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Mealie meal prices in Mwansabombwe reduced by 35%

Rural News Mealie meal prices in Mwansabombwe reduced by 35%

An unidentified man transports a bag of mealie meal on a bicycle
An unidentified man transports a bag of mealie meal on a bicycle

Mealie meal prices in Mwansabombwe palace of Mwata Kazembe and surrounding areas in Kawambwa district have been reduced by K25, 000.

A check by Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Mwansabombwe yesterday discovered that a 25 kilogramme bag of breakfast meal from APG milling company which was previously selling at K70, 000 is now selling at K45,000

The check also revealed that a 25 kilogramme bag of roller meal is now costing K35, 000 from the previous K65, 000.

And Thomas Chingele who was found selling the commodity also told ZANIS a five kilogramme of breakfast and roller meal is selling at K6, 000.00 and K5, 000.00 respectively.

Mr Chingele said people in the area are happy at the drastic reduction of mealie meal prices attributing this to good governance of the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

He thanked the PF government for facilitating in the reduction of mealie meal prices saying this has enabled many people in the area afford the commodity.

Mr Chingele said people in the area had suffered enough and the reduction in price could not come at a better time than now.

Mr Chingele however, could not give other reasons for the immediate reduction in price of the staple food but said the source also had a similar reduction hence the chain reaction to the benefit of consumers.

Efforts to get a comment from APG milling company failed as the contact phone number was not going through at press time.


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    • APG never stole any maize, Zambians we must learn to appreciate at times.some of your comments are un insult to people in rural areas who need such type of investors. Are you aware that Amico in Mansa has also reduced the price of both B/F and R/M. currently at Amico investments a bag of Breakfast GM is going at K37.000 and Roller Meal is going at K26.000. are you saying even Amico stole? Such investors with human heart are the ones we need in our country. let us be fair with our comments twapapata mwabakakala.

  1. Well good for them as it is now affordable. However if it is up to govt’s good policies then why isn’t it being done countrywide as opposed to selected areas. An explanation needs to be given also for the reasons leading to the reduction.

  2. Nice move PF, but why only one area, And when was this price reduction announced, I might have missed? Certainly some PF ministers would have jumped to the occasion of announcing this drastic reduction.

  3. Well done APG, reduce prices in other areas as well. Other milling companies will follow suit. Results of a progressive party. Jealous supporters of the defunct MMD and tribal UPND can now blog. We await your foolish comments.

  4. RB’s bumper maize harvest should not have been selling at those prices anyway, no, his design for bumper harvest was to reduce the price of mealie meal for ALL Zambians. Greedy donchi kubeba businessmen! Sorry guys, you cannot take away RB’s bumper legacy, so donchi waste your time trying to!

  5. If this reduction is in good faith, why not do it country wide.I smell a rat here. This is the more reason we are complaining that our beloved country has lost direction. This is a recipe for protests in other areas of our beloved country. Zambians wake up and start questioning such issues which only meant to blind us. In a family, as a father, you can’t feed only one stomach while other stomachs are empty? It would be folly to start praising such a father.

  6. how clever LT. people dont read. mealie prices being mentioned in the article were implemented by the MMD govt.we started buying 25kg breakfast at k45000 when RB was in office. i thot they would say from k45000 or k50000 to k35000. No change has taken place why are you bloggers celebrating?

  7. There are two milling companies in Mansa. APG bought what was Mansa milling. There is a new one by a local investor called Jimbara milling. There is some competition but also as you know, there is plenty of maize in the country. No govt intervention.

  8. Ba storywriter, “…prices reduced in Mwansabombwe PALACE…”. Is it palace or VILLAGE? Are there trading shops in Mwata’s palace?

  9. iffyo shaba inchushi. that is polics of muchinga kolwestan. Remeber the reduction of mealie meal in 2001 at chani owned by Katumbi in Kitwe . The low price was subsidised by zamtrrop account , tax payers money. it is the same thing now under goverment of profeddional kwabolalas.

  10. APG was caught buying stolen maize somthing fish here.We have not yet heard subsidies of mealea meal.How do you the price of mealea meal to an area where dont even grow maize aprt from fishing and cassava.


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