I did not say Sata was best opposition politician in Africa- Nevers Mumba

Former High commissioner to Canada Dr.Nevers Mumba

Lusakatimes would like to appologise to Dr.Nevers Mumba,his family and the MMD for the article published in Lusakatimes on Thursday 15 December 2011 at 6.49pm entitled Sata was best opposition politician in Africa – Nevers Mumba

In a letter to Lusakatimes Dr. Mumba said the headline article was misleading and he never said what was written and insinuated.

‘I have read your headline story with utter shock.Your story was poorly written and has compromised my message and I demand that the correction be made,’Dr.Mumba said.

During the ZNBC interview what Dr.Mumba actually said was that since Mr. Sata as opposition leader was allowed to furiously attack former MMD presidents, he(Sata) should also accept the vicious criticism that shall now come from the opposition.

Dr.Mumba said he was not praising Mr.Sata for being the best opposition politician but was stating that Mr.Sata should be the last person to stifle criticism and opposition since he did it so well against the former presidents.

Secondly, Dr.Mumba stated that he shall join PF in celebrating the 90 days and use the opportunity to prove that they(P.F) conned their way into government by promising things they could not do in 90 days.


  1. LT, pliz be serious with your reporting. if Nevers never attered those sentiments, then were did the story come from and how do you rush to publish it before verifying facts?

  2. we the voters who voted understand the 90 days and if we are to have another election tomorrow we will vote the same way. We gave PF 5 year and not 90 days.

  3. Was expecting verbatim log, and now this. Just quoting a letter recanting what may have been implied. Politicians never cease to amaze.

  4. Ba Mumba we havent failed to deliver but we have faced challenges in implementing them coz your friends are planting money instead of seed( Liato) Using money to get amalwele( Siliya,s Son) , attempting to free with some( William Banda), building mpundu( Ruphia) and buying young sister to thier girlfreinds X3( jIMBO) Its quite a big job especially having a Minister responsible for funds getting two salaries while failing to explain why he has more bicycles than all the shops in Kamwala.

    • Well spoken, Twende. This is a good example of an issue based response. I wish other PF supporters could rise to this level of responding instead of vulgar language. .

  5. OK fake Pastor Mr Mumba. So you are saying LT is back to what it was pre-elections then?

    Speak to Mr Jere then!

  6. #4 Twende 2011 yaba… wandepula boi…. Hahahaha ati more Njingas than any shop in kamwala, its actualy all the shops combined + 50% of RB’s farm workers in Chipata…….

  7. Whatever You say Mumba will not make any difference. And I don`t expect any sensible and educated person to talk about 90days Zambia to become paradise. I didn`t expect Mumba to be so shallow minded like William Banda. Are you telling me that You can be so shotsighted to think like that. Ulichipuba.

  8. Lusakatimes would like to appologise to Dr.Nevers Mumba,his family and the MMD for the article published in Lusakatimes on Thursday 15 December 2011.

    LT should also apologise to bloggers. A lot expended so much energy on trading insults about something not true. Shameful isn’t it?

  9. Get it through your thick head Mumba, we gave PF a 5 year mandate not 90days we cipuba ca pastor we ati Man of God, Gold digger koswe, go and bond with your son Ephraim!

    • I live in Fairfield , CA. that is the Northren part. I live in Northren CA inland area with some ocean iuflnence, summer days are hot between 90 to 103F & winter days between 40 to 50 F.After reading where you are all from I’m not sure I picked the right color. Does any of that sound like wear any of you live?

  10. For the sake of our democracy, let’s hold our leaders accountable to their words. If Sata promised 90 days, then he must deliver or else apologise for misleading people. Blind loyalty is is being foolish. We must endeavour to correct wrong, not to excuse it.

  11. This apology is a milestone dent to LT which persuades me and every freedom of press Zambian to condemn LT for its peddling of innacurate, half truths and blantant lies as news.
    We dont support any political party or individual but we cherish our rights to correct, unbiased and un diluted truth. We have no reason to ever hold you as a genuine news out let other a satelite of the ruling party. Your shame is to distort events and suit your personal rapacious apetite and that of your masters. Heard of News of the world in UK, be mind ful the people you slander will not sit idle and it may well mean the end of your publication.

  12. #14 Prime Minister, yes we should hold LT accountable to.

    The referenced article on Nevers Mumba has 100 comments. Most of them are insults.

    I hope LT is not proud of that.

  13. PF did not win the election based on the 90 days promise. They won because Zambian People were tired of unreliable, thieves so selfish like most of your Members in MMD. Mumba you should be the last man to think you can win a presidential election. A man with no substance but just a gold digger. GO back to your party since MMD is no more.

    Shame on you LT for even apologizing to him. He might have meant whatever words so that he can be given another post in PF.

  14. Actually I had difficulties believing that story. The Post are specialists in such tongue twisting and they do not apologise for that, so thank you LT for being gentlemen and honest.

  15. ‘Conned’ their way into government?


    Dr. Nevers Mumba must choose his words carefully if he is going to differentiate himself from other politicians who are “not men/women of God”.

  16. Whatever!!!! He’s still ONE of the best opposition leaders in Africa. Not you wanna bes. Even your friend from the other loser party. You are really trying hard to sound and play it like he did. HE MCS was very tactiful. Very smart. HE MCS is a great man. You are nothing compared to him

  17. Nevers, is uninspiring as a political leader. He should have stayed in the pulpit and led the lord’s flock. He is kicking in every direction and not making political capital. His god given talent lies elsewhere, not in the political arena and history has shown so. The politics of this country need credible men of integrity, but not of Nevers’ type. Give it up Nevers, lest you are chasing the wind!!

  18. Hon Lubinda is still talking about fulfulling campaign promises within the 90 day time frame. Looks like the PF is still insisting. That aside, I find many of the comments that are posted by bloggers to be shamefully shallow. It seems most are posted out of blind loyalty or pure hatred. I agree fully with bloggers that state that politicians should be judged by what they promise to achieve (including their own deadlines). They should also be assessed on how they are perfoming to date. And it is only fair that the assessments be done objectively. Hence an objective article on “PF at 90 days” would certainly be welcome.

  19. How can LT get it wrong yet all they do is simply “copy and paste” news from other media sources, just imagine if LT sourced your own news…..I think Nevers is more annoyed about the comments than the article!!! LOL

  20. Lusaka Times what is your intention?? Why manufacture stories. Very high level of incompetence at Lusaka Times.
    I advise Dr. Mumba to sue you so that you can draw lessons

  21. hold your fire guys.jst a few days ago lubinda assured us the promises will be fulfiled.we stil have 4 days to go.You never know what may happen.Honestly in terms of development nothing taking place yet compared to RBs days.

    If nothing happens by friday then truely pf coned its way into govt.lets wait and see

  22. Yeah thought they said he said this on ZNBC! The man is a plonker!

    Can ZNBC go to their archives and retrieve Zambia Shall be Saved videos? Lets have this numpty saying he could never become a politician because it was cheap!

  23. 5 years guys 5 years! I said 5 years!

    HE MCS will be president for a very long time!

    Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke!

  24. you will depress yourselves talking about 90 days. most of you bloggers like nevers are misleading the nation. sata is here to rule until his term is complete. he is still sweeping clean mmd dirt in this 90 days. well as for me, i have had more money in my pocket since 23rd september 2011.

  25. Ba pf cadres kwena muli fipuba. Imwe mu supporter fye cinampofu? 90 days was the promise to change people’s lives for the better but indeed you deceived voters by your don’t kubeba style, most of whom are regreting having voted the way they did . Stop insulting the man of God. Nevers Mumba has done more than what Sata has done for the Zambian people. When you insult a clergy you are touching the aple of God’s eye. That is why many young people are dying too early because you have lost respect for elderly people. This government is accursed and God permitted it to come on just to avoid bloodshed as you know there were too many pangas all over.

  26. Ba Nevers has forgotten what he said that ‘it is a demotion to join politics’. Yes, the power of the tounge, God has demonted him.

  27. Never Mumba is a man of God no matter how you demonize him. God called him and the bible says that the calling and giftings of God are without repentance. Nobody is perfect including you that are insulting men of the colar.Let us fear god and respect his people. Demons are the ones using all those who are insulting others and if they don’t repent then one day hell shall be their home.

  28. Why hasn’t Sata himself come out to refute the 90 days if he did not say it himself? May be Chella can give us one of his incorrigible press releases. This 90 days will haunt PF for years to come.

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  29. #40 scaring others with God in too old fashioned. There is no way we can prove that Nevers is a Man of God. We are all equal in the eyes of the lord. If you leave you calling and join politics, you u should be prepared to accept what comes with the Job.

  30. Welcome back to Zambia iwe ka Nevers, you are a politician now you made your bed now sleep in it! Kekeke

    I hope you will also read the comments as well today and not only the LT’s apology!! kekeke  

    @25 – Only a halfwit like you voted for Sata and PF just because of 90 days, read our comments before the elections on this forum, we wanted Change and change we got!!

  31. You can not mix politics and chritianity…..politics is about telling people lies….conning them! Nevers has abandoned the flock for the the food.. Foolish Form Five Fighting For Food!

  32. LT i saw this coming cos i observed the other day that your reporting skewed. now if nevers said this on tv, why are you apologising? you should just refer this f…… to znbc or betterstill ask znbc to reproduce the tape for you. be professional in your reporting. i will be back!

  33. Let us ask our Govt to postpone Xmas and New Year…no money in the pocket. Am sure they will as a listening postpone it to 2016!

  34. We gave the PF govt 5 years and not 90 days. This witch hunting will not work all you losers. People who plan short term are thieves, they never care about tomorrow. Long term planners are researchers. Let this govt fulfil their mandate and let them be judged after 5 years and not 90 days.

  35. In 90 days Sata has failed and he is quite. His supporters have changed the goal post to 5years of which he will fail lumantably. What is the dolar/Kwacha exchange rate today? I understand most Zambians like people who are liers like Sata but they will be disapointed after five years. He is not even democratic and can send opposition political leads to prison. As a nation we will go backwards in terms of development because this man does not understand economics.

  36. We voted for Sata didn`t we? We are happy to wait 5 years to judge. Why are these planks who didn`t vote for him so worried?

    Ok we had people who voted for Ala Bee, Hai Hai and Sata. The ones who voted for Sata were more than those who either wanted Ala Bee or Hai Hai. Why is that undemocratic?

    Lekeni Sata ateke ba Pushi imwe!

  37. # 2; #4: #51; Tamunfwa!! Remember the pain we used to go through when they were in power; times 20 is what they feel these chaps. they call themselves educated yet they couldnt read numbers that we, the kaponyas, are more than them. Tough; by 2016 they will tuma heart attack so!! Nshilinako!!

  38. There’s such a shocking difference between what LT reported and was actually said! Why is the quality of journalists in the country so low these days? Please pull up your socks before you become LUSAKA LIES!

  39. Making Kilimanjaro out of a small ant hill. Problem he talks too much. Isn’t talking too much what he was fired for? Has he sued by the way?
    By the When UP aNd Down comes to power no Street vending of any kind will be tolerated (Inform your relatives), insulting will be allowed as long as you want. Our dear leader will not persecute anyone for corruption done in the past.
    Keep it Bloggers on LT, there are less insults here and limited tribalism, Amazing how some sites (ZWD) which claim to be champions of media freedom have started deleting comments that contain names of parties they support or which say what they don’t want. It seems they only want PF and Sata Insults only or inter tribe insults

  40. UPND and MMD seem to be preparing for general election in Dec 2011 after 90 days of PF in Govt however, as a commission we are not aware of any Presidential and Parly elections taking place any time soon. We are yet to announce a day sometime in 2016. Is it trying to come out of the blocks early?!

  41. We didn’t vote the PF into power because they promised 90 days of whatever. We are not that daft. We voted the PF in for a 5 year term. When we don’t want them we will vote them out! Because we r a Democracy.

  42. Nevers Mumba is a big fat liar I heard him on the Radio pull the archive from Radio QFM this man is not fit to be a preacher.I am kindly asking all the MMD people not to waste their trust and vote on this geaser.MMD wake up

  43. Ok. So Nevers did not say it. It remains a fact anyway that Sata and PF were among, if not the most vibrant opposition in Africa during their time in opposition. They even went on to win an election that was in the process of being rigged. As for 90 days, well, I was not that näive, but I supported them anyway, because of the other things they said and because MMD and Rupiah had become destructively redundant. Mumba can fool MMD cadres (who on the last count were not enough to win a presidential election) with this 90 days thing, but if he wants the rest of us vote-winners to support him he’d better do better than that. Much better.

  44. Mumba may fool some MMD cadres (who by last count were not enough to win a presidential election) with this 90 days thing, but he does not convince us vote-winners who dont see it as a valid argument for a serious minded analyst, let alone one who wants my vote. My support for PF had nothing to do with 90 days, and I’m sure there are many like me. It had a lot to do with MMD having become destructively irrelevant. Attacking another politician is not what gets you votes. What gets you votes is how you convince the people, us. To say that one insulted so I will also insult is so 7 years old and does not win my vote. What I want to hear is your manifesto, your game plan, your strategy, how you’re going to deal with the issues where your party lost direction.

  45. Oh, and by the way, us un-educated people and kaponyas are in the majority, thanks to the policies of previous governments. When we left UNIP it fell. We ushered in MMD with our great numbers (voting power.). We have now ushered in PF. To win an election you do need our votes, so please be careful how you call us names.

  46. Nevers should not have rushed to join MMD please. There is already a leadership crisis not only in MMD,UPND but in PF also. Most political parties in Zambia do not have succession plans. we do not plan beyond the current leadership. so why rush to inherent a finish party when Sata could have easily picked you when he is tired. Look at Chipimo he is strategising now not rushing there is still time. So Nevers just go back to the church and wait for God to direct you.

  47. Indeed they conned their way into government. How else would citizens vote in a chief architect of Zambian sufferings during the 90’s with his pal late FTJ mhsrip

  48. Ba Nevers Mumba, your statement was reported by Govt media. We know your historical background in politics and Church matters.

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