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Pixie Yangailo was misquoted on Gay rights-HRC spokesperson

General News Pixie Yangailo was misquoted on Gay rights-HRC spokesperson

The human Rights Commission (HRC) has dispelled the media reports indicating that the commission is in support of gay rights. Commission spokesperson Samuel Kasankha has stated that the headline of a story published in the Zambia Daily Mail of February 27 which quoted commission chairperson Pixie Yangailo as having stated that HRC for gay RIGHTS did not reflect the content of the story.

He stated that Ms Yangailo was correctly quoted in the story as saying that the Zambian constitution guarantees equality and if the right to education or health is denied based on sexual orientation, the commission will speak against that because no law in Zambia allows that.

The Commission has maintained that people must not be denied of their human rights based on their sexual orientation. Commission spokesperson Samuel Kasankha has however charged that homosexuality will not be entertained in Zambia as it is illegal under section 155 and 158 of the penal code.

Mr. Kasankha explains that the commission will protect people’s rights in the same manner that it protects human rights of all persons including people who are suspected to have commited any crimes and are serving prison terms.

He has emphasized that it is not in the business of peddling criminality but merely ensure the minimum guarantee to those who may be different from the majority.



  1. There is no law in the country that allows discrimination on any grounds. That is why I questioned that musician Maiko Zulu saying (unless he was also misquoted) that he will practice his RIGHT to DISCRIMINATE homosexuals… I am still trying to figure that right out…

  2. We speak the blood of Jesus Christ over Zambia, abominations shall not be allowed in Zambia. Upright Zambians need to stay prayerful, alert and vigilant 24/7. God bless Zambia, every Zambia, every upright NGO, Godly Churches ,every upright political party and leaders. The Lord’s Judgement is coming soon on  NGO’s and political parties promoting ungodliness.

  3. He was not misquoted, he said many things in his speech, its just that Gay or homosexual haters decided just to focus on the gay part, how about other issues he raised in his speech, why are they no outcry. Zambian people misunderstand this issue, Gay rights and Gay marriage are two different things. I do not want gays to use that word MARRIAGE but surely I want them to have rights just I do. No one is forcing people to be Gay, if you dont want to be gay no one is forcing you

  4. Homosexuality is a very wrong thing in the eyes of God without any comprise at all.But the question is should we form laws that will discriminant the rights of these people or should we find a way to help them came back to normal coz i believe that its a disorder for someone to be gay.but the thing is that they have human rights that nid to be respected.wat is the best way to go?

    • Yes, you are right! Dont talk about sexuality! Sex does not exist in India. We were born out of iiltmplyung like bacterias in some other planet! Becoming the second largest populated country. Kamasutra, homosexuality, bisexuality, Kajuraho, and all other erotic art and sculptures all over India were brought in by the UFO’s to India!

  5. We have homos and unless we grant them their rights will we know whose brother is involved. Homosexuality is a old sexual act and not accepting it worsens it as more young pipo are being lurred into it. We need to discuss this *****ic right with soberness and see how we can relax our laws. More over nothing is cast in stone.

  6. I am glad my friend Pixie was misqouted. I am relieved to learn so because gay is an abomination to this nation and world at large. What we need to do is to treat the sick people. If you are found smoking dagga, what happens? you are treated and not encouraged because your fore fathers smoked it. Gays be reminded Zambia no go area. Go to Korea maybe.

  7. Pixie Yangailo has a notorious history of taking positions which are at variance with what she ought to propagate.
    In the aftermath of 14 January 2011 police-induced Mongu violence, She sided with police and, willfully or without verifying facts on the ground, condemned the Lozis and sang the praises of the police. Her Human Rights Commission should not be taken seriously. Its merely a conduit to channel money to herself.

  8. Pixie Yangailo has a notorious history of taking positions which are at variance with what she ought to propagate. Is she not the one who,
    In the aftermath of 14 January 2011 police-induced Mongu violence, sided with police and, willfully or without verifying facts on the ground, condemned the Lozis and sang the praises of the police? Her Human Rights Commission should not be taken seriously. Its merely a conduit to channel money to herself.

  9. I think even the people we think are educated to know wrong fom right are mixed up with this topic under discusion. How can a person in his or her right sense call wrong-right and right- wrong? Unless something is not right. Isaiah 5:20 says “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Who put darkness for light and light for darkness”. There is no way a Christian nation like Zambia can embrace what God calls evil in th name of human rights.. Those misguided human rights promoters should address other “Human Rights” and not turning “Wrongs into rights”. If it is wrong for a man to sleep with a female dog, it is wrong for a man t sleep with a fellow man. We don’t want that silly news.If you have eaten the UN money to come and promote this here in Zambia, you should think twice

  10. #11 and others, stop quoting the bible. The constitution of Zambia does not come from the bible. You may believe in the bible but not all of us do. Just argue from an intellectual point of view. The bible is the last refuge of people with a stunted intellect. People are people. I may not like homosexuality but I have no right to persecute those who do. What people do in the privacy of their bedroom is not my business. In any case, men in Zambia quite happily share beds. How do you know what they get up to? You need to get over yourselves. Don’t bury your heads in the sand.

    • The mere fact that I support Gay rhitgs doesn’t have to make me Gay or Lesbian you moron. You are just showing the entire world such an ignorant fool you are by stating that. Whats hard to understand ? That all of us evolved from Monkeys ? What century are you living in ? Maybe you should have been born gay and only then would you know how it would have felt. Condemning someone just because they are different makes you inhuman. Humanity can go nowhere with such an attitude.

  11. @ Prevailing prayers, Amen and thank you. I too was praying last Wednesday. First I had to repent ’cause we are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. Jesus came and rectified that for us all people by dieing on the cross destroying all our evils and rebirth by ressurection on the third day. Just remember it is only through Jesus we are saved. We love our sisters the L-esbians and care for the ho-mosexual brothers. We want them to remember the true blessings

  12. Blessings that in a true physiological and Biological reality; a Vagin.a is directly related to a correlating Pe.nis. When two are in marriage as should be rightly. Though even some Christians has this wrong, fornicating like no other we do I admit that. Thus let’s repent as well always with no reluctance. The above as I said, the Va.Gina and Pe.nis are like north to south pole, lock and Key; negative and positive charges. Bread and butter, INSWA and salt. Night and day, hot and cold.( Luke warm is the meeting of hot and cold if you know what I mean).

  13. Pixie is a wrong character altogether. She thought she could jump on the bandwagon of FOOLS because the issue was being propagated by the UN chief. She was just thinking of money. How wrong mama! The UN is disrespecting the right to our culture. Twakana ifyabupuba. 1 Corinthians 6:9. God abhores homosexuality! Why should we uphold human wrongs? It is like saying we should allow adultery in our laws. Who would want that?

  14. Africans normally follow what the Western Countries do. Homsexuality is controversial . With time, it will come to Zambia because the country will be forced to.The right to to have an Abortion, Euthenasia and Clonning through stem cells are some of the controversial issues hounting mankind. Its like abortion. Women practice it anyway even if its outlawed and people have very strong divergent views.

  15. This Samuel Kasankha is contradicting himself. We discriminet against criminal records thats why people look for refs when you are applying for a job. imagin employing a thief just because of human rights. These things are straight forward I wonder y we complicate them. Homos should be treated as mad people and there should be special schools etc for such just as we have for mentally retarded……Lol

  16. still not convincing enough. just contradicting yourselves you chaps. you say gayism not allowed in zambia under the law but again you say you will protect people being doscriminated based ons exual orientation…..? what are you saying, cant just get you sorry. if homosexuality is not allowed how can one be descriminated against in a country where they are not allowed to exist actually publicly….?

    • You are such a great advocate for the Christian Church! How long have you been working for the ZEC? Perhaps Zambia should make you their representative to come beg us Gay people in the USA, Canada, the UK, and the EU for more foreign aid!

  17. Many say that being homosexual is unnatural and wrong.Then the question is who defined what is right and what is wrong ? Who defined what is natural and what is not ? You say it’s wrong but how can loving someone be wrong ? Who are you to declare what kinds of love are wrong ?

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