Born 6th July 1987,firstborn in a family of seven girls. Her’s has always been a musical family,her father was a rhythm guitarist and her mother a soloist in a gospel band back in the 80’s.

With school consuming all her time (she has a degree in Linguistics and Literature and is currently pursuing a second degree in Law), music was left on the back burner until 2010,when she was encouraged by her uncle, the legendary Lukundo “Superman” Siwale, co C.E.O and founder of So’ Good Entertainment, to take part in a Zambian tv competition dubbed The Ultimate Slinger a show aimed at producing Zambia’s next mainstream musical sensation though she had to drop out of the competition for personal reasons,the fire was lit and burned strongly
It was this that led her to begin recording at So Good Entertainment, under the mentorship of Chifumbe “Buttah” Sikazwe and Grant Mutema, who produced her first tracks, “Feel So Good” and “That Woman”

Kapa187: Your new song “my kinda cute” is like a breath of fresh air to the zambian music scene , but before we get into that , where did it all begin .What was the defining moment when you said this is what i want to do with my life.

Scarlet: 2010, i took part in a show called the ultimate slinger on tv2…i didn’t finish it,but when i left the show, i decided i would try recording for fun because my brother had just opened a studio….so i did…a song called “feel so good” that will be on the album….i loved it…and the rest as they say is history…

Kapa187: How did you decide on your particular sound , which i can describe as adult contemporary R&B / soul?

Scarlet: my sound is actually better described as adult contemporary soul, and afro jazz….i have steered away from rnb because i feel it restricts what i try to do….my producer, James “The King” Sakala, is earth and fire and i am wind and water..our music is very we have come up with an eclectic combination of mainstream sound mixed with a lot of ethnic influences like flutes and bongo drums….i sing mostly in english…so we needed to find a way to keep our roots….

Kapa187: Name 1 local and 1 international artist that you really admire and say to yourself “one day i will reach that level”

Scarlet: locally…i love Maureen Lilanda’s grace….i don’t really think i’m looking at anybody and saying i wanna be that big you know….i wanna be the best i can be at what i do….BUT i wanna be unforgettable, like patti la belle and natalie cole and miriam makeba and all those great women who made magic on stage and in my headsets….that’s what i want, to be that girl from zambia that people will remember even if its only for one song….

Kapa187: Music is not an easy profession what challenges have you faced?

Scarlet: im just starting out,so i’ve struggled with identifying my sound….and of course, finances are a trip!  so we work very hard….but i have a great team…my So’ Good Entertainment crew, my management, Jamiel Banda,  my stylist Mwamba Nakazweh of Lily’s Pepelia….my family, my label execs, Lukundo Siwale and Chifumbe Sikazweh they make sure i have a buffer around me that ensures that i don’t get discouraged…and radio, wow! the djs have been so good to me… far so good….

Kapa187: Tell us about a moment in your career  that you will never forget.

Scarlet: my first live band performance….with Ebony Soul….that was beautiful! that’s what i wanna do forever!

Kapa187: Do you have any hidden talents ?

Scarlet: wow,not hidden….i cook…i bake…and i’m really good with hair and make up,do those count????

Kapa187: Back to “My kinda love” it is a very good song , what was your inspiration for it ?

Scarlet: My Kinda Cute was a song i wrote as a collaborative effort with Victor “KRYTIC” Muligisa and Theophillus Holland Gausi….last year….so when i made this version i was just adding to it…we had to write about all the things we loved about our partners….so i was inspired by the guy i was dating at the time….

Kapa187: If you had to change something about you , what would it be.

Scarlet: i would stop doubting myself so much…and stop being so tolerant of everything….i think i also need to grow tougher skin…i cry easily… 🙂

Kapa187: Where can your fans get to listen to your music , and when will your album be out?

Scarlet: my music…so far we have been giving it out piece by piece mostly for radio airplay…but  next month we will be on myspace, reverbnation, youtube and a couple other sites, we are also in the process of launching a full scarlet website so just watch this space…..

Kapa187: What do you hope to achieve in your career , what is your ultimate goal?

Scarlet: i want to be unforgettable…..and i also want to reach a level where i can be a voice for people who have something to say….im young, and i think young people go through a lot of things that are very relevant…i want to be able to speak out for good causes and have people listen and lend a hand….musically i really want to bring the magic of live music back…in a big way…so yeah,thats what im working on….

Kapa187: Any last words for your fans

Scarlet: thankyou thankyou thankyou….they give me so much love its ridiculous and i will keep doing this until they don’t want me to anymore….look out for my first album single “Me And My Music Man (Tino Farra)” dropping in December….i think people will be pleasantly surprised…..



Whatever you are going through this song will put you in a good mood.

Live performance at Arabian nights

“I want to be unforgettable…if something I said or something I sang, changes a life or puts a smile on someone’s face, or causes them to shed a tear because of the beauty of its truth, then that’s good enough for me….I like the idea of spreading happiness… I just want to touch someone with my voice and my smile….”


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  1. a breath of fresh air for real! a good change from the…usual zambian music..looking forward to hearing more of your songs


  2. Beautiful voice and nice music too but how come she doesn’t dance in her videos like other girls do? I would have loved to see her shake it.


  3. I heard your music yet but from what heard u must be as awesome as they say..hehe. wait to hear it.. <3


  4. just cant stop listening to her music. she is gifted. looking forward to the launch and buying the album too. God bless you dearest.


  5. :x…..i just saw this girl this morning for the first time in “munisungile banja”
    the voice is sweet the video amazing plus that beauty mamamama. not even the sky is the limit girl. God bless u



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