London High Court judgment to be tabled before cabinet for possible registration in the Zambian High Court

MINISTER of Justice Sebastian Zulu
MINISTER of Justice Sebastian Zulu

MINISTER of Justice Sebastian Zulu has disclosed that he is in the process of preparing a cabinet memorandum recommending the registration of the London High Court judgment against former President Chiluba’s co-accused persons.

Mr Zulu said in an interview yesterday that he will table the matter before Cabinet for the possible registration of the judgment in the Zambian High Court, involving 19 persons who a London High Court found guilty of stealing over US$100 million public funds.Mr Zulu said Cabinet will make the final decision on the matter.

Get Involved Zambia executive director Father Frank Bwalya recently called on Government to consider registering the London High Court judgment. The case involves former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba, former Zambia Security Intelligence Services chief Xavier Chungu and former Finance permanent secretary Stella Chibanda among others.

The accused were found guilty of stealing public funds from a Zambia Intelligence bank account dubbed Zamtrop. The judgment was delivered by Judge Peter Smith in 2007 in London’s Royal Courts but Government under then President Rupiah Banda failed to locally register the judgment for enforcement.

Mr Zulu said Government is determined to recover the monies alleged to have been stolen, adding that the US$100 million involved is “too colossal to be ignored and forgotten”.

“Government is in the process of making a decision because US$100 million is a lot of money. Government will not just forget this easily. We are going to pursue it and cabinet will decide. I am in the process of recommending that we pursue the matter…I will prepare and present a cabinet memo for cabinet to decide,” Mr Zulu said.

“There is no way we can just forget about all this money which was gotten from the [Zambian] people through the Zamtrop account. This matter has to be pursued,” Mr Zulu said.

Mr Zulu said Government would in due course announce its decision on the matter after procedures are addressed. He said it is important and responsible for Government to pursue the matter because it involves public funds which should benefit Zambians.

“There is no way we can just forget about all this money which was gotten from the [Zambian] people through the Zamtrop account. This matter has to be pursued,” Mr Zulu said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


    • The dead have estates. What about if some of that ‘stolen’ money is being managed by the estate administrators, shouldn’t the zambian Government follow the estate?

    • Yes even against the dead. If the stole then that money is somewhere in this world do you think so. That money belonged to the tax payer besides there are 19 others sited in this case so it goes on dead or alive the matter has to be put to rest.

  1. good job PF – that is why we voted for you. we need action. Judge Chinyama get ready, we are coming for you. Zambia to be cleaned. wapya napanga……………

  2. he might be dead but we never burried him with all the hotels and suits he bought from the cash he store. Katele and others are still there. all the wealthy they store is still traceable so all is well. let them die but if they steal we shall follow them to grave steal.

  3. Yaba – I don’t know what to think…! But this PF team are really serious on the anti-corruption fight. This is the spirit – go for it.

  4. Iliko bad iyi kwati nomba. But Chungu was the person HE MCS wanted to appoint recently until people aggitated. Case of keeping your friends close and enemies closer? Ine nadabwa nomba.

    I wait to hear from my friend Boot Fimo Fimo on this.

  5. What happens to the people abalechinga registration then? I mean Ala Bee! Then he got even this one wrong.

    Boot Fimo Fimo where are you?


  7. YES !! Of course the judgement must be registered. Zambia needs that money !!
    A person’s death does not transform them into a saint who is beyond human judgement. And remember, You can’t take it with you. WHERE IS IT !!.

  8. Mockerly of the zambian public and justice….how was the case which was thrown by the same judges and bunch off politians, be taken on…..Chiulba was not found guilty so are the friends……

  9. Goosh when is this government ever going to go forward??????????????……all there work is on history God  help this country.

    • Rember that b4 you settle and build a house you have to clear the area. This is what PF is doing otherwise PF would be sitting on thorns. In short there is nothing sinister only those deeply may complain.

  10. Mr Sata knows where the money came from. Xavier Chungu his PS for Luapula will now tell the world if he is granted immunity from prosecution under the official secrets act.

  11. Youths who voted for pf need jobs and not this trash. Ok fine u register the london judgement peopled get jailed so what, does poverty and unemployment go away. Just create jobs for the youths

  12. lelolelo,azavina gule the judgement issue is still,what will happen to the judiciary that ruled that that that our constitution does not allow for registration of of foreign judgements? do we have legal practitioners on the blog,please lead us not into temptation,LOL,kekekekekekekek!!!!!

  13. More propaganda; what are you going to retrieve from Xavier and Katele? These chaps are now PF sympathizers and are untiuchable. We’ve already confiscated kafupi’s $6Mio from zamptrop, the rest has already been chewed by katebe katoto & moise

  14. @JB You are trully an African. Try and google governor Ibori.

    Once found guilty you get all that these morons stole and you set a precedent. Now grow up!

  15. In this govt no stone shall be left unturned. I have just noticed that HH has toned down on his nonconstructive criticisms. Why? 

  16. Is there still seperation between the executive and the judiciary? This PF joke government has bad governance. I thought this decision is the reserve of the Judiciary. Please impeach these emberciles. They are breaking the law. Sebastian has been reading too much of Mmembe’s manual

  17. SZ,i’m totally behind you,there is noway a responsible govt can forget such a clossal amount. It was pity that the Cobra nearly forgot about it and tried to appoint xavier chungu to PS,anyway he is an oldie who needs constant advices there and there. Please cabinet don’t disappoint us.

  18. This was a civil matter and you can legally obtain the money from late FTJ ‘s estate Mr Minister. Why are you only then targeting his “co-accused” and by the way they are not called the accused but defendants unless it was a criminal case pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  19. London judgment followed a precedence set by LPM when he quashed the registration of a judgment in favour of Rodger Chongwe with international courts. How shud this be registered without a reciprical arrangement to get foreign judgments?

  20. @ Lawyer 1 u’v won th case here. Res judicata is gonna cum 2 play. It wil b a preliminary issue wch th contanstants wil raise. Th judgement by judge Hamaundu was vry clear. The registration of this case was dependant on th existance of a signed reciprocal arangement btw GRZ and British gov,2 register jugdments pronounced in either country’s courts, wch by nw does nt exist. It wil stgl nt go anywhere. How cud Zulu ereniously ignor this.

  21. @34 The govt can appeal Judge Hamaundu’s ruling, the final arbiter is the supreme court in zambia and res judicata only applies to decisions of a supreme court.

    • 38. There is a period for which an appeal is allowed, usually three weeks. The period for appeal has already elapsed. Also if we allow foreign judgments, all foreigners operating in zambia will take their cases abroad without exausting the cases in zed. Torelating those foreign judgment will affect our soverign status and respect. Besides that London case never met any reply from FTJ’s side. It was a one sided case.

  22. ni zoona mulandu suuola yayi…. koma FTJ etisiya! If found guilty ru going to lock the gate at embassy park. Let the dead sleep, meo a Zulu sebenzani tyala nkani ya ZANACO, titole kampani! Koma mwe gwira nchito pa ZAMTEL. Lomba ka Chiluba aaaah yayi kalekeni

  23. I like this! Its long overdue bane. Chungu is a real target but with bashikulu backing him to even PS level – Kaya izabvutako iyi ka. When Chungu and others were busy stealing I am sure Sata knew everything.  He may also be asked to testify at a later stage as state witness. Are we not being caught in our own cob web baPF? Ba HH has all of sudden stopped hitting these guys hard from the opposition point of view – are they closing up on him as well or “ni mantha chabe.”  I end here!

  24. It is regrettable that our govt would opt to overlook such a ruling.
    The British legal system, using British tax payers money pursued the case our behalf and then we simply brushed all that effort as dredges.

    Lets make justice prevail, recover the money and put in place statutory instruments that shall prevent a repeat of what the former regime entertained.

  25. Mr Zulu lets hope lets hope you be very smart in your way through to 2016 otherwise what you are doing to others will be done to you mark my words, life is a journey. 

  26. Too much energy being spent on corruption fight. Let’s be balanced and talked about how we are improving sytems so that corruption is stopped or minimised in teh current govt and future too. Also, let’s here about how the country’s economy is doing and what plans atre in place to advance it. The fight against graft is welcome but let’s not forget about building our economy so that poverty can be alleviated.

  27. Xavier Chungu is waiting for appointment as Permanent Secretary for Luapula. Ba Sebastian be careful, you are overstepping your boundaries.

  28. uuuuuuuuuuuuuh ya zanda pa Zed, people where saying Sata will bring war if elected as president, and for sure he has brought the war all Zambians have been waiting for….The war against corruption…. Keep it up PF

  29. Sebastian Zulu is exposing himself as the dullest Lawyer in southern Africa. Considering that the London High Court Judgrment revolved around FTJ Chiluba, the PF Govt will soon get a Nobel Peace Price for dragging the decomposing bones of FTJ into Zambian Courts. Court cases are costly ventures that will milk away Tax Payer’s money to fight the dead. This Govt is a mess that has lost direction to develop the country. PF must then incule the MEZARF scandals in their overzealous reign of insanity.

  30. What is wrong with the PF Govt.? God forbid! Sebastian Zulu is exposing himself as the dullest Lawyer in southern Africa. Considering that the London High Court Judgrment revolved around FTJ Chiluba, the PF Govt will soon get a Nobel Peace Price for dragging the decomposing bones of FTJ into Zambian Courts. Court cases are costly ventures that will milk away Tax Payer’s money to fight the dead. This Govt is a mess that has lost direction to develop the country. PF must then include the MEZARF scandals in their overzealous reign of insanity.

  31. The PF cannot just rely on a Cab Memo.A ruling was made in court where registration of this judgement was denied.PF should first appeal this judgement and see if the Supreme Court will reverse the ruling.No Kangaroo courts please.

  32. Lord haven’t we got economic development to focus on rather than this “graveyard” nonsense??? Now seriously people….HUH

  33. PF we need development that you talked of during campaigns,we dont need to hear about history.You can do that but what we need most to hear is how many schools,roads,colleges and hospitals you are building.Have direction for God’s sake

  34. Nevers Mu mba is a lia r and a mon ey lau ndering ma chine

    Him and the de puty Mr Nz oya are ste aling tax pa yers money. They had fired Mr Tem bo beca use he knew about this sc am and was aga inst it. They also have a office slut , Caro lina Rod- riguez who is also abus ing the money. The Ottawa Zam bian mis sion are th ieves

  35. is there any sanity left in zed? how much money has so far been spent trying to recover this $100,000? and how much more has yet to be spent trying to register this judgement? or are these people simply trying to please the baas? $100,000 my foot!! this is what i 2 months. god help us! 

  36. This is an attempt to silence the people that funded PF while in opposition. PF shared the proceeds of corruption. These guys are demanding their money back and PF is now threatening them with ‘registration of buried judgments.’ PF just pay back the money. You promised these guys jobs but it backfired and now you have nothing to give them. If you push them so hard… baza ulula nkani!**==

  37. Good move PF government, but while pursuing these thieves, do not forget about creating jobs. In fact we want you also to get back the mines. The mines were sold for a song. How much was Chambeshi Mine sold for? What about Nchanga, Nkonkola, Nkana, Bwana Mkumbwa, luanshya and Mufulira mines? Investigate the corrupt sale of these assets! Don`t forget about council and government houses. The houses must be repossessed and sold at market value. If this is not done by PF government, be rest assured that in future the transactions will be reversed. 

  38. # 1> Ah ah ah, what do you mean “even the dead”? You mean you have never heard of someone being sentence to 250 years in prison? They put chains on your coffin baba

  39. #s 2,3,4,5,8,10,11, etc 60 & 61 good support for PF. When someone is honored posthumously the govt is good but if he is prosecuted posthumously the govt is bad!!! what exactly do you want pa Zed. Ba kabwa be positive in your thinking like the above #s lekeni 1 Maiko na PF ba teke umutalilia:((

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