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Friday, February 21, 2020

George Kunda and Company Law firm denies benefiting from ZAMTEL Sale

Headlines George Kunda and Company Law firm denies benefiting from ZAMTEL Sale

Irene Kunda wife of George Kunda (L)

George Kunda and Company Law Firm has disputed revelations that it benefited 190 million Kwacha out of the sale of ZAMTEL.

The firm says the revelation is shocking.

George Kunda and Company Partner Ireene Kunda says the firm only received 100 million Kwacha from Zambia Development Agency -ZDA in 2010, as legal fees with regards to the sale of Savoy Hotel.

Mrs Kunda who is also wife of former Vice President George Kunda says the matter was out-standing since 1997.

She alleged that ZAMTEL Technical Committee Chairperson Dimple Ranchhod released unverified information.

Mrs Kunda also lamented that the Technical Committee did not invite her legal firm to exculpate it self.

This is contained in a statement released to ZNBC news in Lusaka on Friday.


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  1. The statement is economical. She needs to go further, like suing for libel, just like all law firms will do. Else we suspect it’s just a face saver. The happenings in MMD makes one believe that the transaction may have occured

  2. George Kunda and his law firm shud be ashamed of the behavior of Mr AUSTIN LIATO.They too shud hide their monies in the trunks if they can.BUT…One day the law they claim to know will catch up with them.TO YOU IREEN KUNDA ,JST WAIT FOR YOUR TURN YOU ABUSED ALOT OF PUBLIC RESOURCES WHEN YOUR HUSBAND WAS IN GORNMENT AND NEVER THOUGHT ONE DAY HE WILL LEAVE THAT SEAT.PREPARE YOUR DEFENCE WE ARE ON OUR WAY TO YOU.BUT DONT RUN AWAY

  3. People’s choice. Not be told or to tell truth. Don’t kubeba legacy. Government of liars by liars for liars. Chongwe malaiti in all villages and tractors in Magoye Kulimila pa nkongole no more genkete

  4. The matter was outstanding since 1997????? Wow! and there is no paper trail at ZDA for this? And why is the scanty paper trail ZDA has shows K190 million yet Mrs. Kunda claims it was only K100 million? The other K90 million somehow just got swallowed up by an artificial “black-hole” between the Kunda legal firm and ZDA, right? Is this how govt business is done or should be done in Zambia? And you wonder why we are still poor and backwards, 40+ years after independence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So what you are saying is that the matter was outstanding since 1997 but was conveniently resolved when Kunda became Vice President?

  6. I have the utmost faith in Mr Kunda

    He epitomises class just looking at him and a layer who has made as much money as he has, I find it hard he would benefit from anything from this

    His son Howard was one of the nicest guy I have ever met.

    Stop accusing this Class of a family


    • Mushota stop your usual shenanigan. What do you know about the Kundas if i may ask?
      Don’t let others come with real evidence even when weare feeling pit for their dealings.Kundas sons were already implicated with Gold scam even their father was a veep plus one deadly dealings they had for the ownership of the private mine in Central province which caused someone to loose his job as a deputy minister in the RB adminstrations.


  7. Conflict of Interest, Wife to former Vice President? You should be ashamed of yourselves, surely you benefited madam. What legal fees??

  8. YOU ARE ALL in for the money that was supposed to have been used for malaria and headache medicine…no shame whatsoever…only paid 100million, George is not telling you everything neh?? Receipts are there-your day come in court.

    LT, what with the 2.1billion story that has captured Zed the last few hours??? NOT INTERESTING NEWS TO YOUR LEADERS???

  9. The problem is that Zambians are loud mouths by nature. They like throwing unverified accusations about. Surely, the committee should have invited the law firm to exculpate itself before making their conclusions. Instead of rushing to the press, Mrs Kunda should also have sought an audience with the committee to seek clarification. Instead, what we have here are accounts at Zamtel showing a payment to the law firm which no one can explain because there is no documentation. I also find it distateful that a firm effectively owned by the Vice President at the time can be making so much money from state owned institutions.

  10. #7 I agree with you. Africa is poor, not due to lack of resources, but due to lack of accountability. If all the taxes were properly accounted for and distributed to all the towns in the country and applied correctly, our cities would look just as clean and pleasant as they used to be before independence. I see pictures of Kitwe town from the 1960’s and I cannot believe it is the same place. It is now dirty and smelly. What a shame!

  11. If it is true that Kundas’ firm did not receive the K190 million, then there is something wrong somewhere. How can the technical committee come up with such a serious allegation without verifying it with the law firm? it is trite law that when an allegation is made against somebody, that somebody should be afforded an opportunity to defend himself or herself. This is extremely embarrassing, if the Kundas are proved right.

  12. Zed towns and in particular mining towns were still clean in the early nineties not just pre-independence. One has to wonder when the will to maintain health and safety standards, improve standards for all died. As for this issue, one must simply wait for the final outcome. Each side is firing their shots. Have to say I was expecting the reason Mrs K stared she was shocked was because no such transaction occured. Alas, she is ‘shocked’ by the amount. Does conflict of interest exist in Zed transactions?

  13. It is disheartening not to be told the truth or leaving Zambians guessing who is saying the truth. The commission was set up to clear all doubts, questions and suspisions about the sale of Zamtel. All we are ending up are further questions and objections and refutations from those connected with this saga. Can the commission do the job for which it was set up and tell the truth without any doubts or new evidence emerging as if the commission failed to come up with conclusive evidence. This has nothing to do with RB, people and companies involved are gonna be accountable to Zambians, RB too need to account for his rule. All have to account for their actions and those in authority today will account for their actions tomorrow. Thats what accountability entails in a government of democracy.

  14. Mr. Sata must form a tribunal to deal with all corruption cases in the previous governments and re-introduce a task force on corruption. The tribunal will help reduce govt excesses of prosecuting corrupt officials in the previous regimes and the Task Force will help make recommendations to Parliament on how they can formulate laws which will prevent future leaders from being corrupt. Mr. Mwanawasa started very well but the only problem was that he didn`t have a system in place to deal with corrupt individuals. We need a time frame within which all corrupt officers can be brought before a tribunal for fair trial than use ordinary courts as they take forever to deal with these cases. While we pursue this evil vice, let us be mindful about the cost to fight it. God bless Zambia

  15. KaMushota kavionela munyele (sex). this is a serious issue that requires serious analysis. Ok fine you had nice pipos with his son so what? Now give us serious analysis on this one. Have you even read about the K2.1billion Liato buried at his farm or not? Do you think anyone sane can trust the Red Liped family now. These guys a re a law firm and why are they not taking people to court for defamation or something like that. I am not a lawyer.  Come on be serious Mushota. I end her!

  16. Sorry Nick and Mushota, if you have nothing sensible to say just keep quite, we will not miss your sily contributions. The files at ZDA clearly show this payment, who are you to deny it. May be the money is burried underground somewhere within Zambia. Shame on you!

  17. Mushota cannot spell! hahahahahahaha To her George Kunda is a ‘layer’ (sic) instead of ‘lawyer’. I am sure George will be thumbing through his legal books to sue Mushota for calling him a ‘layer’. I wonder is George Kunda on broilers marsh for breakfast? Oh look out George, you may pile up weight and become obese! Mushota likes ‘slim’ men like you!!!

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