UTH suspends surgeries as Ventilation system breaksdown

Operating theatre at UTH

The central ventilation system in the main theater at the country’s largest referral hospital-UTH-has broken down.

The system malfunctioned about three days ago resulting in the suspension of vital life serving operations.

UTH Managing Director, Lackson Kasonka has attributed the breakdown of the ventilation system to the high temperatures being experienced in Lusaka.

He explains that the system in the theater has been failing to cool forcing management to switch it off to avoid effects on other machines.

Dr. Kasonka says everything is being done to avert the problem.

He however says surgeries in other wings like the Maternity ward are being done.

Several patients who are being turned away following the malfunction in the ventilation system have complained over the development.



  1. Cobra kaili do something ka. for 3 days the machines have been down and you are just preaching about how allergic you are to corruption yet you wanted to appoint chungu as PS. Get your butt to work and fix those damn machines coz we are losing lives.

  2. High temperatures? Can he validate this claim. I doubt if the systems are properly maintained. Fire fighting approach at its peak. People never maintain vital equipment until the alarm goes off. Sad indeed

  3. Kasonka’s theories leave you thinking whether he went to school enough. Ventilation system at UTH theaters does not double as a cooling system, it simply moves air from point A to point B. This is an electrical failure of the fans to push air around epela….

  4. Ba Sata,please can you please find proper managers to run U.T.H.Those boys so called
    Managing Diectors need to go back to the ward where they belong;they are technocrats and
    not managers.You can head hunt proper mangers within or even outside the country.

  5. this stuff happens even in developed countries but the response time to the incident is what matters. We shall see how long it will take to fix the problem at UTH.

  6. and your mps are petioning results so that money is spent for elections instead of hospitals please peeople open ure eyes lets just take out all thhese old politicians we need fresh blood thy have failled us again we just keep bringin them back we need to get rid of them once and for all im just tired of all this nonsense how many years afta independence it a big joke that it can even be reported and we just sit

  7. This is an emergency it requires extraordinary attention. Authorities from the health ministry should call for help from experts such as the mines. Organizations with such skills are encouraged to come forward and render emergency assistance to save our precious lives.

  8. its sad to know that the entire UTH has no back up system for such ocurances..come on pipo we can do better..

  9. As # 11 has said our country can do better, where are the engineers to deal with such issues-ventilation system in our biggest hospital, lives are being lost!

  10. how has the LEVY HOSPITAL been roped in to contain the crisis? it is a new hospital and must help. no coordination

  11. Please tell the truth.is it that there is no oxygen to use on patients when operating or that the ventilation systems to cool theatre rooms are down?lets tell the truth.operations are being cancelled because there is no oxygen probably due to poor planning.ventilation has also been bad for a long time.those operating theatres are very hot.airconditioners are not working.Please plan properly and save lives

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