Pedicle road to cost K313 billion


The government has awarded a contract to Fratelli Locci contractors to tar the pedicle road at a cost of K313 Billion Kwacha.

Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Gabriel Kaunda disclosed the development in an interview with ZANIS in Mansa on Wednesday.

Mr. Kaunda says the contractor will soon move on site and start bush clearing to pave way for tarring of the 70 Kilometers stretch from Mukambo in Mufulira to the Mwanawasa Bridge in Mansa District.

He says the tarring of the pedicle road is expected to be completed in two years.

The pedicle road passes through the Democratic Republic of Congo linking the Copperbelt and Luapula Provinces.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary further disclosed that negotiations by the Zambian and Danish Governments are underway to resurface the Chembe- Kashikishi roads in Luapula Province.


  1. GOOD NEWS! However, i must say that it is really expensive to tar a road. Only 70Km road costing K313 Billion Kwacha!? That translates into K4.5 Billion per km! Why? i thoght we were in the range of K1billion per Km. Can somebody educate me.

  2. Why not spend the funds on the Lusaka-Kabwe-Ndola Road so that it becomes a dual carriage way, instead of spending such sums of money on a road used by a few going to Luapula?

    • ba Ka Doyo for sure muli kadoyo. so for you only lusaka and copperbelt are human beings. peddicle road is what feeds copperbelt with fish, beans, and everything coming from luapula. its very unrealistic to think that only congested areas are important in zambia. for people to be decentralized they need infrastructure in all parts of the country.

  3. what happens if Congo tell us to go to hell and never use their country to go to Luapula? One day it will happen that way. I end here!

  4. PF PLAN

    The Mongu-Kalabo Road construction project in Western province revoked to divert funds to the creation of Muchinga province and construction of the K313 Billion Kwacha pedicle road government has awarded to Fratelli Locci contractors at K313 Billion Kwacha.

    Though its the source of billions coming in the national treasury, PF has vowed that there is no need to ever put back money into North Western Province for the Mutanda Chavuma (M-7) road alike, No need in giving the people of Mfuwe a road before Muchinga province takes the billions planned, Mpika receives a new sugar plantation bigger than nakambala, the 2 universities and hospitals for Muchinga and Northern provinces are completed.

  5. Why should anyone wonder why this is ‘PF’s’ priority given the fact that 70% of the cabinet is made up of people from the beneficiary region?

    Already, funds have been allocated to build two (2no.) Universities in their place of origin despite the fact that the regions barely contributes to the national coffers. All I see is tension building up unnecessarily, all due to reckless tribalism.

  6. Why take 2 years to complete a 70kms road? By the way, the award was done by MMD and it is not worth praising because the cost is ABNORMAL and smacks of corruption!!!

  7. In its 46 years of political independence, Zambia has not witnessed this type of tribalism being promoted now by this regime!

    Where are we heading to as a nation?

  8. Sata and his dunderheads leading the nation to unprecedented levels of dividing the nation and soon these levels will reach diabolical proportions. How do you abandon already approved projects in areas where discontent is already high and yet go ahead with others elsewhere. The end for these guys will be catastrophic.

  9. Two years to pave 70km of road at more than K4.5 billion per kilometer?? Makes my head spin! Please re – visit these numbers and the contract period, they just don’t jive to an engineering/costing mind. Some one should throw some light on contract details and scope of works.There is way too much fat in these numbers.There could very well be some hanky panky here!!

  10. bafikala muletasha everytime u complain lik children even when something good is it hard to appreciate something good…is it? .instead of appreciatin ur focusin on negativity.

  11. The road to Feira would have opened up access into Mozambique through Zumbo and Zimbabwe via Kanyemba. The president had informed the nation this would be one of the roads to be built in his inaugural speech to parliament, but it has fallen off the frame without ceremony!! The PF way of pushing for “deliberate” lopsided development.

  12. I thought Fratelli Loci is the same company accused of being in bed with Andrew Banda. it is the same one that was 30BN over the next contractor (a chinese company) and I hear Andrew had written a letter to these guys that they should transfer 2% of all payments they receive to his bank account? 2% of 313BN…..6BN kwacha..go figure!

  13. Senior Citizen we don`t listen to tripe like that. Jealousy person! The PF government at work.

    Toot toot toot! Enjoy opposition!

  14. This country had lost billions on the Mongu -Kalabo road. Remember the C C saga? Wasnt that under the MMD robbers? Did people complain especially the ‘Bembas’ – NOOO! Much as the project sounds hugely expensive, its a worthy while venture. Peddle road will now open up business / trading between Copperbelt , Muchinga, Northern and Luapula provinces. Bantustan move to the Northern circuit for plenty of money in your pockets from agriculture and tourism. Please look at it positively. Zambia is one and its citizen should be free to settle and invest anywhere. Cheers PF!!!

  15. Got to love Africans. They oppose everything when they are in opposition.

    Here we see dimwits talking about this road. that road!

  16. This is very good development. K313m is not a lot of money for 70km passing thru heavy rainfall region. The road has to withstand the heavy rains. Foundations have to be very strong and the tar thick. the drainage has to cope with the heavy rains.

  17. Tribalists only see tribalism in everything. Have a life!

    Chembe Kashikishi road is far much longer than Pediocle road. Resurfacing it will equally consume huge anounts of money.

    Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage requires that a whole new road be constructed. That’s over 300km. You need much more than the K313bn for that.

  18. I’ve never been to this part of Zambia, but I keep wondering why a project such as this is not jointly funded by Zambia and the DRC. Don’t Congolese people use this road too? Or are we DRC’s “Co-operating Partner” like the ones we also have in Zed? I ask all this wondering what the funding implications are if this is donor money that we’re spending in a different country!

  19. This does’nt seem to be the best thing we could have done with K313Billion! The high traffic volumes on Kitwe-Chingola and Chingola-Chililabombwe roads make those roads EXTREMELY dangerous – warranting dual carriage ways on two of the most economically productive roads of mother Zambia. Why not push for joint funding of the pedicle road with the DRC govt.? Lusaka-Kafue is another dangerous one that requires a dual carriage way. Please people, consult Zambians extensively on developmental issues than implementing boardroom plans that are out of tune with practical realities out there!!!

  20. DRC don`t need Pedicle Road. This was tried many years ago and they just told us point blank, they are not bothered about that road. Infact Pedicle as it is is much better than most of their roads in that part of the country.

    We have no choice but to do it.

  21. @italian Bunga Bunga &@ Ice_Road_Truck , thank you for your mature reasoning, Let us just continue to support our govt and give them credit where its due, some of our country men see everything to be tribal cos of their own tribalist mind set . Look at how they critisize everything our govt does this kind of bitterness will end up killing them. PF won fair and sqaure.

  22. how i wish 2yr was just like a blink of an eye.where pedicle road passes is uneconomical to congo but economical to the zambian goverment and it will make luapula province grow at a fast i wish again the contract was awarded to the chines

  23. 4.5bln per km is justifiable for a road being built from the subgrade, but can we have more details on the contractor has he got capacity? Construction period is ok considering that its in a high rainfall area also safety is not guranteed.

  24. you are complaining about money to be spent on the pedicle road,how about the mpundu Banda account, whatever you call it,how about CHISUSU.S son.s acount/you loud mouthed creatures.go go PF and do your work,afterall Rome was not done in 2 has been stollen in 20 yrs and u expect change in 2 months,ba KABWA.

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