Wednesday, June 19, 2024

There will be no drug shortages – Kasonde


Health Minister Joseph Kasonde has pledged that his ministry will put in place measures that will end unnecessary drug shortages within 90 days.

Dr Kasonde says his Ministry will also engage the private sector in the procurement of drugs so that there is smooth supply of drugs.

The minister was speaking when he featured on a live ZNBC television programme dubbed National Watch.

Dr. Kasonde has observed that public private partnership is key to ensure that there is no shortage of essential drugs in health institutions.

And Dr. Kasonde has said there is need to build capacity among local Doctors to reduce cases of sending people out of the country for specialised treatment.


  1. We there will open tender process when selecting private firm as suppliers! Also, it is easier say than done! Good Job but “it’s easier to say than actually doing it”, Guys are you checking how resources Zambia has to emabark on such vicious programmes and projects!

  2. This 90 day thing is worrying! We can’t just say such and such a programme will be implemented without putting the 90 day time frame! We are watching and we wish you all the best. One thing is for sure, structural changes take time before they start bearing fruit. We are dealing with human beings here and we cannot change their mindset overnight!

  3. I think the root cause of this problem has been the escalation of private clinics by doctors from public hospitals…these buggers still the medicine and take it to their private clinincs…Please close all those private clinics muma comboni

  4. An early “audit” of the facilities and related infrastructure at UTH is should be a priority along with ensuring provision of drugs. general cleaniliness of the institution should also be a major consideration for the new Minister and his administration.

  5. Imwe na imwe, muledibeta kwati mwalikwata amabongo. What Zambia needs is a self sustaining medicare system. A system that is built on PPPs especially in the provision of health insurance and medical care schemes. Bushe imwe guys mwalifishibefi? Hhhm? As much as we need public hospitals, we also need private ones whose running are complemented by both medicare systems and individuals/employers.

  6. What is surprising is that it is as if nothing was happening in Zambia between the time KK left office and the this time Sata has taken over! Genuine leaders acknowledge the good that others have done before them. Build on the good and discard the bad. Alot of good was done before you PF took over power! In humility, acknowledge it and you will gain more respect and support from everyone.

  7. The Minister know what he is talking about. Nurses and pharmacist still medicine from Govt hospital. May the Minister has pleaded with not told the medicine this time and know the root coz is that nurses and pharmacist are not well paid. 

    When they increase salaries for health professionals they will be reduction of the workers stealing the medicine.

    For Now us intellectuals are watching. Maybe next month all the grade twelves will go to ZNS camp. 

  8. Artificial shortages cause theft; but if the hospitals are well stocked, who will buy the medicine? True, #15: use your head!!

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