Monday, June 17, 2024

Kabanda calls for the implementation of decentralized policy


Citizens Forum Executive Secretary Simon Kabanda

The Citizens Forum says meaningful development can only be achieved when citizens take part in issues of governance.

Forum Executive Secretary Simon Kabanda says citizens can only participate in public affairs when power is decentralized to the districts.

Mr. Kabanda adds that nothing has been done to implement the policy ever since was launched in 2002.
He has to this effect urged the Patriotic Front led Government to ensure that decentralization is implemented and citizens contribute to the country’s development.

Meanwhile, a local musician says decentralization will help foster development in the country.

Jordan Sinkala, who is part of Impi, a duet known for its governance and social commentary songs, says Zambians want to take part in development but lack of implementation of the policy is an impediment.

Mr. Sinkala has told MUVI TV that he is in the process of producing songs which will help sensitise citizens on decentralization.

He said this on the sidelines of an orientation workshop for journalists and musicians on the decentralization policies in Lusaka.



  1. Foreign AID is available, Man-power is waiting, territories are in place. What has been the fear to implement? One or two things am sure of, reduced money in the pockets and transparence. Even at Kepler 22b, they are not going to decentralise.

  2. NSHUMFWA there you go foreign aid, eish, are you going to take copperbelt copper to develop other provinces as well?? or is it a classic case of each province will use it’s own resources for development?? what of administration who will be in charge? what role will Chief Nkana play in CB politics, or the many chiefs we have in Zed, 72 tribes = 72 chiefs?

  3. Oh yes, this matter is overdue. I’m glad our new gov’t has 2013 as the year to fully implement devolution of powers to district with 2012 focusing on capacity building councils. This will shame the MMD failed to implement a great policy on the pretext of fear and selfishness as most of the big councils were controlled by the opposition. Just as late FTJ was enemy number one, Mr. R. B. Banda was enemy number two to councils as he eroded revenue base for councils.

  4. All comes down to ‘trickle down effect’ people should read books and do something with profound effect…mantling mantling is not helping the situation for how long?

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