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A drama centered around a promising football running back , Deon (Curtis “50 cent” Jackson), during his senior year in college. Every thing is going his way , he is the best player on his team , he has all the fame ,all the girls , he is about to play for a top team , but all that is taken away when he is diagnosed with cancer.  As life changes for him and his family ,he struggles to get back on his feet.he


  • The best acting 50 cent has ever done , he was really dedicated to the part and it showed in his improved performance.
  • The story was very gripping , you really feel for Deon and his family and what they go through.
  • The dynamics in the relationship between Deon and his brother Sean were interesting to watch.


  • The movie has a slow start.
  • Should have had original music in the movie ,instead of 50 cent’s music , it distracts you from the story.


This is a very good music , i was really impressed with Curtis “50 cent ” Jackson , (as he is credited in his movies), acting. Not quite Oscar worthy but most definetly his best work so far. The drastic weight loss shows just how dedicated he was to this movie. He also had his tattoos removed in a painfull procedure . It has a very inspiring story , it is a must- watch movie.


4 out of 5







  1. I’m struggling to believe the First Pro…!50’s acting skills (as the case of most rap/hip hop artists) are very suspect!

    First, we had a good book by CHinua Achebe, then a very good album from The Roots, i really hope this is a good movie…

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