Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Hyenas terrorising Zingalume village in Chadiza



Hyenas in chief Zingalume’s area of Chadiza district are terrorising domestic animals forcing local people to spend sleepless nights in an effort to safeguard their animals.

Jessy Mudenda of Zingalume village complained to ZANIS that a number of goats and pigs have been killed and eaten by hyenas in the area.

Mrs. Mudenda, who spoke through sobs, expressed anger that the hyena had even killed a heifer goat that she had gotten on loan and wondered how she would replace it.

She has since appealed to the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to quickly kill the wild animals before they start to harm people.



  1. Just catch them and term them as dogs. They can make very good security at home, especially if you feed them well.

  2. Easterners see now! I told you earlier that dont turn into hynas. Those hynas are human hynas. Stop practicing juju from neighbouring country!

  3. These villagers can kill these hyenas if they follow my instruction. > Place poisoned meat, use logo pestcide used for sprying cotton. That will see them dying all over the area.. No weapons needed.

  4. Chimbwi nga a kokola mu munshi alalya ne mbushi, nangu Dora umwanakashi kuli Chimbwi a sunsawila ko bokoshi.

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