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Zambia 1994 World Cup Qualifying feature


As Zambia gears for their quaterfinal encounter with Sudan this weekend ,hopes are high that this year Zambia will do very well in the AFCON.

Here is a look back at the 1994 team that was rebuilt after the Gabon disaster . They were able to soldier on after the tradgic accident and almost qualified for the world cup .



    • 4@ Nachula, leave Kalu alone and mind about your abnormal monthly periods. Go hell and never alter any shit about Kalu. Shame on you Bitch.

  1. Good luck boys… we are behind you and hope this time you bring back the cup home.. its been long over due.

  2. We really shouldn’t get too excited and in turn put unnecessary pressure on the boys. I hope we let them enjoy playing their game this time around.

  3. @4 Nachula, If you cant think highly of your self then you are a failure. May be this explain why Kalu is the most succesfull footballers in Zambia. Instead of hating him learn some thing from him, bad or Good.

  4. Ubulimi bwakale tabutalalika mwana! Let us move one guys! Inflict the worse pain ever to Sudan so that already even in our world cup qualifies they should start shivering when they hear Zambia, Chipolopolo being mentioned. Let us Go, Let us Go. Not ever the sky could be a limit. Let the Zambia Eagle pave way for the bullets to hit their target!

  5. #8 KWEKWE – since when did Kalusha become the most successful footballer in Zambia. Nangu ni ma low standards, please sometimes try to aim higher. What did Kalusha ever achieve??????? He never won silver-ware for Zambia, he was chased from Mexico, since he came back to Zambia he has been politicking instead of managing football affairs, it had to take Shamenda to put kalusha in his place because Shamenda is NOT an i.d.i.o.t. Kalusha is so big-headed last time he cost us a place in a tournament because he wanted to play and he took a penalty which he missed miserably. Which greatest footballer are you talking about? Go to Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, if you want to see real greatness. These are guys who thriving in the tough English Premier League. Kalusha great? Atase!

    • You foolish fool. Learn to appreciate. Of course Kalu made some mistakes in his careers. Just like all the football greats: Zidane, Beckham, the list goes on. But look at the many good things Kalu did for Zambia, the goals he scored. Surely will you judge him based on one penalty? Learn to give credit where it’s due. Kalu is the greatest footballer Zambia has ever seen or will probably ever see. That’s a fact whether you admit to face it or not.

  6. #14,ulikapuba sana, Kalusha is the only Legend in Southern Africa in the last 10 years, not only was Africa footballer of the year in 1988,but was nominated world player of the year in 1996. He reached Zambia in the finals in 1994,you are just jealous you ***** # 14.Failure and hate is what you are made off.leave Kalu alone no will erase his achievements. You play as a team you cant win alone for Zambia.shame on you……am one of those Zambians who give credit to hard work..

  7. many players in Africa, have been crowned “Africa Footballer of the Year” Kalu is among the few!!!!! give credit where it is due”…..

  8. # 4 if you dont think highly of your self how do you expect others to think highly of you….its sad how people hate others for being successful…

  9. nichani ma jealous no 4. leave kalu alone. he is the greatest sportmans of all times in zambia. kalu i admire you because you are an opportunist like nevers mumba. keep it up to continue presenting zambia internationally

  10. It will be a tough tough game techincally we are superior but what they lack in technique Sudan make up in strength so they will push kick and use their height especially on set pieces…zambia will need to use the flanks to stage and put pressure on the wingbacks…use the counter attack effectively and take the game to them to stop them settling down…we shall beat Sudan because we are a better team but it will be like watching a final…2-0 to Zambia

  11. # 14 Gokigo Malizhe-Learn to appreciate what other have done for their beloved country Zambia.The problem with most of you guys you hate people without any reason and you are full of yourselves that have contributed nothing to this country.Here in the southern side of Africa,only two footballers have won the African Footballer awards at senior level once.These are Kalusha Bwalya in 1988 at the age of 24 and Mark Fish-South Africa 1996.Who else apart from these two here in the southern part of Africa.You are kind of those people who praise other peoples sons and daughters for doing well rather than praising and giving credit to your own when they do better.Thats why this will never go forward because of your subjectivity reason and instead of being objective and progressive in thought and d

  12. deeds.You mentioned of Great Kalu bring in any silverware.Football is a team work and not an individual game like tennis or boxing.George Weah of Liberia is one of the great footballers to come of the African continent and was very very successful in Europe during playing career but did not win any silver ware for Liberia.Do we need to admonish him for not bring any silverware alone and leave out other team members? The answer is no.Great Kalu has done alot for this country that other selfish footballers who resort to stay in Europe and enjoy the fruits of other people’s sweat and were always feigning injuries when called upon to play for mother Zambia.For your information if you travel outside your Zambia,the most known names are KK in politics and Kalusha Bwalya in football.

  13. Guys like or not kalusha is the great footballer to have come from Zambia .if u dont know he won 1988 frican player of the year who else apart from to Zambia give credit were it is due

  14. we were using u tupolopolo to wine all the gems, but we are now going to use ifi polopolo to win sudan go Zambia and suport your local team

  15. Kalu is the greatest footballer Zambia has ever and probably will ever produce. He is the only Zambian player ever called the Great. Everybody knows that. Only jealousy fools motivated by Simataa Simataa try to taint his image. Yes he missed a penalty. But how many crucial goalsdid Kalu score for Zambia? Great Kalu is Great Kalu. Go Kalu Go! In fact in honour of him we should even name the national team the Great Kalu 11! 

  16. Zambia Abandoner, maybe in your life Kalusha is the greatest, but those who have been around long enough will tell you that there were greater footballers before him. He can not come closer to Godfrey Ucar Chitalu. Yes Kalusha was great, but Ucar was the GREATEST. Ask Denis Liwewe, he will tell you. Ask Matty P, he will tell you. You can even ask Kalusha himself, he will also tell you

  17. Sister Nachula, Kalu is really great ,leading a team from ashes to greatness ( second best AFCON 1994) is not a mean achieve. We all have our own weaknesses but people have just learnt to live with them.

  18. Ucar may have been great according to you but he never played for PSV Eindhoven. Ucar was never called the Great Ucar. Ucar was never African footballer of the year. Ucar was never FAZ president. Ucar was never in the Fifa executive. I can go on and on. But this is the gist of why he is called the Great Kalu! Go Kalu go! Shame the losers!

  19. OK I read on Wikipedia that Ucar was the greatest. But that doesn’t mean you should insult Kalu. He is also great.

  20. #4 it is possible to think highly of oneself without being arrogant – it is called (high) self esteem.

    As for the team, their time has come to show us and the world that they have what it takes to be number one in Africa. They should not expect victory to come easy because all other teams are equally thirsting for the trophy… come what may, you will always have my support! Ba Zambia for life!!!


  22. I agree with #4. Why put Kalu’s picture when others are not being shown. We need pictures of boys who scored last week. We are tired of the same face

  23. Touching video brings back memories as I was there at Independence stadium watching that match against Morocco…now on the issue of Kalu and football administration; we need to be sincere with ourselves and put in a more progressive and commercially minded committee that will be beneficial to both club and national football in Zambia and not  drain on taxpayer money.
     FAZ committee irrespective of what the boys achieve at the AFCON 2012. Its time to let others have a go, its crystal clear that Kalu is way out of his depth in football administration.

  24. Bane, nobody is right on who was the best because it is a matter of opinnion. Opinions are like a s s holes everybody has one.

    Let’s discuss the Sudan game

  25. LT has deleted my post because I’m very critical of “the Great Kalu”, let’s be honest Kalu is way out of his depth in Football administration, let’s try someone us whether we win the Cup or not..change is needed. How can FAZ still depend on tax-payers money and go to  RSA  for training…up to now i don’t even know where to buy replica T-shirt  for the national team that speaks volumes about FAZ committee, it just requires a mere website!!

  26. And yes, I was a fan of Kalu and respect him as a footballer, I also watched that match at independence stadium against Morocco!!!

  27. Seriously speaking, I dont think people deny that Kalusha was great in his day. But now he has lost his usefulness. Zambia soccer has not developed as we want it to be because of his selfishness. Let other people who have Zambia at heart please take over the running of soccer. How can you be president of FAZ and you are non-resident in Zambia? All those fanatics of Kalusha please, give us a break. You are the ones who have made him big headed.

  28. how i miss charlie cool! his three children were more than willing to play for mother zambia, but “great” kalu spunned them. what has happened now? we have kavindele’s son out there in europe playing some good football andBYy’s, why is it that they are not called for national duties?
    corruption is rife at faz period.

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