Poetry is an art form in Zambia that is slowly growing and getting more recognition .

Poetry is a  kind of self expression,A lot more needs to be done to bring poetry into the lime light

Born in Zambia, Daliso Banda has lived within unique cultures in both in Zambia as well as China, and this diverse background shines through in the imagery of the poems.

Banda offers a fascinating contrast between experiences living in other countries with the universal events experienced in relationships and shares this profound thoughts about life and death-joy and sadness-love and hate.

In the poem “Heartbreaker,” the reader is transported back to the memory of a first love when Banda writes, “She’s tender and caring. The kind of a woman that makes a man forget about the outside world.” In “Friends Forever,” Banda captures the beauty of two souls who find the peace of everlasting friendship: “Lovely like a rose, faithful like a diary. Friends from the start-friends till the end of time.”

For those who are experiencing loneliness or who are just dreaming of better days, Banda’s flowing and lyrical style accompanies a strong message of hope that illustrates that no one is ever truly alone.
By Kapa187

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  1. Intriguing this is what we need in Zambia an escape from the norm to experience true art form in its rawness… Brings enlightenment… Though you should have put up the lyrics for those that can’t view Videos. Visit the group on Facebook BitterSweet Poetry Zambia and/or http://www.bittersweetpoetry.com


  2. Brilliant. Unfortunately the reading culture in Zambia is quite limited, but through such productions and performance poetry the art can get closer to the people. Maybe a sponsored project of such collections by various artistes, maybe done workshop style, or other ways. This kind of clip/production goes for a tv audience as well. Applying similar marketing strategies and corporate outlets as the musicians do can work with poetry in this format. Its just about finding the right starting point with a production that hits across the board and grow with it from there, like Daddy Zemus did when he nyanjalized jamaican dancehall which created a whole new wave of contemporary Zambian music scene and their distinct style and sound.Thanks, and more please.


  3. Mice Digger

    The mound
     the hole
    The miss the laugh
    Long the wait
    Silence silence
    My mind it reads?
    Sacrifice unimaginable!

    Flip flop flip flop
    Yes no
    No yes
    Dark tunnel
    The mice walks
    Flip flop flip flop
    With immediate effect
    The mice
    It can’t 
    Yes it can
    No yes 
    Flip flop
    The same


  4. This is the sort of inspiration i just needed. Zambia’s Finest Talents are the youth and i am happy to see these guys are doing great work. Keep it up. You got my support. I checked out the youtube channel and subscribed to watch the latest ZFT videos. This poem is deep and immotional too. Great art guys.
    I know alot of people that want opportunity and i am going to direct them to these guys.
    Motivated and inspired Zambian…Vichitika


  5. Has anyone noticed the actors LIPS in this video? I did, she has the Zambian flag colours!!!! Winning :d **===d>


  6. daliso gave us the best performance we have never exprenced hear in bots we love you and may the good lord bless you with all the work you are doing for mother zambia



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