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Sakeni describes Police Officers houses in Mongu as death Traps


A House currently being occupied by Police Officer in Mongu district in Western Province.

Home Affairs Minister Kennedy Sakeni has described as death traps houses currently being occupied by Police houses in Mongu District in Western Province.

Mr. Sakeni said it not acceptable for officers to live in houses that are deplorable and deadly with their families.

He was speaking in recently when he inspected Mongu Police camp during his familiarization tour of the Province.

“This is a death trap and not a house” Sakeni said.

Mr. Sakeni said government will work around the clock to ensure that new house are built for officers.

“We have to find money to build new houses for our officers, I will liaise with the ministry of finance as soon as I reach Lusaka” he added.


  1. Please, is that the best the govt. can do for an officer who works his butt off day and night trying to mentain law and order? I find this to be sick. Its like a prison sentence.

  2. Yes, now you understand why Westerners want to go their way. Government has no interest in bettering the welfare of people in that province.

  3. Honestly you mean the Police Station Head has to wait for the Minister to request for renovations?? ZAMBIAN Police be Innovative and take an extra effort. Shame this is why they want Nchekelako and all spend time as Traffic officer in Roadblocks for some cash.

  4. it is very embarrassing that our officers who ensure that we live in a free crime country are made to live in such condition. this is disappointing on the party of the government, it shows that the government is not doing enough to better the lives of our officers, no wonder people have no respect for our officers.the government has to take an active part in bettering the living condition of our officers,it is high time we started motivating and imparting a sense of pride in our officers…

  5. This is actually an improvement!  Most of the police houses used to be thatched roundavels.

    Here is my take on what has moved and will move each Zambian President:

    KK [teacher by profession]   –  result was huge improvement in education levels
    FTJ [bus conductor and hustler] – result was huge improvement in public transportation
    LEVY [lawyer] – result was lawyers became super-rich from court cases
    RB [businessman] – business boomed and dealers made a killing
    MCS [constable] – obsession with law enforcement and improvement of police conditions
    NEXT1 [farmer?] – make Zambia a bread basket (maize, cotton, soya, wheat, beef, tobacco etc) of Central Southern Africa
    NEXT2 [miner?] – find all the diamonds, coal, uranium, oil, copper, etc and make Zambia super-rich

  6. How do you give your police officer such a house.MMD used billions of money on campains instead of chanelling that money towards infructure development. This is what corruption can do. For those saying western Province is neglected.It is not just western P, go to any province in the country you will find such levels of poverty.


  8. grz has beenconstucting housing units in other provinces from 1964.WP has not seen any government succesfully completed project for WP- roads,houses,bridges,schools,airports etc.if MPs cant looby gonerment to see the underdevelopment then Why have the people of WP been electing MPs

  9. let the working minister also come to his constituency,we r waiting 4 development projects he and his govt promised.police houses need to be built in all the 10 provinces not only western province.that is a tip of an ice berg-its pathetic especially in Luapula province

  10. Local gvt & Housing ministry of. must really pull up the socks and scale up the housing construction in Barotse Province if i may put it that way. Otherwise, the situ is pathetic.

  11. I dont agree with those saying Zambia does not want western province because the houses of police. Is it only the Lozi police who stay in the police camps? No all officers disregard where you come from stays there. Dont bring tribalism where it is not supposed to be. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATIONAL

  12. Mr DAD be careful ,when we talk about western province we dont talk about lozi we talk about infrastructure development of whoever lives in the west.dont just harbour alot of hatred for the lozi people,they are just great people wherever they are around the world,people of integrity.

  13. What we are saying is the neglect of any form of development by government in Barotseland does not only affect Barotse tribal groupswho originate from there, it affects other tribes from the rest of the provinces who reside in Barotseland also. Therefore, when Barotseland gets her independence the improvement the new government of Barotseland will not only benefit the Barotse tribal groups, but all the other tribal groups who originate from the rest of the 9 provinceswho have chosen to be part of Barotseland. There are many Bembas, Nyanjas, Tongas, Lambas, Kaondes, Lundas, Luvales,Lenjes etc. whowill never go back to the main land Zambia, who have found refuge in Barotseland, and we embrace them as part of Barotseland. 

  14. Please let us be constructive even as we criticise others,,, Who is RESPONSIBLE for the rehabilitation of police houses COUNTRYWIDE? and not only in Mongu, coz the police officers face similar challenges.. In a reprentative type of GVT who represents, and what organs are responsible for the development public infrastructure such as that… Let us not be blinded by small groups yerning for personal gain- you even have forgotten where things went wrong coz your mothers and fathers have never told the truth.. 

  15. 2-3 weeks ago this appeared in this paper: Quote “Western Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu says he cannot wait to see the province graduate from the poorest to one the most developed province in the country.

    And Provincial Permanent Secretary Augustine Seyuba has warned that he will not tolerate the miss application of public funds under his administration.“ – Unquote…………………how many ministers does or will it take to uplift standards of Zambia’s dedicated police. It is a BIG FACT that police forces need houses and have needed new houses for the last 40 years…..And all we hear from our ministers is just TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK………………..

  16. Looking at the condition of these houses one would think they are toilet structures. Would you blame those hard working cops if they took corruption avenue? Why build homes thise size in the first place. Did government realise that when a person joins the Police as a single person, one day he/she would marry and have a family and they will need more room? what an embarasment to the nation and the globe at large. These homes are described as death traps, where is the Health and Safety Executive?

  17. Its not only in Western Province, thats why the MMD was voted out of power because while they manged to find money to bury and build personal hotels they could not find money to build houses for police and prison officers and indeed many other civuil servants. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  18. Dawn Interesting memories you have of good old Blitty. Perhaps I’m use to spedirs but I don’t see many of them living in what is now called Upper Rissington.You didn’t actually say what years you were here but must have been a while ago if the USAF we still at RAF Little Rissington.There are some of us who live here, who love to see old pictures of RAF Little Rissington and learn more about its history, as like many places, it is being redeveloped and the old airfield maintenance buildings will be replaced with houses.

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