In South Africa the Rugby team has a coach who will never guess what he will say everytime he is front of the camera….I suggest Presido Sata let the Spokes Person to do the talking….he is running from the script more often than we would like…i do like king cobra..but eish..this guy need to be more presidential….

    • He can run through the script as much as he wishes.its better than touring the world at the expence of the tax payer.so my freind if you dont like seing the president reading the script better turn off yo ka tv or ka 2 band.VIVA COBRA.GOD bless.

  5. Good afternoon

    The next target in a serious series of proactive action to weed out corruption from the root.

    ZRA was about to pay K4billion kwacha to a “fake company” belonging to someone who occupied the president’s office? Sounds as if someone is involved in a scam to defraud the Zambian Revenue Authority. I think there’s more trouble down the road as we move along. We are following…

    • And we shall follow very, very closely.  .. . . .  . .Trouble is coming  without a doubt. Approximately USD800,000 and some bloggers claimed Zambia didn’t have money to pay for the change of names for the 3 airports.

  6. #3 mushota,
    please this is not the place to tell of your sexual starvation and your gold digging activities. We are not interested.

  7. Weldone mr President you have shown good character.For sure some one will be made to account for this.Zambians let us support Sata this country has been reaped off by the previous Govt.Ba MMD is this what you call Development?

  8. Ok guys this is just cleaning up. Action will be when we start hearing that people have gone in for the irregular sale of Finance Bank, Zamtel, the gas scandle and the likes.

    So far so good. Mwapya ba MMD! Uko!!!! I am waiting.

  9. As much as this tsunami cleaning of governments officials is a good thing, long term it is probably a bad thing. The long term effect of this is that it will make government officials to be loyal to a sitting government and make it difficult to embrace or ‘allow’ a change of government. They will be reluctant to facilitate a smooth transition of government knowing very well that their job will be over with a change of government. Sata should be careful not to instil fear – she try and keep those who acted professionally and with integrity. Firing everyone will have consequences down the track next time a potential change of government looms.

  10. Why not arrest the owner of the fake company and take him to court right away? Little people are rotting in jail for stealing chickens and “ba some of us” can pocket 4 billion on top of everything the country gives them for free…Worse than animal farm!

  11. Mushota…..i can see though you pride yourself in having interest in white men, you still miss the african jungle stick, its not too late, you can always come back home, i can give you five good rounds.

  12. Hey fellow bloggers I need some clarification on the subject under consideration, is it the RDA Board or the operational institution itself the RDA, which has been disolved?

  13. Mr president, Good fight. As i said dont forget me in the fight for my country Zambia. I let the country because of useless labour laws but supported PF Remotely even then small financial sacrifice thru mr Panji Kaunda when He published His email phone number. We have to fight the Graft

  14. Ya ya ya…wapya munzi bane.

    We now understand why RB cried after bidding good byee to Zambians. Really we Zambians knew that there was something wrong in our country.

    Please Sata flush the all out so we see how far they went in raping our country.

    These thieves.

    • banda cried when he was leaving office just as you would cry if a grade 7 old man is to take over your job, he knew the what was coming from this old mouth full of rotten , stinky teeth

  15. It is sad when you think of how much revenue the country has lost through such dealings between the previous govt and briefcase businessmen. I am sure those who have conned us out of our hard earned Kwacha have gone away laughing at us, knowing that even when they come back, they will still walk away with more cash. Sad!

  16. @#28. Action Man. The former president said we did not knowingly abuse state funds.

    This was before he was even asked. Wapya munzi!!!!!!! Kwati yazanda nomba. I am just waiting for the court cases.

    Where is Mr Capitalist, MMD Chief Bootfimofimo and erm Maestro He he he? I bet they are still on land with MMD running after Ubwato.

  17. Just a belated comment on those who were complaining about the proposed minimum wage revision that it will force them to pay their maids and house servants more money; why do you even have maids in the first place? Jeez who owns maid these days? This is part of what is bringing the country down. I thought ‘slavery’ ended long time ago – OK may be not the same. But my point is Zambians should get off their high horses and started cooking their own food. No one has maids in highly developed countries.You may counter that this is creating employment for those people, but this is the problem in the first place. People should be empowered and be employed by other alternative ways, other than being maids? I recall some ZRA commissioner who had 3 maids; 3 guards; 2 gardeners all tax payer paid!

    • iwe yes we would do away with maids if allmof us were housewives.. but fwebamo are working mothers, and do u want us to carry our children at work? reason before you blurbur..

  18. Data iweee!,Icalo chakaba nomba.Mwanya ba MMD, mwalamona kwati icalo chapwa.Clean on Mr President,clean on.Ba nyandule bonse must eradicated!

  19. Any one seen Mr Capitalist or Bootfimofimo mwebantu. This is what they should be defending-cowards!

  20. Don’t worry zambians, theives have once again regrouped as it was in 1991, Mwanawasa came and swept through, come 2016, Sata and his family tree will dance to our tune

  21. Jigga,the normal cleaningof an institution or even a dog house(kennel) is by removing the one causing the mess first then clean up.So in all Govenment institutions all the chaps associated with the activities and operation of these instutition have to be removed and appoint new ones.The new guys will be give tasks to clean house.It looks like commedy right now but once the real operations starts in these institutions we will be saying the previous rigmes were just parting in plot one.MCS has even gone to an extend of saying some ZMK4b was about to be paid out to some company..guys we have to be serious with our country.

    We do have relative who are loosing jobs as a result of the on going (I at least I have one a ZAR) but the cleaning has to be done.we will take of this relative.

  22. In Star Wars V, The Sith Master, Yoda the Jedi Master makes a comment about the Republic, he says a Dictatorship does not come in silence. It comes with applause. This is because there are always plenty of people who think it might be a solution.

  23. No wonder, people drive the latest cars but own ‘tuntemba’ companies. Most of what we see on the roads is out of our money…and drugs…..These chaps don’t even pay proper tax.

  24. mushota still exists…we discuss real issues and how zambia should be governed..have you finished your PHD in Laundry and cooking?

  25. All those opposing your actions Mr. President are CORRUPT. Some of us will support you in this crusade total. We are tired of being laughing stocks due to corruption. Please CLEAN house. We need some sanity. We will now see  REAL BUSINESSMEN. Let the game begin!!!

  26. Aaah I feel for Capitalist and Maestro Pwiii Pwiii Pwiii. & MMD Bootlicker. He he Atm least I have been consistant at supporting PF and Mr. Sata. I came out in the open then that “Hate the Man or Love Him” then he lead the biggest Opposition party and he talked for the voiceless and cowards. Now the man and the time…… He is in state HOUSE to clean up Zambia.

  27. @mpolm0 Yes I understand is inevitable but by concern is the impact this will have on the mindset of those who will be employed to replace the ones being fired now. There’s need to keep the good ones and actually parade them to the nation by saying it pays to be a professional with integrity. Consider what will be going on in the minds of the new employees 5 years from now at the next elections when, say, MMD or UPND, are about to win power… they will be shyt scared for their jobs and they will try to do everything in their power to prevent a regime change.
    Trust me I’m for the cleaning or is it cleansing but think long term!

  28. Mr Capitalist, MMD Chief Bootfimofimo and erm Maestro like Colonel Gaddafi’s spokesman Moussa Ibrahim (who was yesterday captured dressed as a woman) are rueing the day they served their masters voice! Even then, he is insisting they (Gaddafi’s forces) are still in control even if they are scattered all over Libya and that some are even in neighbouring countries. He says they will be back to rule after the new government finds how hard it is to govern. As for Bootlicker et al, naba fukama! However, they can get up and smell the coffee newly brewing in Statehouse. Strong stuff, not like the week recycled stuff RB kept on re-heating.

  29. At this rate, Zambia will be declared bankrupt and a dictatorship after 90 days. Very sad that the period expires on my birthday. I definately will be in mourning after my country has jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Even the hard core PF better fear for their safety and jobs. It’s time for people to wake up to their mistake. Sadly it’s not even the majority that made the mistake.

  30. #53 Jigga. Gotto agree with you. Just like her Royal Highness Nkomesha. What a woman that Chieftainess is. When all cowards like Mwata Kazembe and the others were dancing after getting brown envelopes, the woman said go away to RB!

    I bet there were a few.But there is that saying about ulubalala lumo ulwabola and all. Just can`t remember it.

  31. I shudder to think how deep this country would have sunk had Rupia got away with the attempted rigging! It appears there’s so much dirt to be swept than I at first thought.
    The speed at which the president is galloping is what is needed to get rid of the stench fast. Standard & Poor, don’t worry about economic policy at the moment, we are busy cleaning the house first. When we turn around to fixing the economy, you will be happy as you give Zambia +AAAAAA rating. Relax.

  32. Those who are talking about creation of unemployment by the dissolution of boards are quite dull. If those who were serving on those boards thought serving on a board is employment, then they are just as dull you.

    • # 58 you are clever,,,,,let the president continue sweeping the corruption,thousands of pipo have died in zambia because of selfish pipo in govt,,,,,when in hospitals there r no drugs while others are pocketing huge sums of money……pa bwato chabe…………….

  33. I am told Mr Capitalist, Maestro he he he and MMD Chief Bootfimofimo are actually here, alive and posting under different names and flags. You know who you are you cowards.

    Ke ke ke ke ke ke! Cowards!

  34. Who does not clean a house before moving in their family? Or who does not clear weeds from a garden before planting their crop?

  35. “President Sata also disclosed that -ZRA- was on Tuesday expected to pay K4billion kwacha to a fake company which the President says belongs to someone who occupied his office” Ha ha ha that is the funniest thing i have heard today.That`s Zambia for you.


  37. Ba LT be precise, RDA and RDA board are formed independently. RDA was approved by an act of parliament and can only be dissolved by an act of parliament. A board is appointed and can be dissapproved and dissolved by a minister or president. It is the RDA board that has been dissolved not RDA.

  38. what pipo need to understand bout the minimum wage is the differences in economies of scale(1)-watch how many pipo will get unemployed!!!! we live in a global economy of national interdependency and invester confidence is at the core of economic growth(2)- watch investment IN-flows and the $!!! this country HEADED FOR DOOM!!!!

  39. Fire them, lock them up and let them hand back stolen proceeds to the nation. This is a process that needs total support. Arrogant thieves must account for their misdeeds, public service is supposed to be just that, “servant of the people”! The current Government must also encourage whistle blowers as the scourge is too deep our Country needs to be cleaned of; corruption, fraud, drug trafficking, robberies, thefts etc. in order to restore the lost pride. Go MCS Go GET-THEM.

  40. Impindi ya dasho eliyafika pano mwisho. He knows all the govt operations and he’s going to do it. Lets support him in totality. I like the approach although he’s even slow in some areas.

  41. If there is no space in Zambian prisons, free the petty thieves who are in for just failing to honour a small kaloba, or stolen chicken to make way for these criminals that prisons are really meant for. GO MATE GO!


    Do you know the expenses claimed by those boards ? it runs in hundreds of millions. That is were they gave them selves and realetives business. Creating useless seminars and workshops just to milk GRZ.
    RB and your blulus flee Zambia before the law catches up with you.

  43. Unbelievable! The half-term former president involved in an attempt to defraud the GRZ coffers of K4 billion?

  44. I think we lacked theis kind of leadership for a long time. can you imagine how selfish people can be? despite having free things at plot one he goes and syphones K4 billon, one would like to believe that he imatated FTJ who bought 1000 pairs of shoes n addition to taking somebodys wife? K4billion, what impact can it do the economy and that just for this Tuesday, how how much more has been taken in the past 3 years and you were being blinded that you have precedented development, where is times of zambia and ZNBC please who were busy face lifting the mmd? I am soryy may they go to hell, go ahead mr presdent, I fully support you move lets cleans, and create a clean environment of equal sharing of business & national cake. Viva president God bless you. That data needed justify you action

  45. K4Bn ,how much more could we have done.Honestly people Banda and his were Big Criminalsss ,shhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiittttttttttttt


  47. I hear that GBM’s milling will be the sole company supplying mealie meal to the Army now. Fight against corruption….kekekeke. Joke of the decade

  48. I hear people from the former ruling party are going to jail.

    Ke ke ke ke ke! This is serious now!


  50. As a truck driver , I always wondered why those scanners were being managed by Henry Banda when in all the other countries that I drive thru, these scanners are managed by the state. Good Job ba Presida. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Chanda Chimba III. He was last seen bolting

  51. 90 days we r waiting to get rich u have promised mdala!! dont just fire people we want more money in the pocket

  52. Zambia is rotten to the core and you need a nonsense man like Sata to deep clean it…only corrupt minds will condemn his actions surely how do you have ghost companies on the books just appalling; this is just the start please let the ACC and ZP lose so they start earning their money by arresting. Lawyers in Zambia are going to have a very busy happy Xmas!!

  53. Those saying he is creating unemployment by dissolving Board do not understand the emaning of Board, it is not a full time job but a supervisory and policy makiing body that meets when need arises, probably every quarter!!!


  55. I have learnt two things about Sata since he became presido and my grandma who worked with him at Lusaka city in the UNIP days warned me about him before elections.first thing Sata is a tribalist for every two appointment he makes 1 is bemba and the other thing is Sata is a bully,he does not consult…fellow Zambians let us wake up now before this nation is ruined by “Mr Know it all”.we cant afford to have a president who wants all his dreams(whether nightmares or good)to be implemented with immediate effect or in the next 30 days…as Matt p would put it “ku panga ma decisions citi lesa manja kapangidwa”

  56. @ NINA CHALE . . . And we shall follow very, very closely.  .. . . .  . .Trouble is coming  without a doubt. Approximately USD800,000 and some bloggers claimed Zambia didn’t have money to pay for the change of names for the 3 airports.

  57. How true is it that the cross-over bridge in Kafue road coasted about 27Billion? Is that worth it? Was there any tender procedures? Come on guys

  58. The road sector in Zambia is really an eye sore and changes were overdue not seen by the previous regime. Road infrustcture needs to improve now that changes have been effected. However, this need not end at removing corrupt officials but where proven must be taken to court. What worries us is claim thefts have been discovered and no one arrested. The owners of scanners at Nakonde boarder are known and you have proof the have surely stolen more than 4 Billion Kwacha. We would like to hear they have been arrested. Failure to do so is deemed playing to the gellerly as usual and the next govt will do exactly what Sata is doing but will finish the job with arrests of culprits. Prove your self Mr. Sata you have only 4 years to go you will be the next on line.

  59. ma ma ma ma ma Mr President.I dont trust you either.Bana bapaZed pliz,pliz,pliz,dont close your eyes,such Presidents pretend to be working when they are buzy enriching themselves and their families.Sata is not a thief and has never been one,but he is a ROBBER.trust me on that one.looking forward to who z gonna be fired tomorrow.to our Dictator Micheal Sata(n),good day

  60. How true is it that the cross-over bridge in Kafue road costed about 27Billion? Is that worth it? Was there any tender procedures? Come on guys

  61. Imagine 20 years of contracts without tenders to ghost companies then do the maths…billions just disappeared just like that!! 
    We need bodies behind bars!!

  62. the zra board waz damn aware,this company is located in showgrounds and it belongs to one james jimbo banda,the son of shrek! Dats y he had the cash t buy his girlfriend mama a block of flats,

  63. Sata abana data bane even when he was in opposition this man had data on everything and on everyone kekekekekeke

  64. #17 Jigga, you have got it all wrong my man, its the corrupt elements that do not wan t change of govt because ninshi akalilo kalepuka, thats why we struggled to remove them until abana Wusakile bapenene. If the civil servants see what will happen to their crooked friends, they will learn one or two lessons, besides why should you fear change of govt if you were professional as a civil servant. In fact rewards are aplenty, just look at Dr Malama & his Deputy, and all PS’s apart from that cadre from Livingstone who was fired yesterday.

  65. @Realist you are a fun character.Have u really looked at how companies make profits, ? Or have uu been to the CB and checked ‘experteriate’ salaries compared to local people? Although some arm chair critic like you can argue that investors will be scared of labour cost. This is just a minimal part of their costs. At one time I came across an old study in the mine archives done by a white project engineer who refered to labour cost in Africa as cheap because it is mainly native labour.Remember what the Chinese ambasadour admiited.He said bringing chinese is expensive to paying local labour. Do the math and talk with sense.Now here is a puzzle for your ignorance, a south afrcan ‘manager’ is getting $40000 tax free, Zambian manager $6000 taxed. So whre is the labour cost?

  66. All you people saying sata is “creating unemployment”…would you rather he keeps the corrupt elements who keep stealing from they majority in order to feed their families…think of the clinics that dont have medicine because of these so called boards!!!

  67. Only in a banana republic does a president go on a firing spree in the name of cleaning corruption.In a developed democracy he would be sued and or challenged on the legallity of his actions and evidence asked to be tabled.Fire someone if you have to but it has to be with good cause.

  68. Okey lets play it backwards.Sata praises the RDA for doing a wonderful job .This is according to good ethical prqacitises and transparent tendering procedure. He also mentions whatever ZESCO MD, Central Bank Governor did belongs to the former regime. He was just doing his job.He could not resign on moral grounds because it could have sent wrong signals which could have costed MMD to lose Elections.Finace Bank is left with FNB. Sata does not reverse the sale becaues what is done is done even in bad faith. Or not fogetting Kabonde, he keeps his job, because all the misgivings under his command wre polically motivated.The WB escapades whre also sensitive issues by then because WB was boma so lets forgive WB.Lets also not touch the minimum wage which has not changed for years.

  69. @Enka Rasha. You racist punk should stay off the blog. You analyse issues blinded by prejudice. You can not call Zambaia a banana republic.We are not monkeys. Do not bring your stinking racism here. People are getting fired because they became baby sitters for the MMD goverment. You are the kind the world does not need because you are so obssed with colour and forgot that this is the 21st century whre racism only belongs to ignorance twats like you. I advise you to stay off this blog because Zambians are not as divided as you think be it PF, MMD, GHD e.t.cThey will strip you down to nothing and then you will look like a fool.This is not RSA .

  70. You would have expected fewer if any changes had the MMD won. We are talking about a new party getting hold of the reigns of power and the changes are expected. Do not forget that MMD was in power for 20 years and I think MCS, at one point having been one of them, understands their modus operandi. I like what he is doing because now everyone will be on their toes. My only concern is the type of precedent that he is putting in place because remember what you do today will visit you tomorrow. 

  71. If I may be educated here. Is it the Board of RDA or RDA itself that has been dissolved? I say so because if it is RDA itself it would mean HQ in Lusaka and all region offices should be closed and everyone fired. Check your heading ”President Sata dissolves RDA”.

  72. Our only hope is parliament.MMD and UPND must move a motion to empeach this foolish president who cant see further than his nose.Yes empeach him and call fresh elections.MMD/UPND pact should be born immiadely to save Zambia from doom.They have enough seats to send Sata packing.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

    • to impeach the president they need 2/3 of the votes which works out to be 105 mps. Why do you want him to be impeached? For firing corrupt individuals?

  73. #108 MMD ruled for 20years how come there was no impeachment for all those companies and manufacturing industries they were selling for peanuts? Oh, and the 80% unemployment…do you think the majority of Zambians enjoyed being poor with no prospects for the future? .The Zambian people who voted for President Sata ( servant king) are happy with him so get with the program.

  74. Can you also deal with the cango issues at the airport please we pay too much even you just carry old clothes to give to people.i paid k3 million only for two suitcases and they where personal effects not even for business.

  75. I’ll be arrested, jailed, says former President BandaBy Patson ChilembaThu 29 Sep. 2011 Post Zambia Limited.

  76. @108 caf-u,God does not work like that,he has already worked by giving us a leader we the people wanted,God can not allow impeachment,sorry he has started blessing us.

  77. Look at the expenses scenario in the UK where MP’s from all political parties. It was a disgrace for these Mp’s to claim in g for second homes wher there relatives or girlfriends were staying or for ridiculous things such as doing up a garden and exagerated taxi claim. They were exposed some were froced to resign and others procecuted so I don’t see why those who were involved in abuse of public funds can go scot free whether RB or whoever. Chiluba got away and sadly died but those who are still alive should all feel the wip of the law. ZRA also need to be investigted especialy their extortionate customs charges at the airport…

  78. Yah !Yah! no more quick buks ,no more insider dealings like kapoko and them! Those who did make their money under the previous mafia gvt sorry wiliam jail wainting! no more umu changa. SATA knows every trick of trade, thats the advantage of experince. come on SATA there are rich without fixed employee.

  79. #108 just forget va impeachment it wont help if you are one of those who are runing to ma company without fixed abode to ma insider dealers honey moon is over! over! As for the asumption of upnd /mmd pact sorry unless you dot know under 5 greadyness. Mind you MMD is still got sharp brains
    they can do without a pact. This time around it was a revolution they coud not stop. it was pipos power at work SATA go! go go! Stop to kapoko’s they are feeling the heat. Twa sebena pa fula kuma donors.

  80. what about Zambia Kasumbalesa Venture Company (ZKVC) is it true that it will run for 25years? where is ZRA to run this..

  81. The thing about HEMS is he wants to whip hysteria into your heads so that you can believe all that he does. You have given him a mile by shouting your way into ECZ announcing his victory before the end of the vote count. That was unusual! Behind it all, he has a very well calculated plan to tame Zambia until he dies. He is not democratic and will NEVER be because he won the Presidency on a party that he started and used his name to take over the entire Zambia. Zambians democray is good but does not gurantee the best leader wins!. This man is a dictator close to AMin but he also has some fantastic charisma learnt from the catholics.

  82. Agony is blindly supporting sata only to hear that he has dissolved your work place and you are now unemployed. I wonder if the employees of the now dissolved RDA still believe in the PF vision! Watch out, your company might be next! Looks like it’ll be more money in fewere pockets, what with the inevitable firing of most house maids, garden boys and casual workers when the minimum wage gets increased!

  83. “There appear to be elements of this in the appointments Michael has made. Look at the names of the people Michael has nominated to his Cabinet! Over 50 per cent of them are directly or indirectly his personal relatives”
    (Post Editorial Comment—October 4th, 2008)


  84. There appear to be elements of this in the appointments Michael has made. Look at the names of the people Michael has nominated to his Cabinet! Over 50 per cent of them are directly or indirectly his personal relatives”
    (Post Editorial Comment—October 4th, 2011)


  85. I support the President, corruption in an African context you have to be swift. Chiluba got away with it because this was dragged forever. Viva, I have been PF from the first day we lost our first election. Pay time but for the corrupt nuts. We should remember that justice delayed is justice denied. We must act before evidence is tempered with. MCS get them.

  86. You don’t need to wait when there is corruption!! The President is right, corruption is the biggest killer in our country please let those who are corrupt go to hell. Bakabolala bonse nabasakamana!


  88. We had a president who was fond of commissioning projects and was fondly called “Commissioner”. The current one is firing people willy nilly and shall soon be called “Fireman”! Lol.

  89. #100 @ Uwakwisano… Agreed! It only becomes a problem if people start thinking that their job security is dependent on the government of the day. But you are right on Dr Malama. That’s exactly my point – while the firing is going on, there’s also need to ‘pay’ off the good ones. And the good ones must given a lot more publicity than the bad guys.

  90. at least let this people Z R A in borders must reduce the clearing cost for vehicle, please how can i buy a vehicle for 15 million, and they charge me again 15 million for clearing? is not that stealing?


  92. Hello Pat,See what blurry vision does for you? I am so sorry for misken your guest blogger for you!Hope you are felling better!

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