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Given Lubinda challenges online publications to disclose their physical location


MINISTER of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism Given Lubinda
MINISTER of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism Given Lubinda

MINISTER of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism Given Lubinda says owners of online publications should state their identity to make it easier for aggrieved parties to seek redress.

He said publishers hiding their identity should not be allowed to tamper with freedom of speech and press freedom through online publications.

“I know some people are hiding in the fact that they cannot be reached. Everyone running a publication should declare where they are to be found. Cowards must not be allowed to interfere with freedom of speech,” Mr Lubinda said.

He said this when he appeared on a special programme on Zambezi FM in Livingstone yesterday.

Mr Lubinda said the attorney-general’s report on the legal framework within which online publications are operating will soon be presented to Cabinet to address the matter.

A few weeks ago, President Sata directed attorney-general Mumba Malila to investigate the legal framework in which online publications are operating in Zambia following complaints from the public about the stories some of them have been carrying.

The minister also reiterated his advice to the public media to always report fairly and professionally and always remember that they are run on public resources.

He said the public media should not take advantage of the latitude the Patriotic Front government has given them to write defamatory stories because the government will not bail them out in the event that they are found wanting.

[pullquote]He said the public media should not take advantage of the latitude the Patriotic Front government has given them to write defamatory stories because the government will not bail them out in the event that they are found wanting. [/pullquote]

Mr Lubinda said the public media should not use the press to settle political scores, but mirror the aspirations of the public.

“From our lesson during the 2011 campaigns, we know how the public media can be deceiving. We would like them to reflect the true aspirations of the people. I appeal to them to do one thing; report accurately, fairly and truthfully,” Mr Lubinda said.

Meanwhile, Mr Lubinda has called on all residents of Livingstone, including street vendors, to support the declaration of the city as a tourist capital. He said street vendors should control their vending.

Mr Lubinda said he wants to see an increase in the quality of tour operators in the city, as they are the ones who help to attract tourists to the capital.

He said despite Livingstone being the tourist capital of the country, it lacks professionally qualified personnel to run the tourism and hospitality industry.

And asked in a separate interview how much the current technical committee of experts on the constitution is getting, Mr Lubinda said it is not important to know the amount.

“It is not how much has been budgeted for, but the cost of getting the business done, that is what is most important,” Mr Lubinda said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Lubinda ulimwaume and smart information minister, as for location of online publications eg Zambiawatchdog is located at HH house,visit him and his supporters, he is a master minder of zambiawatch dog that publish fake stories. ask Mushota will tell you about ZWD.

  2. gfuys…just go in the open…we will never let you down…we will keep on blogging….we dont need to abuse the freedom of speech the GRZ is granting us….good point ba zayellow…

  3. Just implement Sata’s foolish directive – close the watchdog. Go tell your boss that its not possible to close the WD. Its not hosted in Zambia. Just close Zamnet if you are itching to close something you half munthu!

    • you can take a monkey out of africa, but can never take monkey manners out of it, really applies to you,you need help,

    • @half Munthu half… i think ulichipuba, elyo you were just picked from a pit latrine. I do not think you have parents. Lubinda could be half black but he has manners and was born in a normal, conducive and health environment unlike you. Firstly according to the way you analyze issue, I feel you were created from a sichechani (bush) and then born in a shanty communial pit latrine.

  4. This Lubinda advice is a calculated scheme to pounce on the online news makers once they are fully known. It would have been fair if there was another tabloid like Post used to be which provided checks and balances to govt.but for now its only these online news which should therefore be risked to the wrath of Pf and its team who are so scared and roath to be exposed. Viva online news. You are the only media hope for Zambia and may God protect you all. So don’t be decieved by Lubinda or anybody masquarading as messiahs of the press when in actual facts they are ravenous wolves in sheep’s skins.

  5. ……and then we can get down to putting more money in peoples’ pockets and creating jobs for the youth. We’re behind you sir.

  6. “It is not how much has been budgeted for, but the cost of getting the business done, that is what is most important,” Mr Lubinda said.

    Donch Kubeba.

  7. Our physical address is in Lusaka at Kulima Tower. We have a braches in Matero,Munali, Kabwata, Barostland, Kasama and at LCC.

  8. A cheap way to waylay online news makers so that they are silenced like they have managed to silence nevers Mumba, Musokotwane, Dora Siliya and MMd at large. All online news be wary of pf, they are so wicked that they can’t put up with criticism. Only online news media are providing proper checks and balances and we can’t afford to loose you. HH is the other one but as you know he is blacked out by public media.

  9. Iwe kaladi,you have just reaped the fruits of unprofessional.malicious,vuvuzala way of reporting by your master and king Fred Mumbwe oh sorry,Fred Mmeembe of Post Shinda pepa.Had it not been for his lies you will still be dancing your nights away with young girls in Chilenge.Whats good for you is good for me bwana,take it easy,this is just the start.We are on you on http://WWW.bla,bla,, Donchi Kudabwa.

    • Why this racism! WHat is wrong with being a coloured. Sometimes I think blacks are the most racist people on earth.

  10. It must be painful for Bob Shichinga, Scott, Mbita etc to realize that they were actually carrying a monkey on their backs….

  11. Lubinda, I thot you talked a lot about how much was being paid by NCC delegates? We also want to know how much the current system is getting as well as the commission of inquiries. Its public resources & there shoudl be transparency in the way it is used.

  12. This strong position of stopping people from blogging is not healthy at all. Why should you know where uncle google is based. PF please stick to the principle of making Zambian lives better and not wasting timing on blog-sites i.e. ZWD. Lubinda just be real, power is sweet it is your time to enjoy and you see other other oppossing views as a threat that is nature and human. Just leave us bloggers to decide which sites we want to visit. As for street vending plse find a good solution there is no such a thing as self regulation when something is illigal in the first place. PF you are full of don’t kubeba when it comes to real issues. Touring and vending to levels Lusaka as attained is not compactible period.

  13. Just read what comes out, good or bad. Often there is a measure of truth. We the readers make our own mind… For instance, I believe the public media hasn’t changed. The newswriters are well bred boot-lickers….So, bwana Lubinda, leave free the online publications.

  14. Zambia trying to fight what China has failed to do i.e close cyber space….   
    Its your turn bwana to be put on the spot light….  when u were in opposition you could say anything… 

    1. MMD is bringing Zimbabwean police to monitor the elections
    2. We have found marked ballot papers at a farm
    3.  etc

  15. hahahaha wat a joke, you can not trace cyberspace mudala, as long as the host is not in zed, there is absolutely nothing you can do about, even in UK,USA, Russia they are always criticized by media tabloids bt u will never here them say this kind crap coz there is nothing they can do about it. :d:d:d:d:d:d

  16. Mr Lubinda
    Cyber space brought down Egypt, Libya, Tunisia etc. If you do not deliver what you promised the people and spend your time trying to close tabloids which are not even based in Zambia, you might not even reach 2016… we might have a presidential by-election.  Those of us in the know … have information that the boat has started shaking. Back stubbing etc. Watch this space

  17. Be strong this is just 4 months my friend, remember how you and Mr. loud speaker “sata” gave levy and RB hell you still have 4 years and months of critics you better fasten you belts because we are just in Genesis by the time we reach Hebrews, stroke will be on you……

  18. If the onlines media does not avail itself and state their location, just hire me I will find them it is just that simple!

    • i like jackals ….hey ….tell you what ! are you still good to handle a contrat assignment these days…. ?

  19. On line news is the only one which is providing us Zambians balanced news.The post is busy telling people lies. Through the post we were told that jobs will given to us and have more money in our pockets up to now nothing has happened and the post is quite on it at the moment. I always read on line news as it is best at the moment.

  20. Why is is that when Online media is mentioned, people say Zambian Watchdog. What about Lusaka Times, Tunyeko and that UK Zambians owned by PF UK branch. It just shows that Watchdog is giving you guys sleepless nights

  21. Please Ba PF, don’t start panic’g for nothing. You don’t have to worry about what people write if you’re operating within the confines of the constitution and remebering that even the powerhouse like MMD the mother of democracy was toppled by the will of the people despite the propaganda stories of development they aired. The medicine here is work hard and develop Zambia then we gona be the judge. Your campaign message was donchi kubeba, so why do you want people to disclose there website offices etc? It’s ZambiaLeaks remember? Donchi Kubeba. Go Lusakatimes, Go Zambianwatchdog. Keep them on their toes.

  22. why should govt have a hand ..its a liberal economy or market ..let life go on like this..Lubinda..don’t expose your ignorance..

  23. Dont tell him, what does he want to do when he knows your location?

    Lets see what is up his sleeve first. no need for him to know for now……can the POST do those rants about press freedom to this man please.

  24. Given, plse don’t come on the ZWD, Tumfweko or Lsk Times if you have no stamina for what is there. please stick to Times, ZNBC, The Post & Daily mail websites!

  25. Lubinda is dull what is the IP address/ domain of he websites? How do they connect to the internet? Who telecom providers that enables connection to the internet in zambia?

  26. Ex say, what’s the fasmal? How you joll also! We are uncensorable in cyberspace and even your children are using us via facebook and you can also join by tweeting (Twitter is an online social networking service and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”) you (as Minister of Info) can join the debate by sending tweets instead of a press conference! You will remain in Lusaka and you don’t have to go to Livingstone as the tweet travels at 1.4millionth of a second, so by the end of your tern, you would have literally met each person in Zambia who has a mobile phone! Though in the end, you donchi have to kubeba!

  27. Its easy we can hack them and publish naked pictures of their under5 leader playing peverted games with cows ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;soon and very soon we shall sort them out

  28. Lubinda does not even know powers govt has got over communication or internet providers. Atusebanya ba PF very dull indeed. 

  29. the online publication has no impact on the 80% zambia’s poor illiterate population – worse the 37 bloggers above insulting Lubinda do not even stay in zambia – they aren’t even above 200 looking at the comments that appear everyday on zd and lusaka times – if the online publication need to be heard, they must come down to earth pa zed and not always hiding in the cyberspace – the post does better because its online and has physical address in lusaka – Lubinda is right when he says that its a sign of cowardice always hiding in space while writing sometimes half trueths.

  30. No need to issue that directive.Just engange good IT geeks.They can do the location job within 15 minutes.Anyway bo Lubinda you need those papers as they provide both constructive and destructive critism which in itself is good for democracy.

  31. Kaili uve shutup the Post now u think u can shutup the online publisher heheheheheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    My Advise: Start developing Zambia and create more tourism and jobs 2016 is near ka, focus on your promises or else PF may become the shortest Party in power watch this space.

  32. Lloyd Hamaambo is the guy that started ZWD with his friends and it shouldn’t be difficult for Lubinda to find where he lives in Lusaka.

  33. Watchdog has shown its negative perception of PF and Sata even during the time he was in opposition, even the time he was in the PACT actually. Granted, they have a right to their opinion, but let them just be willing to operate in a transparent manner and show everyone where they can be found. Hiding is not the way to go ba WD. Remember Mmembe took the same stance against RB and yet he was so ‘accessible’. Everyone, including RB knew that Mmembe’s office is in Bwinjimfumu, and they could seek redress knowing where to find him, if the wished to do so. Even if they stay outside Zambia they shud be willing to tell the public to say where they can be found.

  34. All they need to have is a good legal team if they feel government will trample upon their press freedom. But they shud be willing for agreived parties to approach them if they wish to prove their innocence or even complain. I think Lubinda is right on this one. Ba WD and others, just come out in the open since you are Zambian journalists and fight for press freedom in the open, and we will support you. Otherwise, for some of us who are neutral in this matter, it seems as though you are also hiding for some unknown reason. . .

  35. Lubinda sure young man ganja is not good for you.The small girls you climb in the streets of Lusaka will do you no good.
    what you have said about the on line publication is the most foolish and stupid thing you ever said ,any way among many filthy things.let me enjoy my whisky

  36. Lubinda is having a laugh, that’s the whole point of Online news blogs, if they were giving physical addresses they would be printing the news, keep stoking those fires and more nastier blogs will be created. You have enough on your plate already Mr Minister of  Information, Broadcasting  AND Tourism, please separate these departments!!!

  37. Ka tumfweko I know the boyz running it, yes the ones that copy and paste your articles, that Given lubinda needs to shut up and concentrate on serious national issues or Atleast deal with his daughters, esp the young one that is sleeping with his fellow minister

  38. Mr Lubinda cyber space to monitor, intimidate or closure is impossible. Just as many bloggers blog or twitters twit from out side Zambia, you are powerless to gag, suppress or restrain us. The reaso is because we are in a VIRTUAL WORLD today. If USA and EUROPE could not restrain or block WEAKLEAKS what is Lubinda and Zambia?

  39. Whatever happened to unaccountability? Guys look at what happened in England (aka Phone hacking scheme). There has to be some level of accuracy in what is reported. Does technology mean people should abuse their position? A responsible serve the purpose of informing. I have questioned blogging as these are people just stating their opinions (as I am) as opposed reporting facts (and those that rely on blogs as a basis for fact should rethink their sources of information). Do we as Zambians want to feed rubbish in the name of news? Imagine if some reported a lie about you? How to you address the innuendo? Or malice without the person having a way to bring your point accross? There is a gap in the laws in Zambia with the advent of technology and Mr. Lubinda is just trying to do his job and

  40. Lubinda is becoming fooled by his pretences the Guy is jus foolish now he closed his right when he fired those directors of times and daily mail lukakulukisa wena sinja stupid you, leave online news alone you foolish minister youre not even ashamed, actually you can learn well, the online publications brought u and pf in power and soon HH shall rule.

  41. Hon. Lubinda online publications are on the world wide web with no fixed location. Run around the world and you are likely to find them somewhere in the wide world. Goodluck.

  42. i like Lusakatimes although iam far away and watchdog is really watching Plz ba post take you position also when it comes to hardcopy records i enjoy when u are there. Boo lubinda is becoming senseless and independent of modern reality Mr Minister you not manage to close network of online publications, and don waste money guy. Which school did you go sir?

  43. No. I dont think online publication should disclose their locations. The reason is that they have an incentive to say anything they want without being known. People who are known have to do things differently. Example, those who want to discuss politics in zambia but fear government officials.. cant say anything so the web is their only forum.. I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS AT ALL.. THE INTERNET HAS TAKEN INFORMATION AWAY FROM GOVERNMENTS AND TO THE PEOPLE.. THEY CAN REPORT WHATEVER THEY WANT..

  44. You now sound like George Kunda..with your unfounded concerns and fears; we just wanna be
    heard and register our appreciation as well as grievances.


  46. I think this issue can just be summarised as follows: if the USA could do nothing about Wikileaks, what can Lubinda do honestly about online-publications? Nothing, it’s like chasing the wind! The Post has survived on generally maligning of successive Zambian presidents and governments, and nobody called for its blood, why, because it’s good for democracy. Bottom line – you don’t expect everyone to praise you, no matter how good or correct you are.

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