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President Sata and government officials pose for a photograph with Chinese diplomats and investors


President Sata with Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao outside State House


President Sata with Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao during the luncheon he held for Chinese investors


President Sata receives gifts from the Chinese


President Sata makes a toast


President Sata about to sample some Chinese dishes


President Sata talks to Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao


Russian Ambassador to Zambia Boris Malakhov talks to Chief Justice Ernest Sakala and his wife


Information, Broadcasting and Tourism minister Given Lubinda interacts with Chinese investors


A policeman tries to recue equipment from the ZANAMA offices at Chisokone market in Kitwee


President Sata when he signed the book of condolences in at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Lusaka . On the right is Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Zambia Hassan Atta


Finance Bank chairman Rajan Mathani and lawyer John Sangwa making submissions during the sitting of the tribunal on the sale of Zamtel and Finance Bank


Chairman for the committee on the sale Zamtel Sebastian Zulu and Ministry of Justice permanent secretary Mbololwa Muyaba at the sitting in Lusaka


President Sata arrives for the Thanks giving mass at St Ignatius


President Sata with Lameck Mangani and Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba


The mass procession enters the church before the start of the Thanks giving mass at Saint Ignatius


President Sata with Lameck Mangani and defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba.


Community development deputy minister Jean Kapata greets President Sata ,Lameck Mangani and defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba


President Sata talks to catholic priests Fr Joe Kearney and Charles Chilinda


President Sata kneels in prayer at Saint Ignatius catholic church


President Sata addressing congregants at Saint Ignatius catholic priest

Zambian Independence day celebrations in China







  1. The Chinese are very corrupt, they bribed the old man, thats why he u turned and now dining with them. those working in chinesse mines who belived in 90 days non-sense keep on dreaming guys

  2. Sata cannot be bribed by anyone, he has to embrace all the investors while letting them know that they need to change their working culture in Zambia and work according to the Zambian labour laws. He has not changed his stance it is just the strategy that is working. He does not need to be enemies with them to make abide by the labour laws. Nice pictures though!

  3. Interesting how Sata’s complexion has improved now that he is no longer spending a lot of time with kaponyas or should I say ‘the grassroots’! Or is it that the photographers take better shots now that he is head of state?? they make sure the lighting is ok and use better equipment??

  4. This is a report by T I as carried by BBC

    Russian and Chinese companies ‘most likely to bribe’

    Companies from Russia and China are most likely to pay bribes when doing business abroad, a survey suggests.

    The two scored worst out of 28 countries in a poll of 3,000 business executives conducted by anti-corruption group Transparency International (TI).

  5. The Netherlands and Switzerland came top, while the UK ranked eighth, just ahead of the US and France.

    Bribery was reportedly most common to win public sector works and construction contracts.
    ‘No integrity’

    “It is of particular concern that China and Russia are at the bottom of the index,” said TI in its report.

  6. ‘Cheating taxpayers’

    Survey respondents were asked to say how likely companies from each of the foreign countries were to offer back-handers.

    Bribe-paying was seen as much more common by businessmen from countries whose governments were also considered to have the least integrity, according to a separate “corruption perceptions” survey carried out by TI last year.

    The sector most affected by bribery was public procurement – where companies compete to win contracts from governments for everything from waste collection to road building.

  7. #6 What iz the relationship between dagga smocking and the colour of teeth? Else late Bob Marley and some re-known Rasta men would have black teeth.    

    • I think you smoke dagga. Of all coments, this is the only one that caught your attention. It is common knowledge that smoking stains your teeth, especially smoking unfiltered staff.

  8. The president eye focus always indicates a ‘distracted’ posture except when he is having a banter with Mangani and GBM.

    Take pic 2, he is squeezing the ambassadors hand and looking away. Pic 1, he is not looking at the camera, like a child. pic 5, someone wants a toss,he is absent monded. pic 6 someone is pointing at a dish, the president is looking at her arm instead. Pic 20, he is not in church, is he?

    on the other hand
    Pic 15 and 17 are encouraging but one wonders if this is due to the Mangani/GBM effect.

  9. Who is giving Sata jaribu, this is not the complexion we know! The presido is a restless man, he can’t even pose well for a photo, always looking elsewhere….are we camera shy??

  10. Is St Ignatious still a church or it’s now a PF arena. All those people don’t appear to be worshiping God but rather there’re there to shine and rub shoulders with the “who is who” in society.

  11. Who is making Sata’s suits? Seems like he is wearing Rupia’s left overs. They are too big for him.

  12. Who is making Sata’s suits? Seems like he is wearing Rupia’s left overs. They are too big for him. Pics 1. 2. 3.

  13. Pic 20: Is that the new praying posture ba kateka, the kneeling yes but not where you placed your hand, thats a ‘bulanda bulanda’ expression at a funeral, etc!!!

  14. picture 25, this chinese suchi is bitter, aluka monk! pictues 19 and 29 ” iwanted to be a priest” I like yo creativity ba lusaka times on this one

  15. Mr President, what about a smile, it costs nothing!
    Pic # 10, ‘recue equipment’?
    Pic # 13, Committee chairman taking a nap on duty.

  16. In the west they say that ‘In politics, there are no enemies, only national interests.’ In Zambia PF says, ‘In politics, there is don’t kubeba. Just personal interests.’

  17. Pictures no. 1 & 2: Can the person responsible for buying the President’s suits please get the correct measurements, especially the arms. The President’s fingers are barely visible. please please George Chella you are embarrasing the country the President needs to be dressed properly ama suit yaleikala pamubili kwati yakufola pa malilo. just check the way the suit is fitting the Chief Justice and the Speaker. Napapata iwe George Chella, you need custom tailored suits for the President iwe.

    • I was thinking the EXACT same thing! Awe sure! Even Guy Scott needs to be cleaned up! A good image as heads of state is ESSENTIAL!!

  18. Pic 25-Wow kanshi chinese beer ikali mwe.Umuboizi cut rubbish in the land of the choncholis.Maybe they make utujilijili ka china.

  19. Who is that women bootlicking or is it ar.selicking shamelessly in pic17? Aoneka ngati anapita ku chalichi kukapempha nchito. A Mangani ango londola ka nchito koma Satana akanilatu nakuwapatsako ka chairmanship of an inquiry or is it chairmanship of witch- hunting.

  20. Independence day cerebrations in China? Only one diplomat in A Chinese suit Mr.Matafyali can be recognized there?Others? Where it was cerebrated in secrecy then.Who organized it?
    Where was it held.Mwilabepa abantu

  21. Another person is Anita a small girl in white on Pic 23.Others are foreigners.Ufufi ba Monko? Awe bwachilamo.Ati Zambia independence mwakuti ku China.

  22. Why does the President’s security detail look overweight, tired and old these chaps look like unfit door bouncers……talking about overweight GBM you need to see your doctor Asap!!

  23. #25 Just get used to him, he’s beyond a makeover, it’s called ageing. You start looking like you’re annoyed even when you’re not, your skin looks like leather.

  24. Pic number six , even though Sata hosted the meeting looks like they decided to cook their own food. Looks like my local chinese restaurant where I pay £11.50 and eat as much as you want. JUNK FOOD and besides the chinese eat anything with 4 legs apart from a chair and a table. They also eat anything with wings apart from a plane. Anyone for sweet and sour dog?

  25. Pic#13 – That is close
    How many Thanksgiving masses are there going to be?
    Whats with the pictures with no captions?
    LT – Bush Reporters!

  26. Please find a teeth doctor for the president mwebantu. With a messed up grille like that, he could have bad breath! As if the wife is not a doctor sure!

  27. Sata is a seasoned politician, we need more of his caliber , we need sharp politicians who can keep Zambia standing all the time , dont just complain workhard win over people to yourself that is the game of politics.

  28. Zambia can not do away with the Chinese , the world has gone out to sk for help from China, including the great powers that be, just how can Zambia stay away from China, every one in this world has gone on the kneels to ask for help from China, just imagine

  29. #21 President Sata addressing congregants at Saint Ignatius catholic priest. Kaya manje ivi baLT. Do you counter check what you write about!?

  30. The cobra guy has no presidential personality.His teeth….Oh,no!!!Handshaking while looking away….what’s this?

  31. I used to be recommended this blog by way of my cousin. I am not positive whether or not this publish is written through him as nobody else recognize such targeted approximately my trouble. You are incredible! Thank you!

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