Motorists urge Government to monitor fuel prices reduction directive


Motorists in Lusaka have called on government to monitor the implementation of the new fuel pump prices as announced on Friday.

The Ministry of Energy announced an average 400 Kwacha reduction on prices of fuel effective Friday midnight.

However some oil marketing companies have not yet effected the new fuel prices.

Some concerned drivers have called for strict monitoring of the implementation of the reduced prices in order for consumers to benefit.

On Friday Government scrapped a levy used to fund strategic fuel reserves, which will now be the responsibility of the government in the latest of a sweep of changes.

“The onus of holding fuel will go into the hands of government. The government will take that risk and will ensure that we do not have shortages. Right now the government has ensured that storage facilities are built across the country,” he said.


  1. Govt needs to come up with tangible
    Solutions, this shows that main issues
    Causing gas prices to go up and shortages
    Have not been addressed,simply ordering
    Gas prices to go down, without fixing anything
    Won’t work

  2. What is K400? I cant remember a time that fuel pricing was ever increased by K400. I remember RB reducing fuel by K1300. That makes sense, not this window coating. We the Kaponyas of PF dont appreciate this 400 kwacha reduction. If this is the more money in your pocket concept, then Iam afraid its not taking us anywhere.

  3. Indeed the fuel stations need to be monitored. When there is an increase, they are quick to change the price but when it is a reduction they drag. Ba sansakuwa, K400 may not be much but ifintu ni panono panono yama.

  4. Only a fool who tops up his fuel by 1 Litre wouldn’t notice, its K400 saving which equates to 4000 for 10 Litres.If you are trucker you talking about 80- 160Litres of Diesel. I you can’t understand this sell that car and use the bus. 

  5. # 5 and # 6, you are spot on. If the guy # 3 is mentally sick better he should be taken for check up at Chainama hospital unfortunately I think he is not zambia (call it a psychotherapy hospital in your country. Never heard of a USA Millionnare who was stealing a cent from US for all banking transactions? Instead of Jailing him they employed him so that he could help tighten the security in banking system. now you talk of K400 saving thats is alot in bulk buying. In the long run you save millions. I can imagine those are the personnalities that have iddeas to want to make superprofit if the start business and in the long run fail the so called tutemba. common what is his level of education of # 3. saddens me.

  6. its funny how oil companies react had it been an increment they would have effected the new price immediately without complaining about “old stocks”. the ministry need to intervene on this.reduction of K400 in two weeks is not bad give them time

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