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MMD Condemns Electoral Petitions


MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya
MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy(MMD) has condemned the move by the ruling Patriotic Front(PF) to petition over 50 seats in the just ended parliamentary elections. MMD Spokesperson, Dora Siliya has accused the Patriotic Front of attempting to weaken the opposition by opting to petition results of 50 parliamentary seats. She has further stated that the MMD will reject maneuvers to take the country back to one part state.

Yesterday, 51 Patriotic Front (PF) losing Parliamentary candidates in the September 20, 2011 general elections petitioned the election results in their respective areas.

The losing candidates have asked the court to nullify the election of the incumbent members of Parliament (MPs), saying their election to Parliament was null and void.
They also want the High Court to order for fresh elections, alleging that elections were marred with corrupt practices, intimidation, vote buying, and bribery.

And the MMD denied assertions of a power vacuum or struggle in its ranks and it has further formally announced the party presidency vacancy. Ms Dora Siliya has also announced that aspirants have up to this month-end to apply. Ms Siliya has further stated that the decision also goes for the vacant National Executive Committee positions.

Ms Siliya has attributed the MMD’s loss in the 20th September general elections to its failure to relate with the needs of urban areas. Ms Siliya has outlined water supply, improved sanitation and unemployment as among the needs the MMD did not meet.



  1. ok MMD ,now let the fire start burning.i do support DORA on the petitions as i see it as a waste of time and its also a dangerous move for PF .we need to change the political system so that if a seat is declared vacant then the runner will take it if all h/s still interested .by this will are going to channel the resources to vital projects.more over the president has appointed some of those MMD parliametarians as deputy ministers that means they stand a chance of defecting to PF as hence been fielded as their countrymen and women lets move forward and stop this nonsense of political strategy.lets put the country first.otherwise i start to think that MUSHOTA CHIMFWEMBE IS RIGHT.

  2. If the a thrid of the parliamentary elections in a general election that brought MCS to power are nullified, HE MCS election should also be brought into question. The issue then will be the integrity of the entire election. Lets remember that the same MMD resisted the temptation to rig for the Presidential election and when you talk about intimidation and bribery, even the PF is guilty.Let be reasonable bane!

  3. It is obvious that there was an attempt to rig the last election, so petitions are in order. MMD has also petitioned. Where were you planzo when MMD was running a one party state? Now that you guys have found true freedom of speech you start to abuse it, behing pseudonyms albeit. Go PF. Petition away.

  4. Madam siliya  you were busy showing your barm to people anf asking them to admire it. You haf no plan the country.Zambians are nolonger sleepy but analyse issues promised to them.

  5. I cant believe this!Wherever a PF candidate won an election then there was no rigging.Wherever MMD especially won there was rigging and there should be petitions.Rubbish by the government yabakaponya.Nzelu zauLAZO.Atase.Ba ***** imwe,be serious.PF-Pa Fyamba(Fwaka).Dont waste tax payers money bamambala,ataase!!!!!

  6. No. 1 Planzo, you’ve hit the nail on the headand for once this bedwetting alcoholic bottom shaing woman has said something sesnsible. PF should not be allowed to temper with system but should work with everybody else. Not all will agreee with them but it will create a balance in the system. That is how development is constantly checked and ushered in superior economies. Not a one party state system. Its a remedey for failure.

    Please PF and MCS debate issues when you bring them to light in pairliament with points ( Needs, Strategy, Reason, and Benefits) and you will see support from opposition.

  7. I was just having my dinner with Nick, Slow Cooked Hen’s Egg, Celery, Radish, Turnip and Sweetbreads.Nick had Parsley, Anchovy and Mace, Pickled Vegetables. and guess what I am reading this by Ms Siliya who is dressing leaves a lot to be admired

    You see is a poor country With little industries available, unemployment is high, and thus the government and PF receives little money from taxes and remains poor.The population grew rapidly, growing by over3million between 2005 and 2010, and HIV/AIDS is widespread which places a further strain on what little money the goverment has available. I think headlines like this are really upsetting.
    Let us build this poor country and looking here in our neighborhood Anniesland Jordanhill. I don’t understand Zambia


    • Your point being … Can you for a change contribute like the educated person that you claim to be? The United Kingdom has a lot of nice lunatic asylums. Enrol in one of them because they would have a use for your lunacy.  

    • Ba Mushota,I dont like the staff you’ve just been eating.You are boring most of the time.I pity you and I feel sorry for poor Nick.Enjoy your job as a maid in Ireland.

    • Ba Mushota you are revealing alot about yourself. Anniesland Jordanhill mmm i know all zedians there and you probably stretched the truth with your University of West of Scotland studies. By the way am in Hamilton West.

    • Guys let’s just stop responding to this Mushota woman, she is clearly a Lunatic and an attention seaker living in a fantasy world.

      To the matter at hand. It is a sad state of affairs when the ruling party does things without thinking of the poor. Surely that money that will be used to conduct these elections can be used to build and improve hospitals, schools, roads, develop rural areas and generally improve the standard of living of our suffering people. Pure waste of resources driven by greed.

  8. I think the petitions have no credibility. I don’t support any of those parties run by Northern Rhodesians who want to run the country into the ground before they are entombed. But it doesn’t make sense to me that parliamentary elections won would be rigged and not the presidential one. I think the PF is looking for by-elections to rig. Remember, when the MMD was rigging elections, Sata was pretty much part of it. At the time he thought he was heir apparent. I think he wants to kill the opposition in parliament. How else can you explain this?

  9. Mushota you forgot mbeba, kapenta and vinkubala on your menu, oh sorry i forgot that you are dancing to the tune of your boyfriend, whatever he does u too hahahahaha…zambian chick in diaspora suffering.

  10. @Mushota: I think that is superficial. The government can collect sufficient money from taxes. Most of the money that went towards aids was from donors. Zambians are getting almost nothing from the copper mines because somehow the government wants to appease the so-called investors. If they can’t pay taxes, isn’t it better to give those mines to Zambians? The country will be much better, and it won’t have the problem of capital flight since all the money will be banked in Zambia. Good Foreign Direct Investment is supposed to be a non-zero-sum game.

  11. @1, 2 qnd Mushota,

    How do you explain this evidence, when Dora was campaigning in her constituency she openly told people that she will only give fitenges and other materials she had to people with voter cards. Is this not flouting electral rules? This was reported in our News papers and people are their to testify.The problem with MMD is that corruption became a normal way of doing things. Well done PF. The people are ready to vote for your MPs

    • no its not, campaign materials are allowed and are not considered to be bribes. Of what use would it be to distribute campaign materials to people without voter’s cards who wont vote?

  12. Primarily dis intended 2 wiken oposition tho dats on asumption that all petitioned are nulified.I however wish nulification of some seats as this will smoothen their path 2 chimbokaila.

  13. MMD used malpractices during the campaigns. Why is Dora so apprehensive? If she is a culprit, her stay in parliament is short-lived. PF is likely to gain majority in parliament after these petitions have been dealt with by the courts. By conservative estimation PF can gain 30 seats if people can be allowed to vote again. This could be a rare chance for PF to come from behind and lead in the house. However, this rare chance can easily slip through the PF hands if the president remains adamant to dare the people who put him in power by appointing criminals like savior Chungu. This news has really caused upsets in many people who supported PF wholeheartedly.

    • Well come guyz,, its tru pf might gain majory ,bt these r elections,, if they’r so purpose is for our country  to be stable  they need to let this one slip, elections cost resources , which just had them not long ago , besides this is baseless ba PF, they shud manage to work as it is, or do they want parliament to bt PF-only , depending on there way of doin things in this 5yrs they will have they may b just a one time thing and never come back to power, this may lad to a one part state, n eventually some dictatorship,@ deep throat , i agree, with u this man has owez been there ,, even wen zambia was at its highest in coruption levels, let us nt b blinded ,, even mr Sata or pf cn rig …..

  14. This condemnation is an admission of guilt. If the MMD had nothing to worry about, they would say “bring it on”.

    But they and Dollar Sillier know that just as much as they had the judiciary in their pockets when they were in power, PF also now have the same power.

    The condemnation will go nowhere as it is clear that had MMD won the presidential election, PF would have lost any election petition.

  15. Read the electoral code of conduct before u start exposing to foolishness on this humble blog. Chitenges, caps, t-shirts and other paraphenalia with party inscriptions are allowed. This is an open and shut case.

  16. DORO IS SURE PF WILL USE GOVT MACHINERY AND INFLUENCE COURT PROCESSINGS…THE TRUTH IS THAT WE HAVE NEVER HAD FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS! PERIOD. If PF presents her cases fairly and allow the law to operate freely, that will be a first for Africa…Judgement should be on merit…PURELY ON MERIT. Doro doesnt feel this is possible because her nature and MMD is corrupt…you can see even her agrument,’because of water supply, bla bla…’you lost because you became corrupt back in 1993 and your corrupt behaviour kept on growing lost touch with people except your own kind…your bubble couldnt handle it for three decades…you lost ages ago mama!

  17. I wish those that lost to PF would petition so that even what the PF has would be nullified,they’d lose control of parly and their naked king would be left to real men.We’re tired of “with immediate effect” and “committees of inquiry” as if those being appointed by Sata are so clean and are angels.Somebody petition that presidential election too.

  18. Nine Chale…Well mannered…No matter how the Germans despise him for being black and worse still coming from Africa he still manages to say ´´Good evening´´_ ´´ I think Zambians can pick a leaf from the German model; most of the time, the Chancellor is at home dealing with internal affairs while the Federal president travels wider and plays the representative role for the nation´´ .To him everything he sees in the west is good. How dumb!

    • INDEPENDENT OBSERVER…A reservoir of wisdom and knowledge, though I think is gay _´´How can a nation have a Central Bank without a board of directors and a Governor for a month´´?…

  19. …….

    MMD Chief Bootlicker…A genius and writes with sheer wisdom, but still licking those MMD losing boots, one wonders what it feel like to lick those boots._ ´´Lets debate real issues. PF have a lot on their hand, like major defeats we are dishing for them in parliament, for their president to afford the luxury of travel´´.

    • Mushota…Perhaps the most prolific blogger of all time, a nuisance and a second class citizen in the UK. All she ever wanted in her life was to write; thank God she can now write on LT_´´ I felt really weird. My friends always tell me that I’m the Whitest Black they have ever met´´…..

  20. ….Senior Citizen…Intellectual of all times, ostensibly gone. Wrote/ spoke with exceptional English and went down with the ship (MMD).Word on the street has it that he likes little girls _ ‘Impossible for me to be coerced by any forces whose value systems I don’t agree with under the sun.´´

    • Luciferous Calyptus…An organic Intellectual, always bragging, though he is un wanted immigrant in the US_ ´´weigh your sentiments. You are exposing your mental mediocrity as well as your doucherty and assholism´´!

  21. @Mushota – I’ve been reading your blogs and wondering why you always have to mention Nick in your blogs. You sound as if you have an identity crisis. Maybe you think you White or better than your fellow Zambians for dating a White guy and living in Scotland. I live in London…. and woman you sound like a person who is so far up her arse

  22. @Mushota – And what’s this nonsense stereotyping yourself to be the elite. Come down to earth Mushota… and who cares what you eat. It’s obvious you so materialistic and shallow minded. Trust me there are much better women than you. And Dora seems to be elegantly dressed in that photo. I wonder how you dress then? Like a tart/hule I  guess. That can explain why you’ve criticised how she dresses. I Bet with all the expensive clothes you have ( you the ” elite”) you still look trashy and cheap or look like an expensive hooker

  23. @Mushota – This topic isn’t about come dine with me or about food and wine or about what you ate. Get a life!! and come down to earth Mushota! And meal you eating doesn’t sound appetising at all. So no points there!
    Oh and I read your blog about dual nationalities.

  24. In trying to gatecrash to the national assembly enmasse, the petitioners are showing questionable behaviour. They are – arguably – a canterkerous bunch who have taken from Sata’s adversarial spirit. Besides they are using a mix of spite plus a crafty conspirancy theory to get out of the cold of unemployment. Again, can we say they are blind to the real cost of their action as well as the fact that Zambia needs an opposition to be a true and credible multiparty democracy? That is doubtful. In truth, they are selfish and not being fair as Dora put it.

  25. @Mushota – And what’s this nonsense stereotyping yourself to be the elite. Come down to earth Mushota… It’s obvious you so materialistic and shallow minded. Trust me there are much better women than you. And Dor.a seems to be elegantly dressed in that photo. I wonder how you dress then? Like a tart I  guess. That can explain why you’ve criticised how she dresses. I Bet with all the expensive clothes you have – you the elite – you still look trashy and look cheap 

  26. Mo 20,25Mind your  language, and Nick is twice the man that you will ever meet. Well mannered, smiles when he has to, keeps quiet when he has to talks when he has to etc, he chose me and please either get lost or be proud of me
    I refuse to date Zambian men or African American men, don’t get me wrong i respect them very much. Dont be upset but here are some statistics I have always carried with me and they have vindicated my choice1. 61% of prisoners in the USA are black2. Less than 4% of GSCE in the UK get over 5A3. Only 23% of Caucasian compared to 41% of black weddings last forever4. More than 84% Black men have or would cheat, If given an opportunity, Caucasian only 53%
    Now you understand why I made my choice
    I don’t want to be hurt, I want to be happy forever Thanks

    • You need to do soul searching @Mushota 1. you don’t sound intelligent if anything ignorant
      2. You sound as if you full of yourself 3. You don’t know who you are – but let me remind- you black/African from Zambia and NOT White so embrace your roots and culture!

      With regards to the stats….. you sure nick isn’t seeing men on the side or dating someone on the side…. Jst asking… 
      Please White guys are just like any other bloke. Don’t flatter yourself. You get all sorts of men, good and bad regardless of race or colour. Get your head out of the clouds!!

    • Its just the blowjob that has driven you crazy, bet you also wet your bed,take alot of alcohol and cheat on your boy Nick. You should be one of those READY 4 MARRIAGE GIRLS.

  27. Dora you opened the PF eyes when your Party  openly Married HH and VOWED to frustrate the government, lets see how HH will save you now. If you won in a clean way, then all your seats are safe. Democracy go go!

  28. Zambians we have a long way in self governing because we are naive at holding those that become our leaders. Its now one month since PF took over from MMD and yet BOZ is without the board and without new BOZ Governor.This absence of legitimised personnel in an important institution is what breeds corruption. Chiluba did the same and made Musonda (former Zanaco MD) now in prison his personal clerk requesting 000s of dollars as his petty cash. Sata goes for the cental bank to be operating from state house. Zambia will be broke with Sata antics of claiming to be allegic to corruption when he is busy recruiting crooks to work for him- Chungu and others. We are realise late when our national coffers will be empty.

  29. Zambian rubbish politics!!!! MCS is president and still people claim rigging and requesting wasteful petitions. Zambia is a poor country and is this the development we were promised? Why are other parties not petitioning the elections? Are we headed to another one party state and days of UNIP? And who going to pay for all this? This scenario is reminiscent of the death of multi partism under UNIP. I think the elections commission did its job otherwise Sata wouldn’t be president. Zambia democracy is becoming a joke, democracy is about winning some and losing some – checks and balance.

  30. With the marriage vows between MMD and UPND saying they will FRUSTRATE government programmes EVEN IF they were progressive, PF HAD NO choice, but to go this way. MMD-UPND pact of frustration has caused this unfortunate, but inevitable situation. 

  31. Ee number 9 you are right. Even a child knew that there was serious electoral malpractices ever wtnessed in the history of this country. Those labelled sweets, etc so bane lts the courts to decide, me I saw it coming. In some provinces the MMD even ordered civil servants to attend meetings within government office presincts and listen to an MMD candidate. Ba Dora abo you remember how she justified the “black out” of HE Sata on ZNBC TV Radio TOZ DM?! ” Musalu wali pesamba” GOD CANNOT BE DECIEVED WHAT A MAN SOWETH SO SHALL HE REAP” GOD BLESS SWEET ZAMBIA.

  32. Who is going to fund the bye elections? Politicians should not take people for granted. If the courts decide to call for fresh elections, they the courts, must also source the funds for elections. We are not going to accept abuse of tax payers money. Former Finance Minister, Mr Situmbeko Musokotwane told us that we have in excess of $2 billion in reserves. That money should not be used on bye elections otherwise we shall pass a vote of no confidence and the culprits will be caged. Be reminded that at the end of your tenure, the govt books will be audited and those found wanting will face the full wrath of the law.  


  34. My worry is how long it will take to conclude these matters. Constitutionally a petition of this nature should be head and concluded within stipulated time so that we allow our MPs to concentrate on national issues affecting their constituencies. My appeal is therefore to our independent judiciary to rise to the occasion and hear and conclude these petitions expeditiously

  35. Dora sounds more mature than our head of state, she is exhibiting extraordinary leadership qualities. My request to madam Siliya is; please consider contesting the MMD leadership!

    Zed needs intellectual women like you….

  36. My worry is how long it will take to conclude these matters. Constitutionally a petition of this nature should be head and concluded within stipulated time so that we allow our MPs to concentrate on national issues affecting their constituencies. My appeal is therefore to our independent judiciary to rise to the occasion and hear and conclude these petitions expeditiously.

  37. Nobody will rule out that we saw massive electoral malpractices and the toothless ECZ. Had the playing field been levelled, MMD would have lost more seats and hence the reason of Mwakalombe’s resignation. However, for a growing democracy, the current allocation of seats in the National Assembly is ideally reasonable for the balance of power. Notwithstanding, we have yet to see how the political players will adhere to the electoral code of conduct during the forthcoming parliamenatry by elections in Magoye, Chongwe and Nakonde. This will serve as a litmus test for our courts to determine whether our electoral system can guarantee the curbing of electoral malpractices. If not, it will be a waste of time and rsources to be going over, again and again, with a faulty electoral system.

  38. MMD should not be afraid if they did not bribe people with bicycles,t-shirts, money and vote buying. The problem is that they know the truth and the judges they used  to command, to rule in their favor are no longer available to them. This is what happens when run a dirty campaign. 

  39. Election petitions are a democratic right and all aggrieved loosing candidates are entitled to it. Mama Siliya know very well that her party went to great lengths, cheating, bribing, fielding refugees, transporting foreigners across boarders to vote, using bums as campaign tools; the list goes on and on. surely we cannot allow this to continue but we must make sure that whoever goes to Parliament does so honestly and righteously. that is why it is called the “August house”.
    At any institution of learning, a candidate who is proved to be cheating gets disqualified. same should happen for cheating parliamentarians. 

  40. Don’t be afraid Mme Siliya the buttocks you were parading during the campaign havenot lost their texture.We shall vote for the box, i’m assuring you.

  41. If Sata wants to create a one party state again, God himself will switch off his heart again and now for good and we will have a real good bye election.

  42. #37, RB is free to petition the Presidential Results if he saw wishes so that even the little he stole frm Michael can be come to light. Its an individual candidate who feels agrieved to petition. This is the Law of the Land.

  43. I feel sorry for Mushota. These whites are known to be very abusive especially to our Black girls and i hope Mushota has not experienced this. From the way she worships her man, anything can happen to her especially even being used as a Toy. It’s very sad for our African girls.

    Coming to the petions, i think Sata is getting it all wrong and if he thinks he is still as popular as he was on 20th September, let him nullify even the Presidence so that he is shown how popular Zambians are. Come 5 years, he will be able to attract a mamoth Rally he used to attract before elections.

  44. MMD wanted to rig the elections…thats y we have these petitions…Dora dont be scared, if u re popular u will win…

  45. I thought that the elections were declared free and fair by both local and international observers? If so, why should path… f petition all the constituencies they lost? This is an unacceptable!!!!

  46. Yes petition all the seats. The MMD and Dola seliya were so corrupt. All Zambians saw how corrupt RB and the MMD became. They were so proud of corruption, insulting the PF and lackmailing the PF. Let the court decide now. Please people its a lesson to learn, dont take people for granted. MMD is now a useless political party thats heading for distruction. Go go PF.

  47. This is the reason we don’t develop.If P.F thinks that the results were rigged then let the position of the president as well be nullified otherwise its wishful and selfish thinking.By now you should have already known that we need that money for developmental agendas than this cynical,erratic and rhetoric thinking.Call for fresh elections and you will see how fast people’s minds have changed now that they have known you crooked thinking and self centredness.

  48. The petitions are in order. There was too much electro malpratices on part of MMD. The PF won simply because people insisted and ensured on change. But in some cases the MMD managed to manuver. For instance , tell me how Sylvia Masebo lost in her stronghold. Otherwise MMD rigged and even Sata should have gotten far more than 42%

  49. ka Mushota ndiwe hule, please forget about Zambia and just concetrate in whatever you are dealing in there(prostitution), moreover even without your comments, we will continue our debate than concetrating on your rubbish


  51. MUSHOTA, thanks for the statistics
    You left out one fact tho.
    Blacks i.e Black Africans can HAMP better than WHITES.
    I am sure you have experienced BOTH AND can attest to that fact!! Thats why its a THE DREAM OF ANY WHITE chick to be done by a BLACK MAMBAZO.
    Coming to BY ERECTIONS, well we dont need them. Lets wait for 2016,2021,2026 etc

  52. MMD has always rigged elections, the truth has come to bite that drunkard, bed wetting bum. A number of mmd MPs won the seats they are holding through rigging kick them out of the house and let the rightful mps into the house….Movement Mad Dogs …who let the dogs in

  53. Imwe ba Lekeni Kateka Ateke, don’t call the MP bed wetting bum naimwe. Those are Bedroom secrets which should not be discussed outside Guys. The MP was just trying to sell herself and i am sure you have seen how popular she has become. Men are now lining up to have her for a wife. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you are among the candidates bane, that’s if you are a Man.

  54. PF promised paradise and bliss; but quickly they have realized that, such fancies easily become double-edged swords, and very sharp ones, Zambian people would not brook. The recent threats to dissolve parliament by Psycho Mata, these petitions, the settling-of-scores, poaching MPs, may appear mere politics; but the aim is to create a one party state where sata (n) ism can thrive unopposed, laced with blunders and nepotism this world has never seen…

  55. MMD you have to blame yourselves, your appetite with your new found friend(UPND) to frustrate PF to fail to govrn this is a result. Surely your corruption during the just ended elections was open and no one can deny it. PF even extended a oliver leaf to work with you but opted for the marriage of convinience. Can you trust HH when he is also petioning some seats if he is your working patner? The answer is that, HH saw how disorientated, confused, hallucinating and paranoid you are after losing the elections.You had no leadership to stir the ship and a man opposed to be the president of Zambia saw your weakness and coerced you to have this marriage. Now you will see that people like Felix Mutati lost the election, lufwanyama, masaiti, Chipata central, Chongwe and Kafulafuta are examples

  56. Petitioning is a constitutional right which MMD also enjoyed. Do’nt be scared because Cifire said PF is loosing popularity, so abide to your prophet of doom’s predictions.

  57. Mmd petitioned the mufumbwe in 2009 and judge musonda nullified the election of upnd candidate what is the difference with pf petitioning this time round?

  58. MMD dont just cry,, show that you were elected because people wanted you, let people complain if things were not properly done, if you worn by an underhand you have to worry; but people have a wright to question

  59. whats wrong with the PF government. full of fools i see that. what petition for what. they want to spend more money for nothing instaed of spenind it on developmental maters. they have won and are now in governement. so why cant they first deliver what they promised in 90 days. is this the promise. uku tumpa

  60. Good move PF. Well done Winter Kabimba. Like I said before its a cut and paste issue. We all know they never genuinely won where they won.

  61. Dora I support you on this one. We don’t want to get back to one party state, PF please our people, why can’t we accept that we are in Power? We have enough, please let the Opposition mark us in our deliveries.

  62. It is foolishness for anyone to complain about the petitions . To make the matters worse of all the people citongo Dora Siliya. Mmd ,you are to blame you fools for creating such a situation because of your wanton corruption. Some other fools like kakoma are saying it is a worst of resources. Nosense ! It is democracy at play. You can’t practice your democratic rights where corruption reigns as it was during mmd’s time. It does not matter how many petitions you have but we want justice be done. It is a learson to all. Mmd ,you are costing us. Pf be aggressive balamidelela by these fools like DORA CHINOKOLE.

  63. were doing prostitution in alpah bar in lusaka .thats were you met the guy you with you are nothing but a drop out grade 9 from kitwe .you hurt zambia because you learn life the hard way and your boyfriend don’t pentret you well and you are not just babe sit yourself on internet you don’t have a use your boyfriend to come uk,hoping to find everything in pink and get marrid by him.but it dosen’t work out for you have become fat.and you are not happy been are full of cannot return to kitwe ,you stole clothes from your childhood friend and all yourfriends in kitwe knows.

  64. Emwe ba Dora chisusu,you think it was fair for you the MMD to use state funds and mechinary during campaign. would you say the petition on Goerge’s seat is unfair,imagine Kunda was using goverment mechinary up to election day, the ordering of ZNS to grade roads etc. Naewewine with your Stupid Copperbelt campaign trail were did you get the funds. Let the Courts of Law determine your wasteful victories, M******MWE.    

  65. @ Mushota, iwe ka ule, just go and buy Viagra for the poor old nick! or if you have nothing to do get busy for your job of suckin’g his dingo.

    This topic is about wheather the elections should be petitioned or not. Most Zambian people would prefer to eat nshima with free range chicken. Educated Zambian families in london still buy mealie meal, free range chicken and even rape and get a nice zambian dish. unfortunately for you, just please your master nick, you are stuck with the crappy Slow Cooked Hen’s Egg, Celery, Radish, Turnip and Sweetbreads. Please just continue eating your stuff and being treated as 2nd class while us patriotic zambians try to solve our problems.

  66. Dora for Chimbokaila 2012. More seats for PF. The rest of the seats will be grabbed like biscuits on a tea tray. MMD uzalila come 2012.

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