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Friday, February 21, 2020

President Sata Commends Security Services’ successful overnight operation at Ex-Minister ’s farm 

Headlines President Sata Commends Security Services’ successful overnight operation at Ex-Minister ’s farm 

President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata, has applauded the combined team of Zambia Police Service, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for conducting a successful operation that resulted in a seizure of K2.1 billion cash at Mr Austin Liato’s Mumbwa farm.

The President said he has learnt with great shock, the discovery of such huge sums of money concealed in a strange and most unusual manner at the former labour minister’s farm.

“No doubt, the Mafia-style under which this money was hidden raises serious questions about how the same was acquired. It breaks my heart to see how someone could go to such extremes to conceal money if it was legitimately acquired,” the President said.

“This only goes to show the Zambian people the extent to which the mandate they gave those they entrusted with authority to preside over affairs of state was abused.”

The President said unearthing a total sum of K2.1 billion buried in two steel trunks under a thick layer of concrete slab in a highly fortified and electronically fitted structure, sends a wrong signal about the image of the country because this is not exemplary behaviour from political leaders.

President Sata said this is just one of the many operations the combined team of investigators were carrying out regarding suspected criminal activity that took place under the previous regime.

“Of late, some suspects have been unreasonably grumbling by issuing pre-emptive statements to try and threaten a duly elected government against carrying out its legitimate mandate. This discovery is a serious indictment on all those elements that may be facing possible charges of corruption and other forms of wrong-doing including those who have seen it opportune and convenient to betray the Zambian people by siding with such people,” the President said.

“Let me make it abundantly clear that this is just the beginning and our colleagues should not panic or resort to desperate measures of seeking false public sympathy by mischaracterising legitimate investigations as persecution. This is not a witch-hunt, we are moving systematically by taking into consideration all leads and clues into what happened in the past. After all the Zambian people are the complainants and they deserve nothing but the truth.”

He urged the investigating wings to ensure that they follow the due process of the law and take to court only those cases they are satisfied with.

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  1. This gives enough justification to closly monitor all MMD MP’s and Former Ministers, Lets give a reward to any one that brings tangible information which will gradually result in exposing defficiencies of these charactors

  2. Mafiasico in Zed politics, no wonder Hakainde wanted to partner with MMD, he really knows how to smell where money is. UPND’s electral partners haaa! And then you come and say vote for me when you can’t be allergic to corruption even by word of mouth. Please dig more this time let the politicians rot in jail so that a precedent would be set about embazzling public funds.

  3. Thanks PF for keeping your promise on the fight against all wrong doing by the former regime. I would also to propose that the Govt/ Police offer amnesty to those who may have information regarding these cases so that they come forward. Im sure smallfish were paid to keep quiet. Root these greedy thieves out of politics and put them away in their rightful place…Chimbokaila.

  4. Really sad that people we trusted as citizens (MMD Politicians) would be this greedy while we have people languishing with nothing. Young Zambians this spirit of theft by other so called leaders should be stopped.
    Well done Mr. President All we want is the truth and fair justice.

    • Yes, that should happen. I must also remind you that I have travelled with over 30,000 USD at airports without any trouble at all. After all, I earned the cash! But I am not sure if I would have been allowed with anything in excess of 1 million USDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are just a big fool that i have seen, how do you go to O.tambo and leave thieves here chimbwi iwe, are they your relatives ai, mwanya muzaona cause this is what we wanted. If that 1 f**l can have that much what about the soft bums, red lips, rev shiiiiiiiiiiiii, mwanya muzaona, and your married with UPND, taionelamo from today im no longer a bantustan oooooooo.

  5. This is the type of ministers we had in the MMD government. No wonder the former vice-president has become so defensive, he knows that the law is getting closer. So those of you that have been saying SATA is persecuting MMD leaders, do you see what he means.
    GO SATA GO SATA GO SATA. Let us also open the privatisation audit so that HH can ex[plain himself.
    Bakabolala aba batuchusha.

  6. 2.1bn cash! is indeed a lot of money, hw could one get hold of such funds without a paper trail? obviously it was kickbacks from investors who were deliberately abrogating our labour laws by mistreating & underpaying workers who apparently own the land & the natural resoures. Shame. Security wings should dig even deeper.

    • zizo you are right. This man was the so called labor minister, nowander we are suffering. when investers come into the country he was getting paid first than us who worked for them.He has been so mean about power conditions of services for the Zambian people, yet he knew he was geting paid in the night by the Chines and those investers who are not paying our poeple properly, let the law of zambia take place for such *****s.You media please follow this right are we want transparence.

  7. While you are at it, please investigate also the K2bn flown in helicopter to MMD Kabwe convention in 2001. Sata knows a thing about it.

  8. Now let go dig RB is farm…we need metal detector and ground penetrating radar system to search all the farms belonging the MMD top dogs,…Surely this can not be an isolated case..The is a modus operandi MMD top dogs devised as a ”fool-proof’ blue print to conceal money, weapons, drugs, gold etc..Liato must be squezed to reveal who else has stasshhh of monies hiden in this money…

    • Be careful how you dig up peoples farms. This is planting season and you might just provide cheap labour from skilled policemen in time to enable planting!!!!! Uko!

  9. On second thought, its good that we changed a goverment otherwise, these people could have gone on rampage enrichingthemselves, had we given them another five years! atleast, it will take a few years before the PF start doing the same…stealing!

  10. It saddens me indeed. Liato, no wonder he cried when he lost elections he knew what he was hiding. Let all MMD ministers be investagated. This is justs a clue to how much they looted. Please include all those who have bought property abroad account for the funds.

  11. .
    Let this LIATO chap explain & account where he got the money and why it was hidden at his farm. If the money was raised by MMD Party wings or diverted from Government then the nation needs to know and the Law take its actions

    Mr. President ! Better you let the Security Wings do the job without making overlapping comments every so often. I believe the Security Forces have PR & Spokespersons that can update the nation at the right time and right itinerary.

  12. You of all people should be acquainted to these practices having collected K2 Billion from BOZ in trunks on you way to the Kabwe MMD Convention when you were the NEC Secretary General. (Cont…)

    You also deposited Government monies into your personal account at Zanaco, which in a sense is thieving. Had no one raised the alarm that money was going to stolen by yourself. It was only when you got caught that you changed the story that you only deposited the money into your account to earn interest – which of course lead to Chiluba firing you from his government then he recalled you back. (Cont…)

    • stupid *****!!! what are justifying? are you sure one could have any excuse in this case? rubbish!!!!!!!! grow up!!! just tell us if u part of it malukula iwe!!   

  13. “K2.1 billion buried in two steel trunks under a thick layer of concrete slab in a highly fortified and electronically fitted structure”.

    The guys is bad, a sophisticated hard core criminal!! Cage him.
    That $400,000 could buy many hospital beds for UTH or chairs for classrooms in rural areas where pupils sit oon the floor.

  14. .
    By they way, when President Jacob Zuma was asked about the money confiscated by South African Immigration Authorities in J’Berg from youself, he (Zuma) told the interviewer that anyone is free to ask Sata to explain why his money was confiscated when he comes to South Africa (Cont…)

  15. Ba 12 (Ice Road Trucker) muli kapuba. You are a very dull Zambian. Don’t say things you can not prove. Do you need to be reminded that SATA is PF and not MMD. Are you saying the situation under review can be compared to that of 2001 MMD convention.

    • MMD Chief Bootlicker is in hiding he may be implicated in this scandle. Maybe he has buried too much popcorn somewhere on his farm. He had too much popcorn during the general election campaigns.

  16. #18 Observer spot on. Sata lives in a glass house so he should not be excited at throwing stones. Umulandu taubola. One day, the law will require of him to explain his K2bn cash and the govt money in his Zanaco account.

    • What do you mean?You want Sata to continue ignoring all these vices becoz he will one day leave office?you must be a thief naiwe wine!Some of these things contributed to many zambians leaving mother zed and live in diaspora.

    • Sata has not record of thieving, he did he would have been in Politics for as long as he did since he left MMD, It was one reason he left them, he discovered they had different agenda than he did…they were stealing he wasnt interested as he had the people of Zambia at heart. If he ever stole they would have arrested him by Shrek, just keep dreaming of that day coz it will never come.

    • Iwe ulinkulungwe walyo mwaka umo. If these MMD *****s could grab Sata and his wife’s vehicles over an alledged US$100,000 that proved to be false, what do you think they could have done with him over the K2 billion you are talking about. Imwe bamukukulu mulye mbulu pamo. No wonder your hatred for the President. All you want him is to fail regardless of whatever he does. Kulibonesha bata. He’s here to stay and if you partook in the plunder of the country’s wealth, then start counting your days.

  17. It’s heartbreaking that leaders can behave like mafias instead of looking after the country’s resources they plunder in a big way. It’s no wonder they are quick to cry ‘We are being persecuted’ they know their dirty deeds. The GRZ must round them up and prosecute the culprits.

  18. MMD chief bootlicker has gone to find an alternative place to hide stolen taxpayer’s money. He’s worried he would be next.

  19. lekeni Sata ateke indeed.Dancing time is over.High time all individuals who used the country`s resources for personal gain payed.Liato you are in for it my man.

  20. This is not surprising. Liato was an Accounts Clerk at ZESCO before he became the leader of the defunct union ZEAWU. The union was de-registered due to financial irregularities. This behaviour is not new.

  21. #21 GCK awe naimwe bane. I wonder if you were there when we fought against the 3rd Term bid by Sata and FTJ. Sata is MMD by any other colour. He only left coz FTJ picked LPM despite his being number 2 to FTJ during the 3rd Term saga.

    GCK were you old enough or in Zambia in 2001 when Sata had trunkc of K2bn? Check #18 Observer as well. I know young people think Sata is the best thing since sliced bread. We forgive them.

  22. Everyone looking out for me. Am hiding under a bunker @ OR Tambo Airport with a briefcase with $27 000 in 100 dollar bill notes donated from Taiwan and having a hard time convincing security people to let me smug it into Zambia. Just don’t tell every one.


  24. Ok on a serious note, we have a courts and take the Minister to court and let him tell his side of the story.

    So I cannot comment because am not Mr Liato’s spokesperson and Mr Liato is  MMD, but MMD is not Mr Liato. Stick that in your head and you will do just fine.

    • Uyu mudala chinangwa sana, DIE HARD MMD YOUTH. He probably survives on political handouts, he sees no wrong in MMD and its thieves. He is disgusting and dull, thats all i can say. Sata is a no nonsence man, watch how all these thieves will go in because the Judicialy is now operating freely…nothing like i secured Chilubas freedom because…bla bla bla.

  25. [email protected] INDEPENDENT OBSERVER –I think its time for young guys like you to join the young ALIAS CHIPIMO Political Party as both you guys are super rich from your hard work and would be going into politics to make a difference and not to bankrupt the nation. These guys are taking us for a ride. Both PF & MMD have a lot of thieves.

  26. But when did he think he could use the cash if he even slabbed it. I think this was throwing away evidence of some sort. Anyway “azafotokoza kusogolo” we are waiting. Nishi Dora should have more trillions in her backyard garden. Just go there and start digging everywhere guys at least we have evidence that all MMD ministers were thieves in one form or another. Now chief bootlicker is just wondering what to say he can’t even support anyone now even though banamuchekelako. But guys we have to be careful even these PF Kaponyas and Ministers are also thieving already. Disgusting. I end here!

  27. @ GCK and MMD Chief Bootlicker: Corruption is corruption, a thief is a thief. I was hoping for a change you guys were going to castigate Laito’s actions but of course being die hard MMD supporters you wouldn’t dare. Give us your farm plot numbers so we pay you a visit especially in early hours am sure there must be a couple of billions of kwachas in some wall of an abandoned building. Wapya baiiiisa. PF 4 Life, 90 days tuza mimanga.

  28. @MMD Chief Bootlicker- Am sure licking boots that are walking through human waste is running you insane.
    Guys, let the government not end here, shall we go on and audit the transactions of former ministers via bank records.

  29. Mr. Sata please leave such announcements to your Minister of Home Affairs, you should instead increase funding to our Law enforcement so they are equipped to track down the millions dollars that are wired out of the country. The only money you will keep finding at this rate will be buried notes by dull crooks like Austin. If you are serious in combating corruption ask for assistance in training from FBI or Scotland Yard to train ZP!!

  30. Felix Mutati should be investigated at all cost. He has just grabbed someone’s wife; a poor American ditched by a Zambian Serenje woman with whom he had three kids and Mutati has taken her. Ask Sakwiba Sikota who is managing the divorce proceeedings and one wonders why this woman has found money to pay Sikota. This is stinking.

  31. @Jay Jay- Spot on man. On the Scotland Yard issue. I think Zambia also needs an FSA to monitor malpractice in the banking sector as most criminals have bank accounts!

  32. If Liato has left-over K2.1Billion; what more RB, Thandiwe (Assets valued at K8Billion), RB’s sons who were MMD’s campaign financial controllers? Left-over cash from former MMD leaders can be amazing. SOLUTION: TRY introducing new kwacha currency. It helped govt in 1988/89. The current kwacha hidden underground by these criminals will never get to the banks for exchange. Please Mr. Sata try this.

  33. This is just a tip of the iceberg. How many true patriotic Zambians have been forced into poverty and exile all because they wanted to help Zambian people and these thieving devils were scared they would look bad and be shown in their true light? I am 1 of many and to see the suffering my family and fellow Zambians have had to go through…. I hold every so called ‘leaders’ and men of authority like this minister for every single life lost that could have been saved if it were not for their greed and wanting to be a ‘big man’. Stolen funds meant for orphans who are hungry, no real employment because they wanted to line their own pockets rather than support the good Zambians in creating projects just to name a few. May God show you the mercy they never showed their own

  34. Guys, what Liato has done is bad,but let the Presdent know his role.He is not the POLICE SPOKESPERSON.He is already existing the country with his pronoucements.Let him work under ground, we will notice his hard work.

  35. I’m not surprised. SATA can find it easy to track these things down because he was in government not many years ago and used to play the same tricks of withdrawing large amounts of cash. At the moment we are just victimising small fish when actually the big fish are not being touched. Austin Liato was just a very small fish, I’m sure he has been used to stash the cash – for which he must be punished if he can’t explain. But now, as others have suggested above, SATA must also start explaining his own activities while he was in government, in the interest of fairness. Otherwise he risks going straight to jail when he leaves office. On the whole, I love this, there are not many countries on the continent who are willing to do this. People will start being careful with public property now.

  36. Comment 2 Mimi ndiwe chikopo big time. Comment 4 I feel u’ve overpraised the PF. Look, we had corruption under KK, Chiluba Mwanawasa and Nyama Soya. There is utterly no reason to believe that PF Ministers will leave office clean. They are all thieves that have not yet been caught. Even President Sata himself is a Mafia. Remember the OT International saga? This is is simply a case of a mafia shouting at a mafia.

    • So! what is your suggestion? since every body is a thief, according to you we let the status qou continue. if SATA stole he has been in opposition for ten yeras why didn’t some one pin him down? or maybe they were thinking like you. hoping their turn to steal comes! rotten head.

  37. Lock the bloody bustard up.He will open his mouth to bring in more culprits into the scam.
    This is the begining of reviewals.Let some bloggers say the witch hunt thing of a language

  38. @40

    Just imagine BIG Fish like  BUFF00N RB or GK  have International Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants, International Bank Managers, Hedge Fund Managers at their disposal in their phone books available 24/7. ZP, DEC, ACC have no chance whatsoever to trace millions of dollars of tax payers money linked to them as funds would have disappeared like a fart in the air. 
    We shall never know maybe Austin was just too greedy to pay his farm boy minimum wage and he tipped off ZP, I highly doubt it if this stash was discovered through proper police investigations only.

    I know Sata is campaigning for by-elections  BUT he should stop trying to get political mileage out of these issues especially when investigations are on-going let they authorities and courts do their work. 

  39. @ Jay Jay, true very true. It’s very disappointing to learn that people with all resources at their disposal cannot use them.
    Honestly, Sata has really struggled with the corruption rhetoric. The sums of money being recovered are very tiny maybe even immaterial. I have noticed one thing, since the PF can into power it seems all Zambias good lawyers and auditors have gone into hiding. All inquiries are being headed by people to whom favours are owed.
    Actually, you are right. The increase of Chief allowances just before by- elections is malpractice.

  40. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Liato is said to have been key in swaying the LEVY JUNCTION TENDER through NAPSA to the ZECON/GROUP FIVE CONSORTIUM. He has always mistaken his bullish mentality for intelligence yet he has never been intelligent, wise or clever. He’s just a noise maker and a thief. Ask those that know him from ZESCO and they’ll tell you how he milked the company in the name of the trade union.

  41. Doesn’t the Zambian billion carry 12 zeros as opposed to the US billion which carries 9 zeros? If the latter is the case, we are talking about $400m buried in cash! Holy s**t!!!!!!

  42. Ba Kunda nabo balifisa ama billion pa famu yabo. Ba Banda nabo balifisa ama billion pafamu yabo ku Chipata. Please give me an incentive and I will show you where the money is.

  43. Surely this Swine is a Lusfa, he can’t make alot of people suffer like this. He must be caged and let all his propertie be sized. He is an *****.

  44. Stage managed discovery! So thats another bye election in making.

    All the MMD MPs will be found with indictable offences as long as PF MPs do not form majority in parliament.

  45. @ #40 Kayi – plse shed more light kabili nkhani yaba Mutati and bamuka bene (somebody else’s wife)? Does Mutati want to become a polygamist like HH’s tribe???

  46. batman all I can say is either you are a better thief than liato or you are simply a big fool, telling a lie is bad enough stealing k5 is bad, to you stealing in billions is nothing, if I knew where you are working I would let your employers keep an eye on you!!!!

  47. Extend the investigations to PETER DAKA and former  COMMERCE MINISTER in the MMD he too squizzed alot money from CHINESE invstors like the Hua Jiang team of CHINESE that did the feasibility  studies for COPPER in KABOMPO, NORTH WESTERN PROVINCE etc.In MMD it was free for all

  48. Have you notices that THOSE tribalists have not come out yelling “Thieves, thieves!”. You see, its not stealing they are against. They just harbour hatred against a certain tribe. They hide in “thieves” but actually they are just awful hateful people. Shameless lot.

  49. It is easy for GRZ to know everything that MMD Government did..Every Minister has a file with our ‘FBI’…Sata is just going them, one by one..he just finished reading Liato’s file. The idea is to catch the small fishes who will then turn state witness, connect the dots and link all the crimes to big fishes (RB and Sons)…If you think Liato did this witout RB knowing, u dnt know how GRZ operates.

  50. And some one calls this witch- hunt, please law enforcement agencies follow them, where ever they will be, we need our moneys.

  51. No. 51 Batman says, ” The sums of money being recovered are very tiny maybe even immaterial” End of Quote.

    You call K2.1 Billion tiny, what sought of money is huge for you to identify corruption? You are such a pathetic congenital simpleton exposing your otherwise impaired intelligence on this blog. Do you honestly have any idea how many Zambian’s go to bed without a meal. Man, I rest my comments convinced beyond redemption that you are DIFFERENTLY BRAINED.


  53. Ba Ice Road Trucker, there is repentance even with God. He forgives us and we begin new chapters with Him. Sata could have realized his mistakes he made whilst in MMD, repented and now wants to help the Zambian people and that is ok, but if you cant realize your wrong and want to go on doing it, then its in bad faith. Go Sata Go! @Ice Road Trucker I guess you are not perfect either. No wonder Sakwiba is defending them, he knows there is cash somewhere. RB said he would find expensive lawyers for his sons coz they are not clean after what they put their hands into; this all explains it. GOOOOOOO Sata GOOOOOOOOO!

  54. Great work! The problem I have is that when I see the likes of Kambwili, GBM and Sata himself in Cabinet, with lurking hungry lieutenants that surround Sata, what is there to stop them from doing the same? These DEC and ACC chaps only seem to grow wings when there is a change of Government!!!!! Shame on you DEC, ACC and so called “combined forces”! The next time when Godfrey Miyanda, by the grace of God, becomes President, we shall see them flying high retrieving billions from “the former ruling Government PF members”…

  55. on important issues like this one the president should speak.2.1 b withdrawn from the economy like zambia is economical supoetage.well done mr president keep up the good work. we don’t regret voting for u, u made us proud. to the sucurity officers i say keep up the good job u are doing,we have seen that the can do their job very well if they are left to their job proffessionally.Dora u can now cry lamenting that persecution ,persecution when u rooned the economy.

  56. It must be terribly frustrating and annoying for a-holes like MMD Chief Bootlicker, Capitalist etc to find out that they their misplaced ranting against PF have gone unrewarded when they compared themselves to even Dora’s son who had 2 billion stashed in his bank account without even ever writing one line against the PF online like these MMD vuvuzelas. Even cretins like Chanda Chimbwi and Edward Mumbi at least had something to show for their treacherous acts. Burt then again, who am I, for all I know, MMD Chief Bootlicker and Capitalist could well be Dora’s brothers or relatives.

  57. Sakwiba is going to be a VERY busy lawyer over the next couple of years. And a very rich one too! Bloody money, blood money, blood money, blooooooooooooooooooooooooooood on on your hands.

  58. Jane,, its true! The poor fellow is country director for one of the leading NGOs in Zambia. The man has proof of Mutati booking a room into one of the hotels with the same woman from 21.00 to 01.30. He has overwhelming evidence of texts and numerous phone-calls. Mutati may seek to keep her as a concubine. He had even wanted her to stand as MP in Serenje but could not be adopted by the MMD. Am told the humble American fellow has finally thrown in the towel after the lady told him she loved Mutati.

  59. He owns a farm is that money not come from sales of farm produce??? what information did the law inforcement agents get b4 searching that man?

  60. THANK YOU MY PRESIDENT. Here I give credit were it is due. Mr. Sata our security forces worked marvelously. Like reading a great Agatha Christie novel. Sir author Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes helping Zambia’s BOMA yard :). Cudos my governor to president.

  61. Stinks to high heaven of this “Mr moneybags”.Did the police execute a search warrant or in zed they can just walk into any property anytime?

  62. The story might not be true how did they know. it can be a created saga to cage liato its hard just to take it as gospel truth from the police we need the court for evidence at the moment its just like any small rumour except that its magnitude of the sum involved is very convincing. the case is an easy one for mr liato to win follow the story and you will agree with me in future

  63. But the pipo whatever the explanation how could someone keep such a huge amount of money in the house not the bank? That is why they were fatened like drums, I wonder where he gets the cloths to fit him am sure he has his own clothing factory.

  64. Let’ s stop talking about personalities but real issues that affect every ordinary Zambian be it MMD, PF, UPND, NAREP etc members. This issue of corruption is real and it’ s a cancer which MUST be wiped out at all costs therefore, we can all give a hand to the gallant men who did a wonderful job at stubborn Liato’ s farm. No wonder these guys were so sacarstic when they were in power. I would urge this exercise to be extended into the Mines, especially Konkola Copper Mines Plc because there is no transparency in the mode of taxation which is being applied to ordinary miners and there is every abundant evidence that not all the monies which is deducted in the name of PAYE (tax) is remmitted to ZRA.

  65. To Me from the word go when Liato came into politics and later into government office HE looked suspicious, he don’t look trusted, so this development is not a surprise to me but indeed a very sad story to read in Zambian politics again. Zambia ati kufilila munzenga

  66. 1.Remember that sata was once a cop.
    2.Remember that the new I.G is a Doc(hence the difference with old I.G)
    3.Let them(MMD)remember that they were warned that the law would visit them
    So in a nut shell these guys(PF)know what they are doing that’s why you see that even comments from the public are being noted.Tip off or mere police investigation the job is done

  67. From the Post::THREE former ministers in the MMD government have been swindled out of US$12,000 in a fake gold purchase deal.

    Zambia Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela and sources confirmed the trio’s misfortune in the failed transaction.

    The three involved are former minister of labour Austin Liato, former deputy minister of defence Joseph Mulyata and former minister of Western Province Richard Mwapela.

    Kanjela said the gold purchase transaction happened around November 15, 2011 at Marble Inn Lodge in Lusaka.

  68. Ala kwena umuntu mubi. People are dying in hospitals owing to no medications, and in homes owing to lack of food, and someone has K2.1 billion hidden under concrete. And you call this persecution? Nangu mwalipata Sata because if they could push him through the mad and confiscate his car and that of his wife over the alledged US$100,000, what do you think they could have done to him over the K2 billion he took to the 2001 convention had it he stolen it? Get real imwe bamambala and give the president his chance to rule by the rule of law. Ngamulye mbulu bonse, ukokwine nabukabwalala. Liato, you in trouble a-hole.

  69. STUPID *****S, is SATA a new police service spokes person? Liato wanted to use his money at the farm quietly than trekking to the bank every day. After all the money was very safe in those safes. Only that his farm workers are stupid. SATA lost billions of kwacha equivalent in South Africa. He also wasted billions in kabwe during MMD convention. Today SATA has put up Commissions of enquiries and cleaning state house at huge sums. Pa ZED twalishishitafye. We are useless educated fools.

  70. MMD turned into a sangwapo. Liato that is your money. Don’t worry nothing will come your way. One is innocent until proved otherwise.

  71. Dora Siliya, what victimization of former ministers were you crying about with such revelation? May the law take its course, for heaven’s sake.

  72. With much respect as humans,not dogs and not any other animal or size of your dad,lets try by all means to be a beta generation wheather anonimous or not ! lets respect justice and procedure,any other isues being mare advice without disrespect.Please be honest to your character and do not strive to be among us.Jahhhhh !!!! RESPECT.

  73. Shi Stella ? am very new to this site,but if you guys curse in that manner,Zambia can never be civilised for real,zambia can never be a gud place for kids,neither can zambia be called a christian nation.GOD BLESS MY BROTHER !!


  75. LIATO IS SO DULL THAT HE USED THE SAME LEVI JUNCTION CONSTRUCTION WORKER TO BUILD THE HIS HOUSES AND THE ” … thick layer of concrete slab in a highly fortified and electronically fitted structure..”

  76. This is indeed a urge bumber harvest from a cash crop sown by the former Minister. This shows a true pic of the kind of leadership we had and we can still have if not closely monitored. let the former labor minister explain how many investors and bogus employers he connived with to accumulate such moneys on the expense of a poorly paid Zambian employee. Shame on MMD.


  78. I’m disgusted with the alarm and noise which have been raised following the findings at Liato’ s Farm. The truth of the matter is that Liato is still an innocent man not until he shall be proven guilty by the courts of law, that is if it shall be so. After all, he was not just a minister but also a farmer and it’ s most likely that he has invested a lot in farming. Not everything that every former minister in the previous administration has was obtained through corruption, never at all. Just investigate thoroughly and the truth shall be known because there is a thick line between the truth and a lie. The problem with thieves is that they always have a wrong perseption that the possessions other people may have was obtained through stealing which is in contrast of the truth.

  79. I would like these investigations to be extended to the Future Search Project which under Public Service Management Division (PSMD) Cabinet Office, the woman Director there has been chewing money and sending all her children to the UK and USA instead of implimenting govt programs and treats workers there like dogs were she fires employees with a memorandum please follow up on this as cabinet office has been blacketing this matter for a long time now

  80. The president has now become the prosecutor,Judge and executor.We have the courts to do that job.Zambians we are good at talking and not acting.This is just a smoke screen.Fighting corruption is not only about going after the former leaders in MMD govt.It STARTS NOW ,with the questionable appointments being made where former corrupt leaders of the past are being reappointed.Don’t close your eyes bacause you are a mu bemba and you are 100% PF.


  81. what we want is justice not cheap talk sata we are watchig you.. we the people of zambia want justice and coruption to be a thing of the past..

  82. 105# REFORM_MIND_9999

    On Independent Observer- I think there is nothing wrong with any Zambian to earn his money from hard. He is a Zambian and an Equity Derivates Investment banker in an American Investment Bank in the UK. He appeared in the Financial Times a while ago about his profile. He earns in excess of £1.5m a year. We all should encourage each other to reach the sky in life. Mind you there are some Zambians in the UK who millionaires in Stirling pounds, making money from Property Developments Investments by buying renting out property.. Anyone in the UK with a good earning job can get a house mortgage loan as long as you have a good Credit Rating.


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