President Sata welcomes move by Nevers Mumba to sue Government


President Michael Sata has welcomed Dr Nevers Mumba’s intention to sue the Government. This is contained in a press statement released to the media by his assistant for press and public relations George Chellah.

The President has said that this will provide the Zambian people a golden opportunity to know what transpired at the Zambian Mission in Canada before Dr Mumba was recalled.

President Sata reminded Dr Mumba that the Attorney General’s Chambers stands ready to receive the legal suit at the earliest convenient time.

The President however hopes that Dr Mumba’s legal threat is not meant to intimidate law enforcement agencies that are carrying out an investigation on him.

The Head of State wishes to reiterate that those facing corruption investigations must not seek to intimidate law enforcement agencies by false claims of a witch-hunt and allegations that the country was sliding into a police state.

The President has also taken note of the strange offer of protection Dr Mumba has promised former president Rupiah Bwezani Banda.

“Dr Mumba stated that: ‘…let us fill the jails of this country until freedom comes.’ Truly, those found wanting will have to serve their time in jail before they regain their freedom. This is the position of the law and we hope Dr Mumba and his colleagues will respect that,” President Sata said.

“Dr Mumba was in Zambia when people were fighting for freedom but typical of him, he went to hide in the Christian Coalition. Zambians know that Dr Mumba is just an opportunist who goes with the wind. What protection can Dr Mumba offer to anybody? As a matter of fact, Mr Rupiah Banda does not need Dr Mumba’s dirt hands to protect him.

“It is regrettable that it has become fashionable for people facing legitimate investigations to make outrageous and preposterous allegations against myself and the law enforcement agencies. An investigation is not a sentence so let my brothers and sisters keep the cool.”

President Sata said that Zambia is a democracy and this entails that the rule of law shall apply fairly to all citizens regardless of their status or political affiliation.


  1. Why is Sata always responding to any innocuous threats from anybody and everybody? Sata is now showing what we always feared- ‘training on the job’. Some of his comments are so embarrassing. A President should be above board!! Nevers Mumba is not a threat to anybody. Sata learn to keep your trap shut and get down to work atase!

    • kabimba was right.sata cant belive he won.he wasnt ready.i voted for him and pf but sorry they are runing around like a headless chicken.

      so far all accustions sata has made non has been in shock.nadabwa.

      where is chanda chimba?we need another documentary ”90 DAYS DECEPTION”.

  2. The absurdity of Sata’s government is immeasurable. Where is your vision for the country? You seem to have run out of ideas after winning the election. What we see everyday is a president looking for someone to fight. Step down bwana if you have been overwhelmed by the position. This is the most capricious and tragicomic presidency in the history of the country.

  3. Nomba ba Prezz nabo, must he comment on every little thing?  Some of these things kuchitafye ignore and let things run their course. He is now bordering on being petty. 

  4. Law is law and should not leave certain people out when they are required to give an account, even the presdo if required should avail himself. Nevers keep calm if you are innocent please. “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.
    Any departure from truth brings condemnation, this you alredy know.

  5. Sata is busy fighting individuals.90 days is clocking soon.All i have seen him do is make press statements, fire with immediate effect,make tribalistic appointments,form commisions of enquiry,making false alarms e.g some people want to assasinate him,lexus saga,stolen gold,north western chiefs,fake money,mpundu trust,evangelical pastors,the list is endless!

    is our president sedated or what.a reliable source told me there is nothing pointing at misuse of funds in ottawa.infact it was under funded.could someone be lying to him to put him to shame?

    bane the country is in trouble!!!


    • MMDidints, you are gone no more. SATA do what is right for the people of Zambia.mmd dont even dream of comming back, you time is over,

  6. The Presidency has been devalued by the cheap rhetoric coming out of Nhwazi House. Much as some of us have tried to fathom it, the circus has become tiring with H.E commenting on trivialities. I am sure he even supervises cleaners at State House, just as he tells his security detail what to do, personaly settles bills at hotels; all because he cannot trust any one. And that is the reason only he, must comment on every petty issue and not his “Mini Stars”.

  7. Sata is a very good man at dreaming! h thinks is imagination cud become reality! Sata to begin with, does not eve know where the Zambian embassy in Canada is! is it in Toronto or Ontario or where? how can Sata who doesnt even know the location of his countries embassy know the employment of funds at such an institution? just like the printing of fake money has embarassed Sata, even the issue of Mumba wil embarass Sata even more! Mumba is more clean than the dirty Sata! this man dazent knw how to explain! R25, 000 Rand was goten from him at some airport in South Africa, he has up to to day failed to even demand fo that money!

  8. I support you Mr President and even the statement is in the right direction…silence means consent, not we as PF government we dont concent to corruption hence the statement by our own President…Good job…search ’em and lets dig out in every place they are hiding our tax payers money…….More money in Pocket…….Donchi Kubeba…90 days at work…….\:d/ \:d/ \:d/ \:d/

  9. The comments that come out of State House point to one fact; this is a party cadre and not a president. How he ended up in State House, I don’t know. I think there is collective aberration, hopelessness and amnesia in Zambia. I feel for this country. Look at the quality of leaders elsewhere in comparison to what you have in Z; UK, France, US, etc. Don’t tell me our country is so devoid of quality people that Sata stands out. You need a leader who is above the fray, and someone who understands how the world works.

  10. it seem sthe ‘grade 7 doing night school at mpika primary’ is not bothered about the financial implications this can have on the state.

  11. I am a staunch PF supporter but i must confess that am disappointed so far,we seem to be focusing our energy and time on politics than governance,and it seems that George Chella is just being handed notes from the president’s bedroom to issue as press statements.We should remember that while we are busy issuing political statements,youths are languishing without jobs,health facilities need our serious attention and all our campaign promises are passing by.Its time we stopped the blame game and focused on governance that will move our country forward,the next elections will be in 2016 and we have no presidential election petition,so,lets rule with confidence as expected by the Zambian people.Adios.

  12. #1: You are first to comment, what have u commented? Fun.

    Mr president, you are giving an impression like there is a lot of confusion in the country. Shut up and get busy putting money in people’s pockets as promised! Dont you know u are scaring donors? Even the statement about mumba’s corruption should have been issued by GRZ spokesperson, and he should have been the one facing all this. See, now, people are busy’ insulting you’ The words that came from Situmbeko and that pastor whatever his name are not in any way to be associated with some holding a title of ‘his excellence’. Be excellent man, you are President, atleast for now.

  13. Buti ba Sata balisabaila balandafye all the time. While I know  Nevas Mumba to be a hopelesss politiciann ba Sata is equally hopeles None of the Prresidents thatt took oveer from Weelensky spoke like this one. ok  wonnt forget KKks 12 hour long speeches  but he gave thee nation somee breathinng time Koma ba Sata he hass to say ssomething everryday Yaba! have a training course for would be Preesidents

  14. Peopl who ar afraid of facin ze truth ve no shame at al to denounce ze president. I ve criticised Sata on a number of times but within reasonabl logic. It amazes me for bloggers to deliberately fail to pick sense out of ze press statement. Why dont we hold our fire until we ar availed to ze truth as Michael has promised?

  15. Guys, I have told you countless times that what goes round, comes round. Only the Guilty are afraid so, if ba so-called Dr (in Bible sturdies) has nothing to fear, wht worry about SATA(na) and his PF Govt? If you stole from the Zambian pipos, indeed balekukonenkesha and that will be the end of you…

  16. So the president can make wild and preposterous accusations on anybody but no one is allowed to fight back or have their views aired – is that not the making of a police state. Seems the late FTJ’s claim of the grade 7 drop out from Mpika’s inability to communicate in the English language were correct given the grammatical errors in this and other press statements from State House.

  17. Some of these bloggers are good for nothings and are as thick as they come.Whats wrong with the presidents statement? Why do you choose to ignore the mess and corruption that went on in the previous government? Unless you are down right stupid, everybody knows that the s called leaders in the previous government and MMD were rotten to the core and Nevers is as the president has described him. Some  of chaps here just criticise for the sake of it and in the process fail to make any sense. No matter how much you loathe and hate Sata  he is by far a better person than Rupiah and for that matter now president and mandated by the elctorate. Some of you even swore that he will never be president. Let the man do his job, pretty soon you will swallow your words, but then you are blinded by hate

  18. Should Sata be responding to every grunt and cough in the community? Anyway maybe that is his style. But his advisors should know that they are trivialising the presidency. This is trully confirmation of the age-old saying that “…you can get a loser out of the ghetto, but you can’t get the ghetto out of him.” We are now discussing people quarelling in the press instead of development policy. This really pathetic, the standards have gone so low. Yaba!

  19. You people, Mr President is not talking from nothing, this is all based on the Auditors Report.

    Do not believe this pastor, he is just for money, asking him why he was fired by President. Mwanawasa, MMD do not trust him , I can conclude that even the people who were at the Airport where not MMD cardas, they Pente people.

  20. Mr Sata. Where are the policies and ideas to move the country forward? Where is the vision? How soon is Zambia is going to design, manufacture and sell anyting to the outside world?

  21. Dear Pompwe Muntebila nsala! You are one of the humans I would like to get in touch with. I comment little but i read more. I would like to tell you that most of these bloggers are just frustrated caders like HH. and it is true that some of them were saying that Sata can never be a President coping from the red lips. I told you that Nevers should not have suied goverment but the auditor general. This guy Mumba was on his own at first he left his own and came to PF in notherm province, then he was appointed by Mwanawasa, he was kicked out that is in MMD. and the only person who brought that mighty Party down sent him to Canada. This guy is a fool. By the way does any body know that Mumba`s son is a homosexual or do you want me to tell you everything as I was his former classmate?

  22. I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our circus government of the ignoble. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that, one of these days, government had better get out of the way and let them have it.  

  23. True in the words of late — John F. Kennedy, ” Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”.  Surely Zambians are bound to resist this monstrous insanity vainly belaboring to institute a police state. 

  24. When a king starts to trade insults with his subjects you know his fall is inevitable. I pray it won’t be so…

  25. Is mo money in the pocket (due in about 10 days time) and jobs etc coming from ‘ ottawa’? How has Nevers Mumba become front and centre of Presidents focus even with the looming deadline? Folks, im afraid the joke is on you…this is the biggest clown to ever hold office in africa rivaling only Idi Amin and…was tempted to say Mobutu (but he at least had some education and a bit of class despite being a general as#hole. Mugabe too just lost it after 20 years when senility crept in, and in his madness there at least is a plan in which he mainly fights really with heavyweights that make him an internationally relevant). *****-PRESIDO here is being politely ignored as the ‘bafoon that joined the club by accident’. fighting a mere former diplomat underscores and justifies this stance.

  26. Ba mumba don’t fight the elected president of zambia.Sata will finish you ngecikolopo. African democracy is very different form european or american, mwalapwa icacine. Being a former man god is no quarantee to precidency.You may castigate me for saying the truth. You are a no body. Sata is President of zambia. Take this advice or leave it.

  27. Senior citizen your bread and butter ,mmd is no more, so what next? Mwalapena ba mudala bweleni pa z. but tulatobela mukulwilasha, lesa nga temwa. We are not like you who are, abroad becouse of mmd thieving politics. Mwanya uno mwaka you have even reduced much in talking your usual rubbish. Kabili no sponsosorship. mmd yalipwa, that’s why its not good to be stupidity and foolish in life.

  28. Lunacy, lunacy, lunacy… The good thing is this is a short term presidency. The man is age-stricken, and at the end of his first term he should be the most exhausted old man. Please, whatever you do, think about the future generation. By that I mean all Zambians. Not only your children.

  29.  Kapoma Kabaso # 36,
    When are you getting me out of the Zambian Embassy as all you PF cadres kept hallucinating that i’m a Diplomat at the Embassy in DC? When are you recalling and deporting me. Don’t you look more foolish in your vanity considering that i’m still in the free world and enjoying the fruits of education with a mind impossible to inhibite?

  30.  Kapoma Kabaso # 36,
    Don’t you see kitchen sink lunacy in the vanity of gagging the press, blogosphere and intellectualism? Every Zambian has moral and constitutional duty to stand-up in purging the serpent of its tyrannical Utopia. When we vividly see it in vanity belaboring to asphyxiate our hard won democracy in quest of legitimacy, it’s time to take it head on and show it that power belongs to the people.

  31. Sata should get rid of his current batch of assistants especially Chellah who is making a mockery of MCS. He has not an iota of what being a PR & Press Assistant mean!!!

  32. I agree with #41.
    Why should ka Chellah respond and threaten Dr. Mumba even before the Attorney General’s office respond?
    Sata should consider employing preposterous people like #40 Senior Citizen.

  33. #6 sir you forgot one HUGE accomplishment, the banks dropped their int rates by 4%, price of gas dropped also. Maybe the president had nothing to do with it but it happened on his watch, so pls give him some credit. Yes its important for the president to speak out on this issue as its serious to sue a govt simply for investigating you. The govt should not have its hands tied to its back as it fights corruption, thats just a distraction. If you have nothing to hide just sit back and enjoy the ride…

  34. Zambia shall be saved.Cheat the church,get their cash in the name of tiths,form a christian coalition party,Say politics are more profitable than the church,betalkative and defend yourself.If you are clean,you will remain clean.Wait till you u r fully searched,thereafter u will ask a question.Have you found anything?
    Yes?No? then the people of Zambia shall find the truth.Not only Barking from both sides

  35. Zambia will not go in the Kenyan way because whoever is the leaders will be put in the cage …and straight to the Hague ….Mind you people …some people didn’t win the election with landslide so don’t worry about them..

  36. what is thee accountant at ottawa mission trying to hide. she is also a thief we have heard stories were she has built a house in six months in lusaka and american model. let sata change this woman she is busy stealing

  37. dont we have spokes persons in the PF administration. can some one shade more light here. we are putting much work on satan.

  38. @Chi Senior citizen you a the one dreaming with your twisted cizungu. Just write plain English so that other blogers can comprehend what U trying to say. U a big dreamer sir remain where you are as Finished MMD bootlicker leave my MSC alone. Tuleteka Viva PF!

  39. #2 The Kimbanguist,

    At least you ahve discovered that CHIPUBA SANA! He is not normal! He is just fit to be led or in opposition opening his foul mouth! What a disgrace this man has brought.

    I still have respect for The Post and its Editor Mmembe and trust that they will see Sata through his LIES and deception just as they saw Rupiah Banda’s lies and its MMD!

    Sata is an embarrassment to Zambians before he realize he will be like Rupiah BANDA who accused the Post and Mmembe of stealing 30 Million Dollars before discovering that The Post and Mmembe were innocent of the same accusation.

    I hope the Roman Catholic Bishops will realize Sata’s LIES and deception but i doubt because they see Sata as their savior!

    What a shame!

  40. #2 The Kimbanguist,

    At least you have discovered that Sata and PF CHIPUBA SANA! He is not normal! He is just fit to be led or in opposition opening his foul mouth! What a disgrace this man has brought.

    I still have respect for The Post and its Editor Mmembe and trust that they will see Sata through his LIES and deception just as they saw Rupiah Banda’s lies and its MMD!

    Sata is an embarrassment to Zambians before he realize he will be like Rupiah BANDA who accused the Post and Mmembe of stealing 30 Million Dollars before discovering that The Post and Mmembe were innocent of the same accusation.

    I hope the Roman Catholic Bishops will realize Sata’s LIES and deception but i doubt because they see Sata as their savior!

    What a shame!

  41. #52 Shaka,

    Your lies don’t work even though you MIMIC the name SHAKA!

    Just as Zambians saw through the MMD and RB’s deception and lies, they will still see through Sata and PF’s LIES and deception and his DICTATORIAL and satanic LIES and work!

    Sata is not normal and not fit to be President of Zambia!

    He is all the time making FALSE and wild allegations against innocent people even trying to stop Zambians from exercising their human rights of expression!

  42. #55 Boyd Chapa,

    You are the same person MIMICKING the name “shaka.” You are just a TRAINED Evil Roman Catholic Jesuit trying to defend Sata who can not be defended by a normal person!

    If the Roman Catholic Jesuits succeeded against innocent people in the past they wont this time. Its a time of FREE EXPRESSION in this world Zambia included!

  43. SATA has given the best description of NEVERS as an opportunist who goes with the wind. This nails the coffin for NEVERS political career. He must sue and if he doesnt, thats the end of the road.

  44. Your excellency sir, dr mumba is not threatening any1. It is within his consciousness that he did nothing wrong at the embassy during his time, but the state keeps haunting him. In this regard, dr mumba has deemed it fit to sue the state for defamation of character.
    As you may be aware, dr mumba is a well known bona fide believer of christ of God, and at no time would he ever deep his hands in zambian tax payers money. With no malice attached to his sueing of the govt, attached here with, is a complaint file of defamation of character done on the man of God when auditing was autonomacily done by the auditors.
    I thank you.

  45. Nevers has proven to be a great threat to the President that is why the president can’t have peaceful sleep at Nkwazi house. Only a blind man cannot see Sata’s dictatorial tenderncies, a man who wants to to everything by himself. One can ask; where are the ministers when all the statements on any trivial issue is coming straight from State House? I hope the president will change his sick attitude, ABASH INTIMIDATION. Long live Freedom of Speech.


  46. This article is meant for Sata and his regime to see. Sata should learn.
    “1980: Deposed ministers executed in LiberiaThirteen leading officials of the ousted government in Liberia have been publicly executed on the orders of the new military regime.The dead men included several former cabinet ministers and the elder brother of William Tolbert, the assassinated president of the west African state.They were tied to stakes on a beach next to the army barracks in the capital, Monrovia, and shot.Journalists who had been taken to the barracks to watch the executions said they were cruel and messy.They said four men were forced to watch the others die before being shot themselves as there were only nine stakes.The 13 men had been accused of treason, corruption and violation of human rights.”


  48. Bane mwebena Zambia, I think most of you have corrupt minds and you cannot read between the lines. Why do you have to comment on everything? Don’t wash dirty linen in public. They say silence is golden. Let the President lead and I don’t see anything wrong with the press report from the state house. Those corrupt MMD people like Rupiya and Mumba must face the law of the land. Naimwebene mwe Babemba, how do you support Mumba to be the leader of MMD? that guy is very unstable and all he is interested in is money. At first he disappointed the church and went into politics. If you remember well, he is the guy who was mentioned in those brown envelops from Rupiya Banda. He must face the law and I one hundred percent support the president. Stop comparing Zambia to USA or any other nation.

  49. Nevers you stupid idi0t. How can you leave church for politics. We now know your true colors.You jump onto anything you can and run away when its not what you expected, TYPICAL OF A LOSER.

  50. Zamcab #18 You are so right. We need more sensible people like you to take our country forward….people who think before they talk and can see the reality around them.

  51. Someone needs to advise Mr. Sata to edit his comments.

    The first part of his statement, that Government welcomes the law suit since it will allow the full truth to come out, is great and even sounds Presidential. Well done, Sir.

    True to form, however, he can’t contain himself with that so goes on at length about how this isn’t a “witch-hunt” while at the same time making personal slurs against Dr. Mumba. Not a witch-hunt? Sound to me like he (and the entire PF?) protests too much! All PF needs to do is get on with the business of Government in a quiet and professional way. Should be simple, right?

  52. Does our president or his advisors, if there are any at all, read what people say on the online media? I am asking this because Sata does not appear to be changing his habit of careless rhetoric. Let the president concentrate on polkicy issues and not trivials.

  53. No. 62 you are very right. One thing people are forgetting is that these Nevers Mumba and others were busying misusing our money. We want them to pay back what ever they got. Thats why they are so afraid.

  54. Sata leave chiefs of North-western alone. If they didnt vote for you, it doesnt make them less Zambians. But you seem to be of the old school of thought that undermined anyone who is not Bemba. Dont under estemate the power and potential of any leader.

  55. We have a big pompwe sakalanyongo in plot 1. This sedated presido is oblivious of statecraft no wonder he is still in ormelo mumba road for fear of that embarrassing moment when his minions co-opts with opposition and impeach him.:d

  56. I do recall when the Chiluba called pastors to state house and gave them K10Million ,Mumba was number at stae house to receive,my pastor by then Sky banda ,refused ,Few months later he dumped zambia shall be saved .I never missed that program but i was disapointed by mumba,he was like peter denying jesus 3 times.NEVER MUMBA

  57. The president should learn to be a father of the nation, he must be above party politics and good to listen slow to talk back to critics. This is the mark of a well mannered leader. You don’t always fight back to oposition, learn from them as well because you are also not perfect, even within your house many shocking “revealations” can come out. Be wise sir.

  58. Yaba, Georgie strikes again with his press releases. President Sata has always been rough around the egdes with his language but unfortunately, he has also employed a Press Secretary who does not know how to convert that kind of talk into something more palatable for the wider audiences. First off, he should not even be commenting on this issue. It is becoming so embarrassing to keep dragging “the Presidency” into such trivial matters. A Head of State should be seen to rise above such pettiness. Lord knows when it will hit our President that he is actually Head of State and not just leader of a party. Lord help us!

  59. Exactly the President I wanted who can do things differently not the corfomist way. All you negative bloggers especially Senior Citizen go to shit. At the end of 5 yrs you ll still be shitting coz PF will still be there for yrs to come and you ll continue to shit with your HH, Nevers and other haters. Change ur ways or else u ll die of anending diarrhoea. Shit shit shiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

  60. Nevers does not pose any challenge to our beloved Republic President Mr Sata, he is just a baby like HH, these are people we do not count in the arena of Politics. He is a failure and God has marked him and he has been put in the scales and found wanting.
    Even Bembas can not vote for him, he is as corrupt as his elder brother Banda.   

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