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Zambia National Team with the trophy

It was written that Zambia will win the Africa Cup in Gabon said Herve Renard.

Zambia on Sunday completed one of World Footballs greatest fairy tales by winning the Africa Cup in a quirk of fate.

In 1993, 18 players and 12 officials and air crew died off the coast of Libreville where the 2012 Africa Cup final was staged.

18 years later, Zambia returned to the location of Zambian footballs darkest moments to win the trophy for the first time ever in the nation’s history.

“When we started the camp in Johannesburg I said why did one team reached the final in 1994 and we can’t? It was written somewhere God gave us this win,” Renard said.

A rebuilt team after the 1993 air crash went all the way to the finals in Tunisia but lost after Nigeria rallied to win 2-1.

Meanwhile, Zambia secured their victory after a scoreless draw in extra time of 120 minutes of action to win 8-7 on post match penalties.

However, there was drama within the 90 minutes when Zambia conceded a penalty but after Isaac Chansa had brought down Gervinho in the box.

Didier Drogba stepped up to take the penalty but rocketed his attempt high and over the bar.

And Zambia also took home the player of the tournament award that went to Christopher Katongo who captained the team.

Emmanuel Mayuka won the top scorers award despite finishing level on three goals with Drogba and Katongo.

The Shoot out PART 1

The Shoot out PART 2

Trophy Presentation


  1. i would be very interested to know what shamenda or whatever, the guy who refused to foot renard’s salary you know, has to say about this. by the way, where is shimata and kamanga? show your faces gentlemen. also, all you who have been spewing insults on great kalu, why so quiet??

  2. More best performers:
    – Referee Bandara from Senegal was excellent, not much cards or stoppages, kept game flowing
    – Issac Chansa- the guy has skill mwee, so passes were more than best. He has been constant.
    – Chisamba Lungu, I think the boy has a good fighting spirit.
    – Nkausu may find himself at Asernal with Kalaba next transfer window.
    – Renard, that coach is charismatic we might be bought again.

  3. Congratulations to Zambia. Kalu you are a visionary. You saw Renard while he was still Ghana’s Physical trainer and thought to yourself”this guy has something in him that can lead us to the promised land”. Mind you Renards resume is just 3 sentences long and you said he is my guy despite what everyone said. To me Kalu you’re a true champion. I salute you. God richly bless you. It is your same FAZ that took Zambia to the group stages FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 16 YEARS THE LAST AFCON and now you won it all.

  4. Gotta thank the Eurosport commentator who for weeks now has been unable to hide his genuine support for the team :) Renard has bloggers salivating at his ‘cool’ while people from around the world (special shout to Gabon for home team support status) wanted this result for us. God bless you all. More support for players at all levels and across sports, in fact let’s just harness all Zambian talent and benefit globally.

  5. If only I could have heard the great Dennis Liwewe’s commentary during the Africa Cup final. I would have paid money for that.

  6. F…k Drogba and his perm! aint nobody wants two time loser! ati European star!, my ass!

    Its chipolopolo time, eat that Didier! Zambia owns your punk ass

  7. IT WAS WRITTEN… 1000% true. that was a very tough game. They thought we would be a walk over but we showed them that we are on a different level. Well done Chipololopo Boys, you make me so happy and prould to be Zambian. The whole team deserve a lot of praise and money from well wishes


  9. No one believed you but yourselves. African football history has forever been altered. No more North & West Africa dominating the football history of Africa.

    I think ba Efford Chabala is smiling down on that Mweene boy. The young man showed nerves of steel! He yelled commands to his charges like a sergeant leading his platoon into battle. Saved two penalties at a crucial time and, wallah, we are champions. Mweene you deserve the land Chief Kanyensha of the Swaka people gave you. You don’t deserve to be homeless after you are done with football.

  10. Continue fron #16:
    Chris Katongo, your leadership shows the kind of discipline our military can instill in young people—-you deserve the WOC1 you got from president Sata.

    To the rest of the team; from now on no one will ever look down on you next time you show up at these tournaments. You beat the best and have joined the ranks of the elite hence forth.

    Congrats boys!

  11. The EAGLE on the flag is flying high. Thank you boys for putting our country back on the map with your excellent hard work. Congratulations and God bless!!!!!

  12. Priceless!!! This was destiny. Nothing short of that. Indeed it was written from somewhere above. This had to be. Just too many coincidences of place people, happenings, and time . And these coincidences we shall talk about for a lifetime…then we will pass the mystery to the generations yet unborn. On the 22nd of January a Zimbabwean journalist wrote an article in which he afirmatively declared that zambia was going to lift the cup. In concluding the article he cited the dreams of a man from the land of Shaka zulu who was shown by the God’s that it was zambia’s time. The moment he related the the prophetic goals. I couldn’t, up to now, control the flood of tears and sighing. A new right there and then, it was written from the higher powers above. What a STORY!!!

  13. Can first quantum adopt Renard’s salary and fatten it before we lose him. We need him for the world cup in 2014.

  14. Sorry. I meant to write, “I knew right there and then that our victory was written and sealed from the Powers On High.”

  15. Those Sunzu/Himoonde lads were rock solid at the back. The mighty Drogba was reduced to ‘walunyenye’! Mayuka was quite but sharp as usual. Kalaba simply reincarnated the glory days of Charles Musonda. Chris K doesn’t need to sing political songs to be promoted…….he and team have earned it. WOC1 is too small please! Mweene…great stuff!

  16. when God says yes no one can say no!!Drogba ulikula saana,gervihno With the tension almost unbearable  blazed his penalty wide.Guys am advising you to start playing isolo.

  17. Well done Zambia, you made us proud. Finally we’ve put our name on the trophy. What a way to be crowned Champions by beating the Best African Team.

  18. Like I said last week that the boys should aim for the sky and not the clouds and they did it. The Elephant was shot with eight ifipolopolo so no matter how big they are they could’nt withstand the copper bullet. Boys, Zambia and Southern Africa is so proud of you. Enjoy the GLORY

  19. Proudly zambian!!! Kalusha and the Team we are so proud of you. Where is Simataa and Kamanga now huh.. I can see the coach will be on demand

  20. Renard should swallow his pride and stay, else he might be on the receiving end of a Chipolopolo bullet storm; Holy bullets that save because we fly with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ:)

  21. i thank God for this cup . this is surely the Lords doing . true 2 say that whenever and wherever there is good and right leadership things go well people become self motivated and are proud to be zambians. thanx to PF leadership and FAZ for all their efforts to get this cup home .dont kubebe go go !!!

  22. God bless Zambia, God bless the boys lets pray for no more accidents during this jubilation moment. Zambia the Greatest of the 21st century south of equator. you have really made us proud. Continue with the team spirit, the war has just begun for u boys.

  23. John 1:1 (KJV) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    1) We fought with honor to second place in 1994, God said only on my time.
    2) we fought with pride in 1996( drinking before the semis); God said pride Cometh before a fall.
    3) We faded from African power houses ( making football a second religion); God said put no other God before me.
    4) We fought as a nation and cried to our heavenly father and got rid of evil MMD; We began to love one another again. God remembered his children.
    5) God already chose this time and place to heal wounds and make us move on with Him as Captain ( Jesus ). Like David with five stones we are as one KING. ( Christian football.).

  24. Congrats lads,you deserve this sweet victory.New government with new positive developments.That is how we expect even our economy to be.Unity of purpose exhibited by all patriot zambians

  25. Job well done boys. Thank you kalu, entire FAZ and Coach Renard. U did it, simata simata and kamanga in your Face!!!

  26. Chipolopolo,Renard and Great Kalu a job well done .We accomplished the mission and may our gallant warriors rest in peace.Twasenda cup pa last…..CHIPOLOPOLO champione de Afrique.

  27. Congratulations Chipolopolo – you have made us PROUD…you have made Africa Proud. Now the souls of our departed brothers and sisters can rest in eternal peace. 

    People what happened to Drogba, the Toure(s), Kalou etc? They were really badly stung by the Z boys…! It is Party TIME!!!!

  28. Ghosh,its about time our side of africa got its hands on this trophy we’re african too.The west and north have had it for too long.Thanks-a-million giant slayers you’ve done zambia proud.

  29. ‘Scramble for trophies’ Lol…. VP Scot couldn’t wait to get his hands on the trophy, he surely knew how to keep calm, some of us would have grabbed it!! heheheheee……………………………….., Chipolopolo

  30. awe iyi victory has come when our players put God first. Now Ba Dennis liwewe kuti baya tusha. Balilandile ati, i will go after i touch the cup . Ba KK nabo chawama baikata cup. Ifwe tulepoleshafye konse konse.

  31. We were watching the match in a packed bar, in Harare, Zimbabwe and when ‘Mr Cool’ – Sunzu – converted the deciding kick, there was pandemonium in the bar …. never seen anything like that…to you our dear Zambian neigbhours, hey, thank you for the great moment..we were together with you…

  32. This is really from God.Zambians please let us praise him.He loves us.It’s a miracle .Our heroes are can now rest in peace.My tears of joy can’t stop dropping

  33. IT WAS WRITTEN AND IT CAME TO PASS! Congratulations to the whole team for this great win and for showing the ‘great stars’ of Ivory Coast that to us, names mean nothing. Could someone dig out the name of that sangoma from Kwazulu Natal, I read his prophesy and it was spot on – especially that he made it after the game with Senegal.

  34. @ Toby above me thankyou, it brought cheers to you our brothers. Remember like God said about locusts they have no general but move in. Ranks. So as Africans we too should move in Ranks. LT PLEASE SHARE STORIES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD ON THEIR REACTION TO ZAMBIAS WIN. TOBY my brother we shall help Zimbabwe get back to it’s once glorious status, believe in Jesus and pray for wise leaders.

  35. Well done Zambia ,for the Ivorian comentator , Mamadou Gaye i think you still have a long way to go in becoming a good football comentaor and analyst, seek some a help from Ponga Liwewe .

  36. Indeed it was written.Congrats again.We have work to do and get these boys to Brazil.No holiday but instead go and work harder at your work place to increase production.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  37. Umhlaba go lwethu. Thx SADC for ur SUPPORT, thx Gabon U finally handed over the spirits of ur Zambian brothers to their place of origin ZAMBIA thru da AFCON Cup After 19 yrs. Thx Africa Bola yaya ZED. May TSRIP.

  38. Do’nt fyakulanda landa sana, can you have Herve Rernard Sign a long term contract right now so that he can be with the team for a long period.

  39. Leave SS and kamanga alone, fact isKalu is a plunderer, ask the MTN and also NIKE, let us just rejoice for what the team has been able to achieve, some of it pure luck except against ECG and CIV, the rest were pure flukes and we all need to accept that, it is the nature of football anyway, you can play well and lose.

  40. Yes, we have done it! All the great teams of the past era, Dennis Liwewe,KK & all Zambians at large, this is our victory!! I was with a group of family & friends when this historical moment unravelled before us. What happened after that Sunzu goal was quite unbelievable to say the least! Weeping, yelling, tears of joy & gladness; simply a marvellous & historical moment! Well done Mother Zambia!

  41. Yes, we have done it! All the great teams of the past era, Dennis Liwewe,KK & all Zambians at large, this is our victory!! I was with a group of family & friends when thisr historical moment unravelled before us. What happened after that Sunzu goal was quite unbelievable to say the least! Weeping, yelling, tears of joy & gladness; simply a marvellous & historical moment! Well done Mother Zambia!

  42. Celebration time, come on!!!! This iz no time to talk about what Shamenda did or didn’t do, Kalu this or that, Kamanga/Simataa so and so, or indeed whwt pastor Makembo said or did’t say. Me am dancing while working….

  43. Truly zambia is a real africa, here in South Sudan it was Southern africa vs west africa.thank you guys you have done us proudy.God bless Zambia…

  44. Great stuff guys. The whole country is united. I hope our leaders learn to be u ited. We can achieve great heights. VIVA CHIPOLOPOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Viva chipolopolo you have made us proud, We thank you guys, the lost trust in chipolopolo is found once again. We would like to ask mr president to make sure that this guys are payid well to keep up the same spirit. Viva Zambia Viva. Mweene you’re the man of the year we apreciate you as the country you have made it. BONSE BALILALA. KHULIYE ANGAFWIKEKO NANSE TAFWEKA PAZIKO, AKUTI DZIKO NIBANTHU TILI BANTHU CHENDI CHENDI.

  46. This a win for whole of east, central and southern Africa! Madiba Chipolopolo , KK Chipolopolo , Nyerere Chipolopolo , Somora Chipolopolo , Mugube Chipolopolo , kenyatta Chipolopolo , Mbeki Chipolopolo 
    This is for the African motherland 
    Thank you Ba Sata for taking KK and RB to the finals
    May the good Lord bless you Mr President, your presidency has started well, well

  47. What’s next for our boys? What do we have for them tomorrow? Is it to see them turn into street wanderers or can we as a nation formulate a strategy for our sportsmen? We all know they do not perform so well academically partly because they spend most of their youth playing soccer. It is possible for our nation to prepare them to be confident not only on the field but also on the street? Can they have business discussion with someone from say Hong Kong? Instead of only exchanging jerseys, can our players also be exchanging business cards for future contacts? I don’t want to bore you guys but with this Africanization/Globalization, we need to make some of our into boys ambassadors for our upcoming new Africa.

  48. :xAmene satasha nimwana wa fwinti. dzikomo anyamata tavwika nase. thank you we have been head on the world Zambia Zambia Zambia it has come a good example. Lupiya Banda you gave the power to Cobra King with NO NO NO problem Today Soccer fans have made us proud. we can see that will main blessings are coming on our way. Please lets keep Zambia as a christian Nation.


  49. Glory be to the Most High! It was written… that one day Victory shall come our way! Just as our names are written in the Book of Life! Hosannah!!

  50. #77 you are talking serious sense! While all the euphoria is going on (Thank you Zambia…it got very emotional for me) we must remember to ensure those ‘boys’ who brought glory on the field do not end up with destitution and economic hardship down the line. Open a trust fund for them in appreciation; they deserve it. It has been a very long wait for some of us!! Iyee chipolopolo!!!!!!!!


  52. VIVA ZAMBIA. God was with us.What a relief at last after breathtaking penalty shoot out.

  53. To God be the glory!we are rejoicing. Chachine the race is not to the swift,nor the battle to the strong,nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned;but time and chance happen to them all. eccl 9:11.

  54. :)
    congrats boys job well done Mweene should be the goal keeper of the tournament,………….thanks to Renard and Great Kalu……………… shame on simata and your companions who always desire failure……….. one Zambia one nation…………………..one people and one love…. we are getting 2014 world cup. God bless Zambia and its people….. Amen.

  55. Sijabula kanye nani Chipolopolo.
    I must say I am shocked cos I actually never gave them boys even a slightest chance to lift up the trophy. KM South Africa, Johannesburg.

  56. We have really shown that with the right support en backing from people with excellent skills, we can en will continue outshining all those who called us a little nation. To mweene and all the guys, we salute YOU

  57. y did supersport/dstv went offline,,,,,,we cudnt see the cup presentation ,,,,,yet on eurosport they showed everything,,,,,bloody bitter south africans,,,,even dat fatso mcarty cudnt stomach it,,,,\:d/:((:((:((

  58. Daniel Amokachi where are you. Your comment on the underdogs the ‘orphans'” very stupid guy this chi so called Amokachi. Viva Zambia we are the champs.

  59. Can someone tell me about Mweene, is he Tonga?because he is so clever like he is kolwesta
    n.Nkausu,musonda,sunzu,kalaba,chansa baice mulibakali.

  60. what a combination, Michael Sata, Kalusha Bwalya, Herve Renard, and the eleven players on the pitch. Wow! 2012 ni shhhh

  61. God’s time is the BEST EVER. With all the tags like underdogs, little names, against Bid Names, Favorites. All this is meaningless before God as we are all fearfully and wonderfully made before the eyes of God.
    A Reflection.
    1. 20/09/2011 Zambia had a frenzy when His Excellency Mr. M. C. Sata was declared winner of the tripartite elections.
    2. 12/02/2012 Zambia had another rib cracking frenzy squared as the Copper Bullet landed on the Mighty White Elephant of Africa. Yes, it tried to withstand BUT alas copper ni copper.

    Congrats Dudes and ONLY Gods’ time is the BEST.
    Let there be a church mass for the Chipolopolo soonest as a way of thanking God for His unfailing grace. 2014 Brazil, here we knock & watch outl!!!! BA ZED NI DONCH!!

    Jeremiah 29:11 and Phillipians 4: 2-6 Amen

  62. Gosh the sight of KK making it to the photo shoot is too emotional for me guys. Well done boys it was a team of destiny. Thats why they dont play the game on paper because the Elephants already had the trophy in the bag.

  63. nochali bobu nochali chibotu,nochili chibobu nochali chibotu.seke nasekelela seke nasekelela.what touched me is when Ivory coast was busy panicing our boys were busy praying and praising God that made me so happy for my boys to acknowledge him .thankd God for this victory wll continue to worship you .cant stop watching this.

  64. Last Updated 15 Feb 2012
    Next Release 07 Mar 2012
    Feb 2012
    Rnk Team Pts +/- Pos
    31 USA 750 2 Up
    32 Colombia 746 3 Up
    33 Peru 743 1 Up
    34 Korea Republic 714 -4 Down
    35 Israel 708 2 Up
    36 Algeria 684 -4 Down
    37 Hungary 678 0 Equal
    38 Slovakia 675 1 Up
    39 Belgium 663 1 Up
    40 Ecuador 644 2 Up
    41 Armenia 639 4 Up
    42 Wales 635 7 Up
    43 Zambia 630 28 Up
    44 Mali 625 25 Up
    45 Gabon 617 46 Up
    46 Venezuela 615 -5 Down
    47 Iran

  65. Last Updated 15 Feb 2012
    Next Release 07 Mar 2012
    Feb 2012
    Rnk Zon. Rnk Team Pts +/- Pos
    15 1 Côte d’Ivoire 967 3 Up
    23 2 Ghana 819 3 Up
    36 3 Algeria 684 -4 Down
    43 4 Zambia 630 28 Up
    44 5 Mali 625 25 Up
    45 6 Gabon 617 46 Up
    53 7 Libya 581 10 Up
    56 8 Nigeria 573 -11 Down
    56 9 Tunisia 573 3 Up
    58 10 South Africa 559 -2 Down
    61 11 Egypt 545 -25 Down
    62 12 Morocco 543 -1 Down
    64 13 Sierra Leone 533 -4 Down
    65 14 Guinea 517 14 Up
    66 15 Cameroon 502 -10 Down
    68 16 Senegal 490 -25 Down
    69 17 Cape Verde Islands 477 -11 Down
    75 18 Burkina Faso 462 -9 Down

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