Nevers Mumba arrives to a thunderous welcome

MMD presidential candidate received a thunderous welcome when he arrived at the Kenneth Kaunda International airport this morning.Here he is lifted shoulder high by his supporters

MMD Presidential candidate Dr. Nevers Mumba received a thunderous welcome from MMD supporters when he arrived at the Kenneth Kaunda International airport this morning.Upon arrival Dr.Mumba was detained in the Zambezi V.I.P lounge for about an hour.

It was said the D.E.C wanted to search his bags and some officers were seen questioning him.

When he emerged from the V.I.P Dr. Mumba was hoisted by his supporters who carried placards in solidarity for his MMD presidency aspirations.

Dr.Mumba told his MMD supporters not to be intimidated by the government even when they came to grab their property.

“We have started a very long journey and lets not be discouraged” ,Dr.Mumba added

Dr.Mumba also stated that Canadian investment to Zambia had increased the last two years since he became high commissioner.

Dr.Mumba was recently recalled from diplomatic service by President Sata who also accused him of serious financial impropriety at the mission in Toronto.

However Dr. Mumba denied the allegations and stated that there actually wasn’t a Zambian mission in Toronto. Dr.Mumba welcomed Zambia’s Auditor General, who had given the mission in Canada a pass a few months prior to return for another audit if need be.

The Die Hard MMD youth wing has backed the candidature of former Zambian High Commissioner to Canada Nevers Mumba to take over the party presidency from former republican President Rupiah Banda.

“We think Nevers Mumba can push us from where we are now to the next stage, probably taking us back into power. We know that Nevers Mumba will work with the youths, all structures of our party, the Church and ordinary Zambians said the MMD National co-ordinator Bowman Lusambo

“We want to encourage the MMD youths to come together and support his candidature because we, as the party youth wing, have received warm welcome from the general party membership in all the provinces. We have also received a lot of support from the intellectuals with whom we have shared this idea (of supporting Dr Mumba),” Mr Lusambo said.

He said Dr Mumba has leadership qualities that the MMD needs in its current state.

He said the tele-evangelist and former diplomat, who once served as republican vice-president in former President Levy Mwanawasa’s administration, is charismatic, clean, has the ability to interact with all citizens regardless of their political affiliation and has vast experience in relating with the international community.

Mr Lusambo warned that the MMD youths will not support any candidate who will engage in corrupt practices in a bid to win the presidency.

Supporters for Nevers Mumba with placards at Kenneth Kaunda international airport


    • Hi,this shows you the level of unemployment for people to find such time.time management at its worst and we need to move forward by the ship being steered in the right thought on your comment sir.regards

    •  Had I been in Zambia, I would have been at the airport…May God be with Zambia,May God be with Dr. Nevers Mumba..Zambia shall be saved!

  1. hehehehe..twalya again..come and feed the hungry flock Nevers..Lusambo and his colleagues were too hungry ..becareful with your dollar bro..

  2. The power, the money, the influence, but mostly the fear. The fear that any incoming president will order investigations into the corruption, violence and theft perpetrated by their predecessor, or the fear that a new president will do to them what they did to others, is what is happening with our president

    Corruption is rife because the mentality of a black man by virtue of being one is transgressions, It is a custom among the community and to settle for second best, and realising one is not good enough, is what is happening in ZAmbia
    I was telling Nick of recent developments back in my country and he was laughing like a hyena.


    • Mushota the pride that you show on all your postings says alot about who you are! Low self esteem. You think having a European boyfriend makes you brighter and less zambian. shame on you. I like objective comments not racially biased ones. Typical of northerners, yes bwana yes bwana and lazy……

    • Mushota, really you know how to intertain people!!! Very few can understand that you really have a long way to go b4 you can become of your age intellectually!!!

    • and for sure he is a hyena.cant you just make s comment without refering to black/you really suck.undergo plastic surgery to become white and change your names,anyway deep down you will know you are sure you husband is a very old man like your grandpa

    • Who the hell in the world is Nick??????? Who ever it is tell him he is a hyena himself, he shouldn’t laugh like one because he is a hyena………

    • Ba Mushota..while I agree with the majority of yo comment ..I have a huge issue with you generalizing and saying “the mentality of a black man by virtue of being one is transgressions”.I am a Black man and I am also Zambian and I do not think I subscribe to that description.While there are elements of our society that are absolutely slaves to that doesnt serve us any good to have a pessimistic attitude and assume the same to be true about everyone. U are obviously in the diaspora and if your idea and representation of black men is one that taints how other races will look at us, dont complain if you are discriminated against. You sound prejudist against your own race by not saying the truth.

  3. Yeah more power sure…
    What to do?
    What to think?
    What to accept?
    Is the presidency for the Bemba elite?
    I am changing my Lingo to Bemba ! 
    I denounce tonga,
     l denounce the horrible tonga accept
    I am no longer SDA please accept me Bembas  

  4. I feeling sorry for this country lack of leaders. At the current crop we only have Chipimo for hope. I am wondering what Zambians do to find time to go to the Airport or high court etc. Is it a sign of unemployment a laziness because myself I barely have time even to have lunch?

  5. We urge the MMD system to invoke all aspects of democratic tenets in the selection of a credible national leader. The Party machinery must advise its cadres to cast away emotions so as to carefully and objectively scrutinise the candidature of Kabinga Pande and Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane. The reason being that Zambia is endowed with a diversity of talented political leaders that also originate from other Provinces for the sake of sustained peace in this multi-tribal country since 1964. Pande and Musokotwane present the best mature age group – and blessed with rich load of education.

  6. Fake pastor, Nevers leades a very expensive life, do not be cheated, he and his wife like posh
    things, just for money thats so, a preacher, let him go to start preaching than, politics.

    • I also love posh things, we all do!! I like designer suites, and designer shirts, I love the 3D LED TV’s, I love everything thing nice and modern. I love a good lifestyle and I work VERY hard to earn it. These politicians on the other hand eish!!! it’s like their mothers name is theif and their fathers name is corruption.

  7. @3 PROF OBATALA?? Get serious, Slapping who? It is unfortunate that MMD youth can be so forgetful that this is the Man, who ditched his own Church, then party for a VP position, He is a Gold Digger nothing else.

    Make him your president that will be the END of your Corrupt MMD. If you are serious, put Mutati, he is a much better Man.
    I am sure Mumba paid those chups or they are his Bululus.
    MMD will never come back to Power.

  8. No. 9, you are spot on. Only Pande and Musokotwane should be considered. Pande has the highest moral and know how in politics. He is also well educated with an MBA. Those cadres are wasting time with this lost sheep. 

  9. we still lack leaders if u can mention Mutati. Mutati is a por,n star and the PF have that video. All they PF will do is upload that video online and arrest Mutati.

  10. [email protected]
      my tonga brother l am now catholic 4got that
    But l can not be gay because l was giving it to your mother while your wife and sister were licking my balls, your wife was ok your mum & sister are very corrupt they wanted me to go in their bums.. Shah no the bum is for small dicked tongas
    I am Bemba now will soon be hung like them

  11. Total Rubbish!!! A party heading nowhere. Nevers, you are now their last hope? Where are you going to take this flock of goats? Quit politics before it destroys you more!!!

  12. Reading the comments here , all tonga,s are proposing for Pande or Musokotwana to be MMD president? Why you may ask, it cos Tonga,s want only their tribesmen to be leaders with the hope of having only tongas at the next election
    BUT Zambia is a democracy and as such no sane people can vote for your useless leaders even at party level
    Go and contest the tonga vote in UPND cos you have made your intentions known making you political outcasts

  13. When i see this man i feel a sense of hope once again. Chiluba left us enough cubs in the bush to fight for zambia.

  14. #19 SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST – and are you better than Tongas yourself. You are calling them tribalist just because you want a Bemba to be president of MMD! Do you now see why Zambia will not go anywhere and may split some day in the near future? Because people like you cannot see anybody outside your toilet…everybody breathing fresh air outside your toilet is a tribalist. By the way, Pande is from North-Western and Musokotwane is Lozi. So tell me which Tonga is a tribalist by proposing those names! Don’t be narrow minded and selfsih. It will take you nowhere. Other tribes have the same rights to lead this country, otherwise there is no point continuing with Zambia. To be honest, with the tribalistic attitude of the majority of Bembas, Zambia has no future as a unitary state.

  15. how can some one stop the work of God and start these dirt politics?Nevers just go and continue with the work of our almighty, in politics thr isnt respect.

  16. For me, the MMD agitating for Nevers Mumba or the so-called we need a Bemba president will mark the beginning of the slow process towards tribal conflict and vigorous agitation for the splitting up of Zambia into its tribal regions – or certainly some provinces might opt to drift away – but that will be after a bitter civil war. Do not take this for a joke and it is sad that things are slowly building towards that because of the selfishness of one group. My predictions for next elections are dire. If every tribe now wants to have its own tribesman into state house that is where we are headed – civil war. It might not happen now or in the near future, but slowly the seeds of conflict are being planted and nobody is bothered. The leaders are not leader enough to provide leadership.

  17. brothers those who have problem with a certain tribals leading the country you need more poeple in potical field who can fight for such not just complaining and you want others to vote a certain tribal you want even his poltical influence is not impressive

  18. from Canada, we will miss you Nevers Mumba. you are a good man. if God appointed you to lead the nation you will take it. u are not just a simple police officer like sata. but you are educated and cant put zambia to shame when on platform. everything has got its own time. God will protect you from the sanres of the evil one. and he shall fight all battles for you my dear friend,uncle and father. we will miss you hear in Canada with your good plans of putting zambia on the map. you really tried.

  19. NOW, abena Nevers should start immediate talks with other youthful parties like NAREP, UPND, and those other parties with difficult names and create in Zambia the REAL pact of the young Zambians who will advance the national interest. We are tired of recycling. I have nothing against age and I am happy to have older people who have NEVER tasted power to come aboard. I could have Liwewe Dennis as Minister of Sport, Tom Mtine – Commerce etc and NONE of the former UNIP socialist economists who misled KK all those years! Nevers was once VP so no one in MMD and outside is above him.

  20. Another smooth talking slippery FTJ in the making, these telly evangelists are thieves when are you Zambians going to learn, whilst your eyes are closed during prays he’s busy helping himself to the offerings. Just let MMD rot in hell!!! 
    In the name of the holy spirit don’t let his chap near BOZ or Ministry of Finance!!

  21. remember history is important tonga never had a wel organised leader that why up now there a problem of not accepting the seninor chiefs, because of that it will take time to have a tonga who have thaty required standard in politics. the learned tonga are talking about tribalism instead sit day do your home. am from central i dont complain that my tribal man is not leading the nation but what is big issue with you.

  22. @26

    What’s god got to do with appointing Party officials or  presidents, don’t come here and mixing religion and politics, Nevers is a politician just like ka Chiluba or Sata leave God out of this!!

  23. #25 OPNESS – that is an extremely valid point you are making, an actually intelligent argument. I for one do not want to see someone leading a country just on the basis of their tribe. I don’t want to be a citizen of such a country. If that was the case Obama would not be the president of the most powerful country in the world, where Black people make only about 30% of the population. But like you are saying he went into politics and fought for it. But imagine that if white people and other ethnic groups just said it doesn’t matter even if you fight for it we can only vote for someone of our race! It’s silly. So the idea of people saying that MMD can only have a Bemba president or that Pande and Musokotwane cannot lead because they are not Bembas is extremely dangerous and daft.

  24. The president has made a lot of allegations against members of MMD, such as Nevers Mumba, but has not yet convicted anyone. In Africa the only way to hold on to power is to stifle the opposition. It is every Zambian’s constitutional rite to vie for the highest office in the land. At the end of the day, Nevers is a credible candidate.  

  25. I have everything AGAINST Nevers Mumba as a leader. Those who are supporting him to lead MMD either are illegal immigrants who only recently came to the country and so do not know him well, OR they have already received bribes from Nevers Mumba – something that Nevers is expected to do. But if Nevers became leader of MMD, within just 6 months he will leave and join PF. Nevers Mumba lives according to the meaning of his first name: he NEVER stays! He started a church and deserted it to form a political party which he deserted and joined MMD became vice-president and almost deserted it to go into Congo before he was quickly fired. What type of person is he? Certainly not a son of God. He’s just like the rest of us – an ordinary person. For him it is worse – he has always failed to lead.

    • You’re an uneducated child. Everything you say is completely speculative. You have no correct facts and are speaking out of pure emotion. Who are you to predict the future? The downside of the internet is people like you get to vomit their opinions anywhere they please as if their opinion really means something

  26. Like any politician, especially those belonging to the MMD, Nevers sent money before arrival with someone to do logistics in order to arrange for his thunderous welcome. Those people were paid and told what to do and say, and we have hired cadres in Zambian who have accomplished their art so well, you cant tell they are paid for it!!

  27. Ubulofwa nabuya pantashi zoona ku Zambia. When do people go to work if they can be at the airport in the morning waiting for a fellow cadre? Please let pf take all those unemployed youths wasting their time begging for change from politicians to National Services or even to the army so they can start doing something instead of just loitering senselessly like that! Ninjala kapena nichani ayi?

  28. Ba Mumba, please can you tell Us your Education Profile, at which Unversity did you Obtained your First degree, Mastes degree or Phd, your brother also call himself a Doctor from which University. is Doctor your family name the Mumba’s ? please can someone answer me.

  29. Whats wrong with Nevers Mumba to accept going to a tiny little impoverished country called zambia? After sata fired u why not stay in Canada? U have looked for problems alone, zambia is not even known in the diaspora, unless one says he comes from south africa.

  30. There was Nevers talking about how tirelessly he worked  in Canada to attract investment to Zambia from Canadian investors, well guess what Mr. Mumba you were an ambassador, being spoon fed by the Zambian tax-payers that was your in  Job description.
     2016 won’t be easy for these politicians including P.F as Zambians are much more informed than before especially the youth who are in the majority. The youth can easily brainstorm a topic they least understand via their handsets via FB forums like The Zambian Peoples PACT or  The 90 days Countdown  or  Zambian Economist etc and will be brought up to speed within minutes by the smartest Zambian brains in cyberspace.

  31. Wow!! Finally. Thought this man would never leave Ottawa. Who else left with him? Those with infor give us the insight. And who is gonna remain as Zed H.C. to Canada?

  32. Nick laughs like a hyena! How old is Mushota mwebantu? Probably 13yrs old. anyways even the picture tells alot about the character of this girl. she is some girl who doesn’t receive attention from her parents instead she has opted to get it from a hyena.

  33. Tribalism will never get us anywhere.Tonga,bemba,Lozi or even a tombolilo by tribe…it doesn`t which tribe as long as that individual is able to deliver ,then it is fine.So people let us stop this tribal crap.

  34. #40 Tekki Kata 

    What picture??  Don’t be fooled by what the boy/man posts, don’t you know that you can get that same picture from some online modelling website for African female models, that male model has several other different photos on display on that same webpage.

  35. Mumba president of MMD! Never.

    He has tendancy to leave people in the cold, just as others have commented. He left his church in the cold, then his party. MMD wil be finished ooo, if they make a mistake.
    But one thing, MMD coming back into power keep on DREAMING

  36. ok insala nobulofwa fibii mwebantu, who is nevers to start with ine nalimulaba. Is he the same guy that aboned that church in kt? what can nevers offer zambians plz. Mwefyaciya fyonse ku airport muli fi………….a

  37. I am beginnnd to doubt the sanity of people who think Nevers Mumba can be President of Zambia. Zambia is not a social club or collection of believers thinking of living an everlasting life in the hereafter. Nevers Mumba is a periplaneta!! He is vermin!! All people who are vertically challenged are a problem. Look at Chiluba, Mussolini, Hitler, Sarcozy!!

  38. Nevers Mumba does NOT hold an earned PhD please. It is an honorary degree. Nevers Mumba was a instrumentation technician trainee at CPC. He was ‘poached’ to start a church at OB bennet Hall by a Mrs Sanderson of Kitwe. Mrs Sanderson was excommunicated from Kitwe Evangelical Church because she wanted to preach. Nevers started his victory church at OB bennet hall (it later became a famous night club is Kitwe called Starlite). Nevers went to USA to learn the tricks of the ‘trade’ to become a tele-evangelist. This is a breed of ‘Christians’ famous for praising the Lord and pocketing the proceeds.. He is a recipient of an honorary doctorate degree (probably by post) from some obscure University in the USA. Nevers Mumba ‘ This is your life’. We can give you more data if you wish.

  39. Among the contestants for MMD leadership Nevers Mumba is the most credible if there is going to be MMD RENNAISCENCE. The party needs to shed off its former out look. New young leadership is desirable, even in Power Failure(PF) if they ‘ve to go far, small cobras on board is a must. For MMD, Nevers Mumba symbolises youth and young, intelligent articulate, foresight and international exposure meaning new ideas, new thinking, innovative and creativity and meet the challenges of the ever changing world geo-political landscape. It is Dr Mumba who can handle Mr Sata head as seen in how Sata has began to intimidate and order him to come from diplomatic service with false charges of financial mismanagement. That implies Sata is uncomfortable with Nevers Mumba. Lets wait and see soon.

  40. ten years ago most us thought sata was wasting his time were is now, ha hah ha ha State House, Nevers this is your now , we need a young president with a vision and focus, thats Dr Nevers Mumba, not a President who has in the last 60 days made 42 constitutional mistakes, iwe sata 60 days whats wrong with you, go Nevers go Nevers

  41. @31 What class are you today cardre? Learn, Nevers Mumba is a Tele-evangelist who successfuly put Zambia on the map interms of the gospel. Few can match that personal profile and engaged in other societal activities. Not family Trusts like Mr Sata and Rupia Bwezani Banda. He once served as republican VP based on his track record of working for Zambia and Zambians. Debate with Sata on national issues would be interesting now that Zambians know the true cobra. However, for MMD Nevers Mumba would be a better person to sell to Zambians together with other Zambias as a team. Not one man show Mwinemushi.

  42. I would rather go and wait for Mugabe at Mfuwe International Airport due to land in a week’s time than go and waste time on Nevers Mumba… Is he standing in 2016? Then, i will vote for HH! go HH, go HH…. That is if they will be the only candidates….

  43. I do not understand why MMD thinks Nevers Mumba can win them election. where is he going to get votes from. You think western, north-western, southern and central will vote for Mumba. Is it not Mumba who contested in 2001 elections. Politics is very bad because you can see that it is easy to be milead by people who wants your money only. From what I have seen so far, the battle for the president in 2016 will be between SATA and HH if sata reach that far, there is no way Mumba can beat SATA in Luapula, northern, copperbelt and Lusaka.. In eastern, southern, western, north-western and central has no chance…!!!

  44. Why anyone of them? They all belong to a generation past, so MMD and all other political parties must look into the Chipimo generation. What if the generation that won the PF election starts to search for their own candidate?

  45. #31 Italian Bunga Bunga (Original)

    Never please be careful of the EVIL Roman Catholic Organisation’s Jesuits who are more involved in Sata’s PF administration.

    The only people who are against Nevers Mumba are the EVIL Roman CATHOLIC Organisation and its Vatican City, because these people know that Nevers will preserve the Christian declaration in the constitution of Zambia.

    The Roman Catholic Organisation’s small king Pope went to the VOODOO African CAPITAL Benin West Africa recently and celebrated VOODOO and declared to SUPPORT all Local TRADITIONS in Benin including VOODOO and Polygamy. What type of Christianity is this?

    GO GO GO GO GO Nevers Mumba! We Zambians support and are with you all the way! We love you and God protect and bless you!

  46. #54 Airtime Sakala & #56 kizito,

    That is what Rupiah Banda and MMD leaders and supporters said that Sata and PF will never win elections in Zambia. Moreover they said Sata always loses elections and will never become President of Zambia!

    Here we are FOLKS! Sata is the current President of Zambia and PF is the ruling party.

    Guys Nevers Mumba will be the President and MMD will be the ruling party. Wait and watch my words. Just as Sata has become President of Zambia so Nevers will be the President of Zambia come 2016!

    God bless Zambia

  47. I thought Sata and PF especially KABIMBA should have been the first people to protest against this injustice happening to Nevers Mumba? Why should he be subjected to this HARASSMENT just because DEC has been ordered by Sata to harass him! What a shame!

    Things are worsening in Zambia very quickly these days really

    Am EVEN surprised how THE POST Journalist house got attacked by CRIMINALS in Livingstone under the PF govt?

    Why happening under Sata and PF government? is it because the Post is digging deeper regarding Sata’s LOW CALIBER’S leadership and his appointment of CORRUPT TAINTED people like his relative Emmmanuel Mwamba and his friend Former Intelligence Chief Chungu!

    Sata and PF should protect Zambians bcoz this what we have been waiting for a long time

  48. PF KABIMBA endured the same harassment under the MMD when he was coming from South Africa. So why should Kabimba not complain against this harassment against Nevers Mumba?

    Africans never learn from their mistakes that is why we can’t develop because Sata is a TYPICAL African DICTATOR. Sata what type of leadership are you providing to Zambians?

    This is why us Zambians voted the MMD out because they used to HARASS Sata and KABIMBA but instead of you learning from this, you are repeating the same SILLY bad governance methods against the opposition!

    Intimidating Nevers Mumba will not discourage Zambians from supporting him moreover Zambians will support him more!

    God bless Zambia!


    There comes a time in a everyman´s life

    when he is got to face the truth,no matter what.

    We are coming to you Father,with our sins and everything to thank you;

    those that smoke marijuana,we wanna thank you Father,for

    making it grow internationally,they wanna thank you Lord.

    Even though police cut it down,sometimes,they burn it down,but it grows again,thank you Father!…

  50. …Nations that oppress other nations,

    we wanna thank you father,

    even though itŽs painful to the oppresed,but they thank you Lord,for making them strong.

    Politicians,we wanna thank you father for making them to be able to lie with a straight face,

    while the other nation cries,they wanna thank you Lord.

  51. #7 don’t say that . Don’t affiliate your self to such low perseptions. I’m Bemba and no tribe is any above any tribe. We are all equal individual before GOD of thrive and strive as an individaul. I love every Zambian that strive to make a difference. I’ve friends from almost every tribe. look the our current leadership, is this wot you would have expected for christ seek?

  52. actually i don’t feel good anytime i read something about tribalism.why is there so much tension between tongas and bembas,are we not all Zambians?we spend alot of our time and energy fighting each other on tribal lines,lets instead channel that time and energy to meaningful things that will benefit all.
    Africa is always fighting as a result of ethnic orientations,look at our friends in Europe who just call themselves as belonging to that country such things are unheard of, at least according to my knowledge,and they focus on preparing a better nation for there children not fighting on tribal lines.
    tongas and bembas wake up,you waste our time reading your nonsense, you are Zambians

  53. bata ba bwela…thank u …they is hope…been wondering when u would get back….wow…someone who vcan represent us…not king thief..cobra kabolala..Thank you ba ta ta ba nevers ….mwany abak bola la la…steal now and we will get u..

  54. we love you nevers. we will miss you in here. no wonder all your fellow ambassadors were at air port to escort you off and all kissed you good bye and prayed for you. you are younger than sata who cant even brush his teeth what a shame

  55. let sata fire the sister to aka who is at ottawa mission under education section. she is too vocal and hard haerted. we are tired of being rulled by these nkoyas who claim to be zambians. sata pliz the laddy at ottawa is akas sister Helen let her come back. she is a very bad lady who gives heart attack to all even to students in cuba

  56. MMD through their paranoia built PF and Sata and made them popular and the rest as they say is history.

    Am afraid PF is doing the same for Nevers Mumba . Why politicians don’t learn beats me.

  57. shaka oz. you are a fool. why bring in the catholic church in this topic. only a mad man will call another mad. and you are such.

  58. Oh no! Not another Bemba. What is it about these people who are naturally corrupt and have no morals. Zambia will not accept another Northerner to rule us again in the next 20 years. Let’s go for the young and bright. Viva HH! 

  59. Ba MMD, Namupenaaaa??? This chap Nevers!! failed to run his church,his party as well as affairs in the position he was given as VP.How do you bring him back?This is a total collapse of this party.I thot you were going to be a strong opposition party jst for check and balances bt unfortunately not.Too bad guys and there is still time,get back to the drwing bord and re-assess your party candidates.

  60. MMD is typical of Zambian politics, a few gang up and pronounce who to rule. I have no problem with Nevers but the route is worrying it is either Chipimo or Nevers for 2016 the question is why? they are both Bembas what a shame. One day tukafilila musenga

  61. MMD supporters have rallied and warmed up to the wrong man. Honestly, I think Muteteka must take the position, he represents a frash face anyway.

  62. Why are we so fixated on 2016 and who the main contenders are? Chipimo will not be the only Zambian with presidential ambitions come 2016. Lets us focus the debates on what is happening now i.e MMD presidential selection and discuss the contestants. If commenting on these articles were any exam 90% of bloggers would fail because they are always of topic.


  64. A party presidential position is up for grabs. Nevers is jumping up and down selling himself, so is Mutati while others are ‘Ndwiii’, and then you cry tribalalism?

  65. In MMD and as an opposition party, Mr. Pande I think would be good for president although I am not so sure if he can face up His Majesty the King Cobra with his malicious tongue. As for Dr. Musokotwane, he is coming up well especially with that challenge to the president to be careful with the statements he makes which can jeopardise the peace of the country. I think he is more of a technocrat than a politician. Dr. Mumba I know him from the time of his famous TV programme Zambia shall be saved, he is articulate, youthful, and has the qualities of leadership. If all the other diplomats in Canada can give him that support on his departure as indicated by # 76 Nalu, it means he related well with them. May God bless Zambia.

  66. Lekeni insele napapata. Ba Nevers is wasting his time. Where is Zambia shall be saved and the victory church. He write a book integrity with fire and said being president would be a demotion. When he formed NCC, he said it was not a political party and when he ditched it he never told the nation the truth so where is his integrity? Today he is talking about being harassed does he remember how long Winter Kabimba was interrogated by mmd at the airport. He was un upright man how come he is supporting corruption. Burying 2.1bilion to him is normal, more that 100 bicycles is normal, all the campaign materials we saw are normal to him to name just a few? I CAN NEVER VOTE FOR HIM DESPITE THE FACT THAT I AM A BORN AGAIN BELIEVER.

  67. It is clear that Nevers has some scores to settle at his former church aka company. I think Zambians must quit this attitude of forgetting too early, Nevers was tried and tested for the top position under Mwanawasa and was found wanting. I think Muteteka is a better option for MMD, he seems to be a little different from the others. But 2016, Chipimo all the way.

  68. #86 BRAGGADOCIO – mmmh! mdala are you a teacher? Lol! But I share your view. The problem is we have become too politicised and also I think we are still dealing with the hangover of the elecion and the excitement it provided – that’s why many bloggers are wishing 2016 was tomorrow and want to start another election discussion. After another few months discussions will settle down to current issues mainly. Forgive us!!

  69. Give the MMD anyday they CAN NEVER beat Sata in an election with Nevers Mumba as their presidential candidate. I personally am not a keen supporter of Sata and PF, although I support him as my current president, but I know that he has now reached most parts of the country; whereas Nevers will find it hard to penetrate some communities, including in his own home province. Nevers Mumba is a city mouse. Sata is all rounder. If MMD chose a different president, may be that way. MMD must not kid itself: beating a ruling party is tough. If they don’t mess up, PF could be in power for a few terms – the only problem is that their stalwart MCS, God Bless Him, I don’t think he has many years with us, truthfully speaking, and I hope PF have a good plan for somebody strong to take over from Sata!

  70. All Pipo speaking against Nevers sound so backward and irriterate. It amazes me to note that there are still pipo whose arguments are based on things such as Nevers leaving the Church and his Party. Nevers perved a way for young people to become what he became and he left. We have so many young People that became preachers after him. Unlike some politicians who are not innovative, nevers has shown us that we must all learn never to hold on to something untill we die. Please give us a Chance.

  71. I agreed with most of MMD’s economic policies, they were easier to understand because they were logical, intelligent and they delivered. However, unless they choose a worthy president I will not go back to them again, I will find another party. I’m a swing voter. PF have not impressed me yet, so we will see how they reach 2016. If we were to vote today, I would take my vote to one of the smaller parties – that is where there is stimulating debate and intelligent questioning of current reality in Zambia, and the leaders of the small parties, especially Chipimo and Charles Milupi, seem far better informed and clued up…and hungry to succeeed. That’s what Zambia needs. Not this current waste of time.

  72. #95 DIASPORA – that’s interesting what you are saying. But it is your persoinal interpretation of his behaviour. I don’t know what you would say about a woman who behaved that way.

  73. I Admire the Bemba tribalism ……….mmm. it not loud ,passionate .it is quite matured etc , learn that you others .Put your houses in order and practice it from that level .

  74. The usual zambian loop. What is nevers plan . Are we looking for people or their plan for you .
    Are they going to u turn like the current president

  75. People have nothing to do how can a country develop like this people standing at the airport waoting on someone, what time are they going to be productive oor is it that yhey are no jobs on Zambia, this was 47 years ago and we still do it today just shows that Zambia os still 45yrs backwards, when will thing change for the best of the younger generation please.

  76. So those few people made a “thunderous welcome”?
    Am beginning to wonder whether Zambia is cursed. Our country is richly blessed with both natural and human resources.
    Interms of human resources we have very intelligent people in Southern and and Western provinces. While wisdom and also intelligence has it’s residence in Eastern province. I don’t know what our brothers in North Western and Central province provinces have interms of the God given talents. For our Bemba brothers I know them for being talkative and therefore can best be utilised as marketers. If as nation we decided to utilise these God given talents in their rightful places we can go far within ten years. Tribalism will only benefit a few while the common man like the ones in the picture above continue to suffer.

  77. This notion of proposing Bemba presidential candidates will only deprive this country of the best Leardership that it desparately needs. Even Kaunda had to claim being Bemba despite him being either a Tumbuka or Tonga of Malawan ancestry. Surely Nervas Mumba cannot make a good President. I sugest to Pastor Mumba to go back and preach the gospel. Currently apart from the Jesuit trained Robert Mugabe, which other head of State has visited Zambia? People it is high time we loved our country else we will continue being the laughing stock of countries like South Africa. Under RB their seemed to be some hope for the nation but after September 20 2011, due to envy as a result of tribalism, Africa seems to be wondering what has become of this country, Zambia.

  78. Bowman Lusambo should look for another way to earn money. Nevers also seems to be foolish enough to not read the situation. Let him look at the cadres paid to receive him and judge his popularity in MMD. Let him go back to the Lord. Whatever happened to Zambia Shall Be Saved? did he give up on it like he did the National Christian Coalition?


  80. go go mumba your your time has come to liberate zambia. we are tired of old politicians who dont have new things to offer. that is why we are moving within the same cycles. dont get discourage one day you shall overcome just like the way black americans and southafricans used to sing during liberation and they won. the same with you and dont let others to define you. be wise like a serpent, humble like a dove and bold like the lion. fight i know God is with you

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