LAZ Engages Government over some constitutional lapses

LAZ president Musa Mwenye
LAZ president Musa Mwenye

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has engaged the government over some constitutional lapses.

LAZ President, Musa Mwenye has told Muvi TV news that the decision follows the Patriotic Front government’s lapses in upholding the constitution.

Mr Mwenye has told Muvi TV news that the discussions are at various levels however he declined to mention the specific issues being discussed.

He has however expressed optimism that government will give an attentive ear to the concerns of LAZ.

And Information Minister, Given Lubinda has with immediate effect made changes in ZNBC top management.

Mr Lubinda has since replaced ZNBC Director-General, Eddie Mupeso with former Hot-FM radio Station manager, Joseph Chilaizya.

The Minister has also appointed a new Director of Programmes, Kenneth Maduma to replace Rueben Kajokoto.

Mr Lubinda has explained that the changes have been facilitated by the state broadcaster’s bias coverage.

He has further urged Mr Chilaizya to shape ZNBC into a true national broadcaster.



  1. It’s called shooting from the hip. But sometimes the gun flips and you shoot yourself in the foot instead. After a while, you begin to understand that it’s better sometimes (because you can’t be bothered to check) to ask someone who can see your itching trigger finger if you are holding the gun properly before you shoot. This style of rule was OK (though barely) inside the party structures, but will now have to be heavily moderated by knowledgeable folk within government, a bitter UPND, and a rabid Post. Post, your job in getting MMD is done; now start nipping at the PF government’s ankles. You know, use your favourite catch-phrases: marching backwards with long strides; it takes a little sense, if that is all one has….

  2. Who is this guy Mwenye? I am no lawyer—— but is there such thing as constitutional lapses? I tought its supposed to be constitutional breach? And what happens to a president who breaches a constitution that he swore to uphold?

  3. Yes,LAZ is correct.Sata is making decisions like an old fashioned absolute monarch of the middle ages who were never limited by the constitution.They have the wrong idea that the president rules when in fact its supposed to be “rule of law” The president only governs and has to abide by the law in doing so.Maybe we need to be like Israel where their president Moshe Katsav was removed for breaking the law.Tell Sata to think before issuing sweeping orders again.Little education is dangerous.

    • Civil servants only…not elected servants…Mr. Analysis, quite a betrayal to your name Sir…Please make them stop calling you that…And if it is a joke it is just plain silly…

    • A prominent Lusaka based lawyer friend of mine, a colleague to Musa always tells me that in law the truth doesnt matter boi, it’s what you say and the way you say it. I call him a professional lying bastard and he seems to like it.

  4. If you cannot add 1+1, how the hell will you add 2+2, then 3+3….

    1. PF has no Party Manifesto
    2. PF has no Party Constitution
    3. More work is pilling up as they also need to read, study and abide to the National Constitution.

    How will PF understand or respect and follow the National Constitution, when surely for 10 years they could not draft their own PF Party document.

    This all boils down – because in the last 10 years PF have been in opposition, they did not draw up a Road Map Document or Manifesto and a Party Constitution to give themselves guidelines how they can rule Zambia. It was only in the last minute that they went and copied the UNIP Manifesto word by word.

  5. VP Guy Scott had to come clean and admit that they have no such document and had to copy the UNIP draft.

    You do not just turn up on the final day of the exams and expect to pass the exams and obtain your Cerificate, Diploma or Degree when you have not done your home work, research, attended lectures/lesson and studied hard.

    YES this is job on training, but preparation via a Draft or Manifesto should have been done to get some guide lines or directions by gaining experience from party officialdom to national level.

  6. It appears Sata is being fed off-beam information every day that may just mislead and keep embarrassing him.

    This is time for everyone to humble themselves and learn and understand the National Constitution.. MP’s from all political parties, you all need to find time and study the national Constitution so that you can interpret to the governing of the nation.

  7. ‘Constitutional lapses’ my foot. The hoodlum is breaching the constitution lawyer (or is it liar). At this rate, parley should get ready to impeach some clown.

  8. I am calling for SATA’s Impeachment!! You can not have a president with such high disregard for the Supreme Law of the Land. Its time for the opposition to unite and remove this Cobra b4 the country burns in flames!!

  9. LAZ please tell government its unconstitutional to appoint a DG  for ZNBC. the position has to be advertised by the board. it doesn’t belong to the PF but to the nation at  large. let pipo with quallifications compete! 

  10. First make changes to the Chief Justice Sakala and Solister General , The solister General has is related to the President Banda, Its not safe for the flow of information. Mr Minister of justice, please look into the matter

  11. Independent observer, thants for posts. I am beginning to get scared. Is it true the PF guys had no party manifesto and party constitution? Wow ! Unbelievable——. This explains why Sata does not seem to have respect for the constitution.

  12. Iwe mwenye the president is using the powers vested in him by the same constitution. So what are  you talking about? What kind of law did u do? Its just unfortunate that under current zambian constitution the president has too much power.

  13. Empty tins make the loudest noises… Buying a ticket to enter a night club/disco does not mean you know how to dance…. Another 5 years with this kind of gov’t… aweh katwishi… Thank God, we will have elections after 90 days from the 20th of Sept. since they can achieve all in that period.

    This party was better suited in opposition.

    Ba Mwenye, you supported incompetent and mediocre chaps. Nomba ni job on training at the expense of the electorate and tax payer??? Breach of the constitution becomes a lapse??? The man has been in gov’t before and been an MP for Kabwata for a long time, it cannot be a lapse baba?

    This is abuse of people’s trust.

  14. Empty tins make the loudest noises… Buying a ticket to enter a night club/disco does not mean you know how to dance…. Another 5 years with this kind of gov’t… aweh katwishi… Thank God, we will have elections after 90 days from the 20th of Sept. since they can achieve all in that period.

    This party was better suited in opposition.

    Ba Mwenye, you supported incompetent and mediocre chaps. Nomba ni job on training at the expense of the electorate and tax payer??? Breach of the constitution becomes a lapse??? The man had been in gov’t before and an MP for Kabwata for a long time, it cannot be a lapse baba?

    This is abuse of people’s trust and breach of the constitution. Zambians have been conned big time.

  15. I thought Maduma retired sometime back, that is a problem of having a 73 years old president. All those who have retired will be recalled and it explains why they want retirement age to go up to 65 years, later it will be 70 years

  16. Pipo called for an educated president with a university degree but kaponyas complained. Now we have this Cobra who’s neva been to school and does no understand what the supreme law of the land is. He doesnt understand that life expectancy in Zed is abt 32 or 35. y wud u raise retirement age instead of reducing it?

  17. #19 Good public health policies, nutrition and healthcare system by PF can increase the life expectancy in Zambia. Raising the retirement age to 65 is a good idea. There are alot of people who are around 50 and just finished their PHD’s or have thick resumes etc They are retired before they can contribute to the Zambian society. In Britain the retirement is 67 it does not discriminate whether you are of african orgin etc… does it mean they do not understand the law of the land.

  18. President Sata is doing well leave him alone. There are little lapses that can be sorted. Where were all you negative bloggerss on constitution matters when all manufacturing companies and Zamtel was being sold by MMD. You were all quiet using some economic jargon to justify it despite 80% of Zambians being left unemployed.


  19. This whole thing has now become like a circus. Perhaps these guys need to slow down, relax and take a deep breathe. It’s like they are running (whoever promised 90 days) and they can’t catch up with their own speed. There should have been a ‘transition’ period where they could have reflected on a lot of things including their own victory. They risk throwing away all this trust people have placed in them.
    The sad thing now is everyone has been compromised. Those who supported them and criticised the MMD are now almost biting their lips in awe, almost feeling embarrassed to comment. And MMD don’t have a spine and legs to stand on to criticise. We all need to relax and never the euphoria to consume us and get in our way of important decisions for the country.
    God bless Zambia!

  20. Upnd the call for impeachment will not put HH in State House. YOU HAD A CHANCE T MAKE A GOOD CON7ITITUTION but chose to make money. So far Sata is doing ok

  21. was watching znbc featuring HH aka anda 5. Indeed this guy is an anda 5. I saw bitterness, jealous, envy and sheer regret on this guy’s face. anda 5! tone down you lost these elections miserably. HH statement that he lost coz people were told not to vote for him sounds comical. HH simply a not saleable commodity.

  22. #28 you are100% correct on HH.the man offloaded tons of sure he cant even point at any person who said he was instructed nt2vote 4him.i want 2 believe all those attacking sata on constitution breaches have nt looked at our constitution.the president has 2much powers under the current laws.

  23. Young people.Please…u’ve been to school, are in school, will continue in school…surely do we need uneducated whatnots to lead us? Please lets get ourselves organised and come up with realistic and reasonably educated leaders. Otherwise, we join the other African countries sliding into oblivion…

    • the type of electorate we have dictates who caries the day. so if you are educated, take it as though you are not and sell yourself in those lines. Other wise you will never win the vote of the majority un educated ones.

  24. Education does not make one supernatural…nly reasonable and able to articulate global issues around any topic…we are being laughed at now even by our not-so brilliant neighbours…we have a chance to correct this in the next election…viva youth!!! Abassh ‘tourist lumpens’
    and shootists

  25. Old people are okay if they are relevant…but some are just empty buckets…and need ideas from the youth so why keep old people in govt after 55 when life expectancy is 37 and most youths have no jobs when you promised jobs???

  26. BUFFALO SOLDIER I THINK YOU ARE JUST BITTER ABOUT MC.but your greedy made your HH out of the pact thinking PF can not win election imwe ni forget chabe chimo na ZADECO bafikala. PABWATO FYE NI ZEEE.

  27. all those pipo complaining are jst dull and lazy and have nothing betta to do with their time.get off ur lazy bums and do something constructive with ur time than sit and complain day after day.

  28. Kenneth Maduma????????? i thought this man retired when i was 20yrs about 15yrs ago and now they are the people they are bringing up??? i dont think ill ever watch Znbc its for old people just like this government full of madala’s who cant bring new idea’s

  29. Mwenya just like Lifuka are hard core PF cadres looking at the way they are failing to criticize the various mistakes the current govt has made in less than two weeks of its governance where has they used to move with supersonic speed to criticize RB’s.Bunch of hypocrites.LAZ needs a new President to interpret law and the constitution for us and NOT Mwenya.

  30. People are going to drive themselves crazy with critism of the new govt. Mistakes will be made, like it or not, but you have to be patient. Calling for impeachment is just backward thinking. Removing a bunch of corrupt directors and dissolving corrupt boards should’nt warrant impeachment, it is simply pest control.

  31. So much talk about life expectancy. Do ppo even understand what it is?
    Please read. Depending on the prevailing infant mortality (IMR), LE can be low because the prevailing IMR is very high but this high IMR will not kill people who have already grow up. It will however reduce the changes of those that are born now to grow past a given age. Of course I do not support the 65 but let not relate LE. Factors to consider may include the median duration in a job. Previously, the rule was 25 years in employment or the age – whatever comes first; of course with its problem

  32. “I have therefore decided…” The rate at which we are hearing this expression in this govt is really worrying. Lubinda was on TV yesterday saying the same thing. Who is Chilaizya and what makes him particularly suitable to reform ZNBC? Are we to believe that Lubinda has the best interests of Zambians at heart? His instructions to Chilaizya to fire Reuben Kajokoto was really hilarious. By appointing Kenneth Maduma to replace the unfortunate Kajokoto, Lubinda had made it clear who the boss will be!

  33. [-(

    Its a start – LAZ lets go Bull-riding!! ; someone has to blast order into this political entropy before it ends in gun-totting!!


  35. Kenneth retired in 1998 after havinf served 33 years. he has no papers whereas his new boss has a diploma, not good enough for someone who has not really worked in a large broadcasting company. joe is apparently not stable mentally and his peers know how  he has proclaimed himself Zambia’s Messiah by comparing himself to Joshua. it is for this reason Joe named his first born son ‘Jesus’. its not a joke. this is the guy Lubinda to bring sanity to zNBC

  36. It’s okay to remove all those tainted people but why are you appointing your own? Aren’t they going to feel obliged to toe your line as others before them did? Why aren’t you advertising the positions so that qualified and deserving citizens can apply for those jobs? You’re removing the mess left by others but are replacing it with your own mess.

    • #46 What you are saying is very true and that is what is happening in all these firings that we are experiencing every day. Hopefully you will not be renamed

  37. 1. Removal of Judge Goma when the case is with the Supreme Court.
    2. Removal of ACC which needs a tribunal and Parliament to concert. 3. Repossession of Finance Bank when BOZ followed all the transaction requirements. 4. Appointment of VP born outside zambia who may end being acting President and whoes parents were not Zambians. 5.

  38. Constitutional lapses?? This is a classic.. Mwenye, you see now you can’t call a spade a spade. You compromised yourself. When you hold certain positions, it’s a bit awkward to be seen to be a cadre. Now you can’t deliver. Calling constitutional breaches as lapses!! LAZ folks, consider calling for an extra-ordinary meeting and vote this guy for bringing yours associations name in disrepute.. Ati constitutional lapses.. Had it been RB or Levy making such “lapses”, LAZ would have been the first to call for impeachment… At this point, quoting the proverbial Chiwamila Galu Kuluma Mbuzi is appropriate!!

  39. Very soon. Very very soon Zambians will regret having posted a semi literate commedian to the top most office in the land .They are barely a month in office, but already the mistakes they have made are numerous which is a clear breach of the constitution. Of course, most PF followers,nay, even some of their leaders, can hardly read or write and so how can they understand the constitution? Wait because the worst is yet to come.

  40. MMD subortaged the constitution, PF is just cleaning up the mess. there is no way we can have cadres occupying the DEC, ZNBC, ACC ZESCO, ZRA, BOZ. please zambians wake RB had appointed cadres to even positions of PS’s, that is detestable brothers. all govt institutions had been staffed with MMD cadres, brothers MCS should immediately reverse this wrong doing by RB and his cohorts. RB lacked professionalism in his appointments and I even feel that MCS is even taking too much time to fire these MMD cadres who were appointed by RB. let our comments be in the interest of mother zambia atleast we are getting a fresh hope that thing are now being done properly.

    • BJ, I agree with u that RB had appointed cadres to high office. BUT at the rate we are going PF is putting its own in the same offices. The changes are necessary…however, this is the time to do it.

    • BJ, I agree. A clean-up is needed. However, my fear is that MCS may be doing exactly what RB was doing by replacing MMD cadres with PF cadres. The appointments should be as objective and non-partisan as possible, but if the best candidate is a PF sympathiser or sycophant, then so be it.

    • …right and some people just dont understand the depth of the RB cadre problem. These are the ones who will frustrate the PF Govt.

    • BJ, are u thinking properly? or are u thinking at all? so, you think replacing what u say MMD appointees with PF apologists is “doing it the right way?” Tell me exactly what has changed. What professionalism has Sata exhibited by the appointments he has done? How do u remove a ZNBC DG and replace him with your own uneducated cadre, and u further instruct that cadre who to appoint? That’s what u define as professionalism? Do you know the qualifications of Joe Chilaizya who has been appointed to head ZNBC? BJ you are as much a danger to society as your PF hoodlums

  41. Extract from ZNBC Act 154 of the laws of Zambia
    17. (1) For the better exercise of the functions of the Corporation contained
    in section seven, the Board shall-Appointment of Director-General and other
    (a) subject to the provisions of paragraph (b), and on such terms and
    conditions as it may determine, appoint a Director-General of the Corporation
    who, subject to the control of the Board, shall be responsible for the
    management of the business of the Corporation; and
    (b) not appoint or terminate the services of the Director General without the
    approval of the Minister.

    Can some with legal competence explain this section of the law by implication please.

  42. I can see all of a sudden MMD chaps have come alive… With some like Independent going as far as saying PF doesnt have a Manifesto and Party consitutition. I think that is really sinking so low, check the PF website and see what documents are there. Hold your horses, I for one cannot even trust the same people in opposition are the same corrupt chaps.

  43. Iam so disappointed with this LAZ president. The President is supposed to uphold the constitution and he is breaking it and all you do is call it blunders??? What will it take to call a spade a spade? This is what happens when a professional body takes sides. That is what is happening to Post newspaper as well. No such “blunders” are being reported at all and their quest to punish their perceived enemies is clouding their judgement until they get affected. The president himself said pls provide checks and balances but what are we doing instead? Shame on LAZ.

  44. Number 49, they have the manifesto and hope you have read it. Among other things it says permanent secretaries will be appointed and ratified by parliament and is this what has happened? Each time somebody points out a wrong he is either labelled or insulted. A wrong is a wrong and we all have a duty to help those in govt see that so that we call have a better Zambia. 

  45. Constitutional Breach becoming a lapse…poor Mwenya! This is the problem of holding a high profile role when one is a political cadre. If one gets something illegally, we term that stealing and not calling a lapse is his or her action. When we do things contrary to the teaching of the holy bible, that is called sin and NOT a lapse in one’s action and equally when one’s actions are contrary to the constitution he/she swore to protect and defend .., then that person has breached. The penalty for this is simple…..IMPEACHMENT BABA

  46. #47, I agree with you that RB was wrong in appointing MMD cadres in all the positions you have mentioned. Now Look at what is happening now, Sata is also making the same mistake of appointing relatives, friends etc. What is the difference between RB and Sata on this issue of appointments? Answer in a very objective way please.

  47. Zambia is certainly headed in a ditch! What is worse is—— even the civil society institutions like LAZ, Catholics etc have been kaponyalized.

  48. I agree with 58. I will not be suprised if Frank Mutubila is too appointed as director of something….! This is what Chanda Chimba III warned us, but we rebuked him and called him all sorts of names. Remember when KK said that this serpent is not a Presidential material and now we have started reaping what we had voted for.

  49. There is no ZNBC board in place and thus the minister has the powers to appoint the director general. On the other hand did you want the minister to appoint an mmd or upnd cadre who not so long ago were insulting MCS day and night? Please give us a break

    • People like you should learn to think. First the minister was to appoint the Board and then then fire the director so that the boad can abring in a competent person. Why start the other way round. Blind followers like you are dangerous to the development of this nation=cadre- ebwafya

  50. The courts will be busy these days.Sata will lose a lot of cases including fnb and the state will have to pay a lot of money in lost cases and compensation,exactly what Kaunda did when he began nationalisation in 1968.I dont hate Sata or pf but Sata is known for impulsive reaction,vegeance,dictatorship and a lack of strategic thought.He needs good advisors before he crash lands Zambia.Lets be objective and use our heads.We said it wont work and no one listened but now we have to limit the damage.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  51. GRZ and Sata have a million provisions to do vriutally what they want…If u have been reading Mwenya you must realise Sata has been referencing cap xxx close yyy section ggg whenever is make a move… Sata is not stupid…LAZ or LAZY want to engange GRZ on intepresentation of provsion…UNZA can help with that…

  52. But surely all you people complaining about the firing of the ZNBC director – do you live in Zambia and did you see how the National Broadcaster was turned into an MMD mouth piece? Why have you become so accustomed to corruption? We pay K3,000 per month so ZNBC can serve the people of Zambia and not the party. PF is saying we are giving you back your institution – what is wrong with that? Regarding the constitution – the president has got powers to intervene where national interests are at risk. The ZNBC board is illegitimate – it let things go to the dogs. How can you say they should interview another director? WAKE UP – Zambia has changed. Giving ZNBC back to the Zambian People is one of the 90 day significant achievements of the PF government.

  53. Lubinda should not hide behind curtains of reform,Chilaizya is one of the Hot fm chaps who campaigned for PF, what sort of reform can this chilaizya bring.You are talikng of national broadcaster not hot fm.The right word is every worker deserves his wage, this is simply a thank you for a job well done,the same with post reporters.Its naive of Lubinda to think Maduma can initiate institutional reforms, what can we expect of old maduma

  54. We shouls always treat politicla apointment with the suspicion it deserve.Politicians can give with the right hand and take with the left.Nothing is free with politicians

  55. We should always treat political apointment with the suspicion it deserve.Politicians can give with the right hand and take with the left.Nothing is free with politicians

  56. The Pendulum is swinging… The majority of voters voted for PF, so let us manage this change. we new it was not the best but, neither was MMD the best. However, history will judge us rightly or wrongly for the descisions we make. Zambian democracy is about to take full cycle. I can’t’ wait to see the next party in Govt, especially the UNPND.

  57. when we said this mwenya was a pf sympathiser…pf chaps denied its clear for all to the past laz was always in the media,now they doing things in hiding…there is nothing like lapses,these are serious constitutional breaches..mwenya must go ,no debate

  58. We would like the same energy he exerted on RB prio to the last election, Its appears mwenye has tonned down, he is treaking PF administration with kids gloves.That energy is gone, instead of saying constitutional breach, he is now calling them lapses.What has become of this guy…

  59. Sata is not stupid. Check out how he outmanouvered the MMD and UPND who were busy meeting at night to field one Kapita with an MBA. Give us a break, Parliament is not a business but legislature, where laws are made. And who is better suited to that? A well seasoned lawyer/judge not an MBA holder. parliament is not about running a business which is what MBA teaches you. Abash Kapita, no wonder u lost. Go find some business to run, maybe UPND can make some colours for 2016 campaign!!! He got the best candidate for Speaker and this guy won by 1 vote not because he was as popular as Kapita but because MMD/UPND wanted to frustrate PF. God knows how to reward good works. Watch this space.

  60. Zambians should withdraw a name kaponya from their month. It is a stigma word to some sectors of the country upon this its a word that will make other people not to rule on the basis of underating a certain group of a society. Mind you great people come from a group of the society which is less regarded and become the servant of people. Jesus started with the fishermen who are lowerly regarded in the society. He new what he meant? When he recruited one of the best finacial analyst by the name of Juda scariot thing did not go well.

  61. #52 another excerpt of Part II of the ZNBC act:
    (2) The Board shall consist of nine part-time directors appointed by the
    Minister on the recommendation of the appointments committee,
    subject to ratification by the National Assembly.
    Lubinda announced that in relieving Mupeso, he didn’t want to leave a vacuum. In other words, he was alive to the requirements of the Act, and there was no board in place..

  62. I am enjoying watching the movie, Titanic. More popcorns please! We told you people. Can one help me to count how may constitutional breaches these chaps have committed in the short period they have been in power? I have lost the count! They are removing MMD cadres and replacing them with their own and they expect to get different results, Eish!

  63. Do not complain, what did you want? If you want youth employment and rule of law you had a choice of either HH of Chipimo. If you wanted integrity you had Gen. Miyanda. If you wanted Economic Development you had Rupiah, HH, or Edith Nawakwi to choose from. It appears many wanted Dictatorship, Proessionalism-tribalism, and know it all leader, that is what we have. Let us live with it! Democracy! i do not know what LAZ, TIZ, POST and CARITAS are saying?

  64. Since uncle  Miyanda has been quiet, I propose assembling a team of lawyers like Prof. Mvunga, Eric Silwamba, Sikota, G. Kunda and Malambo to study the consitutional abrogations so that legal proceedings can be commenced in the name of Rule of Law!

  65. “Mwana akalira guli ya nsansi, m’semele, kuti yimufotele mmanja” this is what we wanted for a long time and we got it-PF is in power. Drama and comedy in running govt affairs and appointments pa ZED!

  66. LOWyers are such a piss off.  This Mwenye is a known PF cadre.  LAZ should do the honourable thing and quickly redraft the Zambian Constitution to suit Sata’s rabid thinking.  He has completely trashed the current constitution within two weeks of getting into State House.  Talking about lapses is nonsensical.  How did this fool become President of LAZ?!

  67. let Sata continue. So far so good. I am sure he is also ready for Constitutional changes. As at now let him enjoy the nice weather of Plot 1. I am sure HH is wishing he agreed to the pact! He should have been in Guy Scott’s shoes by now. Unfortunately he has to wait for another 5 years

    • I am consend with the morden sweeping. Its like firing blanks and hoping to see Enemies failing dead. This is a true comedy of errors in which LAZ is staring.

  68. I was very close to the priest at the Sunday service where the priest intoned to S*t*n: “From now onwards you shall not be called King Cobra but King Serpent”!

  69. You’d observe that in 1990-1991 Sata and FTJ ripped the MMD constitution to allow the 3rd Term for FTJ. Once they succeeded, they matched on to change Zambia’s constitution to allow FTJ a 3rd term of presidency.

    This history shows Sata did not have regard for the party nor the National Constitution. People should not be surprised at his current behaviour. Check his history.

  70. The titanic is cruising! May I have two castle, One Mosi and two trotters of cow bar man? I hope we will not reach were we are going because Sata is riding us properly!

  71. I suggest that the President should immediately rename this country to Kaponyaland.  Finally we have a president we deserve, who reflects our inner primitive instincts.  Previous presidents were people we aspired to be like.  This one is one of us.  As they say, if you think cream rises to the top, you have never been in a sewage.

  72. I think the statement from LAZ is measured and intended to diplomatically raise the issues with Government. The fact that Mwenye uses the term “lapses” should not mean that they are failing to call a spade a spade. Language matters and how and when you use it wisely will gain you respect and credibility. Should PF and the Government fail to heed these calls, LAZ, the opposition and civil society will have to come out stronger in condemnation and ultimately call for the impeachment of Sata. people are allowed mistakes, but this Gvnmt has just overdone them to be credible.

  73. #66
    We all accept that MMD cadres should be removed from any public institution including ZNBC. However there are processes laid down that should be followed and the right calibre of people appointed. What is happening so far is simply acts of replacing MMD cadres with PF ones. By 2016, all political broadcasts on ZNBC will be all about PF and Sata…

  74. This is the problem when cadres take up such important roles as LAZ President. When MMD was in power, this guy went to the media whenever he saw a problem. Now, he is calling a breach of the constitution a ‘lapse.’ This govt has breached the constitution, and he is quietly engaging the govt. so as not to embarrass his paymasters.

  75. I am reminded of a story my brother in law told me about. Not sure whether he was trying to make me laugh but apparently, at some funeral, some guy came and joined the men sitting outside near a dwindling fire. Everyone was cold but did not ask for wood to increase the heat. The new comer found some wood and put a little on the fire. Every one sighed with relief, finally its getting warmer. Unknow to all the new guy was actually crazy and just wandered in from the street. He kept piling on the wood until the fire was nearly burning the house down before they realised they had let a crazy guy deal with a problem. I am just saying.!!!

  76. # 28 I watched the HH interview on ZNBC, and MYGOD, HH is an embarasment to himself and his group – and is infact a danger to the unity of this country. MUTESA and MILUPI were mature and fantastic even in loss.The little respect I had for this guy will never be restored and infact the POST have the biggest editorial dedicated to him on similar views.

  77. Anyway all the ID.IOTs who have been removed had all breached the law!!! so lapses is correct in this case.

  78. #51 You call what is happening as cleaning? MMD appointed cadres and PF is even worse. The current government is worsening the situation because they have put party cadres in very sensitive institutions that require professionalism. Look at the ZNBC saga! Those positions are usually advertised and competed for. Now you even go to the extent of removing a Director! I am surprised that a Minister can remove and appoint a Director. Isnt his role just to put the Board in place so that the Board does the rest? Please educate me on this.

  79. The reality and expressions made by Zambians over Mr Sata and his PF gvt’s ability to rule our country is now unquestionable. PF govt has to rule by questioning every iota of the republican constitution. LAZ have to be non patisan and help co-govern Zambia. Several constitutional breaches have been comitted so far. This includes PFministers in making haphazard appointments without consulting relevant organs. As said before, PF have no manifesto to lean on and they have appointed cadres in almost all strategic institutions being DEC, AAC, ZESCO, ZRA, BOZ and now ZNBC. They never advertised these posts even if it meant formalities only to satisfy the law. Opposition parties and LAZ you have a job to protect the constitution of Zambia to check PF govt.

  80. Upnd and mmd no normal person can agree with you. Especially upnd. You have never even congratul ated the new government on anything. That’s being un objective. You were one of those plunderor that teamed up in an organised manner to plunder our money through your useless Ncc. By this time we could be with a new and better constitution . Becareful with the way you go with your trying to shoot down everything pf does. Sata can’t be stupid like you arm chair critics. HH YOU ARE A USELESS CHAP . You will end your political carear a more frustrated being than before.

  81. Zambians we should not permit ourselves to go Zimbabwe way where its nationals are spread throughout Africa, Europe, America now in China as well not for good reason but refugees. We should forgive ourselves for voting a Dictator with relationships to everyone appointed. You may not agree but Sata personally has to know who is appointed. Its a complex web, if one is not directly related to Sata, one appointee to know one to be appointed and so on. This need not continue to our hard earned democracy, we have to nip this bud by vote in next elections.

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