C.R.I.S.I.S attended the 54th Grammy awards


Zambian Hip hop artist C.R.I.S.I.S was recently invited to ,and attended the 54th annual Grammy awards.

Attending the Grammy ‘s was a good thing not only for C.R.I.S.I.S ,but for Zambian music in general , because it exposes the international community to Zambian music.

He talked about his experience in a recent interview ;

 ” … the thing about such events is that, you get to meet people and, sometimes you re-connect at a later date and, sometimes you don’t ever see each other again. The most random thing happened to me. I was at Heathrow Airport, returning from the BEFFTA Awards where I had just won BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT. While connecting flights, I met a guy called ‘Skrillex.’ We sat next to each other in the departure lounge and we got talking. He happened to be a musician. We exchanged contacts and had a really good vibe. During the Grammy’s, I met him as I was heading to the auditorium and, we both recognized each other. Skrillex was nominated for a Grammy and, he won. My point is that, you get to meet people and, as time goes you start crossing paths and you get familiar with each other and, that’s how you build relations.

I got a chance to meet J. Cole and, he introduced me to his mother. He reminded me of myself because my wife didn’t come with me to the Grammys and, the next best person would have been with would have been my mum.  So I was talking to J. Cole and Corey Gunz showed up and joined us in the conversation. Later on J. Cole had to leave so Corey and I got talking about music. He actually told me some personal information which I can’t really share with the public. We spoke about prospects and exchanged contacts.

I told Shaggy that he had a big fan base in Africa. I insisted that, he should consider visiting Zambia. I had a word with his manager regarding that too. It’s the best that I can do for my country. I could have said to Shaggy that I wanted to make a song with him but, in life, it’s not about what you can do for yourself. It’s about what you can do for others.

I spoke to ‘Just Blaze’ and, we had a really good conversation. He has done a lot of production work for Jay-Z, Saigon and recently, he did “AINT NO LOVE” for Eminem Featuring Lil Wayne so, we started speaking about an idea. He has given me his contacts and actually, as I speak, I have just received a message from him. If anything comes up, I’ll let you know. So far, we have established good contact. “


Here are some pictures of the event

C.R.I.S.I.S and J cole

C.R.I.S.I.S and Just blaze

C.R.I.S.I.S and Shaggy

C.R.I.S.I.S and Cory guns


C.R.I.S.I.S and cali swag district




  1. Zambia has lagged behind in everything. It’s time Zambians took the initiative. we were a bit messed up by UNIP and KK that a foreigner was speacial than us. we need to change that mindset and take the bull by it’s horns. Its Zambians that can take Zambia forward. Weldone CRISIS.

  2. Congrats Chisenga…..U did it. Last time i remember u waz working for Dstv part time. Thats what happens when U LOVE WHAT U DO!!!!

  3. Thats what up Big Ups to The Nigga rubbing shoulders wit em niggers we only ever get to see pa tv.Keep Up the Hustle Hommie!!!!

  4. Congrats C.R.I.S.I.S and keep running, we behind time, so double up our efforts as a nation in all spheres, football, music, academia, Spiritual, International Careers, etc. all the best ba Zambia.

    ******** BUT make sure to sing only about constructive things and not the insults we hear in almost every song produced from 2000 to date.

  6. CRISIS is a media whore, always trying to get 15min of fame. Taking pics with these random artists doesn’t mean you’re now tight like voltron! Stop chasing the wind and come back down to earth.

  7. A lot of people do go to the Grammy Awards and take photos with all the artists you can chance, and then make a good story out it. Show us some photos from inside the main event in the grammy Hall. show us a photo from the Table. Even photos from the BAFTAS main event inside. Not just photos that people get when they pose with the Stars when they are arriving at the Red carpet entrance. Many people do go to Losangels during the Grammys and they do pose with the Stars when they are arriving. Looking at the photos thats the picture you get.

  8. I hope he was representing himself not Zambia. Music in Zambia is in a crisis! Amayenge, Sakala brothers, Angela Nyerenda and many other proper Zambian musicians would have done a better job. These event seems to be for individuals with pants sagging, it’s absolutely useless to me.

  9. My God what is going on here, give a guy a break who knows, by coming or being invited like he said he mingled with many artists, who knows maybe some day he will collaborate with shaggy.
    Its sad he was not asked to perform, otherwise maybe bigger people could have seen his potential

  10. Great Stuff Man!! CRISIS you the man!! Like your Music Man, Keep representing us. We can see Zambia on the World Soccer Map and Now, we going to the top of the Music Map!!

  11. Zambians ma jealous. If it is easy to go to the Grammy awards and take photos with the stars then why don’t you do so and show us the pictures kaili? Let us give our brother support. If we have to develop as a country it starts with us the young generation. Let us connect with each other and uplift mother Zambia. I am out there in a foreign country seeking better opportunities and studies but believe you me I am looking forward to a day when we as Zambians will stop leaving our country for education, for medical treatment, for careers etc etc. Viva mother Zambia and C.R.I.S.I.S continue raising the flag higher! Senegal has Akon, Nigeria has Seal,Chamillionaire, Taio Cruz etc, etc

  12. Wow that is wonderful but seems to show some personnal IC. Anyone can take such photoz men:Get us photos in within the Grammyz or forge a letter of invitation so we can see.You will be known by your works .Work hard and you will realize your dream.
    Photoz won’t help much.

  13. What you are doing is next to rubbish. Posing next to billborads is rubbish and to use your adopted language ‘its not cool’. Grow up and stop leaving in a dreamworld. Your wife will run away from you mwaice.

  14. wow! what an achievement, I’m sure Zambia has now become maybe say 15% less poor because of C.R.I.S.I.S attending the event…puuliz

  15. Please the satanic thing is nothing but for loosers. The naija movies have really made most of dull. So you cant prosper unless you are devil worshipper please spare us.Jealous and PHD, syndrome in zambia is too much. The two finger sign CRISIS is flashing is for victory or peace and love. Please find a life not the satanic business

    • There is your ignorance rigth there Brian…it is the goat, the horns…the devil…its a known and adopted symbol, loved and adored by its users…do some research brother…my people perish due to ignorance…

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