Monday, June 17, 2024

Opening of Parliament in Pictures



The Presidential procession arrives at the National Assembly grounds


The Presidential procession arrives at the National Assembly grounds.


President Sata's motorcade is ecorted by police on horseback to the National Assembly


Zambia Army Soldiers on parade


President Sata inspects the guard of honour


President Sata inspects guard of honour.


Zambia Army soldiers performing a march past


Zambia Army Soldiers marching during the ceremonial openig of parliament


Zambia Army soldiers performing a march past.


A female Zambia Army soldier marching with male counterparts outside parliament buildings


Colourful baloons released into the air to symbolise the opening of parliament


President Sata and First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba about to enter the national assembly chamber


First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba


Members of Parliament listen to President Sata's speech


Members of Parliament listen to President Sata's speech.


President Sata and First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba during the openig of parliament


Former Vice President George Kunda (MMD Muchinga MP) and former Education minister Dora Siliya (MMD Petauke MP)


President Sata and First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba depart after opening parliament


Some guests watching proceedings from parliament buildings


Dr.Guy Scott welcomed in Malawi


Dr.Guy Scott in Malawi


Dr Scott looks at Presidential portrait of Malawian Leader


Dr Scott at the Press Briefing


  1. Trying to figure out THE CONFUSION in the minds of those who thought this man will never rule zambia.BP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. #1 yes we are still confused but now we know for sure that anything is possible if you believe and persist.So as much as we didn’t want Sata to rule, he has given us hope to also pursue our own ‘impossible’ dreams.
    First lady looks nice

    • Yes Peter indeed President SATA has shown that the impossible is possible,in the midst of corruption  he made dispute the barriers that we tend to face we are able to do everything that we hope for.keep the fire burning in what ever field you are in.  

  3. Zambians stop cheering everything this Cobra does. He condemed RB’s motarcade…guess what? u cheered. This Cobra has been enjoying the same ride while u continue cheering!! He’s firing all RB “cadres” replacing them with his own while u continue to cheer. I will be reading his speech at Parliament…though i dont expect any substance from this Cobra but comedy.

  4. Christine Kaseba – Odi apo! She looks good but a brighter color could have been better.
    Chi Hora Siliya, 40 going on 60, trying to steal the thunder from Christine.

    • Nubian, fotini is u and dora, how do you wear bright clolour to parliament. Dora’s outfit and what u suggesting is for weddings. Dr Kaseba is perfectly dressed in line with dress atiquette for parliament. plesase do ressearch and findout colours to wear for functions or best even consult an image consultant. u think u just wake up and dress any colour.

  5. oooh zambia is sososososo. nice my heart goes wild to just look at how nice loving our country is. dora and george arround and sholder to shouldre with the rest thats love my people, thats way to go. forward with oru nation. 1 zambia…,1natoin… and that learder.hehehehehe

  6. Hmmm – ba Scott nabo. Looking right at women’s chests is not a good start!!!! I love the pics LT, this is exactly what Zambia needed – change, and great change with our SuperSATA – man of action!

  7. A lot of you were doubting Thomases and rejected SATA and the PF. However, he has now proved you wrong and we now see the benefit of change as it comes along with an injection of new ideas. 10th Provinces, Choma as a Provincial HQ (pity the teachers who have to revise their text books and exam papers). Better focus too on other areas of the economy than complete focus only on mining in the MMD erra. Focus on agriculture, foreign ninvestment and tourism is more sustainable

  8. Lovely pictures. So the army have new look helmets. Yes, Kunda and his companion look lost, they can’t believe what they see.

  9. Malawian women look better than we zambian women. I would never bring down my fellow zambian women but some let themselves down. why not make up, I mean the zambian female soldier above?

    Brtain should confisicate those horses from the zambian police they look undernourished. How can you have horses in Africa let alone Zambia? Is this a dream? Is it photoshop?


    • Mushota…That name is also in my family…My maternal parents hailed from Kawambwa, Luapula Province. Do you have any heritage from that part of the world…

    • This chi creature trolling thingy is a BLOKE…just giving yourself away no woman emphasizes so much like you on her feminity more like a she-male you can tell she is man no matter how much make up he applies..

  10. Pic 3 isn’t this one of the pronounced Lexus ,Pic 17 plis take it cool. that look is full of bad intents and why aren’t you separated?

    • Iwe Mulio, Thats Benz and not a Lexus. Didn’t you read that the lexus vehicles were 4 X 4s. Don’t be hating you hungry MMD cadre

  11. Mushota! Please my female soldier alone. you can’t do half of what she is trained for. I have respect for my army. “Thanks”


  13. Interesting photos; when I am blogging on watchdog site people are made with PF and are Pro UPND most of them. While here on LT site they are sober minded and again on tumfweko. com they are mixed. On zedleaks it is a PF vuvuzela. Perhaps LT has become more balanced in recent weeks but during MMD time they were Pro MMD thanks for charging the tune. Ii wish watchdog can do the same. I also wish the post newspaper should also now be objective now that Sata whom they call Michael in their daily editorials has won.

  14. Mmmm, I am not sure whether the first lady’s dress is appropriate for this time of the year (hot, very hot) and this time of the day. It looks more of evening wear than day. Anyway, Dr Kaseba is beautiful but she needs a wardrobe advisor. So far, Regina is number one ukufwala.

  15. Nice Pics LT. Never felt more Zambian before. God bless the motherland. One observation though, why is Sata always wearing oversized suits? The suit is all over him, wrinkled here and there. Get a proper size mbwana. Eeeh Ka Mushosha number 21 you seem to lacking the fourth-sense? Mukabongo kobe ka Musosha mwabafye amenshi. One day you gona come back to earth and face the real africa and watch the same horses you’re demeaning today. Be patriotic to your country.

  16. Lovely pictures LT…ain’t it good to see our Veep representing us at the Comesa meeting in Malawi? I wonder how the Zimbabwean delegation led by Robert Mugabe both reacted & related to our Veep?

  17. @#1 Coulnd`t agree with you more.

    Picture #17. Kunda is saying I wish I wasn`t here!

    Dora tried to put up a smile. Welldone!

  18. Love Zambia! Sanity returning. The Police officers and the Zambia Army look great! I miss you all! The man commands respect because he is Mr. Disciplinarian and a man of the people and for the people! Have ever heard of a President in Zambia acknowledging that people need an increment in their salaries? Where are the Capitalist and Bootlickers of this world? Are they still alive? At lease the man is not a Mr. Tourist (maybe not yet!)

  19. Mr Capitalist and Bootfimofimo are still leaking their wounds.

    Any one seen Maestro Pwenkete pwenkete?

    • I ‘m in stitches LOL!!! Ati Maestro Pwekekente pwekente!You have made my day…I have never come across a person so tunnel minded like him.

  20. Mmmm! the first lady is beautiful and dignified. To those questioning her dressing you are the ones that dont know dress code. Dr kaseba is appropriately dressed in the right tone of colour for the occassion. Dora’s colour is too bright for such a function. its best for a wedding. please read about dress code and how to dress for fucntions. or even consult image consultants, they will tell, that bright colour like Dora’s is are good for weddings not fomal function like parliament. Bravo to First lady for dressing in a modest colour.


  22. Our First Lady needs some make up advice. We all know that medical doctors like her and make up are not really friends but she is now our first lady and has to look appropriate in public. She is now enjoying. I wonder what her programmes will be like. How different will they be from Vera Chiluba and Mrs Banda? Or may be she will choose to be like Mrs Betty Kaunda – out of sight!!!

  23. #41 CHARITY – first of all mind your language…LOL!!! did you expect the First Lady to be ugly! Secondly, speak for yourself about her dressing. To me, she is a typical doctor who needs some make up advice. Maybe you can help her….but on second thoughts I don’t see you helping her to improve because you are already satisfied with her in her current situ. So she needs somebody more sophisticated!

  24. Now Dora and Kunda were saying ‘If you vote for the opposition party there will be no development in your area’. Now they are in opposition. Does it mean there will be no development in the areas they represent in parliament? Zambian politics!!! No foresight. Kunda could not see beyond his nose. I wish someone could withdraw all the pills he is taking!!!

  25. Let us hope our friends who fought nail and tooth, insulted, and called him all sorts of names are still alive and seeing how happy and shine our soldiers are looking for our great President. Sorry Capitalist, Senior Citizen, MMD Bootlicker, Maestro (the educated scavenger) who thought HH’s education will torpedo him to plot one. Now who looks like Kaponyas? Ba Senior Citizen, I think you should appreciate that this man is a work horse. Not that extravagant PLAY BOY (African Hugh Hefner – Called Rupiah Banda). Zambia must declare September 20 – ZAMBIA HAPPY DAY.

  26. Dora will continue distracting Mr Sata’s speeches as long as she looks better than the lady in green leaves.

    And mr Sata, she is not a ‘tourist attraction’, she simply attracted your eyes, sir. Are you saying you are a tourist?

  27. Yes it’s not about your looks or your level in society. Sata has shown us that with hard work and determination you can be what you want to be. There is no limitation. Now bros and sisters think of it if you align your plans with our Lord Jesus. All is posible.

  28. I wonder what Thandiwe Banda is doing these days. Mrs. Sata (why they call her Dr. Kaseba, is she not married), has brought diginity to parliament, not kalya ako abalume balushile ama erections.

  29. someone please take Dr Kaseba to a Mac/ Bobbi Brown/ Iman Cosmetics counter for some quick make up lessons. Short of looking like a ghost with ill-coloured foundation and as for the matching green eye-shadow, hehehehehehehehehehe. Worst speech ever. HEMCS should practice reading his speech first before delivering in the public domain. He must realise that he is no longer opposition but governement

  30. No. 53 is there anything wrong with a professional woman retaining her maiden name and putting her qualifcns first? Does it make her less of a married woman. Hear hear for Dr Kaseba. I am loving her. I am sure she is known as Mrs. Sata at kitchen parties!

  31. Suit ba prezdo ni oversize? Obvious mwai sangile mu state house iyo pantu yakulisha……Limbi yali ya kwa bwezani…lool

  32. Nice pics! we appreciate your effort LT to bring the diaspora
    close to home. One request – if you can please, a youtube video link of Sata’s opening speech will be very much appreciated.

  33. I am proud of my president and the first lady. God bless them and grant them good health and wisdom. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

  34. It has been said that chance favors the prepared mind unfortunately the former president was not prepared to take the country forward,so the chance was given to the prepared mind President Sata, you have shown us that nothing is impossible when you are determined 

  35. WOW Zambia is sweet, Makes me very proud, Yes, with Dr Guy Scott as VP, makes the world respect maturity of our democracy. Lovely pictures. ZP: You have nice horses?? Thank God, MMD did not steal them. For sure coz they thought they would be back in power.

  36. @61 you are right Kunda looks like he wants to cry and ready to take off. He looks very guilty. DORA looks ready to hook someone in PF.

  37. Picture 13: The First Lady looks so humble and composed. Dr Kaseba fits to be called First Lady.
    Osati twinangu!
    Picture 17: Do not insult the crocodile before you cross the river. Those two folks are worried about the abuse of office they unquestionably committed whilst in office.

  38. Imwe bushe kamushota kaba muZambia olo she is an economic refugee in some kama country somewhere enjoying what others have sweated for.Zambia is changing under the leadership of Micheal Sata and very soon kamushota will come back to zed:incognito off-course.

  39. These are great pics , the man is a hard worker and it suits him, now unleash all your potential we are behind you, in these few days you have done a lot i hope we will have more people of your caliber

  40. @ 39 I ‘m in stitches LOL!!! Ati Maestro Pwekekente pwekente!You have made my day…I have never come across a person so tunnel minded like him.

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