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RB’s immunity lifting based on unfounded accusations – Musokotwane

General News RB's immunity lifting based on unfounded accusations - Musokotwane

Former President Rupiah Banda

Immediate past Finance and National Planning Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane has charged that plans by the Patriotic Front government to have former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity lifted are based on unsubstantiated accusations.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Qfm, Dr. Musokotwane says MMD Members of Parliament will not support the motion when it is taken parliament.

He says it is unfortunate that people are calling for the lifting of Mr. Banda’s immunity in the absence of firm grounds on his involvement in corrupt practices.

The former finance minister who is Liuwa MMD Member of Parliament further explains that the move will set a bad precedent on future Presidents of the country.

And in a separate interview, Chisamba MMD Member of Parliament Moses Muteteka has pleaded Mr. Banda’s innocence.

He says the former head of state does not deserve to be treated harshly.

Mr. Muteteka who served in Mr. Banda’s government as Local government deputy minister has since vowed not to support the motion to lift the former President’s immunity.



  1. Iam with the Dr.All we hear are just mere pronouncements in the media and nothing substantial.Worse still the source lacks integrity no wonder the International Media have never bothered to report the allegations for they are baseless not worth the coverage.

  2. Baseless accusations from tired sick and lost minds. Not even a single substiated accusathon. Just fufil ur promises. Teachers are waiting for their claims.

  3. If RB has stolen or not stolen let him prove that in the courts of law before you can start defending a criminal. This man and his minions abused public resources in an unprecedent manner therefore he needs to account for how he acquired so much wealth in three years that he could not have acquired even when he owned companies.

    • But you are already finding him guilty before the law enforcements have even proved their case. That is the point here. Prove your case then people will support the lifting of his immunity. Mwanawasa did that.

    • RB`s leadership was very inspiring.He held the country together during the hardest times in the life of this country.Please lets look back and appreciate him when he is still alive.Lets not pay him back with ridicule for his sacrifices.Its a shame to do so.

  4. iwe ka musokotwane, just keep your cool. rb is a thief and everyone knows it. he presided over a corrupt regime of which you were the custodian of our monies. you know that if that thieving rb is taken to court, you will be in big trouble as his finance minister. just keep quiet. ba LT. why dont you interview people with independent views on matters like this and not these crooks with vested interests.

  5. ‘We never knowingly abused public funds’- RB. Well, we can only establish that fact by lifting his immunity when the time comes right? If your’re innocent, you’ll prove it through the same courts that cleared Sata after he spent 40 days in jail.

    • Chuulu, Sata wasn’t a former president them and had no immunity like a former president has. When his time comes, as now a former president, he will be treated differently. let the government prove their case that RB stole

  6. Lately Musokotwane and Kunda have become too outspoken and jittery and bitter for reasons best known to themselves. It hasn’t sunk in yet that they are no longer in power. The calls for the lifting of Rupiah’s immunity is the right thing to do in order to let him defend himself and explain many of his actions during his short presidency. Lifting of immunity does not necessarily mean that he is guilty. The verdict will be decided by the courts. All Zambians except the MMD plunder beneficiaries want Rupiah, Musokotwane and all the other suspets brought before the courts. Enough talking has already been done, we want action now.

  7. Mature
    Cool down bro..LT are not the ones who were interviewing the learned Dr.They are simply copying and pasting from Qfm who had an exclusive interview with him.LT just gives us a platform to share our opinions,something some ‘independent’ newspaper cant.

  8. A good number of our farmers are not yet paid their money for the maize the food Reserve Agency bought. Ninety days elapsed without a tangible fulfilment of the PF promises and they are without clear economic policy.They are hiding behind the shodow of the fight against corruption and time is running out.The PF government will be full of embarrassment in a few months from now as the economy has already started showing signs of down ward trend. Look at the Kwacha. we told you,do not say you were not told. How can you give government to thugs?

  9. A lot of people died because of inadequate facilities in our hospitals. Facilities which should have been there had funds not been abused. A lot of pensioners and their families are suffering because someone decided to use their money from napsa to renovate a building. Meanwhile, someone’s son has 2bn in his account, and someone else’s sons were representing us when negotiating contracts., in what capacity only) knows. Granted, development must take place, but the plunderers must be dealt with sternly to set a GOOD precedence, as opposed to situmbeko’s views. The common man deserves some justice

  10. # 8 AND 9 Phiri J and Kilometers Sampa were are the Mobile Hospitals , what happened with formula 1 Road projects we want to know

  11. Immunity in Zambia does not mean that you cannot be tried in the courts of law. This is the biggest mistake that our leaders make, They think that once they have this immunity, then they become untouchable. Alas, they get it all wrong. You cannot commit crimes, syphoning money from the treasury, selling companies for songs, building mansions, sleeping with other people’s wives with impunity against the masses living in abject poverty and think that you will get away with it. If he is innocent let him  face the courts of law and prove himself otherwise. Peradventure, these misfits thought they will be in power forever. you can fool some people sometimes, but you can not fool all the people all the time. Its pay back time.

  12. sharp shooter, thanks bro, but all the same, wether qfm or mfqz whatever, this muso thing is a participant in this looting of our resources and cannot give an independent and objective view on the lifting of immunity cos thieving rb is his potential accomplice. so the need to interview independent minds. dont you thik so bro?

  13. @Mature
    What Musokotwane said can be classified as ‘his side of the story’ and ofcourse is entitled to his opinion.The problem Mature is,just like our Presido,you are assuming that the Dr. stole.The law is very clear i.e everyone is innocent until proven guilty by a competent court and not the other way round as is the case of being tried in the media.My position is,let the investigative wings handle this professionally and then take the evidence to court and certainly if they stole(which I doubt cos this seems to be a fishing expedition like Saki will put it) ,then they will got to jail.The Presidency should not interfere by pronouncing these people guilty as such could result in a mistrial or acquitted on technicalities.

  14. Why do those advocating the lifting of RB’S IMMUNITY tell us with concrete facts the thefts he committed.At least for President Sata,we know he cannot tell us how he got his US$27,000 that still remains confiscated by South Africa.We also know that he diverted the whole month funding to Ministry of Local Government to his personal account.We also know that Xevier Chungu lied to court to get Sata out of prison for the vehicle he was accused to have stolen.
    Question is who should Mutembo Nchito start with between RB and Sata?

  15. @16 sharp shooter, thanks bro, “his side of the story” heh? it still does not make him qualify to comment on the lifting of immunity, bearing in mind that thieving rb was his boss. does it? this is all the reason why i insist that independent minds be engaged on these issues than those with vested interest. i still insist that qfm or whoever or whatever should not subject us to this kind of news.

  16. Whatever happened to the mobile hospitals imported from China at US$53 Million???? And not enough medicines in our hospitals, what did they achieve except that money changed hands in the process!

  17. @ Mature
    The same can be said about the PF officials making accusations.They are equally not qualified to make comments on the alleged plunder and irregularities.Winter Kabimba is busy commenting on the sale of Zamtel,Sakeni is also busy commenting on how MMD plundered and in all fairness why should they keep quite when and fail to defend themselves.Iam sure if PF allows the investigative wings do the job rather than rushing to the media,the accused people will equally keep quite.

  18. Mature & Sharp Shooter; Impressive how you are exchanging views on the topic at hand.
    That s the right way of using this forum. Than un- considerate tribal punches and insults as is done by small minds. For the topic Doc has the right to express himself especially in matters of defending himself directly or indirectly; just like MCS is allowed to respond to querries surrounding k2 bi, merzaf flats,$ 27,000,his moral state(children all over) etc Govt leaders should be pre-occupied with national policy matters. Past wrongs left to various professionals like ACC to handle without un-due pressure. I am yet to learn of Obama insults his citizen,pre-empting intelligence,police,& judiciary works

  19. The idea of granting RB immunity is nothing short of stupidity, a slap on Zambia’s democracy and a manifestation that the parliament does not hold in high regard the people of Zambia. Since this country is neither a plutocracy nor an autocracy I am baffled by the existence of such constituition protecting RB. The crust of this argument lies within some of the basic fundamentals of democracy. What is clear is that some certain individuals, groups etc are above the Law.

  20. Musokotwane should not localize himself around RB, unless his ambition to become Republican President has died a natural death in him.

    These things he is saying will haunt him when that time comes. Why did we remove RB from power? Zamtel was one of the issues besides the WP killings and many more.

    Think beyond RB doctor.

  21. MusokoFONO, dont be dull. Ok, let the zambian pipo vote for or against. Then u’ll know what we want. We wont depend on u dull mps. Why do u compare zed 2 the USA. Are u mad? USA is rich. Zed cant afford 2 have presidents that steal from its citizens

  22. the precedence has already been set bo musokotwane when Late FTJ’s Immunity was removed. where was this man…? he is really not a politician this man ka…? so his arguments holds no water except he wants toget RB’s support as they go for their mini convention to elect who over see the complete downfall of the MMD coz its on the fall anyway.

  23. Why did Banda remove that clause in the first place? That tells you that he’s up to no go, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that one out.

  24. Mr Musokotwane!!. We are not really interested in keeping Someone’s Immunity. We are interested in the truth. If RB is innocent, the courts will clear his name. It is not your immunity sir. Let RB talk for himself in the courts of law. If PF is fabricating lies, the courts will enlighten us. Why are you worried about his immunity? Some of you zambian “leaders” are a disgrace.

  25. RB`s leadesrhip was very inspiring.He led and maintained unit of this the country during the most trying moments therefore lets not pay him back with ridicule for his sacrifices.Lets appreciate him when he is still alive.I find it a shame to talk ill of such a leader.Let him enjoy his retire period.He played his part now its your turn to deliver all that he left in the pipeline.Roads,school and hospital projects a have to be completed and agriculture develiopment sustained.Respect him so that you can consult him on many issues for the good of this country.

  26. iwe ka mature and Manny at #4 and 18.. Very imature change your ame… Sata has failed in his 90 days promises and the nation is going backwards… I made a mistake in voting RB out.. PF like what they are… Are driven by roumans and not facts.. IS the waste party since independance.. How did we allow a thing like this.. So far no allegation is founded on facts. Just common roumors we hear in componds like mandevu.. You cannot differentiate what the president says or minister from what a woman say who sells vitumbuya in Kanyama..RB is a very innocent person… so far all allegations are bouncng back on some ministers in PF and satas comrades..Just stop on this corruption myth and start looking at the economy the dollar is at k5,300 from k4,500 where PF found it..10 years,just corruption

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