Some of the rehabilitated equipment at Luanshya Copper Mines
Some of the rehabilitated equipment at Luanshya Copper Mines

Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Christopher Mutembo says government is determined to increase the participation of more Zambians in the running of the mining sector.

Mr. Mutembo says increased Zambian participation in the running of mining conglomerates will have enormous benefits for the country.

He says it is unfortunate that despite the mining sector contributing significantly to the country’s GDP, Zambians have not fully benefited from the sector despite the prices of copper being high.

The Copperbelt Permanent Secretary has since challenged mining companies operating to ensure that they plough in more money to communities under their social corporate responsibility programmes.

This to ensure that Zambians benefit from the Nations mineral wealth.

Mr. Mutembo was speaking in Kitwe during the Zambia Chamber of Small and Medium Business Association -ZSCMBA gala nite.

And Mr. Mutembo has observed that the PF government is determined to establish an active Medium and Small Scale Entrepreneurship sector in a bid to create sustainable economic growth.

And speaking earlier, ZSCMBA member George Banda has called on commercial banks to reduce their base lending rates.

Mr. Banda says government should compel commercial banks to reduce their interest rates so that more money is made available on the market.


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  1. Thought the PF would have made shares available in the mines to both the government and the zambians by now,with about 30% shares govt can ensure quick development with out embaransingly pleading with mine owners to pledge support to sport or even doners for their condition attached aid. My president we need action…


  2. Good thought but what is the plan?  Do you really believe that the mining companies will give away billions of dollars of value to Zambians from a few drunken speeches like Mutembo’s?  Pathetic Fools have run out of ideas before they even started.  What next????????????



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