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Friday, February 21, 2020

PF government vindicated-Edwin Lifwekelo

General News PF government vindicated-Edwin Lifwekelo

FLS Executive Director, Edwin Lifwekelo
FLS Executive Director, Edwin Lifwekelo

Forum for Leadership Search Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo says the discovery of 2.1 Billion kwacha at former Labor Minister Austin Liato’s farm borders on economic sabotage.

Mr. Lifwekelo says the Patriotic Front government is being vindicated in its fight against corruption.

He was speaking in a statement released to ZNBC on Friday.

A team of police on Friday morning dug up money worth 2.1 Billion kwacha at Mr. Liato’s farm, buried under the ground.

The operation took place around 01;30 hours on Friday morning.


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  1. Lifwekelo should be the last person to make any comment concerning what is happening in Zambia. He should take one year leave for the rehabilitation of his reasoning and they come back after a good soul search. Shameless man he is.

  2. haaaa ba lifwekelo you have no shame you,chi chifwele and siulapwa have no morals uou just some shameless clocks like ypur chi liato and others to be known.

  3. Is Lifwekelo telling us that he was doudting the governments fight against corruption? Is he scared that he might just be visited for benefitting from the previous regime’s plunder? This man’s stinking mouth should be shut or he will be included on the list of accomplices to National plunder. Foolish man Lifwekelo. I again request you to have an introspection, go for a soul asylum.

  4. lifwekelo you are such a shameless man u have no morals at all u should not even talk about national matters becoz u an embarrassment to the pipo shame on u.STUPID IDOIT

  5. Thank you Lifwekelo but if I happened to bump into you, I would squeeze your little nuts until they pop!

  6. Even paid MMD operatives are now giving up on their bosses??? Wow, I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow Shikapwasha also turns on Dora and Rupiah. We shall keep watching!

  7. Edwin should be careful what he calls vindication. In the last ten years Sata has NEVER declared his source of funding. The RSA government confiscated US$50,000 from Sata at Oliver Tambo airport when he broke money laundering laws of that country and he has never claimed that money back. What does this say about the man? From day one Sata has been involved in corruption by  awarding his uncle a lucrative, single sourced tender to refurbish State House.

  8. Edwin and siulapwa, one thing i have just learnt in zambia is that” sebana wikute” syndrome is deep rooted in the minds of most of our politicians. who thot these fools could one day change and say whatevet they are saying today. Pipo let us have some room for self shame and lead quite lives after messing ourselves up. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese am disguted at all this.

  9. Mushota’s comment sums up Lifwekelo . . .a lame excuse of a human being.
    Media houses should not give these losers any publicity; not after siding with RB and insulting opposition party members on behalf of RB.

  10. This is not about Sata. It is Mr Lifwekelo on the Liato case.

    Some people have poor reasoning, even though they have information, they use it out context, thereby invalidating their contribution.

  11. Too late for Lifwekelo, Elvis Nkandu and Mp for Mkushi south. Mp for Mkushi south can not say anything good for PF. You and Liato same. Youate too much from CDF and fertilizer support programs and your comments when Liato s case was revealed on ZNBC came as a shock to me. Lifwekelo i beg you to keep quiet because your days are numbered. No vuvuzela on ZNBC for you. People will tear you. Ask Elvis nkandu at chisokone makert.

  12. It is only fair that in a democracy we to treat every one fairly, victors and the vanquished. To me, Mr. Lifwekelo has made a good observation. In the past i have supported people like Mr. Mazoka, Mr. Dean Mung`omba and Mr. Mwanawasa. Even if some did not make it to presidency, that does not mean they were bad people. We should learn to offer constructive criticism. Mr. Sata has just assumed office, he needs the support of all well meaning Zambians. Zambia is bigger than one political party, therefore let us help our President deliver on his campaign promises. He can`t do it alone but with our support. My advise to Mr. Sata, is that he should help build a new and prosperous Zambia, for us, our children and their children. Only posterity must vindicate you Mr. Sata. God bless Zambia.

  13. Thisis just a tip of an iceberg and the beginning of more discoveries yet to come.If liato can do this what about the big fishes.Shame

  14. is there no way a law on turncoats like lfwekelo can be acted in parliament making it a non bailable offence for people like lifwekelo. i mean anyone who is in a party and busy insulting those in the opposition, be it the ruling party or the opposition, should be arrested immediately he/ she switches his/ her allegiancy like lifwekelo.
    honestly how do we put a stop to this nonsense we are subjected to everyday by these fools. enough is enough.

  15. Mushota cannot spell! hahahahahaha. She writes ‘execuse ‘ (sic) to mean ‘excuse’ What a shame! With all those qualifications!!

  16. Forum for Leadership Search Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo honestly i H-A*T_E you for the way you and the MMD oppressed us Zambians!

  17. Was it $50,000???? If you can’t even remember the amount how would you know he claimed it later? Don’t you think the RSA media would have picked up on it? BBC won’t spare shiChilufya for sure!

  18. sebana wikute??? that should go with morals mr lifwekelo. the position you have makes you to be a nonpartisan but you decided to be with mmd and showered insults on HE MCS. are you not ashamed? 

  19. This lifwekelo chap is simply amazing. After the puke he spilled against Sata and the PF, now he’s for their cause. Nangu kwena balelela! This ***** and his fellow “luns” made watching ZNBC a total nightmare each time he came on. Shut the f-up we chinangwa cha mwana. Ulefwaya usensele ilyo kawa; aint gonna work a-hole. If you benefited from the MMD plunder which was clear from your rhetoric prior to elections, if the government wont get you, the Zambian people will. Tiye panke we mbusi we pantu uli nkulungwe walyo mwaka umo.

  20. What is the difference between Lifwekelo and Cycle Mata Chilufyanya?They have both u-turned on a number of issues,so whats the fuss about.

  21. Lifwekelo just shut up.These days naikukosela.no more funding from your mmd sponsors.we told you.where is your partner siulwapa?

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