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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Up retirement age to 65 – Sata

General News Up retirement age to 65 – Sata

Good news for this middle aged man with sun glasses in Lumezi

President Michael Sata has directed Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu to amend the Pensions Act to allow civil servants retire at the age of 65 and not 55 years.

The President has also instructed the Minister of Justice to come up with legislation to amend the Judicial Service Commission.

President Sata says it is illogical that people in the civil service are retired when they still have strength to serve the country.

He was speaking at State House when he swore in newly appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs Max Nkole and Deputy Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani.

President Sata says it is sad that senior civil servants such as the Chief Justice continue to serve on contracts despite having retired at the age of 55 years.

On the Judicial Service Commission, President Sata says it is wrong that the Chief Justice who has an interest should serve as the Chairperson of the Commission.

The President observes that the practice is the same with the Central Bank where the Bank of Zambia Governor is the Chairperson of the board.



  1. Here is ruling by decree.
    No need for consultation, focus groups etc, His almighty President Sata knows it all.
    NAPSA will save some money because many people will die before they can draw their pension. The life expectancy in Zambia is bumping along at about 40 – 45.

    • Life expectancy in Zambia is 52.36 (2011), (Source: CIA World Factbook). However, your point still valid.

  2. What jobs will you create for the young ones when they aged will take time to retire, and anyway how many reach retirement age. Ba Sata consult. Ba Youth watch the space. 


  3. no jobs and promotions for the youth forget, you need to wait for 10 years to get a promotion or a job( more jobs ) iyee tata

  4. I am not sure about thi one and I stand to be corrected fellow Zambians. I know the president has made very good decisions so far. But, why is the retirement age going to be raised to 65?

    I know other countries have done it but the reason is people especially in the western world are living longer hence the need for the change and it was a way of forcing people to work longer and not pay them pensions. I may be wrong though.

  5. Makes sense… BUT first thing first. By increasing the retirement age, we should also ensure that living conditions are improved so that the country’s Life expectancy (aka life span) also increases from the current 40 years otherwise there will be no one to work at that 65 years age – people will die without their retirement benefits. Also we need to ensure that an unemployment rate is reduced otherwise the young will continue languishing without jobs because all the jobs have been taken by old folks. Last but not the least there are so many factors to retirement age that needs to be considered and Sata should have consulted with the CSO and tasked them to recommend the retirement age, instead of him just visiting England and come back to Zambia to propose an age out of thin air.

  6. The sweeping of dirty is okay but this one will demotivate the young ones who are working hard to be promoted to those jobs being held by old timers. Any way this one will be tabled in paliament and we will see how it goes

  7. This is sad reading for the jobless youths but if they will use the 10 year break in pension payments to clear the back log it is fine.Though they have to be ready to pay heavily after 10 year period is over.

  8. I think HE MCS has got this one wrong. I hope this doesn`t go through. Unless one is telling me AIDS naipwa ku Zed.

    One would have thought the life expectancy in Zed was actually going further down. Sorry your excellency on this one, I am not with you. But everything else so far spot on! But hey we are all human.

    • Increase in retiring age in most countries has been neccesitated by an increase in number of people reaching retirement age which is not supported by similar increase in pension funds. By extending retirement age, actuaries presume pension funds will have increased to meet this demand. In Zambia statistics show that the most affected by AIDS are the middle aged (working age) leaving children and the aged behind. I am sure you have heard of grannies looking after orphans. Whilst not privy to zambian actuarial data, on the face of it he MCS may appear to have gotten this one right as well. Fears of no jobs for the youth are unfounded unless one assumes there will be no job creation taking place naturally (due to AIDS) and through investment. That is my view.

  9. At this rate, Zambia will be declared bankrupt and a dictatorship after 90 days. Very sad that the period expires on my birthday. I definately will be in mourning after my country has jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Even the hard core PF better fear for their safety and jobs. It’s time for people to wake up to their mistake. Sadly it’s not even the majority that made the mistake.

  10. There are many unilateral decisions the president is making,but I have to agree with him on this one. Zambia has lost many a great minds due to them being retired at 55. For those who know a thing or tw about business they will tell you that your understanding of busines is much greater at 55 and your ability to contribute is even greater. The current retirement age means the country continues to chain a string of educated unexperienced people to run institutions and the result of that is plain for all to see. 55 years is still very young and the experience gain at that age should not be thrown away, I know a lot of people that where retired at 55 and are still around and are struggling t make end meet despite having skills and a lot to contribute t the country. Good move mr president.

  11. # 8 u are correct because of what is called the baby boomers.pipo live ,life expectancy in the usa is 90 and above,so its expensive to canrtel for medcaid or medcare ,social security,no country which can take care of more than 20 million pipo who are not working,as for SATA zambia life expectancy is 45-60,so its worthy it to maintain 55 years.

  12. thus the problem of too much power,bad discision why not leave it at 55 its even difficult to reach at 55 may OUR LORD HELPS US POOR CIVIL SERVANTS PLSE

  13. In that case Sata can do us a favour by retiring, since he is on government payroll, a civil servant and at the age of 73 years

  14. Ilike the smile for the Lumezi man…….I wish him good luck as he must have been pretty scared of retirement…..too bad for the young ones.

  15. Food for thought…perhaps the reason life expectancy is so low is because most people can not cope and adjust to life without work. If you deserve a job, you will get it you don’t have to hope for someone to die or retire for one to be employed. I am not for the retirement age increase but I think people need to learn to live with life after work.

  16. I am not sure about the demographics of our country, but have they carried out a study to determine the growing trends, especially among the youth population? These are the future generation who will need to take over from our retired parents. What’s the current life expectancy? It is a good move if there will be enough jobs for all of us or else we will continue depending on our parents as we look for jobs.

  17. Mad president at work. Where does he think young people will get jobs when the old guys won’t retire until 65?

  18. I think the retirement age should have lowered to 50 so school graduates can get jobs…65 will just see granndpas supporting graduates instead of the other way round… With a huge unemployment rate, this will just make it worse…. we need to clean up the civil service sekulus and get in new generation with new ideas…are we creating government of dinasours

  19. This is unbelievable and could seriously undermine support for the PF. Imagine the poor fellow set to turn 55 next week who had been saving for his retirement, expected to get a pension, and now learns that he has to work 10 years more! Much more modest increments to the retirement age have brought down governments in Europe and doubt very much this is what people had in mind when they cast their vote for Sata. 

  20. This is simple economics. If people retire later in life, then they will not have to draw their pensions for a long time if ever at all – bearing in mind the life expectancy. It allows the pension providers to invest in long term assets, rather than concentrating investments that yield returns over the short term (like treasury bills). Most pension funds in the ‘developed world’ invest in companies that provide value and wealth over a long period of time, and this can easily be achieved in Zambia. NAPSA for example could invest in capital projects which boosts national infrastructure such as rail or tram network instead of buying land as an investment; thus creating a land shortage in towns. They could have even ‘bought Finance Bank!’

  21. Good, the retirement age for most countries is between 60 – 65. The Govts in europe were even proposing to inrease to 70 years

  22. no this is not good for a country with the maajority being the youth. currently there is high unemployment and keeping people in jobs up to 65 is not good at all when the youth are waiting to get the jobs. 10 years of waiting for jobs will be too much!!!

  23. Ok well said Mr. president. What happens to people like Sata who have exceeded the retirement age of civil servants. I end here!

  24. Stick to that age for civil service, if you touch us in the private sector we shalldo a donchi kubeba on you Mr President. why 65 when we are fighting for that tobe reduced to 50 awe mwe????????

  25. Wait a minute ba presido! Honestly speaking only those civil servants in high positions can like this one. For all those in low ranked positions, you are just punishing them coz at 60 most of them are damn tired of routine jobs. So pliz for the sake of service to this great nation, parliamentarians should decline this bad one.

  26. ctd #25
    Investing in long term assets could in turn, create employment opportunities for the younger people who require jobs. The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan in Canada for example, invests worldwide, and has an investment potfolio that includes interests in the National Lottery in the UK, manufacturing, transport etc. Investment decisions in Zambia especially by pension funds appear short sighted to me. They all invest in flats, buildings and government debt. Why could Mukuba Pension Fund and NAPSA join forces to by Zamtel? We focus too much on the short term, and part of the reason is that the investments have to be as ‘liquid’ as possible.

  27. Have zambians on average been living longer?

    Parliaments needs to debate this. Life expectancy and pension costs need to be properly assessed. 10 yrs difference is a huge jump.

  28. Its like sentensing a convict to 205years in prison, what is the use if you wont live that long? but its ok coz once you start work, you dont have to worry at anything, even though promotions will take a longer time to come ones way.

  29. Well done President Sata…… it’s a tread most people in Zed get their Masters/PHD in the late thirties and forties so we need to utilise such expertise and most countries including SA retirement age is 65…. It has nothing to do with replacing young people its transferring expertise (experience) and skills(Knowledge) to them…..Good move Mr President

  30. This is utter nonsense,whats the life expectancy in Zambia?When are those civil servants going to do their own programmes if they spend the rest of theier lives working for the government.Thats a big wrong decision mr know it all president.

  31. Please there is nothing wrong with increasing the retirement age..surely 55 is a nonsense age to retire at. What we need to do is cause pension fund managers to invest and reinvest wisely the regulator of pension funds must be serious as should the managers of these funds and the social security.As for dying before you attain 65 managing funds caters for fall outs by death, early retirement etc so thats not a worry infact Pension Funds drive economies in the west unlike us here…

  32. At 65? People will be moving with walking sticks at work! We shall be a shining example on the Globe! Ikali

  33. Life expectancy in Zambia is so low because the Ministry of Health is preoccupied with treatment rather than researching as to why people die so early and addressing preventive measures. The MoH is happy dishing out mosquito nets instead of the environmental health unit educating people on the life cycle of the mosquito and taking necessary actions on how the public can maintain a clean environment to combat mosquito breeding. Health is an individual’s responsibility thus MoH must do its job by empowering the public with knowledge on good hygiene practices and disease pathways. No person wants to find themselves in a hospital queue if they can help it!    

  34. I do not agree with the president on this one. With high youth unemployment, there is no justification for raising the retirement age to 65.

  35. This looks like wanting to make citizens be heavily deppendent on the Civil service jobs.These people need to retire at 55 while they have enough life and energy left in them to start a new business , consultancy or farming venture to be able to grow the national GDP/ tax base that will go to pay new young vibrant crop of civil servants salaries. The idea is to cut government spending in our budget which is now consuming close to 51% through renumerations. In addition young recruits are less expensive yet more flexible. The wages of on4e 65 year old would pay for 5 young. At this rate we may actually not have enough money for free education, new schools, medicines and roads let alone money to pay our doctors and nurses to international levels so they can come back home…just a thought…


  37. Worry not UPND and MMD will rescue the nation on this one. That is the reason why Zambia needs a strong opposition for checks and balance against our Mr Action man…the super president…go go donchi kubeba.

  38. When are the youths going to work? Dont even try this? Some of us will not even like to reach 55, yet you are talking about 65. All MPs including PF should reject this! All well meaning Zambians should reject this! Life expectancy in Zambia is 45 why should people retire at the age of 55 not to talk of 65? What is this now! What are you doing to the youths? Mr President slow down.

  39. Ok Mr President i always agree with you on a number of issues but this one no, there is alot of unemployed youths in the country rite now if you keep people in offices up to 65 years when are the youths going to be employed i for see a lot of youth roaming the streets for for more yeras to come.


  41. What is the job of the ministers if the President is doing all the talking and working.Where is the govt spokeperson.Did the cabinet meet to duscuss all these issues.The President should relax.What about going on state visit to the USA for a week?


  42. The arguments for later retirement are plausible but aren`t social legislation laws supposed to be repealed in parliament?

  43. People in Zambia have had it easy for too long in developed countries like Germany and UK the retirement age is 65 years and they are even thinking of pushing it to 70. Yet you chaps are complaining and you want more money in your pockets, if you want to retire early join the club and set-up your own businesses simple as that.
    This laziness will be a thing of the past especially in GRZ, no more 2 hrs per week!!



  45. In Europe people are living longer. Ifwe it is the opposite that is my worry here. FTJ, Teta, ba Kunda ni shiki yeka yeka I wonder how long he has got to go.You know something is wrong when an adult starts wearing diapers!

  46. I think this is a great idea. 55 is still kind of young. But more jobs should be created to allow us the youth to join the work force.

  47. next decision i have abolished the 2 terms for president i shall be the only president because at 73 am still energetic.
    89th day: i have dissolved myself as president because the country is corrupt and stinking of corruption from those that benefitted from stolen canter at statehouse.

  48. My friend has developed serious diarrhea, his director was due for retirement in the next two months and he was already being quoted to take over as acting director while old madala was in leave pending retirement know looks like the tables are gona turn upside down and the old man is coming back…frustration coming in know..sorry my friend ni donchi kubeba…

  49. Please all those youth looking to the Civil Service and looking for Jobs for Life…wake up…those things don’t exist any more anywhere in World ie Highly skilled engineers/ managers are losing jobs just like that. Just have belief in yourselves, once you do that you can achieve anything even in self employment and you’ll retire at 45 years if you desire.

  50. There is nothing wrong to retire at 65.  People dont look old at that age. So you guys yiu would rather retire at 55 nd stay without your pension for 10years

  51. Ladies and gentlemen, i feel pity for all the youths of this country because, for all energy, votes and campaign heat in the last election, this is what you get in return. Remain making noise while some of us make money till we are 65. If you thought PF will solve your problems, just go back to school/college or UNZA. But even then, if i dont give up my position, no job for you even if you have disticntion or merit. THIS IS A SERIOUS BLUNDER AND ANOTHER WAY OF INSTITUTIONALIZING CORRUPTION IN THE CIVIL SERVICE. ANYWAY, WE WISH YOU AND THE PF GOVT ALL THE BEST

  52. When you look at it from the retirees point of view, its welcome however like most have said, the pressure to create new jobs for the youth will increase. Have you seen how desperate some of these retirees become? But I guess the solution must be multi-faceted and should include that this should be optional, improvement in retirees benefits i.e a minimum in accrued benefits could trigger option for retirement and of course availability of positions. This needs a lot of thought and planning unlike firing and dissolving boards.

  53. Great! This is long overdue, the government should now work on improving pension schemes. I htave seen countless number of people retire at 55 and after a few years enter the job market and moreover we need their experience. In some western countries they are even making retiring at 65 optional. The argument that the life expectancy is 45 does not hold any water but people should look after themselves and avoid opening zippers anyhow. The changes the PF government is making are well thought of as it has been planning for a longtime and exactly know where problems are!

  54. Why look for a job when my dad who was suppose to retire next month is going to serve for another 10yrs. This is good news because we will always be dependent on our Parents, Viva old Man……You will be my slave forever for bring me on earth since l didn’t apply…and we will wait to take your benefits when u die.

  55. I hope the civil servants shall be given an option to retire at 55 please ba President. Imagine you started working for the civil service at the age of 23. Mr. Min of Justice please look into this option. Some people want to retire and leave space for others. You know the civil service has establishments, so if you reach director at the age of 36 then for the 29yrs you shall so remain. Think about it people!!!!

  56. SATA tricked the youths.
    He has in mind his friends of the independence erra.
    Youths, you have a long way to go.
    You have many years to wait for you turn.
    Well, what can I do with the “power vested in me”?

  57. Sata is mostly making rushy decisions.Retiring at 65?Are you crazy?Doesnt he know that most young people are better qualified than most old people who rose to the top using JUJU?Where are young graduates going to get their dream jobs?Sata wants to reduce chances for the Zambian youths who voted for him.We shouldnt tolerate this crap.AND BY THE WAY,I HAPPEN TO BE A YOUNG MANAGER WITH VERY GOOD QUALIFICATIONS.I didnt use muti or juju to get to the top.Its very difficult to work with spent old people expecially when you are better qualified that them.Thank God they didnt bewitch me.Im afraid they may be coming back because of Sata the Dictator…lol.I hope that they dont get me this time around.

  58. though am pf,a youth for that matter.awe am demoralized by this move mr president.no no no no! dont destroy our country

  59. pipo pipo slow down on this one, u seem to come out so had on MCS, face the reality, how many of your own relatives retired at 55 have manged to live sutainably two yrs after getting their benefits, there are probaly all living under your roofs, look at the way the ransack the banks to recieve the meger monthly allowance of 100pin, most are back in private schools taking up the same jobs you call for the youths, presido is rite,

  60. I don’t care what decisions Sata makes – there isn’t much I can do about them anyway even if I sat here mourning all night. What I think Zambia needs is an assertive and strong opposition. Sata is very very very clever; right now he is dictating the rules of the game. By proposing Mkhondo Lungu, he is saying to the MMD that they don’t need to make deals with UPND because he (Sata) is prepared to cut deals with them. Knowing the amount of dullness that is in MMD, which is why my party lost elections, they will take Sata’s bait and consequently barnish themselves to the gutters of opposition for the next 50 years. MMD and UPND must realise that now that PF is in power it will grow nationally like a force. PF is no longer Sata’s party, it is now national. They must be ready to fight it!

  61. Is the number of jobs in Zambia fixed to an extent that the youth only get employed when some one retires? If not, where is this fear for jobs for the youth coming from?

  62. interesting how much of above is against working till 65 – in case you have not noticed, most of the responders appear to be abroad and are likely to work till 60+ unless of course you go back home – ninshi ukutina inchito? overall, people remain much more productive working

  63. That man in the picture could be 30 years but because of poverty, he looks 80 years old.
    This 65 retirement age should be an option. Let someone gets the pension at 55 and give them an option to continue. if they need and this should not be mandatory. Unless they have highly specialised skills which cannot be sought from the yongsters but again no one is indispensable. Efficiency will drop if one goes beyond 55. Is this the reason the President is blending the old with the young in cabinet. Lets subject this to debate……….

  64. This sounds a bit foreign and may not work well for our society. Just improve the social security and pension schemes so that retirees can do something enterprising with their lot. My proposal would be to reduce the age to 50 instead of raising it as the President suggests. This also serves to create jobs to the youths.

  65. This is a very GOOOOD thank you————- to all the youths in Zambia who overwhelmingly voted for Sata and hosted parties to celebrate Sata`s victory. We told you!!!!! Sata has no capacity to create employment —and yet he is squeezing the little window for the youth.

  66. HE HAS DIRECTED THE MINISTER, THAT IS, HE HAS TASKED HIM, it is down to the Minister to DO THE DUE DILIGENCE, i.e. make sure it is within the law, & that it is not detrimental to all involved. Yes, AIDS has had its toll, but that DOES NOT NEGATE THE FACT THAT AIDS & AIDS-FREE workers, still DO HAVE THE CAPACITY TO CARRY ON WORKING to the benefit of Society. What might be a good idea, would be to set both a Minimum & Maximum retirement ages, where one may take early retirement, but obviously their pension may not be as rosy as someone opting to take a later retirement, it just allows for more FLEXIBLE PERSONAL PLANNING!! Lets show some innovation for once & not just copy, coz the 65yrs limit, forces some people beyond their capabilities to their detriment, but advantage to the bankers!

  67. This is very simple to understand.
    What this means is that for the next 10 years nobody will retire.
    It follows that other than retirement arreas, PF govt will not pay any retirees, even if SATA goes for a second term.
    This will make a serving for the government, which can then be used on other issues of governance.
    However, they will have postponed the responsibility to the next regime after 10 years.
    Napsa, too will not payout any fresh retirees benefits other than arreas for the next 10 years.
    You can call it ‘cuting down costs’ for the government, but for only a period of 10 year.
    Of course this is not cuting costs but a mere transfer of responsibility to the next governments after 10 years.

  68. Hi guys…. thought your boss is about to go? Hardy luck. Think about those nasty comments you have made, thinking the old block is after all going? Well, not in the next 10 years!. Its the rule of the Dinosaurs!

  69. Copy cat Rule!!! The western Europe have proved it through research,well structured health services,well structured primary health care, that’s why they have increased their retirement age, Where as in Zambia, live expectance  is approximately 45 yrs, no proper health services, let along primary health care. Can u imagine without making some research and get the results that applies to ur situation,one just declares. It does not work like that. That’s the trouble of being ruled by old fashioned piop, with no insight. Zambia is in big trouble!!!

  70. Sorry but on this one I cannot side with you Mr President.

    The youths may have even more trouble getting jobs as the senior citizens stay in the system for longer.
    Those who were planning to retire, receive their benefits and move onto something new will not be willing to return to work or to wait another 10 years.

    And you don’t just force this matter, take it through parliament. I’m sure many MPs will shoot it down, as I would do the same. The implications of this move are quite wide.

    Let this be a gradual upping of the retirement.

    Rethink on this issue Mr President, otherwise so far so good with the mass clean-up of the boards of institutions that were conduits for corruption.

  71. And so the first disappointment for the youth has been minted; we’ll now wait longer for that top job. The idea about 55 is for one to retire, go farm or found a firm in both cases creating employment for others. This to me remains the most strategic firing so far; in fact for a week all that has been happening is firing, and now no promotion for the younger. Can we get started on the more jobs issue?!

  72. Why don’t we forget about this age nosense and talk of productivity!! If there is no retirement age for politicians why should there be one for others? Mr Sata has been given the chance to rule because we all (or almost all) believed that he is a productive person. Why the fuss on others. It can just be optional and depend on productivity because people’s fitness levels aptudeness differs at different age levels.

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