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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Government to act on non performing Board of Directors

Headlines Government to act on non performing Board of Directors

Commerce Minister Robert Sichinga
Commerce Minister Robert Sichinga

Commerce Minister Robert Sichinga says he will not hesitate to recommend the dissolution of non-performing Board of Directors of Parastatal companies. Mr Sichinga has given parastatal companies that fall under his Ministry three months to create sector codes, saying Government will impose sector codes if they fail to do so.

He said parastatal companies have a critical role to play in realising the Patriotic Front’s dream of putting more money in people’s pockets through the creation of employment.

Mr Sichinga said this dream cannot be realised if the country fails to create employment for people in the country. The minister was speaking in Lusaka yesterday after conducting a familiarisation tour of the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) and the Consumer Competition and Protection Commission (CCPC).

He noted that CEEC has not been discharging its mandate to the expectation of the Zambian people saying only 40 percent of its loans were being paid back.

He urged management to ensure that loans it disburses to the people are paid back to service others.

The Minister also urged CEEC to ensure it comes up with a minimum amount of loan for disbursement to public to avoid giving huge sums to one individual.

Mr Sichinga said the PF Government would demand for transparency in the manner empowerment funds were disbursed to the public to ensure equitable distribution of funds among citizens.

He also promised to ensure there was no political interference in the operations of the Commission.

And Mr Sichinga has given parastatal companies that fall under his ministry three months to create sector codes, saying Government would impose sector codes if they failed to do so.

He stated that sector codes were important because they gauged the performance of institutions hence the need for every sector in the country to develop these..

Speaking earlier, CEEC Board Chairperson Overs Banda bemoaned the erratic release of funds to CEEC for its empowerment programmes.

Mr Banda disclosed that Government had this year only released K18 billion of its K40 billion budget saying the K22 billion balance had not yet been released until now.

He said CEEC was ready to support Government in realising its dream of empowering citizens to enable their contribution to the country’s economic development.

Mr Banda said the Commission was fully committed to ensuring that it addressed the economic imbalance existing among people in the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Sichinga has urged the Consumer Competition and Protection Commission (CCPC) to be professional, impartial and to stick to the law in the execution of its mandate.

Mr Sichinga said Government wants zero tolerance to corruption in an effort to ensure that public resources were prudently utilised.

He further urged the Commission to remain steadfast in protecting consumers against counterfeit products that were being imported into the country.

And CCPC Board Chairperson Benard Chiwala said the Commission had set four objectives that it would endeavour to implement in the next five years in a bid to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Mr Chiwala said the Commission would ensure that there was consumer protection, and that its effectiveness was strengthened.

He said the Commission would further enhance its visibility and ensure that companies complied with the law on competition.



  1. Excellent. Push them for performance. We are tired of seeing pot-bellied men driving around 4x4s at tax-payers expense when they do nothing to return services the people. Also, why cant we be more transparent about who the CEEC funds? why should be held a secret? Release names and amounts. Secrecy leads to corruption.

  2. Bloggers find it difficulty to engage with topics. If it were a piece of politics..oops all the UPND cadres would have been offloaded here. Now, this article is too difficulty on the mindset of the many bloggers to digest later on to interpret it. Shame on you. 

  3. well done BOB ,let laziness be the thing of the past.Gone are the days when all these guys were getting an easy ride on everything at the expense of tax payers money

  4. Good afternoon

    It is good to see that the Ministers are moving in step with the president as they take every opportunity to bolster their anti-corruption credentials.
    The Ministry of Commerce should also look closely into the way public service contracts are awarded. There is need to impose a code which clearly defines the level of service a foreign company should provide in order to ensure that performance is based strictly on professionalism, technical & business skills and nothing else.

  5. Bob !!

    Lets also STRONGLY start by advising Sata that he must sort out the Central Bank – Board of Directors & the Governor issues. How can a nation have a Central Bank without board of directors and a Governor for a month? We are living in modern High Frequency Economies that requires analysing Data every single day to help make Key Support Business Decisions.


  6. .
    The problem is that you have too many people in whispering misleading information in your ears that has led to may irrational decisions from State House.

    The Central or Reserve Bank by its nature:

    A) Pedals the Economic Streams of a country
    B) Draws Fiscal Policy
    C) Regulates the Money Supply
    D) Prevents the countries Banking System from failing
    D) Controls Interest Rates
    E) Implements Monetary Policies
    D) Is a bridge to the government on economical achievements


  7. Good progress. Ensure execution and Zed could be setting pretty in the near future. Also make sure that you streamline the business environment so that those who qualify for these loans can conduct business easily and use profits to pay off those loans.

  8. .
    You will not put more money in people’s pockets without doing basic fundamental home work. This is a required needed so that the Economy can remain steady-fast and allow business to be created or existing ones can grow and create jobs.

    Stop playing this song about Parastatal Companies when you are busy appointing cadres without professional qualifications, who cannot even write a Curriculum Vitae into jobs that require Qualifications, Professionalism & Wisdom to make key Business Support Decision.

    We are all contributing heftily to the growth of the nation by investing billions into the economy to enable it grow for the better of the future generations. So let’s preach the GOSPEL and act by not appeasing cadres with the more Money In The Pocket Syndrome.

  9. Creativity in some directors is a thing of the past. What they are interested in is the divident. We want to see which sector has teeth to bite and hands to feed the nation. The empowerment of youth is paramount maybe they will start shanning sleeping with dogs.

  10. Uko! Every minister wants his/her weight felt. You have up 20th December to clean up, there after, we want jobs and more money in our pockets. Go PF go, its your show.

  11. Independent Observer, the BoZ has been a challenge because names floated for Governor come from the province most disliked by the PF Government (as you know international monetary institutions have to be consulted): The first was Magande, then a Ms Mudenda, a Mulomba…and now Dr Denny Kalyalya, former deputy at BoZ. This is what is causing the delay. The challenge with the UPND stake in Zambian politics is that the cream of Zambian professionals are being creamed off as they are perceived to be the party’s sympathisers.

  12. 12 # KQ

    I appreciate your comments. This is what will kill the nation. Self interest is being put first before that nation’s interest. We can only move forward by being Diligent, Industrious & Hard-working

    Keep posting and debating….

  13. Uncle Bob has vast knowledge in commerce and finance and inspires me every time he speaks. Everytime he attends the Accountants AGM he provides good counsel to the young finance professionals ………Keep it up Uncle Bob and let us empower the Zambians by creating good policies that will not only allow them access funds from CEEC but also punish them when they fail. Please consider also having entrepreneur mentors to assist novices. I wish you success!!!!

  14. Could someone explain what the ‘sector codes’ the Minister is quoted as saying refer to? I must admit, I am ignorant on this.


  16. 15 # AREABOY

    Sector Codes are a set of decrees that can be used as Benchmarks or Best Practice for performance of against industries. You can have codes for:

    Telecom Industry || Manufacturing Industry || Information Technology || Financial Services || Agriculture Industry and so forth.

    Similary, you can also have broad Economic Sector Codes.

  17. The General public across the country needs to be made aware of the availability of these funds. Furthermore they ought to be educated on how and exactly where to access them, according to their locations. Additionally, CEEC needs to educate people on the fundamentals of a business proposal in order to determine the viability of one’s prospective business project before they can make a decision to get a loan. Lastly, avoid that rhetoric and put measures in place to oversee and ensure, non biased, apolitical and transparent issuance of funds

  18. Good to see a working minister putting people responsible for their duties to task, however mr minister ensure also that consumer protection acts are implemented effectively for both local and foreign companies. In most cases consumers in Zambia are subjected to massive exploitations and little has be done by government to control this mess.

  19. Is it Rob or Bob? The article says Rob while Bloggers say Bob. I thought while the prior Minister was Bob, the current one is his brother Rob. Anyway,one too many Sichingas in the corridors of power, i could easily get mixed up too.

    • His name is Robert Katobola K. Sichinga whose son married Sata’s daughter. Bob is the short form for Robert. Austin (the perm. sec whose wife is Catherine Namugala former minister in MMD gov’t) is the younger brother to Bob. They have a brother Christopher in Luanshya who runs a timber firm.

  20. #15 Areaboy, naine fyampita ifyama Code. Those know what these are please help us with an explanation. They say ignorance has no defense.


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    My friends always tell me that im the whitest Black they have ever met, and im ok with that, i dont care if they say that. I know im Zambian and black, i dont really look like it though apparently (thats what my friends say) but on the inside, i feel white. I look at all these girls at work and see how most of them are white with blonde or brown hair and i just wish i could look like them. I think they look so cute and could pull off any outfit and it seems like i cant tell you how many times ive stared in the mirror and thought, i really wish i was white. they just seem prettier than me, even though my boyfriend say i am pretty. i dont know how i started feeling this way.Am I normal?


  23. Its Bob Sichinga!!

    1. He is the elder brother to Austin Sichinga.
    2. Austin was the Chief of Staff to RB at State House until 20the Sept 20011.
    3. Austin Sichinga has now been given a job by Sata as PS for Ministry Of Agriculture.
    4. Austin Sichinga has 3 children with Cathrine Namugala former Tourism Minister
    5. Bob Sichinga’s son has married Sata’s Daughter
    6. Bob Sichinga is a cousin to former first lady Thandiwe Chilongo Banda
    7. Bob Sichinga is the uncle to Dominic Sichanga, PS Ministry of Agriculture and former Solicitor General

    This could be the reason why Sata has so many Tumbuka’s who are either PS, Deputy Minister & Minister in his Cabinet. Even the new High Commissioner going to UK is Tumbuka from Eastern Province.

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  25. @#24 Independent Observer

    Items #3 and #7 are in conflict. (Austin and Dominic are both PS Ministry of Agriculture?)

  26. No disrespect to nobody, I know the Sichinga’s very well coz am somehow related to them. Without rejudice or bias: the Sichinga’s are very educated and hardworking Zambians. It’s a clan… and as Malikopo said…for us in the states(US) Bob is short for Robert…ala muyenda bane…! and as appointments goes…I think the PF govt shud be commended thus far  in what have set out to do since coming to power. 

    On aother note, let’s all encourage Pres. Sata to help establish a rail line linking Zambia and Angola including possibly a passenger train too. This will not only boost our economy but of Angola as well. Viva PF!!!! so far so good guys…no slackers….we work very hard in disapora and shamefully so never want to apply the same work ethic when serving the people of Zambia. 

  27. Ooh No, Don’ talk about CEEC, it was pure, MMD created organization for their Cadres only; we tried lots of Initiatives with them. With due respect, their Director General was nothing but a scammer. Citizen Empowerment? Wrong name Call it something else.

    Just close that nonsense CEEC, as there is no benefit for Zambians. Loans were not repaid because it was all MMD ministers who were granted loans, instead of investing in Projects; they go to Dubai to Shop?? We know them?? Can even publish names. Very subjective and corrupt.

    Investigate ZDA Zambian Development Agency?? As it is the same Nonsense. Worst of public funds.

  28. Mr minister  thanks  for the work  you are doing.
    Am of   the view that we take advantage of the the Chinese unwavering desire to  invest in our country on condition that they partner with Zambian businesses before there companies are registered, it should be on a 50, 50 type of arrangement, give us the money we employ our people, they come in with  there dong fengs, we share the profits, this will ensure that Zambians benefit from most businesses.

  29. First of all, look at the caliber of your directors, the work culture, attitude and commitment to duty. You’ll talk all you want, but will come to nothing. I suggest you look at the diaspora, this section of zambians has been exposed to and experienced economy driven work ethics and culture. The formula is simple: paid for time put in resulting in expected output. Not paid for :-
    1.going to the bank 2. going to a funeral, 3. finding school places for children 4. no personal to holder vehicles.5. attending political meetings etc. etc

  30. They need to put mechanisms and measures to monitor and follow up on these loans. 40% repayments is pretty bad for business… any business is bound to fail on that low repayment rate. They need to have background checks on applicants and assess their ability to repay the loans. Finally what they need to do is stop giving ‘grants’ to this Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission every year. It should instead be a viable business that should sustain itself from interest repayments from borrowers.
    The other thing they need to do is also educate and train those citizens borrowing in the running of small businesses.

  31. This statement here doesn’t make sense: “The Minister also urged CEEC to ensure it comes up with a minimum amount of loan for disbursement to public to avoid giving huge sums to one individual”.
    How is this going to stop “giving huge sums to one individual”? I thought maybe it should say ‘maximum’?

  32. Good afternoon

    #32 Zambian in UK I like your suggestion. The government should consider what “brain drain” has done to the country and begin to counter it with “brain gain”. There’s a lot that Zambians in Diaspora can do to contribute to the country’s economic growth in the area of commerce.

    It does not necessarily mean that Diasporans should start returning home. It is all about creating a network to pass on knowledge, circulate information and developmental ideas. For instance, there is no reason why Zambian professionals in the UK, USA or Germany can’t be in contact with businesses, banks and industries back home. We ignore each other at our own peril.

  33. DILDO [email protected] & Kapizga Phiri @ 27

    Well spotted. Its a typo error on 24# !!

    7. Bob Sichinga is the uncle to Dominic Sichanga, PS MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT & TELECOMMUNICATIONS and former SOLICITOR GENERAL

  34. Metrics are different from codes. Metrics are what we measure performance with. Sector codes, simply put, are results of performance. Without contextualizing, the term can be confusing. It takes on different meaning depending on what one is talking about. To be general, Bob should have used Key Performance Indicators (KPI) instead.

  35. I wondered what sector codes mean. They mean KPIs ? Uhmm.. Which companies operate without KPIs? CCPC? And the 5 year horizon for CCPC Board Chairperson, isn’t that too far fetched? wHY NOT REDUCE IT TO A THREE YEAR FRAMEWORK? BTW Does anyone know what CCPC really does? I don’t. I see lodges overcharging, grocery shops overcharging that CCPC must be a moribund organisation.

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