HH is disgruntled, charges Kambwili

Foreign Affairs Minister Chishimba Kambwili

MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Chishimba Kambwili has dismissed assertions by United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema that foreign investment is threatened under the leadership of the Patriotic Front (PF).

And Mr Kambwili says diplomatic relations between Zambia and Malawi have never been strained.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Kambwili said the PF government has managed to build investor-confidence since it took over power on September 23, 2011, contrary to Mr Hichilema’s claims that foreign investment is under threat.

“We have travelled to so many countries and the amount of investment that will flow into the country is overwhelming.

“Just last week, we received a delegation from Australia, which is interested in investing in mining and agriculture and they want to start up new power generation plants, so I am left wondering what investment Mr Hichilema claims is threatened,” Mr Kambwili said.

He said investor-confidence has been strengthened because of the peaceful transition of power after the September 20 tripartite elections, which ushered the PF into office.

“There is no investment that has been threatened. We have built more investor-confidence. The confidence has been complemented by the peaceful transition which showed that Zambia is a stable democracy. It is the UPND and Mr Hichilema who want to show that Zambia is not stable,” Mr Kambwili said.

He also said Zambia has received numerous applications from foreign investors interested in the public private partnership (PPP), adding that works at the Chambishi and Lusaka East Multi-Facility Economic Zones (MFEZ) are progressing well.

He described Mr Hichilema as a disgruntled element who has failed to make it in politics.

“The UPND leader is so frustrated because he has realised that he is leading a political party which is anchored on nothing but tribe. He better go back to auditing books instead of wasting his time on politics. The UPND will not cross the Kafue River at the rate it is going,” Mr Kambwili said.

He added: “Some people have been saying that the Tonga-speaking people are tribalists, it is not the Tongas who are tribalists, they are actually very good people. There are just some disgruntled people like HH who are creating an impression that the Tonga people are tribal.”

But UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said Zambia is in an unfortunate position to have a Minister of Foreign Affairs like Mr Kambwili, who allegedly continues to display politics of antagonism as he did when he was in the opposition.

“It is extremely hard for some of our colleagues in the PF to realise that they are now in Government and that they have a responsibility to behave in a befitting manner on behalf of all Zambians.

He added: “I don’t like to get into the tribal arrangement but each time a minister stoops so low to talk about tribe, it worries me.”

Mr Hichilema is quoted as having said foreign investment is threatened under the leadership of the PF.

He said the recent statement the President made on the alleged fake money in circulation heightened the concerns of investors.

Mr Hichilema advised President Sata not to be careless with his statements on the economy of the country.

And Mr Kambwili says diplomatic relations between Zambia and Malawi have never been strained.

“The relations between Zambia and Malawi have never been sour. Zambia complained about the way President Sata was treated to show that opposition leaders should not be mistreated, otherwise relations have been cordial,” Mr Kambwili said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Why do Zambian Politicians think they have the audacity to speak on every topic. Kambwili must be taking about Foreign POLICY, Not Investment . Leave that to the Dept of Commerce and Finance/economic depts please.

  2. HH is talking about investors and kambwili interprets that to mean tribe or is there something HH said that i have missed…

  3. Well done Hon. Kambwili for enganging with Australian investors. Australia values Human Rights. I wish the PF government can re-engage with the West. The West believe in quality and not quantity.

  4. @ 2 Zambiano, Foreign Policy is a State’s formal stance on relations with foreign nations which include Trade, Security, Education, Aid etc. Hon. Kambwili is within his capacity to comment on the above issue.

  5. Jokers in this cabinet. Kambwili, kicking in every direction!! One hopes for all the “so called investors” coming to the country, the co – winner should be the Zambian; the man on the street, the worker who has remained the looser because current investment policies are tilted in the favour of the investor. He brings in his money for investment, but not to exploit us. Our policies should leave us in a “win – win” situation.

  6. Country men and women please stop expecting policy statements from Chishimba Kambwili because despite being an illiterate ng’wang’wazi, his party PF has no public policies to articulate. It is unfair to expect him counter HH with any line from his regime’s public or foreign policy not mentioning intelligently respond to an intellectual such as HH. The two have no common platform on any issue to share on hence Kambwili ranting tribal sound bites he knows better.


  8. This is why the FA minister in this regime is Dr. Kenneth Buchizya Kaunda while Kambwili is there in ceremonial role but dedicated to irrational rants.

  9. WOW what has kambwili said that can attract investors apart from saying “” building investor confidence””. We want specific government policy that is attracting or will attract investment in the country. The Kwacha has had a downward syndrome for as long as I can remember. Hard to hedge my US dollars.

  10. Gosh! Sh*t man! Sulk! If only I hadn’t  made the  stupid mistake of quitting the pact! If only I hadn’t behaved  like an under five throwing out his toys! If only I hadn’t been bigheaded as to think I held the trump card to  the pact’s victory in elections! If only had I realised that Zambia is bigger than Southern Province! If only had I accepted I was the junior partner in the pact! I coulld have been Vice President of Zambia instead of that Mkushi farmer. But we babies know we are babies until we grow up.

  11. foreign investment is a critical issue,we dont need to politicise the issue….i am non partisans but issues pertaining to the benefit of the masses should be left to the people in power.HH, would you please keep quiet for once and dont be prejudgemental. if you dont know, you are giving these guys direction and they will achieve and make you look like a fool…keep quiet for once and just observe.

  12. @ Mwape, PF campaining ended on 20th September. You can Personally ask Hon. Kambwili about such policies he will definatly explain to you. Hon. Kambwili has been on blogtalkradio.com twice. Check upcoming programes its will be nice if you could chance him there and ask him. Happy New Year

  13. It’s surprising that HH is always negative in his comments on what the PF has done so far. To be f rank very few leaders in Africa have degrees but their leadership quality can not even be compared to some of our learned men and women in opposition. Perfect examples are Mandela, Zuma,Kaunda and even the santos etc, yet they have achieved in politics what some of our opposition political parties will never achieve. Let us not criticise for the sake of it, but do it constructively  to advise and offer direction in which the country must go. As for kambwili, well you can excuse him, there is saying that you can take a man from the bush but not the bush from that man. He must learn some diplomatic etiquette, lets he embarrass us on the international platform.

  14. “He also said Zambia has received numerous applications from foreign investors interested in the public private partnership (PPP), adding that works at the Chambishi and Lusaka East Multi-Facility Economic Zones (MFEZ) are progressing well”. Thanks to MMD, Kambwili may as well have added.

  15. Kambnwili may not much the intellect of Kapinga Pande from his rantings…he sounds more like a ngwangwazi and not a leader. KK would have done away with such hopeless characters with no policy direction.Zambia needs serious leadership with a direction not the kambwili type.Cry the beloved country.

  16. Trouble with HH is that he believes providing checks and balances means being a career opposition on evertything, even where there is no issue to oppose!! It is a pity he does no listen to advice, this approach will not take him anywhere just as his leaving the Pact left him stranded on the sand dunes of opposition politics!!!

  17. Ba kambwili lishulu fye, tabakwata amano. Balandalanda fye kwati bashibo ba sata. Its like he is the minister of every ministry. He is a kabova of kabovas. HH was right and nothing was tribal in what he said.

  18. #16 bigben, please do your research! Dos Santos is a graduate of Mineral engineering from a Russian university.

  19. Let us be serious, Is Kambwili the best man Zambia could pick to be the country’s chief diplomat? By the way, who are the new ambassadors appointed to replace those that have been recalled?

  20. On a lighter note, i just picked another common strand in the cabinet; kambwili, luo, etc, etc. (who else?) Was it the criteria for selection?? ha ha ha ha
    (Admittedly, It is skin deep, but we are the same under the skin). What is it?

  21. Guys plase hold your fire, relax before you fall dead coz of the hot grudge in your throats. PF is to rule for a solid 5 year term. Just relax guys.

  22. Bigben @16, out of the people you mentioned it is only Kaunda who is not a graduate. All the same Kaunda governed the country quite well. As for Kambwili, he is a complete disaster in that position. One wonders why this monkey-eating toad-looking character always refers to people’s tribes whenever he and his father sata are challenged. Clearly he is a typical banana republic minister.

  23. “We have travelled to so many countries and the amount of investment that will flow into the country is overwhelming”. lol. PF travelled?. So you can trash your our currency by calling it fake, but so long as you travel to so many countries, its ok?. Is this the minister of foreign affairs talking?

  24. HH is bitter and yes minister the tonga tribal party will never go beyond kufue . How does this disgruntled ngombe and his followers expect to govern the our 73 tribes with a tonga vote only? Yes PF is in for its 1st solid 5 years, and another 3 solid terms get used to it, ALIMWI 2031 is a long way to go, you will be choked with your hatred for the people you call monkeys, cos we are in in for a long wait, HH will need a zimmer frame in 2031.

  25. I like Hon. Kambwili because he is very factual. HH should just resign politics because 2015 is too far. Let other people control the band wagon

  26. Only donkeys can not see sense in what HH said.And for your own information HH is not interested in portifolios but serious economic plans for Zambia and that is why he left the pact because SATA and his blind excited followers failed to sit down and draw road map.He is not missing anything but being vindicated everyday that passes.HH we love you and keep hammering these directionless characters in Govt.They are still celebrating their victory like small children when the masses are busy assessing their performance. 2016 is not far.

  27. Does Kambwili have the faintest idea of what he is talking about? I believe HH was trying to tell the PF government not to be careless with their ranting and raving on issues which they clearly do not understand. Kambwili if you feel that HH is no much for your intellectual capabilities, why not challenge him to a public debate on investment and economics so that we can know who knows what they are talking about

  28. Kambwili is one of the intelligent ministers that we have as at now. He lived abroad for a long time and knows most corners of the world. But the minister should learn to pick some sense out the nosense of HH as he thinks. The questions should be where are we threatening investors and what do we do with that threat. A minister should defend and diplomatically answer in a polite and mature manner. Checks and balances come in so many ways. “A drop of ink may make a million think”. Mr. Minister, there is a mismatch between your intelligence, diplomatic position, body, etc and your lunguage, tone, etc. Control that then people will respect you. We love you especially that we had no option to have as a minister of foreign affairs.

  29. “foreign investment” mrkambwili is in his capacity totalk about that as he is foreign affairsminister. it just baffles me that people come on here to insult and ridicule this incredible politician. it is true hh is disgruntled and angry, but let pf do there job, kambwili has been involved in investment from when he was a backbencher so i doubt he will stop now he can work together with su=imuusa and sichinga for the good of the zambians. let us appreciate one of our own and not hate

  30. The strategic question that has been asked is “what threats are investors warry about?” The intelligent answer is: 1. An unpredictable president who can allow street vending which is against the law (i.e. abrogation of the very constitution that he swore to defend) 2. Abuse of executive powers e.g. disollution od statutory boards, when line Ministers were already appointed. I dont need to catalogue these threats. 3. Policy inconsistencies 4. Rumour mongering e.g. fake kwacha in circulation. With all these threats, who would want to come and invest in Zambia coz MCS will just wake and privatise all the companies and businesses.

  31. Ka HH sold a lot of former government companies to foreigners for peanuts so he may have a point from experience but the sad thing about ka HH is that he would rather wish that investor confidence remained very low at the Zambian’s expense as he is a very bitter selfish little man.
     Ka HH change your strategy for 2012 if you want to be taken serious boyi, criticise and offer tangible solutions don’t just heckle on the sidelines. What are you doing to get rid of the tribal tag attached to the USELESS PARTY of NARROW-MINDED DUNDERHEADS (UPND) that’s what you should be working on in the new year.

  32. HH is just an albatross hovering around the UPND and suffers some form of debilitating political megalomeniac. He is full of political imbroglio.

  33. zambiano #2. I forgive you for your mix up. Kambili is commenting on foreign investors because his ministry is the most well informed about Zambia’s foreign relations, These investors communicate to Zambia through our foreign missions which fall under kambili. Don’t pack your diplomas and say you are educated, but read, listen and apply.

  34. HH it is only you PF and its carders fear.Dont relate.This is not the kind of Govt an organised person like you would have worked. These people hate you because they wanted you to be the brain behind SATA’s GOvt and then claim that he is working and improved things and yet the chap is just confused as it is becoming clearer everyday that passes.LONG LIVE HH only God knows your destine

  35. #16 Bigben, you are very happy to be led by uneducated people who don’t even know whether they are going or coming like your Sata? And you wonder why Africa is underdeveloped if according to you education is not important for one to be a leader?

  36. # 40, You may be right, but I don’t think Kambwili has the ability to analyze financial data and express in terms of real value or economic terms. Yes his ministry may have access to foreign information but analyzing govt fiscal policy with support from foreign relations may not be his best area or subject.

  37. number 42 — kambwili is more succesfull than urself so he mujst be intelligent ahhaha so you carry on being depressed whilst mr kambwili works for the nation 

  38. Zachisoni, My friend I am in business and will be one of the most successful businessmen in Zambia with God given visions. Yes I may have degrees but am anointed with the blood of Christ. I am blessed with a wonderful family and worked for what I have. Sweated for every single of my dimes!! I am patriotic Zambian, I speak for those that cannot speak.

    • id love to meet you and see how beuatiful you are, who are you to call mr kambwili ugly. god made him that way so if ur unhappy with it then take it up with god otherwise shut up and get back to your day job if u have one u stupid nonentity. his children are friends of mine and they are very beautiful to say the least. bloggers if u have nothing to do just read, give critiscm quite alright but no one shud be insulted. zambians are just so thick its unbeleivable, im canadian and mr kambwilis children are my good friends, now why wud a blogger commenting on political issues speak of inoccent children thta have nothing to do with this matter. if u want to comment comment relevantly. mr kambwili is an extremely intelligent man that has been appointed on merit and for his continued work in pf

  39. zambiano, you are not speaking but writing and most of those that you claim to be speaking for do not visit this site. infact your contributions on this blog are very antichrist to say the least cos you are full of hatred. i will be back!!

  40. Mature, Bring it own if you want! Unless your all your family ( Extended) is financially secure then you should continue to write for those that have plundered resources. Writing is a powerful form of expressing views.

  41. MATURE am quoting you from another blog of yours IN YOUR OWN WORDS “you are now toning down after realising that this govt really mean business on the fight against corruption. hope you are as clean as you say”. NOW ACCUSE ME OF BEING ANTI CHRIST FOR SPEAKING AGAINST CORRUPTION. CAN YOU ALSO ACCUSE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN ZAMBIA OF BEING ANTI CHRIST. BECAUSE THE CHURCH HAS PLAYED AN IMPORTANT ROLE

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