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Victims of post election PF violence cry for help as Police turn a blind eye


Patrotic Front youths after Sata won the presidential elections.

Dear Bloggers,

A Mob of PF Carders had attacked our houses during the September elections of 2011 simply because some of our family members belong to MMD.Even though we have recognized some of the vandals and reported this to the police, no one has been prosecuted and no compensation has been forthcoming to date only promises.We still have pictures on how our homes were damaged. We stay in Chifubu because we are poor, now with our poorness someone comes to destroy and burn our homes and yet the governement which claims to be the government of the people is not helping us at all.

Now we are still living in fear, for whenever we go to the police to ask if at all we will be compensated they are just giving us promises.

We opened the docket with Chifubu Police Station but up to now nothing has been done. I personally wrote to ba Panji Kaunda who promised to do the follow ups but up to now. I could have sent the pictures but meanwhile for security reasons I will keep them.

Ndola Chifubu Resident.


  1. Oh my God, what did i Just see, censure that picture. I do not like seeing any other man’s underwear. That is gross, someone help me


    • You only like those big grandpa wooly underwear that Nick wears.

      You know the ones that cover down to the knees.

      It’s so damn cold in Scotland even your saggy boobs need warming up by layers of old clothing from Nicks Auntie’s.

  2. @Mushota. kikikikikikikikikiki. Nimiba ilengesa. Solution is to join PF. Belonging and looking for compansation will not help you. Bring the pictures to us. Boma in Boma.

  3. How can we tell these in the picture are PF cadres. I think the courts are handling cases on first come basis because William Banda is still not jailed. It is funny how people easily forget. MMD brutalised people for years.

    • For years Will Banda brutalised people indeed. But tell me is that justfication for PF chaps to brutalise the people of Zambia? We voted PF into government thinking they are going to changen things but now what you are admiting is that they are copying the same things we rejected in MMD. We rejected MMD because of brutality and unfair treatment of people that oposed them. People like PF suppoters, Civil society and the common citizen. Its a shame that even in this age we have people that are so determined to remain so uncivilised. Come on people work up its time to change things. This boma ni boma thing is nonsence. **==**==

  4. The police have to protect citizens whatever their political affliation.This thing of allowing cadres of ruling parties to go scott free breeds lawlessness.We need proper systems in place.Or else everytime there is a change of government we will see people being harassed


  6. mushota are u sure u are in europe to exclaim like that!meaning u dont even go to beaches were that kind of dressing is the order of the day.mayb unkala kukomboni here in zambia.

  7. Ask the chongwe victims and some lusaka victim of MMD ‘s violent attacks against the PF supporters then you will know that boma ni boma zoona

  8. hahahahahaha ….mushota u make me laugh, u mean only your husband’s bombasa is good in your eyes? bali kulisha/kushindaula.

  9. stop crying you foolish man. you are just tasting the dose of your own medecine. when you were in power, people used to advice you against this same violence but were on top of hills shouting “boma ni boma.” now that your friends are shouting the same, you are complainig. i know that two wrongs dont make a right. but the way mmd thugs perpetuated violence was just too much. even bishops were threatened. as for chalwe on nawakwi, iye mayo……. anyway” insansa kuchinjana”

  10. what shocks me really, is the manner of celebrating, why overdoing it? hence the problems with the afcon celebrations…..:-?

  11. Mushota , dont pretend, that is the size you like most. Just say you wish that was your husband. I AM SURE YOU ARE MARRIED TO ONE WITHA SMALL THING. gO FOR IT BANYINA . IT IS FREE FOR GRABS mUSHOTA.

  12. Y dont they do it to moshota and RB. The police hav been like that and wll always be like that. That pic also is an afcon celebration.

  13. That’s Not True this picture was for AFCON not Dochi Kubeba. How can we trust you LT sure, you had also shown a wrong wreckage of the Air force plane that killed our heroes in Gabon. Mwilatubepa.
    Coming to MMD its your time also, How have you forgotten that your William Banda is the one who stated this. just that PF are mature they let the Police control the situation.

  14. There has to be something standing between chiefs and these ‘foreign investors’. Land can not just be given away for: ” providing funds for developmental community based projects which would ease people lives in the chiefdom. ”

    On top of that, what is the value of the land, and what is the value of these ‘projects’?

  15. Brother you are ripping what you sowed, when you were in MMD you were busy boosting around @ Boma ni  Boma, now its PF. That now should be a lesson to all of us to respect each other regardless of what political inclination we have. We should learn to leave in harmony as bothers and sisters. Today its you tomorrow it will be me.

  16. The Poor: How did you manage to identify your self that you are poor? How did you manage to reach this far to contact the media? Please serve your self and stop complaining over your poor condition, it will not help you. Just work hard and improve your living standards than wait for the compensation which may not even come your way!!!

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