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President Michael Sata is driving too fast to keenly observe the traffic rules

Columns President Michael Sata is driving too fast to keenly observe the traffic...

By Charles Mwewa

I know politics can be dirty and brutal at times. But in Zambia, recently, it seems the new president is driving too fast to keenly observe the traffic rules. I believe in President Sata like most Zambians. But the November 16th, 2011 report in the Zambian papers worries me.

The report that, “The President is concerned that information obtained so far suggests serious financial impropriety at the Mission in Toronto, which is under the supervision of Dr. Nevers Mumba,” is fundamentally disturbing, for three reasons. First, such a mission does not exist. In fact, if it did, that would have been a big breakthrough for the Zambians in Canada, especially those in the
Greater Toronto Area (GTA). On May 13th, 2010, I requested then Foreign Affairs Minister, Kabinga Pande, to establish a consulate at Toronto because people were having distance-difficulties to always travel to Ottawa for passport applications. The former Minister nodded my request, but ignored it when he reached Zambia.

Second, the only office that exists at Toronto is the Zambian Canadian Foundation (ZAMCAN) which I preside over, and Dr. Mumba does not supervise the ZAMCAN board, let alone reorder our financial obligations. In fact, since Dr. Mumba became High Commissioner, he has repeatedly expressed regret that his Mission could not help us financially because “there is no allocation for that purpose from

Third, on October 29th, 2011, ZAMCAN in conjunction with the Mission at Ottawa hosted the Zambia National Arts Council-led Amayenge band. The troop was sponsored by the Zambia-Canada Cultural Exchange and
partly by Barrick Gold. Even with these sponsors, we still had difficulties on the release of the finances, and up to date they owe ZAMCAN some money they did not fulfill. At all times, the finances
were been handled by someone else and not Dr. Mumba.

I am neither MMD nor PF, but I feel that Mr. President should present us with a new attitude to politics. We expect him to rule the country with well-searched and properly vetted facts. We expect his advisers
to be themselves well-informed and candid with information. We expect him to concentrate on delivering on his promises rather than focusing on non-substance-related politics. If his allegations on Dr. Mumba are
politically-motivated, we expect the president to stop campaigning and begin ruling. We expect the president to listen to the people more, but to be cautious in selecting what is credible and in disregarding what is purely flattery.

I beg the president to focus on issues and fulfilling campaign promises. The people of Zambia are not benefiting from politically-motivated rhetoric so far. In his campaigns, Mr. President promised: a new constitution within ninety (90) days; free education; jobs for youth; more money in the Zambians` pockets; windfall tax on mining; Barotse Agreement restoration; proper housing; free fifteen (15) bags of fertilizer per farmer; upgrading of shanty compounds; liberalisation of air waves so that private media houses can broadcast national wide. To accomplish these, our dear president needs to concentrate on truth and ignore liars, and remember that Zambians elected him for change, and not for more of the same!

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  1. Mr Mweba..some of us who know Sata inside out will never get surprised at his utterances.He is/will always be an alarmst.Dont know why he has ears cos he rarely use them to get advise.

  2. please allow HE MCS to do his job, you want things to go slow so we afford the thevies time to cover up and the ruled time to regroup….. l say lekeni bakateeka Basata bateeke.. we voted for him for that reason

    • That is precisely the point isn’t it? He is not doing his job is he?. Look if you and the 132 people that like what you just posted don’t see fundamental flaws in our president, his administration and the direction they are moving,Zambia is in deep SHIT. Why do I say this, one thing is very obvious,these people never had any real hopes of actually winning the elections which is why they are now asking for more time to create some seemingly acceptable policy then saying this is what we were going to do all along.Before the elections I was asking about all the promises made by MCS and their practicality, all people could say is DONCH KUBEBA or read their manifesto…but a party manifesto isn’t National Policy

  3. The insinuation is that the financial irregularities alluded to could have happened with ZAMCAN funds, that being the only entity aligned (albeit remotely) to Zambian activity in Canada that could be semi-official. Well, what about the Ottawa finances, then? Perhaps aside from the gaffe that could be the root? Remember with technology, the secretaries, clerks and cleaners who serve us very easily have access to our goings-on and might as well have flitted stuff out of the Ottawa building that itself could be implicating. Which brings me to the next point. Could we have some light on this Mumba’s activities, otherwise I will agree with Mr. Mwewa that this could be political rhetoric.

  4. Iwe Mwewa, did you get permission from Nevers Mumba to speak on his behalf? Are you his lawyer or spokeman? Don’t get your self involved in politics, you will be bruised.

  5. @Charles Mwewa. Thank you for wasting your time. You are building a hill out of a mole. It doesn`t matter whether the Office is in Alaska or not.

    Jog on now Mwewa wabufi iwe. Next time youmake a pathetic attempt like this,grow a pair and tell us you are who expect you are-Bantustan! Now jog on you plum!

  6. Ba Mwewa ngaimwe mwakosapo shani yama ? You are no better than Sata himself my bro.You are accusing him of always rushing to the press to express his mind…well i think what you have done by writing this article doesn`t make you any better.Let the whole thing be investigated if you have nothing to fear.It will surely die a natural death if everyhing is in order.

  7. Mwewa have you audited the Zambian High Commission in Canada? Like I said, the President was talking about the High Commission in Canada so don`t make it a big issue.

    Are you a Zambian? Why is Nevers the only one who has made noise about coming back home? Are you by any chance his relative? The fact is you won`t be there to answer for him. The President has asked for a report from the Auditor General. This evidence you are giving here will not help Nevers.

  8. How I wish Mwewa could answer these questions. This article is rubbish as it has moved away from what the President said.

    “We expect him to concentrate on delivering on his promises rather than focusing on non-substance-related politics”. So why is talking about financial irregularities non-sbstance-related-politics? What a tool Mwewa you are! Any chance you are Nevers posting this nonsense! Who says the President is not supposed to talk about Missions abroad? I am surprised you are claiming to be a leader of some group. I wouldn`t want to be joining it.

  9. Wow. Is Amayenge still our only cultural exchange band :) Sounds like back in the old days when we would ignore our jazz talent and send them to international jazz festivals and wonder why we weren’t invited back. No comment on the Casnada issue but darn…let us allow our talent across genres represent us across genres and increase our cultural offerings to more than one group. Time to build up a youth culture group that allows young talent to represent our nation. No disrespect to Amayenge for their historical input though.

  10. Ohh boy! Our impulsive president is at it again. We all know how dramatic he can get. Can he please concentrate on the real life issues and deliver. There are so many people who lack basic services; Let him focus on that!

  11. Iwe Mwewa, exactly what do you do in Canada apart from ukuchilisha ku ZAMCAN na ba AMAYENGE? So by merely presiding over a Zambian Canadian friendship association you thought you even had powers to request that Zambia moves its diplomatic mission from Ottawa to Toronto. THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS MATTER BOYI

  12. walasa booyi! this chi sata is drunk with power, creating new provinces, relocating provincial headquarters and renaming aiports without consultation with relevant stakeholders. He is a one term president. After all its a monkey administration.

    • John you are a dog full of shit. I bet your prefered candidate lost like a pig. I believe you are dying with envy. How you wish it was your useless candidate. Watch this space sata is in for one term because he is a stateman. But PF is going to be aroubd for the next 20yrs. Possibily then we will get tired of some fool from your part who will have sneaked in and stolen the presidence like RB did. So continue dreaming.

  13. Mr. Mwewa is right. For example the LOZI+ BEMBA =Zambia with scattrerded Ngonis does not = 73 tribes in Zambia. There are many Zambian who want to true to government but never to be used as horses. The lack of facts or ignored facts will cost Zambia millions of gollars in breach of contract both at home and in the foreign missions where he moving people as if they were in Mpika and are going to Kasama. Humans have obligations and the mutulation of Civil Service Conditions of Service and Foreign Service Regulations will flood courts with litigations against government and dividing Zambins. Law by the laws of Zambia, please ba Sata.

  14. Italian Bunga Bunga. You have taken leave of your senses and gone into selilique. Mr Mwewa is expressing a concern which to the benefit of Sata’s conduct as head of state. Mwewa’s view is that the president needs to be fit for the purpose earning respect when ever he issues a statement. Zambians are not boxed up in a place unable to be civilised. You have made Mr Sata as the source of all wisdom that when ever he errors you sing lekeni ateke. Yes, he is head of state and we expect himto meet that standard. failure of which will attract views like that of Mr Mwewa and other caring Zambians. We all want corruption to be reduced in Zambia,but will not allow Sata to misuse his powers such as Italian Bunga Bunga to pick up guns and shoot everyone suspected of theft. NO, NO, NO who ever

  15. witch hunting by the old man will not bring anything to zambia in terms of developement or job creation,we know they are trying to hit back on thoses they feel did them wrong, but the president should be seen trying to rule the country instead of deviding people on tribal lines.

  16. assumes power in Zambia has to go by the law. At the moment people of Bunga Bunga nature believe Sata can not err and has the monopoly of wisdom in Zambia. Far from it,contrary to the fact that Mr Sata is almost deving the country into tribal groupings and well meaning Zambians have said it. He has denied it meaning it does exist.You threaten Mr Mwewa that you will wait for himat the air port. Mr Mwewa is a Zambian and no individual can prevent himfrom coming back to his country. I advise you to see the GP for check up since you are in denial that Zambians can and will continue tenetiously to talk back to unreasonableness from Sata for him to be a useful president to Zambia.

  17. Mwewa you observations have no basis…Sata can comment on any GRZ issues …He is the head of Government…with or without toronto Sata and GRZ have detailed report on Nevers…We are in the hurry to develop and I like Sata urgency to get work done…Mwewa u not used to President in Zambia working at this pace…just fasten ur seatbelt and watch thing change for the better…

  18. Too fast indeed! thats a cry of a typical lazy zambian – I hope with Sata “may he live longer” our poor working culture will improve.

  19. Good evening

    I know people will label me a PF cadre again (although I did not even vote!) but I personally think President Sata is doing just fine. I like what he is doing so far and I think given more time than 90 days, he will prove to be most successful. One thing people should need to realise is that his administration is a little more transparent than the previous one so mistakes are naturally more visible.

    Let’s not create commotion where there is no trouble at all. Our East African friends would say “Akuna Matata” and “Malembe malembe” as we move forward. I end here for today and wish you all a nice weekend.

    • I totally agree. I think that one of the problems we face is people who already hate the man and the movement, whereby even if he did the most perfect job they will never appreciate, unless the same thing was done by someone else, then e have those who have something to lose trying to distort issues and therefore confusing people who, left to their own devices, would see sense.

  20. To me Honest the comments which are posted at all times if they are really true then our country is in serious problems.
    Please dont get me wrong am not a politician or  intend to become one but i love my country Zambia .
    It all of you who post the comments on this site can think of a way to make our voice heard it will it will be great 

  21. Zambians need to know that we had been jockers for too long, now we want to be at the same pace sorry, people voted for change and action we heard it in your songs you wanted action yes man of action

  22. All former Zambian Presidents warned us about Sata. Did we listen? NO! Now look what we are getting dragged into!! Lord help us!

  23. @ 18 +19 I insist: Italian Bunga Bunga has taken leave of his senses and challenge him to agree with the rest of zambians that Mr Sata has errored on a number of issues. After all he is only human. To Italian Bunga Bunga Sata is a saint and no mistake is attributable to Kateka. A good ruler will admit misjudgements made, and do the right thing however, blind followers with Bunga Bunga type of attitude have made dictators from ordinary people in power. Charles Mwewa has every right to criticise any one in leadership IF they are found wanting. As for my president, its expected of him to be above the bar and fit for the purpose. Failure to meet that standard in this free world is courting running commentary on his leadership till issues are handled one fitting president.

  24. LT. I wish to submit a complaint over editing my comment @18+19 note flow of comment is from edited @18 and 19 on… We assume you are under recent instructions issued by Sata PF to monitor and curd any adverse commentaries on PF govt. If note make it clear you are not on PF budget for your existence.

  25. I find it disappointing to read such unidimensional hyperbole from someone trying hard to flog his book on Zambia. Mr. Mwewa, my brother, you have lept into a fire and hope that you survive. For a man with a lot to say, you have said very little constructive. The President has a right to speak to Zambians about issues of corruption and abuse of office. Pastor ( is it ex-pastor?) Mumba has been a hunger-on and has never done anything to deserve any trust from Zambians. For him to resist coming home, it just shows his character. It is disappointing that you would feel compelled to rush his ego and encourage his delusions of grandeur. We are tired of looters, whatever their tribe. We want the President moving at breakneck speed to change the impression that people can steal and lie out of it.

  26. Ottawa or Toronto, it is Canada we are talking about! If the audit says money has been diverted, give an explanation and account for it. The author is very selfish, he is talking about opening another Zambian mission in Toronto without considering the cost of running that mission. It is selfish ideas like this which do not help Zambians at home but few individuals like this author who have hidden agendas. Let Nevers talk for himself unless know something about the missing money.

  27. It would do our country alot of good, if we could just forget our tribal and political differences and work together as a people to improve our country. We voted for HE MC Sata to form a govt, so let us give the new govt a chance instead of just finding fault in everything that does, constructive criticism is very welcome, but not insults please. If anything l find this govt to be very transparent in it’s dealings. So please let us appreciate that, we don’t have to agree on everything but please let us try and be civilised Zambian..1 Zambia 1 nation 

  28. Very balanced writing Charles. I agree with you that caution must be exercised when you are dealing with critical issues. Never Mumba is the President of the Diplomatic, body not only representing Zambia, but other countries and he is the first African to hold this office. He certainly deserves appreciation and respect from all of us including the president. I am very disappointed with the President and how he is handling the issue. Even if the financial irregularities were real, wouldn’t it be more prudent to do thorough investigations in secret? Than make childish pronouncements on hear-say. As a president, you don’t make pronouncements based on rumor.  Common our beloved President Mr. SATA, we expect more leadership from you. 

  29. I live in Canada, and have been for the past 5 years, Ive been to toronto and ottawa countless times. Ive been to the Zambian High Commission “IN OTTAWA” more than once. Being a student here in Canada Ive dealt with immigration and i can assure you theres no Zambian Mission in Toronto. So what does that tell us about President Sata and his regime? “Unknowledgeable”?, If that were the case then its very dissappointing and embarrasing that his Government doesnt even know locations of its offices, how far and deep does their incompetence go? On the other hand it could be just another attempt to incriminate the enemy and competition or perhaps its a side effect of a subjective war thats entirely unrealistic. 

  30. Whether PF supporter or not it can be seen by either that our President isnt focusing on giving the people what he had promised. He is the President but his exercise of authority is against pricnciple. In public and private office there exists The Principle Of Hierarchial Office Authority, this principle entails that in office, especially public, the higher authority doesnt necessarily have to take over business of the lower, let alone authorized simply to do so. He is part of a regime that has different departments to handle different issues. The way hes carrying out his authorrity is one, undermining his subordinates, his team’s jobs and their authority, 2nd, causing him to loose sight of his larger cause and bigger mission; his mission to move our country forward. 

  31. Mwewa and zedboi, why make an issue of mistaking toronto for ottawa! the fact is, the president was talking about a mission in canada over which Nevers presides. whether it was a slip of the tongue or pen or possible dementia for naming toronto instead of ottawa, is immaterial, what we want to know is whether for sure money was plundered, wherever nevers was!! as simple as that!

  32. #24 Nine chale ,it is a fact that you are a PF cadre,do not even waste your small time by apologizing,there is nothing wrong you see in your Bemba ,dull president.He has appointed your relatives and friends so to you whatever he vomits is delicious ,mune try something else.This will be the waste president which Zambia will ever have in 100 years to come.Too uneducated for a modern country like ours.

  33. @Nine Chali, Italian Bunga Bunga. I wonder if u have reasoning power. Our President is wrong on this issue. You guys are bahaving like Catherine Namugala, Dora Nshilya (Siliya), blind followers. Call a spade by its rightful name. Zambia has made a name 4 it self. The only country with the least educated president in the 21st centuary.

  34. @” So why is talking about financial irregularities non-sbstance-related-politics?” Talking about Nevers Mumba with unproven facts makes it just that- non-substance. IF Sata is allergic  to financial irregularities , the first thing he should have done is clean house with all allergies. But what did he choose to do, he appointed allergy number one in Xavier Chungu. The strength of Zambia is One Zambia One Nation but this snake doesn’t think so. He thinks that only Bembas are capable to ruling Zambia – I cry for my country.

  35. Ba Mwewa bushe nimwe ba Penta? ninshimulwasukilako uyu Mumba, afwile ukulapepesha than ukubomba as an Ambassador, the thing is, these preists they lead very expensive life and that makes them forget about what they were trained for, to preach. I for one I do not like him,

  36. The only thing that Mr. Sata has achieved to do in his first 90 days is making countless number of mistakes. I was a die hard supporter of Mr. Sata since 2001 but, i am now having to change my position. Needless to say that the man is just fit to be an opposition leader because even when he is governing he is still preoccupied with opposition politics. Why waste time on issues that can be handled by his very junior officers. So far, Mr. Sata has not fulfilled any single promise he made. If he is not careful, he will go in the history books as one of the worst leaders that Zambia has ever had. Chiluba warned us that Mr. Sata was not presidential material, KK also told us that bwana Sata could only make a good minister. Right now we are more divided as a nation, barely two months in office.

  37. when u r young learn from great achievers than like a headless chicken, even President Obama move with carefully ,zambia is jst felling the shocks of democracy not near it yet, reduce president’s power and we should be stepping into to real democracy and presidents can know why there r in power for.

  38. Just because we elected him to office does not give us the right to demand that a man changes from the ways that we have always known him for. We elected him for what he is and with our full mental faculties, didn’t we?

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