I had faith in Kennedy Mweene that he would save a penalty and that we were still going to win, Kalaba after missing a penalty

Rainford Kalaba
Rainford Kalaba

Zambian international Rainford Kalaba had an opportunity to go down in history as the player who won the Africa Cup of Nations for his country.

He failed, but as his team still secured an 8-7 penalty shoot-out victory against Ivory Coast, the TP Mazembe midfielder will not be all that concerned about his miss.

“It was just one of those unfortunate things,” he told the media. “It was supposed to be the winning goal. These things happen in football, but then you have to move on.

“You just have to forget about the past and concentrate on the future.”

He said that his teammates came to comfort him after missing. “We are like a unit. When I missed the penalty I knew that the guys would encourage me to forget what happened.”

The 25-year-old said that he was confident that they would still win. “I had faith in our goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene that we would save a penalty and that we were still going to win.

“I have been dreaming about this wonderful moment. I have always wanted to achieve something and I knew we could do it because we have a great team with good players, very disciplined players.”

He said that the Chipolopolo were very confident going into the final. “We came here to lift the cup and going into the final we did not think that we were going to lose to Ivory Coast.

“We respected them, they have good players. But I think based on the discipline and courage that we showed today, we deserved to be champions.”

Kalaba said that had Didier Drogba converted a penalty for his side in the 70th minute, it would have been difficult for them to come back.

“But when he missed it I thought that this could be our time.”

Kalaba said that the players were particularly pleased that the victory took place in Libreville, which 19 years earlier was the scene of Zambia’s biggest footballing tragedy.

In 1993, a plane carrying the Zambian national team crashed into the sea after refueling in Libreville en route to Senegal for a World Cup qualifier.

All 30 people on board perished, amongst them 18 team members.

“We wanted to honour the players that died here, so that the families of the deceased players can feel much better and I am pleased we achieved that,” he said.

[FAZ Press]


    • You need to remember that we were playing for honour and that we had already achieved! My family and I were stunned when he missed but we all sat down and said ‘it’s not over, besides, the way our boys have played, we are winners already’. His own people love him, the team is one, the work as a unit, he is a hero. We love them ALL win or loose!

  1. Dont despair Kalaba, the elephants of Ivory Coast are on their knees today because of the effort you put in throughout the tournament. Congrats Mighty Copper Bullets.

  2. i know elephants sometimes survive bullet wounds. today this one could not because God had given us the victory. Thank you LORD.

  3. Never mind it happens in football we are happy now. Our team is not like the Ivory Cosat players who are like ladies, they need to go to the saloon before a game look at Drogba’s wet look…

  4. Kalaba you have the skill and speed. You have run a lot during this tournament and sometimes appeared exhausted. Please continue working very hard especially in the gym to develop more muscles on your body and increase your endurance.

  5. Iwe mwaiche, labako ifyo!!! you a great footballer. The bagios, the Beckams, the Ronaldos have missied penalties before! It was part of the drama my boy. It could not have been more interesting without your miss!!!

    Cheer up boy!!!

    • Oh yes. Roney, Giovinho, Messi or have missed. What matters is winning. Once you’ve won, all missed penalties dont matter. actually we dont even remember them.

  6. simataa simataa where art thou? hope you have learnt to never put personal pursuit and petty issues before your country,just swallow your pride and give credit to Kalu and the exec including one Herve Renard maka maka the team for the job well done!!! Rainford now leave TP Mazembe you can play in Europe now nangu pa france filya so

  7. KALABA my boy……………forget about that miss. You actaually made it so tense and exciting and proved to the world that we have character and can come back after a miss. Throughout the tournament you performed extremely well and showed strong character. Why do you think they called you master?? You were awesome and have a bright future. Well done boys, you showed the overpaid mecenaries that bola ni bola, you either have it or not…no amount of money can substitute talent. Where was South Africa with all their money and infrastructure? Now that you have shown what you can do,..let the government give you the infrastructure you so deserve. WELL DONE AGAIN!!!!!

  8. Mwaice labako ifyo,naba great kalu balifilwapo penalty,other wise you are one of the best football player.ulameka nokumeka ngawaikata umupila ukupanta cipalecipale,ulika Bemba wakwisa?

  9. partof the game boy, we have seen great players like maradonna, platini etc miss these penalties…you were great through and through…..

  10. These things happen. Kalaba formed a very solid midfield and your contribution is appreciated. Move on and forget about this. There are many more penalties that you will miss. It is part of the game. Baggio, Drogba, Beckham, Kalyu, e.t.c have all missed important penaulties that have decided the fate of the games

  11. kalaba ma boy, take heed of words of encouragement here. you and the rest have made zambians proud. word of caution though, don’t bungle the upcoming lucrative offer like you did the other time. mwaice ukwangala takupwa. even us, as old as we are, do play around at times,cos we have already done the donkey work and invested in alot of ventures.we are now enjoying the fruits of our sweat. now is your chance to breakthrough fulltime. God bless you ma boy.

  12. Such things always happen especially on stars like Kalaba.Its all good,we won the tittle and we the Kings of Africa.Good work Rainford and the rest of the team,the entire citizens.VIVA ZAMBIA

  13. Kalaba you are just great a player you did alot good for zambia, we all value your great contributions to the winning of the cup, thankyou

  14. Kalaba is a very useless player, with this kind of mentality you will not see the likes of lionel Messi , how can a professional miss a decidng penalty, its easy to score, than depending on a goal keeper to save some kicks. Also iam told this boy is so pompous, he even has body guards, wherever he goes clubbing he harrasses pipo, the CASTRO CHILUBA TYPE, stop the nonsense man , you are not a hero, we have gallant men in uniform, teachers,nurses, doctors who are more greater than you , ball kicker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111

  15. @21 chi lets go where? You are so stupid to say the least. if that’s the way you treat your kids, then no wonder they are so dull in schools. Wechipubawe. Give credit where its due mambala iwe chimbwambwa.

  16. no worries….mate..u will score more in SA when we defend the crown they desparately want us to keep only for 12 months..i tell now 2 more elephants, teranga lions, black stars..and many more of them teams will fall b4 we let go on the trophy as we go for the big one in brazil 2014..

  17. Kennedy Mweene was the star of the whole tournament. Without Mweene intimidating the Ivirians, including waving off Drogba, Zambia would have been sunk. Now if only the tribalist Sata could realise that all Zambians can contribute something to developing Zambia; it is not only Bembas who have a monopoly of talents and skills. Zambia is for Zambians!!!!!!!!!

  18. \when I saw kalaba come up to take a shot I actually commented that my boy will miss it because stars usually miss penalty shots; our own kalu, Ziko, michael platin, drogba himself, too many to count but……….performance of a player is never judged by one shot, Kalaba was one of the most influential players at the tourney, remember he created more scoring chances than any other in the squad so keep the flame burning boy we want to see u more in the chipolopolo whether u play for TP or any bigger club u have the talent! 

  19. Kalaba, the time I will meet you, know that I will give a present. U were a central player. U made Africa’s and World’s top class defenders seem very ordianry. U were pushing the Ball with ease through in between their legs. U have nothing to regret. Zambia won, U won. Congrats my BOY.

  20. Hi Bro, never mind about what happened. We were behind you as the family. You are not the only one to miss the penalty, Look at Ronaldo C. during UEFA Man-U vs Chelsea Final, he missed the penalty but what counted at the end of the day is the win. We Won and we are very proud of you bro. Keep it up and continue with the same spirit.

  21. Never mind the penalty miss, Rainford! It’s human to fall but it takes a real hero to rise up and stand again. Kalaba is a great player and that’s why he will keep standing. Renard knows that too and that is why he rarely substitutes him. I believe his best days are yet to come and he will do more wonders for Zambia since he is still young and perfecting his skills.

  22. ba Mupashi, we thank you for making us so happy. i only hope most of us will find the hiden strength the our team unleashed at AFCON. this victory makes us see our personal problems in a new light as we ask, if our boys beat the mighty elephants of CIV, WHY SHOULD WE SHRINK and tremble before our personal Goliaths?

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