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Father of man shot by Police in demands report before burial


File : Police officers on duty

Relatives of a 27 year old man who was shot dead in Lusaka west land riots yesterday have demanded for a report on the events leading to their relative’s death.

Father to the deceased Henry Mulenga Sindala says he deserves to know who sent the named police officer who fired the gun that killed his son Richard.

And brothers to the deceased Emmanuel Sindala and Mulenga Sindala have charged that they will not burry their late brother until a comprehensive report is availed to the family.

The relatives have since displayed more than ten used bullets and one unused bullet allegedly picked from the scene of crime.

Meanwhile a man who has declined to be named for security reasons has narrated that a named police officer who allegedly killed Richard confessed that he was send by CK marble limited managing Elijah Kasonso to disperse a crowd that was clearing a land earmarked for the construction of the market.

According to the eye witness the named officer from Lilayi police after finding the crowd clearing the land in question, started firing live bullets, thereby killing Richard who was a passerby.

The witness further says that the group became angry and proceeded to Mr. Kasonso’s house, burning the building and some vehicles.

He has further disclosed that Mr Kasonso has been in conflict with the group in question over a piece of land he claims to be the legitimate owner.



  1. “The relatives have since displayed more than ten used bullets and one unused bullet allegedly picked from the scene of the crime.” Are they allowed to do this? I must have been watching too many CSI episodes.

  2. Is this about the Kalingalinga shooting?
    relatives , you are within your rights to seek clrification. now where did you get those bullets, and what does the post mortem say?

    Infact a ‘Commission of enquiry’ would n’t be a bad idea going by our leaders prevailing style.

  3. @3President Santa

    Not all candidates could win the presidency because of this alot of you criticise our duly elected govt.
    But please let’s be objective, stop this judgemental puritanism stop behaving like our preferred loser candidates are holier than thou
    Lets give a chance to our elected govt to do their job, 
    The losing candidates should be graceful in defeat and better luck next time
    No matter how much the losers cry, lost they did as the electorate rejected them
    the majority of the voters prefer HE MCS to RB @ 2 and HH @3 FACT
    You cannot impose a loser on Zambia cos he is from your part of Zambia..
    We are a democracy and as such majority rules

  4. Seventhday Adventist sport on . You sound sensible than some of these marons on this sight. I believe some of these police officers are being used by the losers. by the way what benefit? some them are just people who have even failed to keep their own families. His exalence please deal whith these fools killing inocent humans.

  5. Our policemen should prevent crime and not shoot innocent by standers. Yes criminals deserve punishment after being convited by courst of law. We should not have a police state where people are shot dead for no reason. Parliament should take this one up for debate and put the office on murder charge.

  6. why do these policemen use bullets on pipo who are not armed?it looks like our police do not know when to use the gun.train them in TAKWAIDO,MARSHAL ART so that they can learn how to defeat pipo who are unarmed,losing lives like this not gud.life is irepresible.

  7. Illegal land grabbing by MMD and earlier in the years of UNIP was heartbreaking to people that legally owned land but only for MMD cadres to forcibly grab land with impunity. Beacuse the MMD wanted support of the cadres and votes, they looked the other way and never took any action. There is change sweeping the country where we don’t expect Zambians to continue with land grabbing and illegal land allocation ignoring government laws. Illegal land grabbers like the Henry Mulenga Sindala put paid for their arrogance. His father should advised him to obey the laws of the land. He must accept responsibility for failing to instill discipline in his family. It is there stupid of his father to ask questions as to sent the police to take care of him. 

  8. Can someone tell me the law on stray bullets.it seems this guy was hit by a bullet not intended  for him..why  didnt he shoot the fools he found comiting a crime?

  9. No. 4, I think it will be nice if you can stop using that Holy name. It doesn’t matter what issues you have with people who belong to that Church, be yourself. You don’t lose anything by respecting people’s feelings. God bless you whoever you are.

  10. lawlessness under PF!
    police have watched how PF cadres beat up people (MMD cadres), burnt houses and detroyed cars of perceived enemies (MMD sympathisers)….how PF supporters staged strikes and celebrated all over the streets undressing!
    the Police are also human! they saw how Constable Chilufya did nothing or said nothing and have therefore seen that this is the order of the day…lawlessness.
    so when policed are sent to deal with a PF enemy….they will do it carelessly

  11. Can the government take the guns away from these morones before they kill every citizen. i have never seen the police service so incompetent. Bamabala they are employed through their relatives thats why they think they are superio when they are holding a gun. What do these police learn at lilayi? How to hold a gun and kill a citizen? Police have unacceptable powers, Citizens need to have more rights. where are our freedoms?

  12. This lawlessness is a spill over the from government of HIS Bwenziness and his cohort William. They supported illegal land allocations by carders and we saw how these people grabbed land from rightful owners with impunity. The ***** paid the price.
    I ask the man of action the IG to sort out this CK issue once and for all. These carders cant believe that they can no longer be alloed with their foolishness.
    IF I HAD AN OPPORTUNITY,I COULD CASTRATE WILLIAM, for the problems he has left us.

  13. muletusebanya ba police, kanshi who is giving directives to these police officers to start firing at innocent people. also avoid taking recruits ku ma riots because they are always trigger happy.
    i wish i never joined the police, its too much.,mwacilamo fye.,every day in every news ni ba police, when shall we grow to be an institute that is serving people. the peolple you are killing are another police officers relative,.how is your fellow officer feeling now by loosing a brother or nephew..fi bana Obama.,civilians in police combats.,less training is the cause.,tamwapya.

  14. For this trend of shootings to come to an end, the officer in charge / platoon cmdr of the victim should be pinned down,charged or face the law..this is the only solution.
    sure mentality ya mu MMD tailapwa nanomba?

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