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Sata directs new Attorney-General to establish the legality of online papers and disolves ZNBS board


Attoney General Mumba Malila

President Sata has directed newly appointed Attorney-General Mumba Malila to investigate the legality of the many small newspapers and on-line publications operating in Zambia that are bent at spreading falsehoods about him and the Government.

Speaking when he swore in Mr Malila and Ms Rosewin Wandi as Attorney-General and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) director general at State House, respectively President Sata said there was too much corruption at ZNBS which needed to be addressed.

“Two of you have been once victims of witch- hunt, you have come back because you deserve to be what you are. There is too much corruption at ZNBS. ZNBS is not doing business and I can not see how the board can appoint a woman and pay her K56 million, now K56 million per month by an organisation which is not making money! “ This is the same organisation where somebody irregularly pumped U$98 million. I have with immediate effect dissolved the board of ZNBS and I have appointed a commission which will be headed by Mr Mwila Lumbwe,” President Sata said.

He said the commission would also have representation from the ACC and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and other members. On the mushroomed internet and newspaper publications, Mr Sata tasked Mr Malila to authenticate the legality of such publications in line with the law which required that they are registered. “Last year when we were preparing for elections, these so called unregistered internet  (publications) and newspapers said Mr Sata had collapsed, Mr Sata is very sick, Mr Sata has died and yesterday the whole Eastern Province (was made to believe) that Mr Sata was dead.

[pullquote]There is too much corruption at ZNBS. ZNBS is not doing business and I can not see how the board can appoint a woman and pay her K56 million, now K56 million per month by an organisation which is not making money! “[/pullquote]

“So, I am not asking for a witch- hunt, but you as Attorney-General, let us enforce the laws of this country because all these internets are all orchestrated by the UPND,” Mr Sata said. The President said that last year the on-line publication, Watchdog, which he said was UPND peddled lies that he was dead, he was too sick, when in fact not. “It is all UPND and I am not going to start a witch-hunt and as they are saying now, yesterday I was dead, today I am standing here, maybe I have so many lives because even before elections I was dead, in 2009 our brothers got some fake doctor who told them Mr Sata would die before 2009 and came into a pact, come 2009, I did not die, come 2010, I did not die.

“They pull out of the pact and now they are still peddling lies, what type of politicians are these that want to survive on other people’s blood? He urged Mr Malila to re-enforce the law and assist the police and all investigative agencies in that regard.

President Sata also noted that his administration would not rush into taking people to court without gathering enough evidence to warrant convictions. “Only when we are ready shall we take people for prosecution, we don’t want to rush. You remember Mr Malila and Ms Wandi, the so-called Task Force, people were going to court for seven years, and the so-called prosecutors were getting K100 million per month for three convictions.

[pullquote]“Only when we are ready shall we take people for prosecution, we don’t want to rush. You remember Mr Malila and Ms Wandi, the so-called Task Force, people were going to court for seven years, and the so-called prosecutors were getting K100 million per month for three convictions.[/pullquote]

“Three convictions for seven years, I think these are things we need to improve, let us only go to court when we are ready, to say we have a case to go and present to the courts, let us not use courts or use the police for politics,” Mr Sata said.

He noted that there was so much injustice in Zambia and wondered how a person sent on forced leave for more than three years could continue drawing a salary. “Who is cheating who? If you send a person on leave, and then you continue paying them a Permanent Secretary’s salary, they are still getting all the benefits? In my opinion this is corruption,” Mr Sata noted.

He congratulated Mr Malila for bouncing back as Attorney-General and Ms Wandi on her new appointment as ACC boss. Mr Sata said he had trust that the two appointees would discharge their duties diligently and urged them to show Zambians that they were better than those that were there. The President also took a swipe at Secretary to Cabinet Joshua Kanganja and his team for keeping him waiting at the office.

“I don’t believe in the Secretary to Cabinet because he is always misleading me. I was here waiting for the Secretary to the Cabinet, he is taking his time with his staff and I had to go back to my office. This is the Government you are running,” Mr Sata said.

And Mr Malila welcomed his appointment and stressed that he understood the challenges that lay ahead in the job but that he was equal to the task. “We shall review areas of bad administration, let me also state here that online publications and newspapers are supposed to be registered and so we shall countercheck the many on the market to see if they followed the law,” Mr Malila said.

[pullquote]“We shall review areas of bad administration, let me also state here that online publications and newspapers are supposed to be registered and so we shall countercheck the many on the market to see if they followed the law,” Mr Malila said.[/pullquote]

Ms Wandi said she felt honoured and humbled with the confidence President Sata had placed in her and as such she would not let the nation down. Earlier, the President also hailed the cordial ties that Zambia had continued enjoying with Sweden and hoped the two countries would solidify such ties. He said this when he received letters of credence from the new Swedish ambassador to Zambia Lena Nordstrom.

Ms Nordstrom reiterated her country’s continued support to Zambia’s various sectors of the economy and the fight against HIV/AIDS programmes. She congratulated President Sata on his election as head of state and commended the peaceful transition of power process.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Sata is trying to do what Banda tried and failed. Freedom of speech is a great thing. Let watchdog write what they want about him he should just ignore those dogs.

  2. The president appoints these egoistic people because ‘they have been witch hunts’ / The man is appointing people who were wronged in the previous regime?

    He has ended up removing even the people that were doing a sound job because he keeps reminding the country he is a president.
    There is a lot of amateurish and quiet frankly an evident chip and a question mark on the competence of this man to be a president

    I shall not return back until the soul and integrity of this poor country is bestowed by having a working government and not simply be filled by these ‘dead woods’


    someone pass the puke bucket please!


    • This so called Mushota girl/lady or whatever gender it has is not educated. She probably works in some hospital wherever she is bathing and cleaning old peoples dirt. I have lived in Europe and met some Zambians living around and what they do…just go back to Zambia and u will be shocked at what u will find.I work in Europe but as soon as im done i will go back, im Zambian…What are u mushota?

    • Mushota,I agree with you.The man is so incompetent and is not Presidential material.We are watching every move he’s making.THE DICTATOR AT WORK.

  3. I reckon it right to have all news establishments registered with the state…we need order-BUT i still think that the President should quietly persue an improvement of quality of life for Zambians, we are big enough to see and notice change in the delivery of service…through this his party will surely get support from the people and our dear UNDP still struggling with a tribal issue are still firmly in Zambians minds as a party that needs a complete overhull…Carry your mendate with pride, work hard Sir and let time sort out UNDP…there is nothing to fear…other than the inefficient delivery of flourishing lives…

  4. Ya we told you Sata was a dictator and you doubted. We told you Sata would gag freedom of expression and you doubted. We told you MMD policies had led to free media and freedom of expression and you doubted. Now the geany is out of the bottle. It is show time baby.

    I miss my president Rupiah Bwezani Banda, who allowed us to call him all sorts of names from humpyy dumpty, Toad face, child molester for marrying a young wife, marcopolo for his travels, Kanitundila, you name it, all unprintable words, but he never threatened to gag places where as citizens we can vent anger and frustrations on our politicians.

    I miss My President Rupiah Bwezani Banda. I wish we could Bwezani Banda

    • Be real and stop talking garbage. Do you know “your” president never moaned about being called all sorts? Cos he was raking it in daily through Zambia’s resources. It seems a lot of you out here in the blogsphere are worried about the change that’s taking place in mother Zambia, and for good reason you should be! MMD and associates have corrupted Zambia to the core and we are now witnessing this from those afraid of change. We had to go through it when MMD came into power, over time we got used to the changes, and now we must go through it with PF, grow up n get used to it. Your time’s up!

  5. Maybe sata needs to be reminded that zambian law will only work on servers that are domiciled in zambian jurisdictions.. The internet is a place where opinions good and bad will reside whether he likes it or not. The problem with online news sites is from the comments and from the flags you can see that most people are in places that the AG has no control over. If someone in america talks falsehoods about Sata theres absolutely nothing he can do , 

  6. These 2 above where not the best men to have done the job, corruption will remain in zambia. A recent report i read here in the evening standard on zambia’s scale of corruption was staggering

    People don’t realise that apparently: estimates that lower income households spend an average 2-3% of their income on bribes, while rich households spend an average of 0.9% of their income.
    In Zambia Research findings by the African Development Bank indicate that corruption leads to a loss of approximately 50% of tax revenue, which in some instances is a greater amount than a country’s total foreign debt, and Zambia was included in this.
    , it was estimated that up to 12bn dollars in aid for Africa ended up in foreign bank accounts, from Zambian leaders……..

  7. The African Development Bank estimates that lower income households spend an average 2-3% of their income on bribes, while rich households spend an average of 0.9% of their income.
    These figures and results illustrate that corruption in Zambia is perceived to be both widespread and costly, by diverting assets away from their intended use. While this result does probably not come as a surprise, it may be worth pointing out that although some African countries are perceived to be extremely corrupt, others, such as Botswana, Zambia,Tunisia, South Africa, Mauritius and Namibia do not fare badly in international comparisons. 


    • Mushota,
      Given your CV,I guess it will only be right that you back to Zambia and be that change would want to see.Scotland is the way it is because its people sacrificed.Rather than being an arm chair critic,i believe you can come home instead of you saying you will only make your self available when things are right.Am made to believe that its when the citizenry of Zambia realise that those in power have been put there to represent their interest not otherwise that we will begin to develop.I for one ,is fed-up to hear you boast of how nice  Scotland is.You ve cited some of your personal accomplishment in terms of education,great.My sister please come and prove yourself.I have no doubt that from your writing and contributions on this blog that you love Zambia.Come home.

  8. It’s good that Pres Sata wants to explore the possibility of registering on-line papers. The state will learn that cyberspace is limitless. Policing stuff in cyberspace will expose the state to technology proper and they may discover that they should place it schools and public places because of it’s advantages. They’ll see why guys on sites like these, spend long hours imbibing on information good or bad. They will get to know the power of information.

    The ministry of information, broadcasting etc should be the lead in this ‘exploration’….they will become ‘wiser’

  9. “So, I am not asking for a witch-hunt, but you as Attorney-General, let us enforce the laws of this country because all these internets are all orchestrated by the UPND,” Mr Sata said.

    Uhhh…… no witch-hunting yet in his instructions to the Attorney General, Mr. Sata concludes that all these internets (…whatever that means) are being orchestrated by UPND?

  10. I am PF and I have to say I do not agree with this from HE MCS. Infact we should be looking at increasing accessibility to the net by Zambian people. It`s up to people to decide what they want to listen to. If these guys are peddling lies then take them to court.

    It is easy to find where ZWD is.

    • I think that’s why he has directed the AG to look into the matter, so if such malicious rumours are being spread then people WILL be taken to court. I don’t why people are going nuts about what the man has said. Every Zambian deserves president or not deserves protection by such laws, in the long they can only beneficial to the country. If the President breaks the law and witch hunts are instigated then in time, he himself will face the law.

  11. Mr President, my honest advice to you is that you dont worry about the Zambian Watchdog or any other publication that may seem to be critictical of your administration. These are necessary for checks and balances in a democracy. “Bwana anikonde” media publications are not good for you because they can easily mislead you as happened to all your predecessors who had been misled by state media that they were popular when the situation on the ground was just the opposite. Sor, Mr President, welcome criticism, no matter what form it takes, for as long as it does not amount to an insult,

  12. Humans are human. Those who throw insults get angry when insults are directed at them. Case in point – every blogging site with weak or selective moderation. Registration will draw a line between those who are being Internet journalists and investigating stories to corroborate information and all pretenders to the news throne. It is not only Zed who wish they could control the Internet. Western governments are scratching heads too:)

  13. Mushota, I really wonder which MBA,CIMA and ACCA you possess. Your analysis on issues are so pathetic. Your spellings tayabako.

    • Dont stress yourself Costitutional Lawyer, she has none. she looks after old people in Europe, im saying it coz i have met some Zambians who do that here and prtending they have normal jobs. If Mushota is what she says she is i can invite her to come to the place where i am or i visit her and prove her wrong that she is nothing but …God know what. I have a job in Europe and i will be back to Zambia as soon as im done.

  14. Gaging online papers will be a challenge for the PF as these dont need to have an established business premises. I can run an online paper from home, how then will they inforce a law to have me registered by the registrar of companies, who probably in incompetent with online tabloids. I also note with dismay the fact that the PF’s reason for gagging these papers is becasue of their negative reporting that MCS was dead. Your excellence, their will be more issues to come than what you have just read.

  15. The London riots showed that in the UK people deemed to be inciting violence via Facebook were imprisoned and not immune just because they were online. That being said I like the freedom of speech which can at times mean reading distasteful thoughts. It is down to us to change our new culture of contempt for the sake of it. If you know what I mean…

    • You miss the point. Rioters in the UK were caught because they live in the UK. What about people outside the UK who were inciting violence? The police in the UK could not arrest them. The PF government will be wasting money to try to silence online newspapers whose servers are outside the Zambian jurisdiction. It shows how ignorant Pres Sata is about the workings of the internet. Nobody owns the internet.

  16. All ruthless dictators suffer from paranoia and this man is showing all the signs of a dictator in the making. What he forgets is that the Zambian people are more mature and can see through people like him. We have suffered enough under these recycled politicians. PF honeymoon will be over before it even begins. The internet does not belong to Zambia and it’s virtually impossible to police. He should learn from Gadaffi and Laurent Gbagbo otherwise he will go the same way. 

  17. Mushota,Given your CV,I guess it will only be right that you back to Zambia and be that change would want to see.Scotland is the way it is because its people sacrificed.Rather than being an arm chair critic,i believe you can come home instead of you saying you will only make your self available when things are right.Am made to believe that its when the citizenry of Zambia realise that those in power have been put there to represent their interest not otherwise that we will begin to develop.I for one ,is fed-up to hear you boast of how nice  Scotland is.You ve cited some of your personal accomplishment in terms of education,great.My sister please come and prove yourself.I have no doubt that from your writing and contributions on this blog that you love Zambia.Come home.

  18. The Zambia Watchdog should be the least of your concerns. You 90 days are running out. Just focus on your promises MCS. 

  19. No. 15 Constitutional lawyer, she simply lifts whole paragraphs from other people’s works, that’s why she doesn’t even check her sentences, grammar and truthfulness of whatever she “lifts!”

  20. if watchdog severs aren’t in zambia he can’t touch them the best he can do is do what the middle east and china are doing by blocking sites bt. i don’t see how that would be allowed for 2 reasons 1) its expensive 2) its against the Constitution freedom of speech…..of course you can’t say anything you want as you’ll be in breech of of ours laws like defamation of character etc etc

  21. We always fail to make a demacation on freedom of expression and lies fabrication.People go to court for defamation and face terms.Hatred won’t take us anywhere

  22. I have good news for those who have been distracted by an alleged woman called Mushota. She is a man. He pretends to be a woman going out with a caucasian man and provides irrelevant details that are usually way off topic. Now today she, sorry he, is talking coherently? I had a drink with this gender imposter and after a few drinks, he disclosed his true identity and what fools he thought those who believed he was a woman were.

    So, Mr. Mushota, your gender and identity are safe because the internet is made that way. Not because you are clever. So, lets please stick to the real issues. We will still accept your opinion even if you are a paranoid schizo or the woman in a homosexual relationship, It is your input that matters, so chill

  23. Im deeply troubled at the Labour Minister`s scraffy white beads, Mr. Shamenda. Does he want to look like Mr. speaker in that white cap. Mwami dont you know where to buy razabrades or the commonly known TOOPAZOO blades. Hey! CHINEKE!, next time the speaker should authorise for the use of a grinder to clean that troublesum chin.

  24. I think Sata is a tribalist.Why is it that most of his appointments are from the same region?Look at the attorney general and many key positions.Why doesnt he fire Kanganja?The man has been badly abused by Sata.If i were him,i would resign.He wants to shut down the hostile!who said the media and internet bloggers are friendly?He befriended Membe and he thinks thats the way to go.Why attack upnd?As a president that is totally wrong.He should use diplomancy and dialogue.My president lets me down.We are surely in trouble.ANGER,VENGEANCE,RETRIBUTION.HATRED seem to be everywhere in Mr Sata’s vocabulary.ukuteke imbwa mano ,ukuteke imbwa mucipyu shikaya.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  25. This is a futile exercise. HE MCS should learn to tolerate and accommodate divergent views. Such utterances only gives credence to those who say he is a dictator.

    Having said that, it is also only right for the media to use the power they hold wisely. It is time the media started self regulation. Gutter journalism as practised by ZWD and The Post should be discouraged.

    • does me spreading lies about you such as ‘u’re dead’ OR ‘u’re sick’ etc amount to my view/opinion?? OR shall we call a spade a spade…IT IS A LIE!! so dont confuse LIES/DECEIT with VIEWS/OPINIONS!!

  26. Come on ba Cobra.Where is the freedom of the press ? Please bakateka take it easy.Some of us are not ready to jump off the ship right now but ngayachilamo we won`t hesitate to part company.It is actually those online papers that also contributed to your win.But anyway it is still donchi kubeba for now.

  27. ba no 27 how do you know

    so you are also the transvestite i met las week te?

    landeni sense not senseless

    iwe ka mushota where have you dug such data

  28. The key word is “on-line publications operating in Zambia” but this is the internet he is talking about here..which is frankly out of his jurisdiction instead of highlighting some websites hence increasing web traffic, Michael should just do his work and prove them wrong.

  29. All governments are the same. Sata is not the only one having problems with the internet. In the U.S. a US judge ruled Twitter must release the details of a certain M/s Jonsdottir’s account and those of two other Twitter users linked to WikiLeaks. Her Twitter account was under scrutiny from the Justice Department because of her involvement last year with WikiLeaks’ release of a video showing a US military helicopter shooting two Reuters reporters in Iraq. which the US authorities want to use to try and build a case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange citing it as a huge blow for everybody that uses social media.. “We have to have the same civil rights online as we have offline,” she said..

  30. Much as I hate the ZWD’s obsession with Sata’s death I dont think Sata’s approach is the right way. All he needs to do is develop a thick skin when it comes to crticism like his predecessor did.

  31. As much as i hate that shambolic trabalist website ZWD, my advise to them is to register that website abroad in the name of freedom of expression on proxy servers lets see much resources Michael and his AG will commit to closing it down!!


  33. I wonder what goes on in Sata’s head or is he just a chilila lila.  I think on this one Zambian’s made a missed call.
     Sata please force on real issues, than crying like a girl.  Remember you are the President and people will talk , all you have to do is prove yourself in your work than with your  chilila lila mouth.               

  34. Pattembo is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
    Pattembo: Mushota (No8), you plagiarise the words ,,,,,, “Household expenditure: The African Development Bank estimates that lower income households spend an average 2-3% of their income on bribes…….” without crediting the source (wwwdotu4dotno/helpdesk/helpdesk/query.cfm?id=20). Perhaps your small brain is not able to think from your own mind. It is bloggers like you that Sata wants to get rid of. You want to portray a picture of know it all…. you stink!

  35. I agree with Sata, WHY? because Zambia watchdog is a useless paper. Even on the comments if you contribute positively to an issue they delete it. Unlike the way lusaka times is. LT allows people to write anything andd only delete bad language etc. Zambian Wtachdog reports lies instead of truth with evidence. Professional journalism even in America John F.Kenndey said to the journalist in his speech that they have freedom of press but they should report things they can back up with evidence. Michael sata was reported dead several times is that TRUE?

  36. oh men..! Stop the bullshit Michael Stanyoko – else the Technology wil mess u up.! The power of Internet is beyond PF imaginary dreams of witchhunting.

  37. MCS is president of Zambia and now he should learn to tame his tongue and tone down on his rantings. His statement that he can not see why the ZNBS board can appoint a woman and pay her K56million, ON THE FACE OF IT appears to be gender insensitive as he may be deemed to have preferences based on gender for certain offices. Maybe extra lessons in grammar and public speaking would assist.

  38. Sata is deluded if he thinks he can take on the Internet. Is this man that ignorant. Kwena our country is one big lost opportunity.

  39. The Media is there to tell the truth… Lets us not mistake freedom of expression for lies. 1. ZWD publishes a fake story that Sata has received money from Afganistan and Taiwan and will sent Zambian youths to fight in Sudan and Afganstan- This is a lie even before u complete the heading 2. ZWD publishes a childish email from Given Lubinga to Winter Kabimba purporting that he was against the idea of sending youths to Afganstan- Another with badly constracted grammer. 4. ZWD alleges that Sata fainted upon arrival in Nalolo- Another lie 5. ZWD lies that Sata was very sick some two weeks before the election 6. Yesterday, the ZWD carried a story saying that Sata was Very sick at state house and that is why he had not been seen in public and the Catholic Bishops went to pray for him- Lie

  40. Mr Sata is right on this one but the only problem is that you can not regulate the internet because of different geographical jurisdictions. What Mr Sata can do however is to find a mechanism of blocking the perceived Online papers from being accessed in Zambia, again this will be an exercise in frustration because Zambians are over the world have access to different sites on the net. The best way forward is to completed do away with internet in Zambia and go back to Stone age. Hahahahh… be careful with the Internet it has power to remove dictators from office. See what is happening in North Africa and the Middle East. Wapya munzi!

  41. I don’t like The Post, the Zambian Watchdog, Zedleaks, the Washington Times, the Zambia Daily Mail but I read all of them regularly and I would never accept for anyone to try to muzzle or close them down. Mr. Sata, get with it, this is a free world, don’t try to get us back to the Kaunda days when only the good about KK was news.

  42. Let malila try to sensor the Internet, he probably will suceed after 40 years!! Sata dream on, its nice to see that you think UPND has anything to do with the views of the enlightened citizens on the internet.

    Good luck!

  43. Oops!! Just when you think that the worst is over, the unthinkable happens. Zambia is a member of the UN and the universal declaration of Human rights article 19 states that: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Furthermore, Zambia is a Democratic nation and freedom of speech is one of the tenets of democracy. Gagging the media will portray a negative image and alienate our country which may result in dire consequences. Remember also that freedom of speech fosters transparency, something true investors consider.

  44. The government has enough skewed coverage from the public media and it is sometimes so clichéd that it puts people off who then yearn for something different; some kind of fresh air. As people we want to hear the flip side or the alternative and ultimately make our own judgments as the consumers .The gov needs to know that sometimes you gotta take the bite and sometimes you gotta take the charm

  45. Fascinating 2 note that even th Serpent HE Michael Sata blogs th ZWD. The only problem is that it choks him wth anger! Regulating the Internet Publications simply bcoz he thnks they’re ‘orchastratd by UPND’ is ridiculous. Besides, cyber space is way 2 much 4 him 2 control. Learn 2 coexist Cobra evn wth those tht don’t find as inspiring,amusing,incorruptble or action orientd as Kaponyas. We’ll see where ths gets u.

  46. Legality of online publications? Bwana most of these online blogs are run from overseas including Nyasa Times (UK) and Tumfweko (U.S) posing as Malawian and Zambia publications respectively. Wonder how Mumba Malila will have jurisdiction on these virtual publications. If he fails, then he should get the boot because that is the yard stick of his success or failure….

  47. Sata(n) will not manage to intimidate us.If he wants to enjoy his freedom as Republican President let him respect Freedom of Expression/Speech.He is a Dictator by nature we know that already.But intimidation may land him in serious problems.He may not finish his term.I mean it.UNIP days wont work in our day.We wont allow that.BY WHATEVER MEANS!!!!

  48. Dammit i’m mad spelled backwards is dammit i’m mad.I say so bcoz Sata used to send out bad or false vibes on MMD now he gets back what he sent too.Intolerant folks are quick to cast aspersions on others yet thin skinned to overreact when its them.What of Sata’s lies that RB was a foreigner,what of him threatening the Chinese,what of him on TV getting mad at BBC journalists for asking questions he couldn’t stand.Sata accept you have a short temper,intolerant & thin skinned or too hard headed to accept things that don’t please you with an open mind.

  49. This is the problem of having a Dinosour President…China is struggling with the same stupid thing of preventing freedom of speech…Sata must be get some tutorial of 21st Centuries politics, technology and global economy…

  50. I sincerely hope the President does not invest time and energy into what is now becoming apparent as a witch hunt for ZWD. It looks likely that state machinary has now been unleashed and undoubtedly Malila has to toll the line and find some legality in pushing for registration/licencing. However, it would work and it will be a wasteful exercise simply because it will be impossible to regulate blogging on the net. ZWD can simply change its adage to suggest that its an online blog about Zambia and there and then its out of the category of online news(paper). The following is there and no doubt I will continue to blog.

  51. Good evening

    I think we have to mark the president’s words carefully here. He is not against internet or freedom of speech. He is against those using the internet to pepetrate lies and create an atmosphere of political uncertainty in the country.

    This may sound “repressive” at first glance but if you look at the broader view, you will see the need for regulating information dissemination on the internet. The government will intervene where it sees deficits and put in place laws that benefit the masses and not individuals.

    In fact, it is not only in Zambia where gov’t is concerned about damaging effects of internet publications. There has also been more talk about monitoring internet usage in the UK, especially after the riots.

  52. All dictators, corrupt and incompetent leaers have one thing in common; they hate a free media and love to keep an ignorant citizenry. Sata has all the government media and the The Post to his side, why is he so scared of the Zambian Watchdog, a small online blog? Sata should know that there is more pressure coming for him. Running a country is not easy, especially these days.

  53. Well I wonder why most bloggers are suprised because you were told the man is a dictator and you refuted. Now see the cobra in action. Dont complain because you were warned. Just shut up and accept the cobras venom. You must pay for your decision

  54. Satana mambala william Band malukula. Death sentence on journalist? Chanda Chimbwi? So u think u can dance? Wilalila hushhhhhh… Feel the heat so soon? Boma ni Boma. Viva Sata. Cipuba cesu…I love my president. Do you?

  55. Mr President ignore the publications. Focus on bread and butter issues. We will remember u for providing mealie meal. Lubinda shud address such issues.

  56. online publications dont need registration in any country cos they can publish anything on zambia even frm china. he has allowed a malawian private tv station to broadcast frm zed wat a contradtiction.

  57. Zambians have never experienced what dictators do to their nationals other than seeing Zimbabweans streets of Lusaka without realistic business but survival efforts. That must not be allowed in Zambia on account of expressing our opinion with whatever media used. We live in virtual world where prohibition of sharing information is a universal right. The aims and aspirations of Mr Sata with his Attoney General will yield shame for themselves. MMD tried it and Sata through The Post was heard by Zambians.
    The Islamic Arab world, China and all other regimes against freedom of expression have miserably failed and Sata PF won’t be exception. The civilised and free world will win at end of day.

  58. Ba Mushota lelo mwakambako mwanzelu – you have spoken sense. This is at least what we expect you to discuss and not discussing youself and Nick having some fun or whatever. But to shut down online papers does not make sense for this “intellectual” Sata. Instead it can seriously destroy him. Let him just do the right things and no one will write about wrong things about him. OR IS IT BECAUSE THE GUILTY ARE ALWAYS AFRAID. So stupid for a well meaning president to concentrate on small issues that can even build him. Anyway we told you that this intellectual is far from being presidential material. Nimarubbbbbbishhhhhhhhhh!!!!!And why so much emphasis on him dying – will he live forever or what? I end here!

  59. We didn’t know Zambia Watchdog belonged to UPND just as Lusakatimes covers Mr Sata PF favourably as its own. Mr Sata informed Zambians that he will grant a license to a foreign broadcasting stationed in Zambia to broadcast resistance and opposition to a neighboring country. That needs to be investigated for Zambia to be meddling in neighbouring countries politics and can strain relationships between neighbours. Let the president begin to think over what he says before said and done. Its for this reason that on-line blogging and SMSs, tweetering, facebooking etc. take over inplace of prohibited other media by Sata and A/G virtual media takes their place.

  60. This is a simple job of the registrar of societies and not the president. All jobs are at state house now looks like its only the president working. This is wrong let others work as well. Sata is just interfering everywhere

  61. I am already bored with Sata, personally, he is not doing much for much at the moment other than hearing the same statements “there is too much corruption” or “….with immediate effect”. I maybe in to much of a rush to see change in Zambia and failing to realise that Sata has only been in power for less than 3 months. But he promised so much in the campaigns that everyday that passes am waiting to see that change, but alas. Same old story of dissappointments.

  62. Why does this viper cobra want To take us into derelium  does he even know what cyberspace or online radio ? Yu have no control. N way we told u Sata is not a serious leader the guy is just lost touch

  63. N way what can you expect from a 90yrs old dictator . He is talking about the future which he will never even see or step into

  64. Dr. Joshua Kanganja, it is now very clear that Sata is about to fire you and replace you with one who hails from his region. Please do not resign until he fires you and we north westerners are keenly watching his appointments. We know that he will replace you with a person that can not match your credibility, experience and performance; just as RB did to Ephraim Mateyo former IG of Police. Sata may not make it for the second term.

  65. Sata will be short lived. what is he up to. sure this man has won and i still dont understand why he is still not too secure. he is hurting people every day. why is he worried of the online paper. what will the zambians abroad read then. sata you are an *****.you are the most fool that Zambia has ever had. and its really a sad thing that you still have more years to go. but if you continue Go will silince you in his own way. so before you close online paper, let me reapet that you are a fool

  66. Freedom of speech and expression is one thing, Ethical Journalism is another. I think ethical Journalism is what is missing in ZWD reporting. Only if ZWD could draw a line between hatred and ethical journalism will it be a relyable paper. Personaly i just look at the biased headline and close the page. Lies are a wate of time. its a busy world.
    I don’t think Sata is a tribalist. i think Sata is appoint people who stood by him when he was in opposition. Its would be *****ic to appoint someone on tribal grounds. Sata is looking at credentials. People on this blog stop dividing the country. just continue enjoying the beauty you never worked for in the Diaspora.

  67. Zambians i was disappointed on friday during Budget presentation where Chishimba kambwili called UPND members as Bantustan. This happened when the minister of finance announced that they have increased allocations to councils, then Kambwili shouted in Bemba on top of his voice and I quote “Atishani ba bantustan namumfwa”, this language was so pathetic calling your friends in parliament a house of laws. The PF government will really divide zambia with such words, this is the time when they are suppose to unit zambian where even those who had doubts about them could have gained confidence. Shame really on kambwili, his language is so pathetic.

  68. Ladies and Gentlemen; I see nothing wrong with someone calling for the registration of the Newspapers in the cyberspace. The Americas; UK, China, Russia … have got laws to this effect. Please don’t limit your minds to an extent where you get blinded by the “1 minus 2 is IT CAN”T”. This should be seen a rather a good challenge for our Government ministries to venture into real ICT implementation. It’s high time ZICTA (or is it Coms authority) did it’s work. I wonder where freedom of speech comes impeded in when someone wants to have the various “mouthpieces” register with the government … someone educate me on this blog!

  69. Hahahahaha. # 79, in Parliament they insult, bully and physically fight each other. Its not only in Zamba but i agree with you on the language. Kambwili need to be more diplomatic being a Foreighn affairs Minister, however, im not sure if parliament sittings are exceptional

  70. The fact that HE MCS is indeed in fine health should be the reason to dump the accuracy of the reporting by Zambian on-line papers, and SHOULD NOT be the reason to ban them. Mr. Sata needs to smell the coffee and wake to realize that Zambia has moved on from the days of dictatorship to a free people free to do whatever they want in their lives. If reading gossip and falsehoods makes them entertained in absence of propers social facilities, whose fault then is it for denying them such facilities?

  71. Amwanta a Kanganja dont resign let him fire you.We know he hates North westerners,We are a watching and watching and watching,

  72. K56,00.00,00. For One Operative and yet you keep on saying that zambia is poor. That organisation does not even make profit. Shame!….

  73. I agree that ZWD style of reporting is alarmist, they fabricate stories, they distort and twist information, they demonise the president at every turn. ZWD is far from professional. Every time you visit their site you are guaranteed to find a story that will leave you vexed and annoyed at the blatant misinformation. 

  74. What does the law says? It says, everyone has the right to freedom of expression provided it does not injure others. Do not jst ponder on freedom of expression without further getting down to its clause on parameters of the freedom of expression. How honestly can you go out and publish that mr. Nsala is dead and tomorrow you see him on tv giving directives? Its unprofessional and such reporters are opposition to the said dead. They need to be stamped out, we need order in zambia. Long live HEMSC longlive HEMSC. Amen

  75. But Mr president this the 21 century Sir ! u are a head of state so why not just sit back & 4get the gossip.situnga ibbale internet simply bcoz info is necessary.As 4 the appointees, congratulations, we expect u to clean up these corrupt & unauthorized firms. 

  76. Sata agrees with RB on the Task Force for courrption.
    This is exactly what RB said when he disbanded the Task Force and every one including The Post accused RB of being corrupt.
    “Three convictions for seven years, I think these are things we need to improve, let us only go to court when we are ready, to say we have a case to go and present to the courts, let us not use courts or use the police for politics,” Mr Sata said.

  77. i guess ba ZWD warned us that Sata wanted and PF are planning to close it some bloggers said its a lie now Sata has said it in his mouth what do they have to say????

  78. No one can underestimate the power of the Internet. It symbolises freedom of expression as seen in the middle-east revolution. China simply blocks certain information it does not wish their public to consume despite the practice being unethical and oppressive. Sata’s move is a bit tricky because no single person or organization controls the Internet in its entirety. Zambia  needs rigorous backing of the law to achieve this, but I don’t see how when up to now some key elements of the ICT policy launched in 2007 have not even been embraced by policy makers? Even in the recent budget no funds were allocated to the nation’s Cyber security or tech investments in Govt? With such mentalities how do they separate mere blogging and professional journalism? As far as I know ZWD is just a blog.

  79. UNIP is back.Next will be imposition of State of Emergency for the preservation of public security, sorry, did I say public security, should have read presidential security.

    Sata is Kaunda re-borne. Remember he was Kaunda’s Cadre!

  80. Sata, Good luck being the school headmaster of the internet… someone educate you that it’s impossible. To help you out, start with Lusaka Times, here is their info:
    Domain Name: LUSAKATIMES.COM
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL: h t t p :/ / w w w .activeregistra r. com
    Name Server: NS1.SLICEHOST.NET
    Name Server: NS2.SLICEHOST.NET
    Name Server: NS3.SLICEHOST.NET
    Status: ok
    Updated Date: 06-dec-2008
    Creation Date: 28-dec-2006
    Expiration Date: 28-dec-2013.
    The Server IP is: 46

  81. Online postings matches grafiti in toilets at school as teen agers whers you can not the  culprits usings psedo names. The best you can do is not to read any of the  crap.  the main contrbutors are pyscopaths

  82. Don’t worry. He will get help from his new found friends with squinty eyes from the far east called the Chinese. China has won against Google so ZWD would be no match. It is as easy as 123 to block a website. All Internet material has to be routed through local ISPs who are under that government’s control. So the State can order these ISPs to block access to the site, thus all Zambians surfing from Zambia will not read ZWD.

  83. As a “Minister-Without-Portfolio”, MS was notorious of arm-twisting the media and even had the Post publications tampered with and one publication confiscated before distribution. This is the man we are dealing with and there is more to come. WHY be concerned about online papers and “small” newspaper? Fortunately, I know Mumba Malila, SC will provide sound advice and not succumb to unsound orders

  84. When one door is closed, another one/ many more are open( Bob Marley).”Power to the people!” Media Muzzling failed to work in the middle east, Iran included.

    By the way, the more the president harasses the media, rightfully or wrongfully, the more he plants seeds of skepticism in the minds of the people, about his adherence to free speech and democracy.  It may suggest that there could be some worrisome issues he is trying keep under wraps. The best he can and ought to do is ask his press aid to tenaciously rebut any false allegations leveled against him. Chapwa!

  86. Bane let me tell you that whatever you say you will never have a leader like Sata in Zambia.He has done it many times before and he will do it well.First he has to clean the country of corrupt practices which has caused you and l to run away and seek greener fields in diaspora.

    You and l know that RB was toooooo corrupt.RB allowed his children to supply scanners on all the borders and asked for 4billion kwacha monthly!!!!! This was to be approaved after elections.THANK GOD COBRA scooped it.

    Sata , pliz longa all those who stole from the country.We are tired naba kabolala ! l am a father.l want my children to grow up in a country full of integrity.

  87. Why is Sata worries anyway… the many Zambians who voted for him don’t have access to the internet anyway. All those Ba Kaponya will have no clue what the online Zambia Watchdog is. Many who read these online blogs are mainly read by Zambians based overseas. So even if he succeeds blocking access to the Watchdog in Zambia (which is the only long-shot way possible he could achieve ‘closing’ it), they could still continue publishing to cater to their many readers based overseas.
    Please be informed that the likes of the Watchdog, Lusaka time, Tumfweko don’t really qualify as Newspapers per se. Rather they are just blogs with a following. Blogs can’t be registered like the way Sata wants. Close one, the other will mushroom tomorrow under different name.

  88. Bata here were are now. sure you want people to speak their minds off why its a democracy baba. go ahead and burn online papers. but we shall will be the short lived presido of Zambia. you have failled to deliver ther promised manifesto to the people. you are just hurting people easch day. mind you most of those people you are hurting vvoted for you. you have better isssue at hand than stopping online pepers, for what mudala. eehe let me pump send in you ba Presido. we have these so called political secretaries in the embassies who do they represent, is it PF or MMD

  89. Secretaries of political in all the embassise represented the past Government. what are they still doing in the embassies. let them get home and work for MMD. or can some one tell me who they represent as at now???????????????????????????????????????

  90. Muchindu you are talking sense, those are the issues. the secretaries political in all these Embasises who do they represent. is it RB? instead of desolving those boards home deal with all political secretaries and all those who have over lived their contracts in these Embasis are just too many. Ottawa Mission has about four staff who have over lived their contracts. the government should do something to bring them back. we need frersh people to work also. is it permanent. economic secretary, politica and the deputy have over lived ottawa and they ougth to live. concerned student Ottawa

  91. Donch Kubeba Muppet show Part 1. Warning signs were there You ignored them. Stop whining. This is how powerful your ballot was. Gullibility

  92. #61 NINE CHALE Why are so apologetic for Sata and his pronoucements?I peronally find you so boring and you want to appear that you have divine wisdom on every subject.If you looking for a Bemba appointment just talk to Wynter Kabimba and he’ll connect you to the cheif liar ,the cheif Kaponya himself MCs.Stop lecturing us here you do not pay our internet subs please.

  93. Youngest major, pliz have your facts right. Nukteck, the supplier of those scanners was recommended by China where the loan was gotten long before Rupiah got into power. Check your facts man.


  95. there is somewhere in the above story were sata says a woman for that matter is been paid k53m. my question is if it was a man would it have been ok

  96. The ZNBS saga is beyond Gender sensitivity. Let me Educate you a little.RB was once MD FOR ZNBS. Mr Simukoko was MD for ZNBS and now married to Former Joyce Nonde. Shamenda who is now labor minister was ZCTU. Everything is political. I cannot say much. Conclude

  97. I was suggested this blog via my cousin. I am no longer positive whether this publish is written by him as no one else recognise such designated approximately my problem. You’re amazing! Thanks!

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  100. Heya i’m for the primary time here. I found this board and I find It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to provide one thing back and help others such as you helped me.

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