The Manny Pacquiao workout


One of the most well known boxers today is Manny Pacquiao . Even if you dont follow boxing ,you will have still heard about him.  He is arguably the best pound for pound boxer in the world  , Zambia’s very own Hasting Bwalya can attest to that , after being in the ring with him.

Pacquiao’s small stature  shows you that true knockout power is not about how big you are. It’s about being fast with your hands, strong through your body and sharp with your feet. Endurance is very important.



For core strength do the following;

Rocking crounches

Do 30 reps

How its done;

  • Lie down on the floor or a mat
  • tuck your knees in so that they touch your elbows.
  • Rock forwards so your shoulders come away from the floor, then rock backwards.
  •  Use your core to control the motion for punch-stopping abs.

One legged gym ball press up

do 3 sets of 10reps.
How its done;
  • Do a press up with one leg on a gym ball.(you can use a chair if you don’t have a gym ball)
  • the other in the air and use your core control to stop the ball from rolling.
  •  It improves upper body strength, balance and power.
Swiss ball roll
do 3 sets of  8reps
How its done;
  • Place both feet on top of a large gym ball.
  • using your abs to control the motion, breathe in and roll the ball towards your torso with your legs.
  •  Exhale and roll the ball back to the starting position.

For punching power do the following;



Do 3 sets .

  • Holding an unweighted barbell with shoulder width overhand grip.
  • Raise it to shoulder level, and bring it to your chest.
  •  Explode the bar away and back to your chest 20 times, ensuring your arms don’t lock out, but extend fully.

Sandbag carry

Do 2 sets

How its done;

  • Carry a 40kg bag of sand or meali meal or what you can find.
  • Cradle the bag like it is a big baby and keep your back straight.
  •  Power walk from one end of the room to the other. Do it for 30 seconds (1 minute as your fitness increases)

For footwork do the following;


How its done;

  • First warm up and get used to the movements with out a rope quickly bouncing from one foot to the other.
  •  As you improve, add the rope and keep to the time, getting faster as your technique increases. Skip for three minutes in total.


Quick step

How its done;

  • Standing on one leg , kick the other leg back , forward then across your leg.
  • Then quickly switch legs and do the same on the alternate
  • . Skip for 3 minutes. Rest for 4 minutes, then repeat the whole circuit. Aim for 3 circuits in total.



just because you train like him doesn’t mean you should fight like him .











  1. Only thing Hastings will tell you about Manny is “never show up to spar with him mouthing off with a hangover!”

  2. Don’t forget to take some steroids before you start otherwise it won’t be a complete Pacquiao workout.

  3. This is a silver plate workout. Theres alot in boxing. I once trained wth him and this thing um seeing u are advising pipo to do is body warm ups. Mukaponwesha abantu ba LT. One wud do this nokulanda ati nomba kuti twaiponona naine, nkamubuulasha

  4. This guy is juiced to the hilt. He’s got the power pellets … that’s why he refuses to take the doping test. Scared of needles my ar*e.

  5. The 100 push ups evryday is helping & am enjoy it Klapa 187.
    At first i could only do 16 but I cant do 38 for a start after 5min, 28 again after 5min 26 again 22. Am doing 3 types for a start two times befores lunch 2 times for evening & 3 or 4 times before bed. Am seen some change on my chest & its tempting me to do more.
    Thanks for your articles, continues with these beneficial articles.

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