UPND’s call to impeachment President Sata premature-ZCTU

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Secretary General Roy Mwaba addresses journalists as ZCTU Trustee Sifeniso Nyumbu (left) looks on at Courtyard hotel in Lusaka

The Labor movement has described as premature calls by the opposition UPND to impeach President Michael Sata. Zambia Congress of Trade Unions(ZCTU) said that there is no basis to call of the impeachment of the head of state.

Union General Secretary Roy Mwaba said that calls were untimely as the people calling for that have failed to outline the basis on which to remove the president from office. He said that no Zambian president has ever been impeached since independence.

Mr. Mwaba called on the opposition to be practical in their criticism and not only create arguments that have no basis. He was responding to a question from MUVI TV during a media briefing in Lusaka today.

Yesterday, the UPND announced plans to present a private members bill in the next sitting of parliament to impeach President Sata for alleged abuse of office.

UPND Presidential Advisor, Douglas Siakalima said that President Sata should be impeached and his immunity stripped when parliament resumes sitting.

He has accused the president of abusing his office in the past four months he has presided over national affairs.

Mr Siakalima, who is immediate past Siavonga parliamentarian, said that the president abused his office when he urged the Director of Public Prosecution to investigate former ruling party officials who are alleged to have abused their offices.

But president Sata’s Special Assistant for Press and Public relations, George Chellah wished the UPND all the best in the endeavour.

Mr Chellah told MUVI TV News in a telephone interview that Zambia is a democratic country and moves for a president’s impeachment are allowed.



  1. You fools called UPND, you will never rule us…….PF its 20-25 years then comes Chipimo!!!!! Not u foolish party wit no agenda!


  3. Why should UPND impeach the president? On what basis they are just bitter because they lost elections. We told them have pack with PF they refused and were cheated by MMD. Now you should NOT cry foul. NO BASIS OF IMPEACHMENT. YOU ARE JUST BITTER LOSERS. YOUR TURN WILL COME IN 2016 IF POSSIBLE LET YOUR FRIENDS RULE

  4. this is truly exposing itself as a stupid political party. it will soon become irrelevant like UNIP if it does not change its course. does it mean when you are in opposition you have to oppose everything the gov does. does it mean you have to stand in the way of progress? just because you fear your waste opponent is threatening to do well 

  5. If Mwaba had bothered to listen to Syakalima, he would have known the reason. Syakalima clearly said the reason was because of abuse of authority in directing DPP on which cases to prosecute, does Mwaba still use his two ears?

    • Ulimbwa sana! stop commenting blindly if you can’t reason. Amano yobe yaba mumatako yobe! Go to Hell with your UPND, you are just jealous, FULL STOP!

  6. Mr Roy Mwaba is demostrating that he is actually a WOLF in sheep clothing. Mwaba’s genetic make up as a PF cadre have been exposed. Zambians are witnessing PF demands to remove immunity on RB – for unspecified reasons. The opposition camp has also raised the idea of impeaching President Sata for unspecified reasons. Mwaba must provide a balanced comments. Roy Mwaba feels more concerned and frightened by calls to impeach Sata; but freely supports removal of immunity on RB. However, Mwaba’s live challenge is the plight of Zamtel workers. His role is to reflect on the plight of the workers and their families. History will repeat itself with reference to devastating impacts that affected many UBZ and Zambia Aiways workers. ZTCU may split irreperably.

    • It is not the PF advocating for the removal of RB’s immunity, check the media and you will realized that actually it is the civic organization perpetrating that move. Besides RB’s most cabinet ministers are facing serious allegations that may need RB to be present during the process of courts and it may just be prudent to have RB striped of his immunity so he can answer a few questions. 

  7. Alimwi tread carefully or tonga tribal party will be banned,this is one useless party, full of useless tribalists,, how can you barely 8% of zambia impeach our democratically elected president, please don,t push your luck or you will find yourselves chased from southern province,, already you have Miles Sampa as boss of all bosses in SP

  8. hahahahahahahah UPND is like some one who is almost die kuti wakamba inchi aleka !akamba inchi aleka !akamba inchi aleka ! hahahahahaha UPND nyau zeka zeka

  9. I don’t think Sata should be impeached yet. I would like him to be given time to demonstrate what a bad leader he is. PF will show how unqualified they are for the task of solving Zambia’s problems and let them have the stage and time to show that. Many of those who voted for Satan are already beginning to have “buyer’s remorse.” They should have listened to cooler heads when we warned you about the dangers of entrusting government with Michael Satan. What a sick country, this Zambia.

  10. HH chipuba chabu , twalelandele tepano tuli he is showing his under5 traits everyday now__________ HH Respect us as we did you when you said only a tonga can lead Tonga tribal party, so we say to you any tribe can rule zambia, just not a tonga. Keep your UPND will shall keep our zambia, HH you will never ever rule zambia,

  11. Roy Mwaba, don’t you have enough problems in the area of workers welfare before you open your mouth on political matters that you little understand?

  12. Upnd needs chanda nsema prayers. You are really mad and of no relevance to zambian politics. Useless party, you think a president is easily impeached as drinking mabissi. Find a new leader for a your party. Am sure Muntinta can do better to lead this party which has completely lost direction.

  13. Did this man complete grade 7?What kind of human being is this?Do you think Zambians are fools and have no brains?Thank-you for exposing your inner, evil machinations.You have just lost the little trust some people may have had in your party.

  14. Dispute his many constitutional breaches and obvious abuse of his position, it is far too early for such actions to be made. At best Parliament and the judiciary should chide MCS or chastise him for these errors but an impeachment would be too much too soon. Chastise the man so he can learn to be a better president. If he fails to learn and choses to be obtuse by continuing to disregard due process and the constitution then you can attempt such things. The Parliament could ask the Speaker for allow them to create their own COI into Sata’s breaches etc, they could then use that to chastise him if they find he has broken the law. 

    Also I don’t think if they brought this motion to parley it would win, they need to show solid proof first.

  15. It is true that Sata has abused his office through his breach of the constitution in various ways. If left for longer he will kill this nation single handedly. If you can garner 2/3 of parliamentarians go forth UPND otherwise your best chance is to start campaigning very seriously now as your chances are far brighter than ever. In the next elections, apart from themselves and their beneficiaries, only mad people will vote for PF.

  16. upnd….u are a disgrace!! up to now the marjority of the zambians are still happy with pf…….. so who will support your impeachment?

  17. The USA failed to impeach Bill Clinton because of the Lewinsky’s scandal and you threaten to impeach Sata because he instructed law enforcement agents to investigate plunderers from the previous government. UPND I had hope in you but you have just proved that you are desperate, bitter party which will never rule Zambia. Why didn’t you impeach Rupiah when he was involved in dubious deals? 

  18. It will be along 5years for these “educated” fools. No logic, no common sense. No wonder your president trusted Joe Kalusa over Professor Chirwa. Truth is, we, the Kaponyas are a majority; we have nothing to loose, should there be a vundu, you will have everything to loose ba kabwa. We are the majority that put a grade 7 constable from Kolwestan in state house. Now, use your education to come up with ways of changing that through the the ballot box. Meanwhile, we will be telling our fellow kaponyas to keep producing kids, such that come 2028; we wll still be the majority.

  19. Again today its 21 comments only 1 is for you… ba fee color… Who will accept that poor reasoning pa zed sure??? Foolish UPND.. and HH waba itoleeee boyi

  20. This is what you get in a contry when you vote with your dicks.

    In ‘chipata’ they say manzi akali m’nkhokola, wait till you need a wheelbarrow full of cash just to buy bread.

  21. This is the right time to fight corruption, alas, you get into bed with basakala Nyongo; chaps who were very highly qualified but possed with demons that made them stink with corruption. Just remember, placing a fresh fruit side by side with a rotten one cannot heal a rotten fruit; in stead the rotten one would infect the fresh fruit. MMD is full of basakala, and soon UPND will be caught in their own lies of making pact with them.

  22. You are right even some of us neutral zambians who do not belong to any party will not support a call to drop Sata just like that.

  23. # 20 Thoughts. Thanks for your free thoughts and balanced view over UPND impeachment comment. Getting worried with blog’s readership that there is nothing like impeachment in this world. Article clearly states valid reasons for impeachment. Roy Mwaba’s assertion that there has never been any impeachment since independence is childish, of course reasons for it never existed. However, it may be too early to resort to that option, notwithstanding some elements of truth with UPND reasons and opinion.

  24. Headless party under five are, you playing with democracy of majority Zambians who voted for Sata and PF? Do UPND Understand what democracy means? on what basis UPND want to impeach President Sata and on whose behalf are they advocating for? UPND the most stupid political party we have seen in Zambian political history, the party with no representation in other parties of the country exempt southern province. a party founded on hatred and tribalism principles. If i was HH i would concentrate on building the party country wide and make it ready for 2016 to face Sata and challenge him and win. crazy fools

  25. Siyakalima is talking about things that does not and has never been done before in this generation.

    Were in this century in the world have you heard about a president being impeached.Dont excite your supporters you are making them more dull.

  26. Why do tonga always support tonga ideas even though its useless and it can not work.They want to make Zambia like some few tonga copmanies we know were only tonga are imployed.

    Tonga can distroy Zambia if given chance. They practice tribalism in a very dull way. This tribe amazes me

  27. The poltical will to fight corruption is not impeaceable. Do this Tonga Party behaves like prostitutes. They seem not to know what they want . critise objectively Zambians are at peace the government is in control and plunderers will be pursued.

  28. If you are talking about things that cant work then you are irellevant.Sata is a practical man UPND is a theoretical Party.We do not need theories we need issue that can work .we wish UPND its best and they also know that this can never never never never never happen.

  29. Why talking about an idea that can—- never never never never never never never never never never— happen. Dont fool your self you are a young party with a young president think sensible and straight.

  30. that would be the best. let the fool go back with his hands in pocket, he cant think but has contunued to harras so many innocent lives. UPND go on and team up with other MPs and imcheap the sakalanyongo in state house.

    • alimwi imcheap him ka ? you must be drunking some f.ucked up mabisi , its way to early even for educated tongas going to the SDA shacks

  31. So because Sata ordered the attorney general to obtain our stolen money as citizens UPND want him impeached. hahahahahahah HH, I love Tongas, but some leave much to be desired, mabisi yamikola hahahahaha.

  32. Is it because HE MCS directed that certain privatization transactions involving UPND leader be investigated? Why are you UPND leaders scared of these investigations and you are resorting to an impeachment?

  33. Roy Mwaba is unclean and should be the last one to advise us. He is just a failure after food, no wonder his peers are up in arms against him. Leave UPND alone. zambian will wake up one day and Zambia is gone. Can’t you people see that this Sata is busy destroying Zambia and leaving him to go like this for too long will leave nothing good of Zambia to talk about. The man must shape up or sheep out. instead of uniting Zambia he has gone the way of disuniting us through his love and promotion of tribalism and nepotism today we have an exalted family tree and to cover up he has embarked on massive witch hunting, deception, malice, vindictiveness, hatred and satanism. is this what we need for zambia? The man must be uniting us instead of dividing us as a nation. Zambia shall be saved.

  34. Zambians would want to have the following headlines; ZAMBIA BEATS SENEGAL 2-0, that sounds more uniting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. The little respect I had for UPND has evaporated. The focus is on destroying Sata at whatever cost. Its OK if Zambia burns as long as Sata is destroyed. You continue to lose your political following everyday because of your childish approach to politics. If you murder a rich man out of envy, the man is dead but you still remain poor. If Sata was to go anyway, you will still be in opposition, you wont ascend to the presidency. In a sea of hate, you cant think straight.

  36. Tongas get more degrees and since you claim to be rich build some proper churches we cannot keep praying in these shacks and yet claim to be civilized

  37. let us unite againet the bemba supremacists and kick them out.lets vote in parliment.upnd + mmd.we see the out come of the impeachment proccedings.

  38. we have had enough of bemba tribalism.we must try tongas and their cousins and see the tribalism they will give to the bembas.we will be allegic to bembas.lets go for vote,MPs only.That is the goodness of democracy.we are waiting for the bill to be tabled we will support it.

  39. Bitter UPND.U lost the general elections and u will lose in parliament.Where are u going to get the 106 MPs to support your bill?If yo HH acquired that house from lima bank dubiously then he has to dance to Nchito.

  40. No brains UPND, instead of talking about development you are still jealous of our president we choose. never will we choose a tonga leader as president as we were embarassed by the late mwaanga in 60s.

  41. I now believe that UPND has nothing to offer for this Country. can any normal person call for impeaching a president for asking the DPP to investigate former leaders who plundered our economy? Strip SATA’s immunity ! why are you refusing to strip the immunity of Zambias  economy plunderer and thief # one RB 

  42. I don’t want my MP wasting time debating things that won’t happen while he gets an allowance. Is there any way of throwing out such timewasters before the motion reaches the floor? Let’s discuss how to give those policemen in Mongu decent houses, how to build a hospital in Chavuma, how to maintain the dilapidated Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway


  44. Am shocked that Magande and Chipimo are showing more leadership maturity than my uPND friends. With mMD at its weakest and the country in search of a vibrant opposition, UPND is failing to grab the opportunity. It looks like 2011 elections have hit HH real hard after those dances. it is time for Magande and Chipimo to mobilise.Upnd is really displaying under five characteristics.

  45. What can you expect from Roy Mwaba apart from supporting fellow monkeys.Stupid Roy should be obsessed with workers tonning down on employment upheavals currently being witnessed in the country as well as the 65 years retirement age.But this ***** is quick to talk about lifting RBs immunity,on which grounds?Cycle Mata Chilufyanya has not listed any grounds ,the late Levy listed grounds for late FTJ removal of immunity.This ***** is just looking for a job,just like the Post editors.

  46. More districts but no jobs. Sata will be asking for supplemental funding after 6 months, this will be a good time to sort him out 

  47. This only shows how power hungry UPND is. they are not interested in the well being of the country. Even if we were to change the president, UPND and HH are not the right pipo. looking at how they handle some issues even my grandmother in the village understands that they dont care about Zambia but their being in office. they always critisize and you cant tell me that everything Mr. Sata has done is wrong….though he has not yet paid the students allowances in Russia!!!

  48. Dear,Zambians
    On 20th sep 2011,i witnessed the will of the people fulfilled,i saw both young and old took the streets in my home town,Chamboli,two things struck my thoughts that is to respect the will of the people and never to take peace for granted..In a democratic dispensation the majority wins and on that faithful day.the people of Zambia won an election.they are bigger and greater than a political party,their hope,faith and will are more precious than a running mouth.neither PF nor UPND is more important to what i saw ON 20th sep.for once the ZAMBIAN people had elected the government of their choice.NO ONE WILL TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM.Mr HH and UPND should never take the Zambian people for granted.

  49. If people talk about tribe parties and the lot, I don’t even know where my children belongs I m married to a tonga and lozi women and I have children with them and yet no one can disntiquish between my children from different mothers, they all unique, speak both language and they are one. why are you politicians bringing all this confusions to my children plse let one ZAMBIA prevail

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