Revival Crew is a music group consisting  of Ariel, Jesse ,Chim-Boy and Stevie G-.The group was formed in 2008 and they have done some shows in schools and a few church gigs. They are all solo artists but when we get together we are called Revival Crew.They hope to work on more tracks after their solo albums, as they have many songs together.

The song, “Show me your pain” was written by Glen Banda from personal experiences and also related it to the experiences of the other members. It talks about God being the hope of our lives in whatever we go through.

The song will be available on Youtube, Zed Beats, Hone Fm, Christian Voice,Pheonix,Unza radio, and several other sites from today 6th January 2012.


 SHOW ME YOUR PAIN – Revival Crew (Ariel,Jesse,Chim-Boy and Stevie -G) feat. Glen. (Produced by Nyno for Tym Line)



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