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Renard’s Application On Chipolopolo List

Sports Renard's Application On Chipolopolo List

Former National soccer team head coach Herve Renard

Herve Renard’s CV is said to be among the overwhelming 37 applications Faz has reportedly received from the job seekers wanting to replace Dario Bonetti who was fired on October 10.

Faz confirmed today that Renard had indeed applied for his old job.

“I can confirm Herve Renard is one of them and he will be considered and interviewed,” Faz communications officer Erick Mwanza said.

The Frenchman coached Zambia from 2008 to 2010 leading Zambia to a third place finish at the 2009 CHAN tournament and quarterfinals of the 2010 Africa Cup.

He is currently employed at Algerian club USM Alger whom he joined after a brief stint as Angola coach.


  1. Why did he leave in the first place and what happened to his billion contract he rushed to sign with Angola after using Zambia as a launching pad? fool me once…….

  2. Ku ngazima mwaona manje….just interview him,ask him why he humiliatingly left us and finito.Donchi Kumugeta.

  3. Lets hope Tuntemba coaches are not going to be considered once again. Lets go Zambia and am proud to be Zambian.

    • 6.1 Stop missleading pipo. Renard was never fired from Angola. He had a few short-comings on some of the clauses that were contained in the contract. The FAF did not pay his money for 3 months and, logically, like goes the theme, no empty sack remains afoot for some time, and the man had to go- unceremoniously. the saddest part is how he left the Zed side. Hope he has attained some maturity this time. If he so promisses, well, pick on him. I do not know what he did to the boys (as he moulded Chipolopolo to one of its best levels in history) yet I confess I liked watching the squad under his professorship

  4. no no no no. there is nothing special that harve did. quarter final is nothing for zambia. remember we have been in the finals twice, so from any coach nothing less than the trophy is acceptable.

  5. He left for more money in Angola but they sucked him because there he performed below par. He ended up in Algeria at some club, now he wants to come back to eat his puke, just interview him but donchi kumutenga. Let us get someone new and a successful coach not these pweles who are just after money.  

  6. Only 37 applications, i thought there were thousands of unemployed graduates in the streets of Lusaka. What football is there to coach? Any chap who can read and write can do it, just barking orders on the touchline, what is the big deal?

  7. one of the qualifications for zed coach should fluent in spoken english. I know we have players the speak Zanglish but none speak French, Italian or Germany. Let us get a coach he can get close to these players thick scales and teach them how to score. Chimanga misses like shit

  8. I will consider FAZ to be complete *****s fit for a trash hip if they re-engage Harve Renard. Even an interview with this traitor is a waste of time and tax payer’s money! FAZ would definitely not go wrong to re-engage Rould Pousen, that Danish tactician who is credited with that glorious task of having rebuilt the Chipolopolo from the ashes of the Gabon Disaster to an accomplished team that later ended in a CAN final match with Nigeria in 1994. This is the man who later took Zambia to a number three finish at the 1996 finals in South Africa – the very last time Zambia went beyond the first round before doing it again last year.

    • Dont cheat. Poulsen took them to South Africa in 1996. Poterfield was in charge in Tunisia when we lost to Nigeria in 1994. Revisit your history.

  9. New government -new names and new players please, atleast most of the players needs a break, they are not exciting. e.g Chris Katongo, all defenders, that Nyerenda, even Chamanga even though he is a disciplined player. Goalkeeper, maybe search somewhere from Zambian lower teams, your current keeper is not exciting like in 90s. so NOT RENARD HERVE please!

  10. Herve overates himself. I doubt if a serious football association can hire that guy. Ony in Zambia can the guy be offered to coach a national team.

  11. Get lost you French traitor! We don’t need your kind pa Zed. We may not have whatever shiny carrots that were dangled in your greedy french snout but we have our PRIDE and you wounded it.This Africa cup takes us to Gabon, another painful reminder & u cant be the guy to lead us. You made your bed, now you must lie in it. TRAITOR!!!!

  12. Iwe number 6, how can you mask if Herve is still in Angola when the article says he is in Algeria? Fools like you are making Zambia smell like a.ss!!!!!

  13. HR made his decision and stuck two fingers at us for money and now you go crawling to him when he’s unemployed. SMDH, this FAZ administration is useless…you chaps are melodramatic, you need to move on and leave Kalu and the past there and look forward be progressive. 

  14. This man ditched Chipolopolo for more money in his pocket in Angola.And towards the elections,he showed partisan tendecies by wishing the then ruling MMD victory.Let him apply for the position of MMD chairman for sport.

  15. Thats pure circus!why does he want to come back when he left every one crying for his ka small service instead went for millions….?more over,he is on record of in support of RB before the elections,so how will he work with the new H.E. M.C SATA as head of our beloved country?The ng’onis say,”mwaona mangala ya nkanga kuwala mwataya swembe”meaning….he went for diamonds while he had zinc in his hands.Renard zywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..be in that desert area.viva lokol coaches…..thou thy don’t read the games.

  16. As much as I appreciate Herve Renard as a very good coach, the guy run out on us because of money. He now wants to come back because he was sacked in Angola? Look at other coaches please. My best bet is Roald Poulsen

  17. our boys in the team struggle to understand english so bringing a coach that speaks fluent french and broken english confuses them even more. bring someone that can speak fluent english or some one that can coach in local language even in lozi. As for HR, the chap grew big headed and left us for angola and now he wants to come back after his ass was kicked? aikona man  

  18. That chap dumped us at the time we needed him the most, at a tym we though we are going to have a good National team. Now that he was sacked were he went and currently doing a ka low classified job he wants to come back? hell no!!! Next time we commit with him he might do the same by dumping us for more Gold. I believe that interest and working relationship comes first before Kwacha, he had a good relationship here with his employers and u people pleaded with him but he refused….. Get buggers CV into the trash quickly. Dont give us funny excuses that we need a coach who has been with the team before. As long as someone knows how to drive even when they bring a Prado or corolla it will only take a few moment for that person to catch up with it

  19. i think HR is the best coach the fact that he left doesnt disqualify him he knows the zambian soccer he watched zambian players who are best in angola and are never called for national team coz we think is some1 plays in SA, china, Europe then they are the best wrong..at this time we dont need a new coach we need some1 like HR or Phiri

  20. beside HR left coz pipo started talking about firing him so to maintain respect he had to leave coz if he was fired his CV was going to be bad

  21. Renard is traitor.He thought he was famous after Zambia made a CV for him.He shouls be ashamed for ven applying for this job.I would go Raold Poulsen who is humble and has adequate knowledge about Zambian football not these TUNTEMBA coaches who just want to make a CV in Zambia.Time is running out for AFCON

  22. Herve renard is our son. We know him better from weakness to strength than the rest of the 37 contendors. We can ask him mend up his weaknesses and polish up his strengths. The devil you know is better than the angel you dont know. Good luck herve my boy

  23. Renard is just a crook, how can we bring back this physical trainer , no wonder I have lost interest in Zambian Football. Why was he chased in Angola?

  24. What is this nonsense? Herve must not be given the job… He left in the first place and if we ask him to come it will be like we are marketing the chap again. NO TO RENARD. FAZ / KALU and the whole group think twice on this move….

  25. **** decision renard thought he was on top of de game he quited zed why should some bring such an ***** physical trainer we need 3 local coaches & de best foreign coach not a batch of physical trainers.quarter final is not an issue we need 2 lift de trophy this tym lets consider the former coach of supersport united he knows a little about zambian football or stephen keshi who took togo 2 de world cup 4 de 1st tym.Then local coaches pipo like patrick phiri,wada da,keagan mumba/charles musonda 4rm belgium we need his children 2 play 4 our mother zambia.Ba kalu twafweniko twapapata plse we r tired of been jst participant @de tournament.

  26. I agree with 32,we never know wat really made HR to leave. in English football,1 can change a team even many times sometimes go and come bck to the same team several times. Fabregas left Barcelona and is now back. Football is a seasonal thng,u cn b here 2de and 2moro u r there. HR is a good coach.

  27. The ***** should not even be shortlisted for interviews. Just shred and trash his so called application. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Why consider the frenchman looking at the way left Zambia when he most needed even the former President pleaded with him to hang but he never listened. He will still leave once another employer with a higher package. There are many coaches around and 37 applicants is a good number. What I have discovered is that most of the donkey work is done by the local assistant coaches. May be we want to add color to the bench.

  29. Whatever made HR leave (divorce) Zed boys, fact remains he dumped us. Remember he arrived as a trainee coach whose previous stint was physical trainer whose ascension to quarter final made his head a touch too light for him. Recall one BZ who took our boys camping no REAL training and spent most of his time away from the team which team was left with the local “ASSISTANTS.” Remember also that we just drew with Libya in circumstances where the coach did “nothing.” My point in all this is “the BOYS” are the REAL factor here. I am not just sure “A” coach is anough because whenever all we had was a Zambian coach, we appeared to “blackout” when it mattered the most. We are good at build-ups but we need the hunger to finish an opponent when that opponent is down!

  30. No.31, you spoke sense. Guys let us forget/forgive HR for ditching the team, tho it was due to our threats towards him losing employment immediately after the AFCON 2010. let us not only think of the bad thing that he did, but we should also think of the good thing he did. this man improved our team, tho you called him a physical trainer. he focused on buiding the future team with the crop of young players like E.mbola, E.mayuka, R.kola etc who were the under 20s. Guys, we really need someone like him, look at Ghana, we all fear to meet it in the tournament because they are playing good football, this is so because they have invested in the young talent which have the likes of Ayew, Adiyah, Asamoah (not Gyan), Annan etc, who have just graduated from the under 20. pls lets give him chance.

  31. I understand the frenchman sampled a lot of Zambian chicks during his time pa Zed.No wonder the missing.You know how it is when you go black.Yeah let the dude come back.

  32. If he dictched us, why cry over him. If he is as good as some of the bloggers claim, why did he fail to perform in Angola? Next in the line, please!

  33. Donchi Kumugeta! Haa ha I luv that one. Renard is a No! No! So is Patrick Phiri! But stop wasting time ba FAZ We don’t have nthawi!

  34. The guy never impressed me either and showed us no respect by NOT honouring his contract. He has no developmental ideas and just wants our good life in Zambia. Abash him or ask him work for the smallest football club in Zambia such as Mount Makulu.

  35. Give Harve Renard another chance,  this guy knows the Team very well and during his time, our Zambia National Team performed well. Of course, leaving before the contract ends wasn’t that good but if we look at it again it was due to, too much of talking on him, were the post news paper was reporting false information about him and so many things that went on and on. Regardless of what so ever happened, Harve Renard is a very good coach. People, we all make mistakes. It won’t take so much time for him to start building up the Team, this guy knows the Team already and very well. So, I would say give the job to Harve Renard. 

  36. Reina abandoned the country after the Africa Cup of Nations, so how can you re-engage such a perso, he doesnt have any loyalty, for him it is about money. He can leave the country in the middle of the tournament if some oil producing country offers him a well of oil for coachign a team.
    Get a credible coach and draw up programme for preparations, there isnt enough time and with big names missing there, we have a chance to lift the cup. Teach our boys discipline, losing Kalaba in crucial games on disciplinary grouds is really sad, we need the boy!!!!

  37. Forget HR and a Zambian for the coaching job. Get a serious foreigner(neither Keshi nor indeed an Afrikan) who iz not just out to milk the country of the $27000! Then get two Zambianz, say Wedson Nyirenda, Bruce Mwape and not thoze who “have been there a 101 timez” to work withe nu coach. Then let’s go to Equato/Gabo Africa showdown and World Cup quqlifierz.

  38. I’m one of the applicates for the coaching job of the Zambia National Team. I’m over qualified to coach Bace, Man U or Chelsea so the Zambian job is easy all i have to do is bring in washed out players like the great under performers duo of the Katongo brothers, Chamanga, the 2 current goal keepers, and then i will recruit players from high schools and division 2 or 3 leagues. As a Zambian coach all you need is car and a nice hotel room at Pamodzi. Please hire me i will bring the first AFRICA CUP to mother fuuucker Zambia

  39. Ronald will leave the team when he is very much needed.He is an opportunist.Nobody chased him why accept his return?Who is behind his reappointment?Fetch new blood .He is not the only one.He never followed rules of the contract

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