Zambia is ready to lift the Africa cup


Tonight is the night many Zambians have dreamed of, Zambia is in the finals of the Africa cup of nations. It has been a long road but we are finally here . Ivory coast are worthy opponents ,beating them will prove that Zambia is a major power house in African Football.

This will be an epic Africa Cup of Nations showdown, fans should expect a defensive battle. With both teams fighting for the pride of their nations, there is much more on the line in this tournament than just a trophy.

With our determination, we are scared of nobody but we have lots of respect for Ivory Coast. We know the quality of the players and what they are capable of. We are in front of a mountain but we’ve got so much determination that we are not afraid of reaching the summit.” says coach Herve Renard

It is a big surprise to come to Libreville as a finalist. Nobody gave us a chance to make the final, but fate has been good to us. The fallen heroes dreamed about the final. We are now dreaming to bring glory to our country,”  “I hope we can finish it the way we have been playing it in previous matches. It will be important for us. I hope the players will rise to the occasion.”said kalusha Bwalya

The players are also confident in their ability;

“If we want to be at the summit we need to defeat the giants. The Ivory Coast are on top, they are favourites, but I think this is our moment.” “The young players learned something against Ghana, not to fear big names. It’s just 11 players against 11 out on the pitch, they’ve picked that up from the Black Stars victory.” said Christopher Katongo

“Drogba, no, I don’t feel any more pressure. The coach Herve Renard has helped us to keep cool, whether it’s a big or small game. “He’s done a lot with us mentally, I’m not shaking about Drogba, it’s just one of those games. There’s no panic.” said Kennedy Mweene





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  6. FIVE goals will be scored in tonight’s game. 3 in favour of Zambia but Ivory Coast will draw first blood. Zambia will follow, and Ivory Cost again and Zambia will level. When in injury time, 91 minutes to be precise, Zambia will be awarded a corner and our big defender Sumbu (is that his name?) will head in the winning goal!

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  8. Yes it is time to rise to the occasion. I’m not even in the mood for long talking today, I’m just waiting to see our dream come true. Let’s go Zambia, let’s do this…

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  15. Keep on dreaming lads. You can only beat ivory coast through day dreaming and predictions. Let the real game come and see how the ivorians will manifest their superiority over zambia. keep on dreaming lads

  16. Lt congrats for removing mushota’s comments. Wishing Zambia the very best of luck kick off in 15 mins…19.00GMT  

  17. Best day ever can next to winning the cup the best moment was seeing the “mighty” Drogba miss a penality mwinawaka shuwa. I screamed until my head nearly split. Well done boys, I knew you would do it though my nerves couldnt take the extra time and penalties, I knew you would do it. I am well proud of you

  18. @21, JUZZ, who is the dreamer now? you or the entire soccer maniacs? some chaps, too pessimistic such that they suffer inferiority complexes.

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